Gun Number: 1

“How many people do you know who have been shot?” That’s the question Joe Heim asked people around the Washington region for an article that ran in The Washington Post Magazine.

We asked readers to write in and share how many people they knew who had been shot. Here are some of their responses.

James Worthey, 68

I saved the clippings from the Washington Post. June 26, 1992, page C5; and June 27, 1992, page B7. The man was Steven Hong-Luk King, age 51. My son and I knew him as the owner of a restaurant in Germantown. On weekends, his charming son, then about 4 or 5, would spend time at the restaurant to be with his father. Steven King was especially friendly to me and my son, who was 17. The little boy’s mother was Steven’s second wife.

He also had a son slightly older than my boy, but the older son was evidently a no-account. In June 1992, the 19-year old son and an accomplice undertook to rob Steven King at gunpoint. They shot and killed him for about $1,000 in cash.

After the shooting, I spent one pleasant afternoon with the widow and the little boy, and got to know other relatives of the deceased. I learned not to take friends or acquaintances for granted.

For me, the idea of gun violence became more real.