gunpowder and gold

Gold Spent

arktouros asked: Just in case any of the cast looks at this page, and so that someone can eventually tell Laura, total gold spent/lost/given?   

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Vex’ahlia went from balking at paying 1 gold for information at the gate of Kraghammer in Episode 1 to willingly giving a 20 pound bag of gems at the gate of the City of Brass in Episode 74.  Updated to Episode 79.

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theinnocentgear  asked:

Gold Sun had found herself walking once more after explaining the whole ordeal to Weasel. The shaman spent quite some time after to convince Weasel to let her leave again so soon. But an hour and a half later, she stood in front of Kestrel's building. She shrugged to herself and knocked on yet another door.

Bass shook the walls of Kestrel’s building in Puyallup as Pink Mutiny’s dual vocalists belted out the refrain from “Gunpowder and Stilettos,” and Gold Sun’s knock went unanswered. The music seemed to be coming from the upper floor as it blared on, shaking the glass of the greenhouse up top.

The song ended, bringing the neighborhood back to its relative quiet, and it wasn’t until Gold Sun knocked again that she received an answer. It came from somewhere above, and the adept was shouting to be heard.

“Be right down. You’re fucking late.”

There were sounds from up above, some clattering and shuffling, the sound of a window being shut, and then nothing. The bass started up again with intro to “The Aztlan Blues,” but no sooner than the vocalist start did the song abruptly cut off.

Kestrel was bitching as she opened the door with glazed over eyes, dressed in a long t-shirt with a ripped and torn pair of pants, and though she looked to have seen better days, she was relatively well-groomed.

“I put in the order two fucking hours ago, and if you think I’m going to pay for–”

She stopped, blinking a few times to try and clear her vision. Her hair was different. Like, hot-different. She looked like she’d been walking for miles. Yet her Astral signature was unmistakable, glowing and bright as it was.