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If Shinsou was the protagonist of BNHA and it was all about him trying to be a hero I would actually watch/read the shit out of that, Izuku could almost be portrayed as a rival in that series but like a friendly rival (if that makes sense) and then if it was a manga/anime the reveal of Izuku's past would be huge

shinsou as a protagonist would be fascinating because the nature of his quirk would force horikoshi to explore hero society in all sorts of interesting ways… @gunpuku-no-bosco wrote a really interesting meta about the nature of hero society, in that it values violence + power over utility/potential of quirks. then people with nonviolent but still frighteningly useful quirks, like shinsou, tend to get overlooked.

taking that as a baseline, and understanding that societies are built to favor/privilege those who embody its core values, then we’d see that shinsou would face a subtle but pervasive opposition to his desire to be a hero. the entire industry is built around a) beating up villains, and b) doing so in a flashy way that will entertain the people watching. shinsou would be more than capable of defeating villains, but he wouldn’t be able to do so in the ways that hero society emphasizes – he would have a really hard time climbing to the top. 

in his own way, shinsou is the underdog of the bnha world. izuku was also the underdog when he was quirkless; he starts out from the wrong end of society, but he ends up being taken in by japan’s “greatest hero” and receives what is possibly one of THE most ideal quirks for someone to hold, in boku no hero society: one for all, which is flashy, versatile, and EXTREMELY powerful, and definitely capable of inflicting massive amounts of violence. just by the nature of the quirk he now holds, izuku is on track to becoming one of the top heroes in the industry. his story is no longer that of an underdog’s, exactly; but shinsou’s is. 

shinsou as the protagonist would let us confront the flawed side of the hero industry, and offer a nuanced look at the way quirks really shaped japan into an imperfect social model. his quirk lets him occupy a unique position where he’s not fit to be a conventional hero, but he could do all the work that a hero needs to do. moreover, he’s ostracized for the nature of his quirk, so shinsou would be all too aware how your quirk shapes your place in society – and i think, arguably, that he would be in a unique place to understand villains and vigilantes too. 

izuku and shinsou rivalry would be really mfucking good… the reveal of izuku’s backstory would be such a mess. izuku understands where shinsou’s coming from, but now that he has a place at the top of the ladder, he’s been taken in by the system in place, too. in that way shinsou and izuku would still be divided. it would be such an interesting conflict between friends… 

god i love these kids. shinsou for protag 2k18

“We must reform this cunning and vicious character as soon as possible. Make her change into a track suit and sandals” - Meteora Österreich

I’m so sad that this never happened. So, I took matters into my own hands! I personally like to believe that Altair has mechanical prosthetics, although I could not avoid making her legs look like automail, no matter how much I tried. OTL