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Tell me more about the Paladin Training AU! What does the rest of the team think about golden boy Shiro, and how does this effect them when they form Voltron for the first time? Tell me more about the first time they decided training and dark history be damned, they're going to do this Voltron thing their way. Tell me about how the team decided THEIR Shiro, (not the Shiro conditioned by training, quiet and submissive before the command, but the Shiro who rebels and protects) is the one they 1/2

2/2 will follow till the end of days. Tell me how these strangers became the team that will save the universe.

(So I originally wrote this from Lance’s POV in tumblr and then lost all of it when my computer suddenly reset.  This version ended up better anyway.  It doesn’t answer a lot of your questions, but they also weren’t strangers in this AU.  They were raised together.  But here’s that story anyway.

Based on this original post)

The short of it was: nothing was the same since Zarkon betrayed them.

The short of it was: Hunk wished things could go back to how they’d been.

Those first few days right after had been terrifying.  The panic, the yelling, the strained atmosphere.  Hunk had wanted to stay in his room for it, but he wasn’t allowed to, and even if he was, Lance would have dragged him out.  For the longest time, they’d had no idea what anyone was talking about.  There were just clipped commands, being told to sit and wait and be good, while horrifying words like ‘rogue’ and ‘attack’ and ‘death toll’ were thrown around, just barely within hearing.

All of them had been put into one room and while they weren’t told not to leave, the implication was strong.  Immediately, Keith turned to Shiro, trying to get him to spill.  In hindsight, Hunk didn’t know why they’d all thought Shiro would know, except that he was older and he was going to be their leader someday, and he always helped with the answers to their nightly school work, so maybe he knew this too.

Shiro hadn’t.

“I’m sorry, I’m sure they’ll tell us soon,” he told them, hands up in placation, and at the time he hadn’t noticed, but when he thought back, Hunk thought Shiro looked just as scared as the rest of them.

That look only got stronger when one of their instructors burst in.  “Shiro,” he called, voice icy, and Shiro stared back, eyes wide.  Shiro always seemed so much older than them, but in that moment he’d been very young looking.  “You are to come with me.”

It wasn’t even an order.  It was a demand.  It was a threat.

“Just me?” Shiro asked, and ducked his head at the immediate glare.  “Yes, sir.”  Iverson’s hand clamped down on his upper arm, rough in a way none of them usually saw, as Paladins to be.

He was dragged away, and Shiro cast another wild look over his shoulder.  “I’ll be back soon,  Stay calm.”

Then he was gone.

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oke it's me again. how do you have your mods folder organised? your gameplay has kinda tempted me to use cc again (just very maxis match stuff) but i have no idea where to start organisation wise. help. (sorry for spamming you btw, blame will)

Henlo again (and don’t worry I like spam) and I’m not gunna lie my Mods folder has seen better days, but right now it looks like this :P

typically my Mods folder is more organized but I’ve been lazy, so here is a  recommendation:

  • Defaults → Skin / Eyes / Etc
  • CAS → Clothing / skin details / Hair / Makeup / Accessories
  • Buy → Comfort/ Bathroom/ Surfaces/ Entertainment/ Deco/ Electronics/ Overrides/ Misc
  • Build → Exterior / Flora / Fauna / Awnings / Floors / Walls / Roofs / Foundation / Doors / Windows / Misc
  • Mods → This folder is usually a mess, I just make folders with the name of the mod, and then place the files inside it. Ex: WickedWhims, AlienEarSlider, NoEALashes
  • Projects → This is just where I put stuff I’m creating and tbh it usually sits there and I forgot to put it in a category
  • Poses → I only have a couple poses but it’s useful to put them in folders like “Mean” “Romantic” or whatever the CAS trait is (I don’t use ingame poses, if I do it’s for like 3 seconds then I remove them some my Mods folder)

My sub folders are a n i g h t m a r e right now, but here is inside my “buy” folder:

I hope this helped a little bit! Some people also liek to categorize stuff by the creator’s name! 

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MC asking Matthew to get pads or whatever at a pharmacy? And Matthew finds out why and freaks out?? Idk if the boys know about periods/bloodsacrifices but I'm curious


I hope you like this, lovely followers!! I’m gunna be using a iOS SMS Generator called “Thread” for my replies now since I can do this on the go! I hope you like them! Glad to FINALLY be back in the swing of things!

Mun Chey~

Can white people shut the f*ck up about double standards and stop using false comparisons?? 

Non white people being proud of their race is not comparable to white pride. Safe spaces are not comparable to segregation. White people creating “uplifting” posts centered around their whiteness is not comparable to people of color doing the same thing. A white person wearing dreads is not comparable to black people straightening their hair. White people in brown and blackface is not comparable to people of color bleaching their skin. Forced assimilation is not comparable to cultural appropriation. 

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For the 1000 followers thing; Shiro & Keith, 13.

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing! 

“What was that?” Lance burst out, sudden and startled.  “I- woah.  Did anyone else see that?”

Hunk grunted as he yanked the Yellow Lion’s controls, dodging out of the way of laser fire.  “See what?  There’s lots of things to look at right now, you’re gunna have to be more specific.”

Over the intercoms, Keith could faintly hear tapping and beeping.  “Actually, I think I do.  There’s a little ship out there. Tiny thing.  Doesn’t look Galra.  What’s it doing there?”

“I dunno, but it’s getting in my way.  I keep trying to use the sonic blast but it- there, again!”  This time, Lance went quiet.  “Wait.  It’s not attacking me.”

“I hope not, it’s barely as big as one of the lion’s paws,” Keith replied, finally spotting the ship as it circled around.  This time it darted away from Lance, and a few of the ships turned out to follow it and fire, but none managed to get a lock.  “Definitely not one of theirs, look.  Princess, Coran?”

Coran let out a thoughtful noise.  “I don’t recognize the design, but look at them go.  I’m not sure what they think they’re doing, drawing all that attention in such a little craft, but they’re doing alright.  Attempting hailing now, but I suspect they’re a little busy at the moment.”

A traitorous thought took root in Keith’s head, and he swallowed hard.

Whoever that was, they were a hell of a pilot.  And there were billions of those in the universe.  But only one that Keith wanted it to be.

One that they hadn’t heard from in months.

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“hey y/n, wanna help us do some sabotage?” asked Ray, poking my shoulder.

“depends. what are you four planing?” i replied, taking a bite out of my sadwich.

“we’re gunna brake into the head office, and play a little tape.” said Gerard a childish grin on his face.

i thought it over for a moment, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“come on y/n! it’s not like you have anything better to do!” whined Frank.

“fine.” i replied flatly. he wasn’t wrong.

“sweet. can you keep an eye out while i sneek in?” asked Mikey.

“sure. let’s do this!”


please, please, PLEASE send me ideas! i did an mcr imagine this time because 1) they are my favorite band, and 2) i have a new blog! it is devoted to my chemical romance (mostly revenge era) and you can follow it if you like mcr!

it’s called Death Never Stopped Me

-xox Wendy(admin)

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I don't know why but I'm just picturing how Shiro seducing the alien would have gone differently if Matt had been there. I mean, it probably would have gone about the same, except that Matt just. Needs a minute. He's gotta sit down. Lie down. Bury himself. Maybe cry a little. Maybe borrow some of Keith's music as he rethinks everything he thought he knew about himself and his ability to function as a human being when he can see Shiro's chest and abs and arms and FUCK.

Lance whooped, loudly enough that Matt nearly jumped out of his chair.

Covering the ear closest to him, Keith scowled.  “Ow.  You want to get any louder?”

“Is that a dare, Mullet?”

Hunk shoved an arm between them, rolling his eyes.  “Nope. We are not getting in a fight here.  That’s, like, a level of skeevy I don’t want to touch.  Play nice or go to separate corners, I don’t care which.”

Which was fair.  It was bad the best place to watch their target was a strip club.  That was strange, even if Matt didn’t find any of the dances on stage very biologically stimulating.  Nothing about that slug thing was terribly inspiring, no many scales fell off their back.

Space was weird.  But Matt already knew that.

Resting her chin on her palm, Katie eyed Lance.  “What’s got you so excited, anyway?”

Lance beamed again, forgetting the brewing fight, and gestured over.  “Shiro’s heading over.  Taking bets this time.  Think it’ll work again?”

Following Lance’s gesture, Matt spotted Shiro and froze.

First of all, skin.  Matt was not used to seeing Shiro’s skin.  At all.  But apparently for whatever it was he was planning, he’d taken off his undershirt and left his vest hanging open.

Second of all, Shiro had followed their target onto the dance floor, and was fitting in accordingly.

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Hey stoners and Stonettes! I plan on having my first give away when I reach 500 followers! I haven’t decided what I’m gunna get for you guys yet, but it’ll be great! And I’m doing this giveaway to hopefully get you guys hyped up for it.
So, here’s the rules:
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💚you have to be 18 or oldee
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💚you will have, a two weeks to reply, the reason why I say a two weeks, I don’t always have Internet right now, and depending how fast it takes me to get to 500 followers, get the goodies and announce the winners I might not have internet, so I wanna be understanding, and who knows the winner might not have Internet or access to it right away. 💚you gotta give me time to get it out in the mail, and there WILL BE a tracking number on it I promise; 💚invite your friends to follow myself, (they have to tell me you referred them to my blog), send me asks, fan mail etc. To up your chances of winning.
💚Giveaway contest is open until 500 followers; :3

3…2….1 GO GO GO! :D

The Cure


i stood in the dark and dust of this place everywhere was empty as i walk to what used to be a park the only light the small smashed up street lamps that have been wrecked by cranks long past insanity as i walk thought the area trying to keep the few days i have of sanity as i walk down a small path i stop suddenly as i see y/n sat on a bench crying her eyes out a thousand more peaceful memory’s flood back to me ive known y/n all my life, all the time in the glade all the time in the scorch and now this, the two of us the only non-immune of group A we both ran off from our friends to live here in the crank city both of us still only just experiencing sanity i walk to her and sit beside her on the bench and she stops crying “hi love” i say sadly 

“hi newt” she says still wiping the tears from her eyes “what are you doing here” she asks

“just looking around i like going for a walk every night i don’t know if im gunna have my sanity when i walk up any more” i reply

“oh” she says 

“why where you crying” i ask her

“i don’t want to die, i don’t want to lose who i am” she says

i want to tell her like a always would that its all going to be okay and she’s gonna live but im not sure i can bring myself to lie to her now

“i know, i know how you feel” i say pulling her into a hug 

“we don’t have any hope now do we” she asks starting to cry again

“what makes you say that” i ask holding back tears too

“you always said it was going to be okay always, now you don’t our hope is gone, we are doomed” she says 

“i know love, we may as well except it”i tell her as we start to cry again 

“but there are so many things i haven’t done i don’t want to die yet” she says

“like what” i ask pulling away from our hug a bit 

“its silly” she giggles a bit

“no come on tell me” i reply 

“like see the world, the real world, see the glade again , punch  rat man in the face” she explains giggling a bit 

“i would also like to do that last one, oh rat-man he who have dammed us” i say

“no wicked dammed us, from day one they dammed us dammed us all” she sighs 

“true” i sigh

“what’s on your before you go insane list newt” she asks

“well much of the same really but i always sort of wanted… no its stupid” i say


“well much of the same really but i always sort of wanted… no its stupid” he says

“nothings stupid newt tell me” i say

“i always sort of wanted to kiss a girl before i died” he says sadly 

“well why not, im sure your a catch around here newt” i giggle

“thanks” he sighs 

“your welcome” i say hugging  him again very tightly 

“what about you didn’t you want to kiss boy before you died” he asks 

“i guess but i would rather not kiss a crank” i tell him and we both laugh 

“yeah, you know there is always…….us” he says stuttering slightly 

“what” i ask pulling out of our hug and sitting looking at him 

“well there is always us” he says 

“really” i ask laughing a bit

“i know stupid idea” he says going to get up but i grab his arm and lead forward connecting out lips  softly we both think for about a millisecond before he wraps his arms around my waist and i move my to his neck as we continue to kiss eventually both of us are sat making out on this old park bench till he tips me back so im laying on the bench with him on top of me and i pull away “what” he asks

“nothing” i giggle 

“sorry y/n this is properly the latest point to say it but… i have a crush on you since you claimed out the box” he says quickly 

“really” i ask

he just nod’s so i lean up and connect out lips again this time both of us full of so much more passion then before till i can feel something strange as we make out a feeling of hardening my my leg i quickly pull away “newt is that your uh-” i ask

“uh…no” he says unconvincingly 

“oh my god……is it right to assume you don’t want to die a virgin” i ask

“yeah, why do you want to die a virgin” he asks

“way ahead of you” i say pulling him back to kissing me and pulling one hard away from his neck to travel down to feel down his pants and he pulls away “love i would rather not lose it on a park bench” he says

“me neither” i reply pushing off me and getting up then grabbing his hand and pulling him up with me so our chests are all connected “i know just the place” i smirk as i drag him across the city


she then grips my hand and pulls me across the city down long roads and thought small passages till we get to a very beaten up building and she opens the door dragging me inside the first thing i see is darkness till my eyes adjust and i see a crank girl her skin very burnt and deformed by the flare

 “shhh, don’t wake her up” y/n says

“where are we” i ask

“i live here newt, don’t wake her up she’s long past crazy and if she sees a guy in here she will eat you” y/n tells me before griping my hand  bit tighter and dragging me towards some stairs “come on lets go upstairs” she says slyly with a smirk we both quickly run giggling quietly up the stairs to the very top floor and running into the room and shutting the door behind me not wanting anyone to disturb us, she lets go of my hand as i lean against the door she walks around the room before standing by the bed smirking at me , as i begin to nervously step over so im stood in front of her “are you sure” i ask

“yeah, are you sure” she asks

“i think so” i answer but neither of us do anything “im nervous” i say

“me too” she says before we both stand in silence again till she steps forward and hugs me so i hug her tightly and move so we are cuddling “before we go insane” she says

“before we go insane” i reply before we meet in a kiss before pure love and passion take over and we fall on the bed lost in the kiss 


we continue our kiss as we lay on my bed lost in the kiss till he moves down and begins to kiss my neck first softly and gently then harsh and lustfully causing me to moan as he makes marks all over my neck then moving his hands up from my waist to remove my shirt and throw it away to the floor i then move my hands down his back and then take off his shirt throwing it to the floor with mine i then grip his shoulders tightly and flip over so im sat atop of him my legs either side of his waist but he leans up and continues to kiss me passionately dragging my head back down pulling me more into him till i pull away looking at him smugly as i run my hands down to palm him slowly and he moans loudly each time i move my hands letting his head rest on my pillow even if he’s squirming his eyes roll back in pleasure at every second he’s enjoying himself so much i have to hold his hands to keep him grounded on the bed so to shut him up a second i kiss him and we both sit snogging a second till i move a hand to undo his pants and he melts into my mouth the second ive even undone them “baby are you sure” he asks pulling away from kissing me 

“positive” i reply as we meet and kiss again as i move my hands over his boxers making him moan again till i slip my hands into his boxers and remove both his pants and boxers leaving him naked on my bed his eyes shut from the pleasure till i kneel between his legs and kiss him passionately and continuing down his neck and down his chest stopping as i reach his v- lines i intertwine our hands again before moving onto him and sucking making him moan louder then ever i then take him out my mouth a second “shh, you want to wake up the town” i tell him 

“sorry baby” he says in-between his sharp breaths i then continue to suck him till he comes into my mouth and i swallow no hesitation but still continue what im doing to him till he’s close to coming again “baby please stop it” he screams 

i then just continue till he comes into my mouth again and i swallow again but still not stopping till he’s close again for the third time “BABY PLEASE, PLEASE STOP IT” he screams in both pain and pleasure so i take him out of my mouth and kiss all the way back to his lips after a quick snog he pulls away “i both love you and hate you for doing that to me” he says quickly 

“you’ll thank me in the morning” i say smugly 

“not as much as you’ll thank me baby” he says slyly as he flips me over and emmediatly takes of my trousers throwing them to the floor then kissing me deeply and passionately on the lips and moving his hands back to undo my bra then throwing it aside then moving down to take off my underwear and throwing them to the floor as well leaving us both naked as we continue to make out then moving one arm around my neck so if i wanted to pull away or move in anyway i am trapped and his other hand trails down my chest and down my stomach before his figures go deep inside me pumping slowly painstakingly slowly “newt faster please” i beg 

“don't you go begging me for anything baby after what you did to me” he answers going deeper inside me but kissing me so i don't moan but i still moan into his mouth till he removes his hand from me “what are you gonna do to me” i ask giggling slightly 

“sweet tourcher baby, sweet tourcher” he answers backing away from me slightly and laying me down perfectly flat on my bed before kissing my lips and continuing to kiss down my neck and my chest not stopping till he is kissing the bottom of my stomach then sitting up more and going down and kissing my knee’s then going up my thighs before meeting my other lips kissing me passionately fully making out with me till im sure im going to climax “please newt stop” i beg

“not on your life baby, im not stopping yet a while” he says only just pulling away from me to speak then continuing till i climax screaming at the almost top of my voice and he licks up every inch of me then continues letting his tongue go deeper inside me then his fingers did till i climax again screaming louder then ever “please newt please” i beg him and he pulls away from me to look into my eyes “you ready baby” he asks i then just nod before he pushes into me and i scream at the painfully yet pleasurable sensation as he begins his thrusts first slowly then eventually rapid as we both scream and shout in pleasure as we both get close to our climaxes but black spots begin to dance in my vision  and i feel faint like im going to pass out “no, don't you dare” he says sitting me up more so our chests are connected one of his arms wrapped around my waist strongly the other around my neck making me stay in place “i, cant see i think i -” i begin as the black stops get bigger clouding my vision “no baby don't you dare pass out on me” he says sternly before kissing me forcing his tongue deep into my mouth and both our climaxes come sending shock waves thought us both was we collapse on my bed side by side as we catch out breath and my sight begins to return till a few minuets latter we both have calmed down more and our laying in bed still side by side my sheet covering what matters of the two of us.


after a while i turn to be on my side to face y/n who is wow laid on her side facing away from me “you okay now baby” i ask wrapping an arm around her 

“yeah” she says 

“good girl” i say giving her kisses all on her neck and arm till she turns to face me and we cuddle up together her head resting softly on my chest with both my arms around her resting on her back and waist “newt” she says breaking the silence

“yeah baby” i reply 

“i love you” she says happily

“i love you too” i reply

“night, night” she says snuggling into me more  

“night baby” i say giving her a kiss then both of us laying back and falling almost straight to sleep.

when i woke up it was early morning from what i could see of the light shinning in around the torn curtains y/n is sat up in bed looking like she’s trying to wake up “morning baby” i say sitting up and wrapping my arms around her from behind  giving her a kiss on the cheek

“morning” she says putting her hands over mine and resting her head on me 

“you still look tired” i tell her

“im always tired” she yawns 

“then back to bed” i say

“no i need to wake up and do stuff” she says

“like” i ask

“i don't know avoid death ive been doing that alot lately” she jokes 

“no if your tired you need to go back to bed” i tell her 

“why have you got any plans for me today” she asks

“well if you want me to tell you it will ruin the surprise” i say kissing her lightly on her neck 

“oh will it now” she says slyly turning to face me as we snog again full on making out as we lay back down on the bed ready to start last night all over again until-

“SECURE THE AREA” a voice shouts as people in wicked uniforms burst thought the door both me and y/n quickly cover ourselves up and hold on to each other tightly wondering what horrible game  they would be playing with us now “CHECK THE SUBJECTS” one said to another one then walked over to our bed with some sort of needle i had seen immune’s and non immune’s test with he injects it into y/n arm and she screams “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING” i shout till another man sticks a similar needle in my arm they light on the needle then shines green but that cant be right red’s non immune, greens immune they all then converse about them self’s till one presses a button on a device and suddenly we are sat still in bed but in the wicked lab again “what the shuck is going on” she asks

“not a clue” i reply we both quickly get dressed as our clothes travelled with us and sit on the bed till  ava page shows up 


“you two did the impossible and we need to know how, you two left us and when to the crank city as non immune’s we found you today and your immune, what happened” she asked 

“well we have been walking a lot more” i say not wanting to tell her what me and y/n did last night 

“no that's not it something critical that would have never done before that occurred over the last 63 hours” she says

“uh, i had some crank beer in the last 63 hours” y/n says 

“no defiantly not or else more cranks would be immune by now” she says sounding very puzzled till on of the men from our room walks in 

“miss we got the security disc from inside the crank city” he says 

“does it show the antic of these tow over the last few hours” she asked 

“i would says so” he says smirking at me and y/n oh no

a screen then appears and the video begins to play me leaning on the door as y/n moves to be in front of her bed me stepping towards her “fast forward an ten minuets” she says OH NO

the image then fast forwards showing me on the bed with y/n in the process of sucking me off me begging for her to stop ava page then made the image disappear and turned to us in astonishment “it was really that simple” she says more to herself “well it seems what you two did last night is a cure for the flare” she says sighing “you two may now go and join your friends in paradise” she says they then lead me and y/n to a berg and flew off somewhere i don't know where when we got there we where met by minho and Thomas and a few others we knew from the maze and the scorch so over joyed to see them all and they where equally happy to see us “what the hell i fought you guys where non immune’s” minho says 

“yeah we fixed that” i say

“what you guys found a cure” Thomas asks  

“yeah we did” y/n says 

“how” minho asks

“we would rather not tell you guys if its okay” i say wrapping my arms around y/n and snogging her when we finish everyone looks gob smacked

“well that took shucking for ever” Thomas says

Keep up (Daryl Dixon x Reader) (Request)

Gif Not Mine

Anonymous: Please please please more daryl fluff! The fluffier the better!!

Word Count:1056

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5SOS Pref




“Y/N the guys are here. Are you almost ready?” Calum yelled from hall. You quickly slid on some high waisted shorts and a crop top. “Yeah, I’ll be right down!” You yelled back before walking out of the room. “Hey guys.” You smiled. “Hey Y/N!” Ashton smiled. You sat on the couch next to Calum learning your head on his shoulder. “So what are we doing today?” You asked. “I was thinking the beach and then we can get some food.” Michael replied as he started to lean forwards. “Oh that sounds fun, what do you think Cal?” You asked looking very excited. “Yeah, me and Y/N will meet you guys there.” “Sounds goods.” Luke said as he stood up. You skipped upstairs and opened your closet. “You should wear that black bikini.” Calum wrapped his arms around you from behind and rested his head on you. You spun around and face him. “I might. Now go get the car and stuff ready.” You smiled before kissing his nose. He slowly walked out as you stripped down and into the bikini. You grabbed a pink maxi dress and quickly slid it on. You walked into bathroom and quickly put your hair up in a ponytail. “You changed before I came back.” Calum pouted. “I’m sorry, next time I won’t.” You giggled. He slid your dress straps off and you shook out of the dress. His hands on your hips, he picked you up and put you on the counter. “Cal, we’ve gotta go.” “Just a few more minutes.” He mumbled into your neck. He left sloppy kisses all the way down your torso. His teeth nibbling at your hip. You let out a moan, your fingers getting tangled in his hair. He pulled away and kissed your lips. “Let’s go.” He smiled. “We can’t just leave.” You moaned. “Thought we had to leave.” He laughed. “Yeah, but now I’m not so sure.” “Later, babe. Later.” He whispered in your ear as he handed you your dress.


“Its about time!” Luke yelled. “Y/N couldn’t pick which bikini to wear.” Calum laughed. You laid the towels on the sand and took the dress off quickly. “So you couldn’t find the right bikini?” Michael asked. You and Michael were the only one on the beach, the other three were in the water already. “Yeah, I have this one, a pink one and a baby blue one.” You slid your sun glasses on and laid down. “I don’t believe you.” “W-what? Why?” “The hickey on your hip. You should really check to make sure he didnt mark you before leaving.” He laughed. “Shit!” You mumbled as you put some tanning lotion on it hoping it wouldn’t show anymore. “At least only I noticed.” Mikey laughed. “Yeah, now I’ll never hear the end of it.” “That’s true.” “Hey babe, you coming down to the water?” Calum asked as he run over to you. “Don’t count on it Cal.” Mikey smirked. Calum gave you a confused look and sat next to you. “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Calum you gave me a fucking hickey.” You moved your arm from your hip and showed him. “Oh sorry babe.” He laughed. You quickly got up and ran to the water. “C’mon babe!” You laughed. Calum ran into the water and kissed you. “Ya know Michael won’t stop making jokes about this.” “Yeah I know, but at least you have someone to give a hickey too.” You laughed. You pecked his lips before quickly dragging him into the water.


Luke!” You called from the room. “Yeah babe?” “The boys still coming over?” “Yup, why’d ya ask?” “Because I was thinking maybe later we can watch a movie and cuddle.” “And by movie you mean tangled or frozen right?” “Yeah.” You laughed. “Ok.” He pecked your lips before leaving the room to go downstairs. You pulled your shirt off and pulled a tank top on after. You skipped downstairs. You sat down on the counter and started eating a apple. “Damn babe. You even look hot eating a apple.” He laughed. He walked over and put his hands on your thighs. You put your apple down besides you and wrapped your arms around his neck. His lips trailing down your neck and onto your chest. You let out a small moan before he started to bite at your collar bone. “We have like ten minutes before the boys get here, we can go upstairs.” Luke said before kissing you again. “What are the hell are we doing down here then?” You asked. He picked you up bridal style and started to take you up stairs. You heard a knock and faint voices from outside. “If we’re quite they might go away.” Luke whispered. You giggled and pecked his cheek. “C’mon Luke, we can hear Y/N giggling.” Calum yelled. “Damn.” Luke mumbled before putting you down. “I’ll be down in a bit.” You smiled.


“Look who finally decided to join us!” Mikey yelled. “Hey guys.” “How’s it going Y/N?” Cal asked not taking his eyes off the tv since he was playing FIFA. “Good you?” You sat down next to Ashton since he was the only one not playing. “Are you guys almost done?” You asked. “Yeah, its the last game.” Luke replied. “Don’t you get bored with them playing FIFA all the time?” You asked Ashton. “Not really, I guess I get used to it.” He shrugged before leaning back. The other three were yelling as they got more and more competitive. “God, you guys are loud!” You laughed. Ashton quickly agreed before laughing. The TV quickly turned off as they put their controllers down. “What are we supposed to do now?” Mikey asked. “Um, I don’t know.” You replied. “I’m hungry.” Luke stated. The other three agreed and all looked helpless when you told them to make them food. “Y/N you’ve got something on your chest.” Calum laughed. You looked down and saw the hickey Luke left on you from earlier. You grabbed a pillow and cover your chest. “Is that why you wouldn’t let us in when we came?” Ashton asked. “No!” Luke quickly replied. “Were you gunna fuck before we came?” Mikey asked, his voice a little higher than before. “No, I wanted to watch a movie so we were gunna do that.” You answered before Luke could say anything. “I don’t believe that.” Calum laughed. “Shut up.” Luke snapped. “I thought you guys were hungry! Go eat.” You laughed. “Fine, hickey girl.” Calum joked before walking into the kitchen. “Stop teasing them, at least he has someone.” Ashton defended you and Luke. “Fine, but at least check before if you’re gunna do anything.” Mikey smiled before walking into the kitchen with Calum. “Thanks Ash.” You said. “No problem, but you should check before you go hang out with people.” He chuckled. “Will do.” You grabbed Luke’s hand and joined Mikey and Calum in the kitchen.



As me and Nate walked hand in hand into the club, the smell of alcohol hit me straight away, being in a party mood all day really made me excited when Nate said he was going out with the boy and asked me to come too. As me, Nate, Y/BF/N, Derek, Swazz, Pierre and Carter found a booth and went to sit in it, mine and Y/BF/N favourite song came on, we both looked at each other with a wide stare and screeched making all the boys jump. Giving Nate a quick peak on the lips, I grabbed Y/BF/N’s hand and we both ran to the dance floor

Nate’s POV

When I heard Y/N scream and run off it made me jump! I then heard the song playing, laughing to myself knowing she loves it, as we slid round in the booth making room for everyone I couldn’t take my eyes of my girlfriend. Dancing, singing and enjoying herself.


A few songs later, me and Y/BF/N laughing at each other’s ridiculous dance moves we decided to join the boys. Y/BF/N went on the right side to sit next to Derek and I went to the left and sat next to Nate. We ordered some drink and started laughing at all the old story’s everyone was tell, I noticed Nate wasn’t paying attention and looking a bit uncomfortable. “Babe you okay” I asked him “yea I’m fine baby girl” he replied with a squeeze of my thigh “okay well I need to pee! Y/BF/N come on” I got up and held me hand out for her to take, she did and we both walked to the toilets but we walked past this tall blonde skinny girl that gave me a death stare! I just shock it of and went to the toilet

Nate’s POV

As Y/N left my eyes followed her I seen the girl that has been looking at me for the past hour give her a horrible look! All while Y/N was dancing this blonde girl at the bar kept looking at me and smiling, as I went to order more drinks, she then came up to me and started talking “Hi I’m Kelly” and shoved her hand in my face. I could smell the alcohol on her and noticing how she couldn’t stand up straight you could tell she was drunk, I was still polite and shock her hand weakly and quickly and said “Nate” flashing her a quick fake smile. “You are so handsome do you know that” she said smiling “thanks” I replied, finally the bartender came back with our drinks. I was just about to pick up the tray when the girl said “wow, you have big hands! You know what they say about men with back hand, big” and at that point I nearly ran back to the table! When Y/N asked if I was okay I couldn’t tell her what happened at the bar, she was in such a good mood I didn’t want to spoil her night but to make sure ‘Kelly’ knew I had a girlfriend I had my arm over Y/N’s shoulder and was looking and laughing at whatever she said. I was looking at Y/N but I couldn’t help but feel the girl looking at me, out the corner of my eye I could see her waving at me. Suddenly Y/N snapped me out of my thoughts when she said she was going to the toilet. Once she left I tried to look involved in what the guys were saying and pray the girl didn’t come over but it didn’t work!


As me and Y/BF/N came giggling out of the toilet I look over to our table and see all the boys laughing and the same girl that gave me the death stare straddling my boyfriend! Y/BF/N grabbed ahold of my wrist and tried to stop me from storming over but she failed miserably, with her following behind me and calling my name, all the boys seen my angry face coming straight for the girl on Nate and stopped laughing and gave me a wide eyed stare!

Nate’s POV

As I held my hands up not wanting to touch this girl grinding on me I heard all the guys laughing suddenly stop, as I turn to see behind me they all have a surprise look on their faces I turn back to this girl but before I knew it she was being pulled backwards by the neck of her top!


As the girl was laying in the floor holding her neck, I pulled her up by her hair “don’t you ever touch my boyfriend! Ever!” I scream in her face. Her being drunk made this quite easy and with one knee to her stomach she was down! “He’s mine” I hissed at her. Once she fell to the floor crying, Nate pulled me back and restrained me. Security then pulled the girl to her wobble legs and helped her to leave. The boys started laughing and so did Y/BF/N “time to go” she said and with that we all walked to the door to find a taxi home. As we all walked out the door still laughing about what I did and with me following behind Nate he held the door open for me “Why didn’t you push her off!” I shouted at Nate when the door shut. “I couldn’t of just push her on the floor” Nate replied causing everyone to stop and look at me and him “Y/N did” Y/BF/N laughed out, causing the boys to laugh too. “Did you like it” I asked Nate “what the fuck, really Y/N” I wasn’t being serious but I was still gunna me him pay. “Do you think she’s better than me?” I asked with a angry look on my face “stop being an idiot” he said as he walked away, to meet up with the other that walked off so they didn’t see us fight.

Nate’s POV

I’m not fighting with her over something she knows is pathetic too. I suddenly felt her pull me back and kiss me! All the boys stopped and wondered why we stopped but they soon realised. As the kiss got more heated she suddenly pulled away and slapped me! “Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you” she pointed her finger at me “really that was for walking away” I laughed rubbing my cheek “well and for calling me and idiot” she stated with her hands on her hips, I laughed “come here baby girl” I said while pulling her into a hug, I seen her smile just before she buried her face into my chest, our moment was interrupt by Derek “okay love birds, come on I wanna go home” with everyone agreeing with him I put my arm around Y/N’s shoulder and walked to the taxi with everyone still laughing about Y/N’s fight on the way home.

I know I have like 2 followers but wanted to write a Nate imagine so here’s my first one, please let me know what you guys think and might take requests soon 💕

Shut Up And Take My Hand

anonymous asked: would you do a really cute jack Barakat imagine where you guys cuddle and watch an orioles game together (since it is opening week for baseball) and he lets you wear his sweatshirt bc you love big sweatshirts and just really cute and fluffy thank you xox

A/N: Since I’m from New York, I had to make my babies part of this imagine ;)


“For the millionth time, the Mets are no where near the Orioles babe” Jack said as we pulled into the stadium’s parking lot.

“They are totally better than the Orioles hun, sorry to disappoint” I said, pretending to dust of my David Wright Mets jersey.

“You do know how much hate you’re going to get wearing that here, right?” he asked as we got out of the car.

“Please, if I survived wearing this to a Marlins game, this is a piece of cake” I said, grabbing for his hand. I was shocked when he pulled away from me.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“I’m sorry I just, I can’t be seen with the enemy” he whispered, looking around as we walked to the entrance. I laughed and rolled my eyes at him.

“Shut up and take my hand” I said. He smiled and interlocked his fingers with mine as we walked into the building. We gave in our tickets and made our way to our seats. We sat down and were instantly greeted with boos from a group of guys nearby us.

“Dude, you letting your girl walk into this place and disrespect you like that?” a bald guy from behind us called out.

“I’m trying to change her dude, maybe after today” Jack replied jokingly, earning a wink and thumbs up from the guy. We sat down and waited for the snack dudes to come around. I decided to get into the baseball spirit and started singing softly.

Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack,
I don’t care if I never get back,
Now I’ll root, root, root for the home team,
If they don’t win it’s a shame.
Cause it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,
At the old ball game

Towards the end I had Jack and the group of guys behind me singing along

“Eh, she’s not so bad” the bald guy said. Jack nodded and put his hand around me as the game started. Every time the Mets were up to bat I was up on my feet screaming, and every time the Orioles were up I got a show from Jack an the dudes behind us. Soon it was the sixth inning and I was getting tired.

“You okay (y/n)?” Jack asked. I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder.

“You wanna wear my sweatshirt?” he asked. I almost nodded right away when I realized what he was trying to do.

“You’re not gunna turn me, nope” I said, turning my attention back to the game. He chuckled and pulled me close to him, kissing my temple. A snack dude came by us and Jack bought me some Cracker Jacks.

“It’s getting cold” I said a little while later. I looked at Jack and saw him smiling at me.

“You can always have my sweater” he replied. I bit my lip and shook my head, munching away at my snack to keep distracted from the cold. Both teams were tied and by the way the game was looking, it seemed like it might go into extra innings. 

By the eight inning both teams were still tied and I was shivering. I had left my sweater in the car and wore shorts to the game since we were going to be in the sunny part of the stadium.

“Jack” I managed to stutter. He looked at me and I nodded. He took off his sweatshirt and I put it on, bringing my knees to my chest under the fabric. He put his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder, feeling my eyelids get heavier and heavier.

“(y/n), babe, wake up” I heard Jack say softly as he shook me awake. I still had my knees in my chest under the sweatshirt and the stands were emptying out.

“I fell asleep?” I asked, rubbing my eyes.

“Yea, you looked cute” he said smiling.

“Who won?” I asked. He gave me a huge grin.

“Ugh, honestly, I don’t care, it’s just a game” I said, trying to cover up my grief. He laughed and turned to start walking to the stairs.

“Jack” I called. He turned back around and looked down at me.

“Can you carry me?” I asked, still sleepy from my nap. He smiled and turned around. I hopped on his back and he hooked his arms under my knees as I rested my head on his shoulder.

As we were leaving the building, I heard a bunch of familiar cheers.

“Yeaa!!!” I heard a voice the I recognized as the bald guy yell.

“I got her!” Jack called back. I smiled and buried my head into the back of his neck. We got to the car and he set me down. As soon as I was inside I turned up the heat to defrost myself. He got in and held my hand as we drove home.

“So does this mean you’re officially an Orioles fan?” he asked.

“Nope” I piped with a smile. He half-groaned, half-chuckled and squeezed my hand.

“But, maybe some day I will” I said, kissing him on the cheek.

The Holiday: A Cameron Dallas Story (part three)

The amount of notes ive received on the first two parts is crazy so thank you! Hope you enjoy the next part!

I woke up from my nap on the plane to hear Emily and cam’s sister Lawrie giggling and my mum trying to quieten them down

“Leave them alone Emily!” them? Who was she on about? Then I realised that the window I thought I was leaning on, moved. I opened my eyes to see Emily, Lawrie, my mum and Gina all staring at me, I looked up to see that I’d fallen asleep on Cam and he had his arm around my waist. I tried to sit up as quickly as I could but Cam just pulled me in tighter and moaned.

“Cam” I whispered in his ear “Cam wake up”

He woke up and went through the same sequence as me and realised everyone (now including me) was staring at him and he looked down at me and removed his arm from my waist.

“Wow sorry…” he trailed off clearly embarrassed

“Don’t worry about it” I smiled up at him

“Okay show’s over now girls, leave them to it” Gina said to Emily and Lawrie and winked

I sat up and fixed my hair and turned back round to see Cam smiling at me

“What cam?”

“Nothing, you just look cute when you’ve been asleep”

“Oh right… Thanks” I smiled back at him. Did Cameron Dallas really just call me cute? Did I really just fall asleep in his arms? This is a lot to take in with my current state of exhaustion.

“Cabin crew could you prepare for landing, Cabin crew prepare for landing.”

I turned to Cam “Wow how long were we asleep for?!”

“Longer than I thought! You were just so comfy”

I sunk back into my seat and put my seat belt on quickly. Shit, landing scares me more than taking off does. Cam clearly noticed my nervous disposition because he grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear: “its gunna be okay we’re almost there”

I shut my eyes and blocked everything out. I was doing well until I heard Gina shout

“Oh my God, no way! That’s amazing!”

I opened one eye and looked over to my Mum in the seat in front of Cam; she turned round to face me

“Did you hear that Bethany?! Cam and his family are staying in the same hotel as us!!”

My nervousness seemed to fade as I looked up at him with excitement

“Seriously Cam?!”

“Obviously so!” He replied as he squeezed my hand tighter. This was already turning into the best holiday ever and it had barely even started yet.

I breathed a sigh of relief as we touched down on the runway; Cam noticed this and smiled down at me as I opened my eyes.

He whispered in my ear “wasn’t that bad was it?”

I laughed and looked out the window. We both excitedly pointed things out and commented on the weather. I didn’t realise until it was time to leave the plane that me and Cam were still hand in hand. I looked down at our intertwined fingers and giggled. Our hands parted as we gathered our things and headed off the plane. We walked down the scarily flimsy stairs which leaded to the runway. I gripped as hard as I could to the handrail and took each step one at a time. Both our mums and our sisters were in front of us and Cam was behind me. He put his hand on my lower back and guided me down the stairs. He immediately made me feel safer. I’ve known this boy what, less than 24 hours and already just his touch on my skin made me feel supported and gave me a sense of security. We caught up to the rest of them and headed towards passport control. As we queued Emily and Lawrie were both on their phones catching up on any One Direction gossip they’d missed during the flight. They were turning into two peas in a pod! My mum and Gina were discussing how we were going to get the hotel since we had already booked a taxi and Gina hadn’t. I pulled out my phone and received a text from my best friend Brooke:

“Hey B, text me when you land! Miss you already:* xx”

“Hey Brooke! Just landed, you’ll never guess who I bumped into at the airport… Cameron Dallas! He’s a total sweetheart and we’re staying in the same hotel and everything. I’ll try facetime you when we’re at the hotel and tell you everything! Miss you more! Xx”

I locked my phone and put it in my pocket as I looked over to Cam to see him glued to his phone. It was just a constant vibrating sound with all the notifications he was getting. It made me realise that he wasn’t just a normal guy, he was famous. But I was still just a normal girl…

“I just posted the vine we made by the way Bethany” Cam snapped me out of my thoughts

“Okay ill check it out” I laughed

I pulled my phone back out and opened my vine app. surely enough the first vine to appear was Cam’s one. I watched it and laughed as I revined and liked it.

I looked ahead to realise we’d reached the passport control desk. We all handed our passports over to have them checked, when I handed mine over the man on the desk looked back and forth between my passport and me a few times before allowing me through. Everyone was waiting for me by the time I walked through.

“Hey what took so long?” Gina asked concerned

“It’s because she’s changed so much since her photo was taken” my mum responded.

It was true, I was only 14 when I had my photo taken and I happened to have braces, was wearing no make-up and was extremely pale. I’d been really sick the week it was taken but mum insisted I had to get it done that day so that I could get my passport back in time of the upcoming holiday we happened to be going on that summer.

“Let me see it then!” Cam teased

I held it tightly to my chest

“No oh my god it’s horrendous!”

“Let me see”

“No Cam!”

I ran away from him with my passport in hand. He ran up behind me, wrapped his hands around my waist, picked me up and span me round. He put me down and started tickling me

 “Alright, alright, you can see it” I said, breathless from the laughing “Just don’t laugh!”

Cam took the passport from my hand and opened it to the page of my picture he looked up at me and smiled

“It’s not even that bad, you still look beautiful”

Wait, what? Cam just said that possibly the ugliest photo in existence was beautiful? Does that mean he thought I was beautiful now?

I blushed, unable to take in the compliment I had just received as our family’s caught up with us.

“Come on you two!” Gina shouted as we walked towards them.

We all walked up to baggage claim and grabbed our suitcases before we saw our taxi driver holding our name on a sign.

“That’s our taxi Mum” I said to my mum, because there were only three of us we only ordered a normal taxi car so there wasn’t enough room for Cam, Gina and Lawrie.

“Don’t worry guys we’ll meet you at the hotel” Gina said

“Here, put in your number…” I said as I handed Cam my phone and he typed his number in.

“Okay, ill text you when we’re in the taxi so you’ve got my number, then text me when you guys are in the hotel and unpacked and we’ll meet round the pool or something?”

“Yeah sounds good, see you later guys!”