gunnar's daughter

“Maybe it were better for Leikny if she were left a widow while still young enough to console herself.”

“Then you know little of her spirit,” replied Veterlide. “I do not believe she would take any husband after you, so highly does she honour those she loves,”

Ljot sat in silence as before. Veterlide went on:

“You know well that you would not find such a wife as yours if you searched over all the world.”

“That is true,” answered Ljot. “But I love the black spot she had between her breasts more than all Leikny’s beauty. I loved her more when she struck at my throat with her knife than I love Leikny when she puts her arms about my neck. I was less sorrowful as I rode over Dovre in wintry weather than when I ride to Skomedal knowing that Leikny will meet me with kind words at our door. I would rather be hugged in the clutch of the white bear than think of Kaare holding her in his embrace.”

From Sigrid Undset’s Gunnar’s Daughter.