gunpowder factory

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When I first met her, she was the one who made my heart race, face flushed, profusely sweating, flustered and and made me fumble on all my words. As we got closer, I fell for her personality, her passion, her eyes, her cheekiness, her angst and sass, also her maturity whilst acting like a child. Now, she feels like home; a place where I belong. The calm when I'm in a storm. The mess in utter chaos. The pillar I lean on or even the spark in a gunpowder factory. In her entirety I love her.

I love reading these things, this is so pureee

The concept of a factory as something with cultural and historical relevance is rather recent. Nowadays, a disused industrial unit is not necessarily condemned to be turned into an amout of debris - most (if not all) can be recovered, reused and shine in a new role for the days to come.

The Gunpowder Factory (Fábrica da Pólvora) in Barcarena (outskirts of Lisbon) is a fine example of this kind of preservation - once, it was what its name says it was; now, it´s a cultural equipment with some restaurants and even an University.

When I took this picture (back in late-2011), the factory was showing an exposition about the three last decades of the factory as such (from 1950´s to 1980´s).