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airport/airplane with tom holland

cozy tom warning kids 

  • so Tom would want to fly at night mainly because less paparazzi but also because he loves seeing the stars
  • Tom is all for comfort on flights especially long haul flights so he’s gunna be in his oldest comfiest sweatpants and the biggest hoodie he owns 
  • he’s defiently going to be carrying your bag for you 
  • he’s gunna be sleepy so he’s gunna be drinking a lot of coffee and tea
  • he’s a pro at security like he’s done it so many times
  • homeboy is gunna make jokes to the security people and he’s gunna have everyone cracking up 
  • sleepy boy is gunna have his hood up a lot
  • will want to hold your hand a lot
  • at least 3 starbucks trips while waiting for your flight
  • he’s gunna take cheesy instagram pictures of you cuddled up to him while you wait 
  • he’s gunna buy you matching neck pillows fight me on this
  • he’s also going to buy lots of snacks and he’s gunna cram them into his backpack because he hates plane food 
  • he’s gunna have his laptop out answering emails if there’s enough time 
  • Tom is gunna want to take the window seat 100%
  • will stroke your hand when you take off 
  • if you get nervous he’ll snuggle up to you and stroke your hair andkiss your forehead 
  • tom is gunna sleep most of the flight 
  • he’ll be sprawled in the most uncomfortable position but he’d be sleeping like a baby
  • he’s gunna have his hood up with his headphones on leaning on your shoulder a lot of the time too 
  • if he’s not sleeping he’s gunna be chatting to you alot 
  • about everything
  • also he’s gunna be eating alot
  • ‘‘what y/n,the high altitude makes me hungry’‘
  • he’s gunna try read the book he’s been meaning to read,and he’ll read to you while you lie on his shoulder,but he’s gunna get distracted 
  • he’s gunna be staring out the window and trying to take pictures of the stars and he’s gunna get excited even if they come out all black or blurry 
  • ‘‘if you squint you can kind off see the moon y/n’‘
  • if the plane has tv’s he’s not really gunna use his that much,like he’d browse and he might watch an episode of his favourite show but most of his attention is gunna be on you
  • defiently not gunna eat the gross plane food 
  • ‘‘so what do you think about the mile high club y/n’‘
  • will defiently bring up sex on the plane more than once
  • ‘‘I’m only joking y/n….unless your up for it’‘
  • flying with tom is going to be a lot of snuggly clingy tom
  • he’d honestly look so good in his big hoodie leaning against the back drop of stars 
  • lol I love Tom Holland 

Imagine Stefan finding out on the worst situation about your relationship with Damon.

– Anon Request

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

“Damon, I love you and all, but we can’t tell Stefan yet.” You started, walking to sit beside him. He sighed and nodded. “I know, (y/n), and yeah, I’m trying my best in keeping it. I know how protective Stefan is of you and him knowing about us is gunna topple him over.” Damon replied and you sadly smiled. “I promise, we’ll tell him, just–I just want this issue with Klaus to be over.” You said, sighing deeply.

Damon wrapped his arms around you and hugged you. “You know, how about we make the most of our alone time until Stefan gets home?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows at you suggestively. You giggled he smiled at how adorable you looked. “I would love to, Damon.” You replied and he smirked, carrying you in his arms before speeding to his room.

He gently tossed you to the bed and you laughed as you lightly bounced. “Come here.” You asked, removing your shirt and shorts quickly. He chuckled and went to you, removing his clothes as well. “We totally need to find new ways of sneaking out.” You murmured against his lips as he kissed you, pushing you down further the bed.

He nodded, agreeing. “I mean, we’re best friends but you and Stefan are like brothers more than he and I are brothers.” He said, chuckling. You giggled and nodded. “Or we can make up more reasons so we can stay together longer.” You offered and he laughed, nodding along. “But right now, let’s not think about my brother…” He trailed, kissing along your neck, hands roaming your body.

You were finally naked underneath him, your bodies collided, being near as much as possible, him deeply inside of you. You were both quiet. There were little sighs and moans but other than that it was silent but you and him were in the moment that nothing bothered the two of you.


Before Damon can even say anything as he heard the voice of Stefan, the door was widely opened, Stefan, Elena behind him, stood there, shocked. His eyes widened, realization flashing through them as he saw you underneath Damon, naked body covered by Damon’s on top of you.

Damon smirked, speeding to have you on top of him, the duvet over your naked bodies. Your looked at Damon and just rolled your eyes. “Hello, brother.” Damon greeted. “I knew it!” Stefan broke into a wide grin, looking at Elena, who scowled. “You owe me twenty.” Stefan said to his huffing girlfriend.

You and Damon looked at each other, confused. “What?” You started.

Stefan laughed and Elena smiled. “We were totally suspicious of you two running of elsewhere all the time, spending time together too much…” Elena trailed. “So we all took a bet if either you and Damon are together or not and me and Caroline won.” Stefan smugly said. You and Damon sighed in relief. “So you’re not mad at me being with ‘big bad’ Damon?” You sarcastically asked and Damon chuckled.

“I’d rather him than anyone who I know will hurt you and you make Damon better, (y/n).” Stefan said, giving his brother a knowing look. Damon softly smirked, squeezing you in his arms in an embrace. “Thank you, brother.” Damon replied.

Reaction to Hurting You During Sex. . .

Anonymous said: Hi can I get a got7 and exo reaction when they accidentally hurt you during sex please

Reaction to Hurting You During Sex…

[Got7 Reaction Here >click]

A/N sorry i’ve been so slow at getting out reactions,,, life


He’s mortified.. and flustered af, the last thing he ever wants to do is hurt you, especially not in such an intimate moment with you. And yet, he’s done the exact opposite and has hurt you. He’d attempt to tend to you, forgetting about the deed – his caring instincts kicking in. However, if you wanted to continue, you would need to beg him a little, but eventually he’d give in. This time around though, Suho would be much more tentative and careful. However, if you prefer to stop and rest, Suho wouldn’t argue against it, in fact he might even forget that you guys were having sex before you stopped because he would be so focused on tending to you and your needs. Though this wouldn’t stop him from having sex with you again in the near future. He’d just be more careful and tentative.

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He’d honestly be embarrassed. He prides himself in being able to control himself and being someone who can look out for you, and yet here he is, hurting you. He’d stop and silently take care of you, offering a small apology, but other than that there wouldn’t be much conversation. He just needs some time to get over the fact that he had hurt you, and then he’ll be ready to interact with you again. When you guys attempt to have sex again, he’ll be a little hesitant, questioning himself in whether he can control himself, if he’s good enough for you etc. you’ll need to reassure him that he’s okay and that you trust him.

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The biggest flustered giant klutz ever. The moment you say he hurt you, Chanyeol is jumping off of you, but he ends up falling onto the floor. He’s frantically asking what you want him to do, what can he get for your pain etc. He’ll want to cuddle you afterwards to show you that he didn’t meant to hurt you. You guys would end up spending the rest of the night watching a movie cuddled up together. In the future he’d be fine having sex again, he might have even forgotten he had hurt you last time. But then in the middle of the sex, he’d remember and would suddenly turn gentle and soft, catching you off guard. He’s such a spazz oml

Originally posted by exopowers


He would pause, but wouldn’t pull you. He knows freaking out and moving quickly would just make things worse – Chanyeol. He would check in with you, do you want to stop? Do you need anything? Making you his top priority. He’d make sure that you know whatever you pick he’s okay with. If you want to stop, he’ll understand and will be completely fine with it, getting you whatever you need and cuddling you until you feel better. If you want to continue… Well, he’s not complaining. He wouldn’t let this affect future sex in anyway, if anything, he’d just take it as a lesson and be more tentative to you.

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He’d be so confused, and honestly it would probably take some time for him to actually stop because he would be so lost in the feeling of lust. However, once it registers that he had hurt you he would feel horrible. For him, sex is about both partners feeling good, and he would take it upon himself to make sure you’re feeling incredible, and so because he failed at that he’d feel so sorry. He’d want to make it up to you and would ask if he could continue so he can make you feel good instead. Of course if you said ‘no’ he would stop, but if you say yes, then he’s going to be so gentle and thorough making sure to give you the best pleasure.

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Something as intimate as sex would be more carefree and casual with him, and so he would be really shocked and worried if he had hurt you. Time like this in your relationship is supposed to be a fun and loving way for you two to express your love for one another in a more intimate way. So if he hurts you, he’s gunna be at a loss for what he’s supposed to do. He’d wait for you to tell him what to do. At this point he’d be okay with whatever you want, if you want to stop or continue. He’d listen to everything you ask of him, trying to make it up to you, because he doesn’t know what the fuck happened tbh

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YO sex with Jongin would be intense and crazy good. Though, he’s a guy, so he’s going to have moments when he gets so lost in the pleasure. Though I feel for the most part he would be really good at being in tune with your needs and pleasure. But for the sake of this reaction, let’s go with that 1/100 when he slips up and becomes a little too rough with you. In that instance, Jongin would be pretty chill about it, he would feel bad, but he wouldn’t freak out. You comfort and needs would be his main priority, and for that reason, he would be able to keep his cool. He would opt to just cuddle and talk rather than continue. He’s very selfless and loves taking care of and looking out for you, so he would exceed all expectations you had of him in that moment.

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If this were to happen, it would cause Baekhyun to become flustered and honestly a little embarrassed. He wouldn’t know what to do at first. So he would ask you what you need/want, if you needed water? A heating pad? Or even wanted a bath, he would be ready to do it. He would be worried about you, worried what you thought of him  and worried if you were mad at him. So many thoughts would be swirling through his head that he would be pushed to the point where he needs to ask if you’re mad at him. He wouldn’t be able to rest until he asked and fixed the problem if you were to say you are mad at him. He would most likely join you in the bath, wanting to make it up to you by helping you wash yourself, offering to give a little massage as well.

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He’d be so heartborken honestly, he’d feel like he in someway let you down which, idk, maybe he did depending on the kind of girl you are?? and he would suddenly become so desperate to tend to your every need and want. He would treat you like a princess for the rest of the night/day (whenever you do the do). Whenever you guys are getting intimate in the future, he’s going to be more careful and there would be a lot more communication between you two on his part because he wants to make sure you’re enjoying every moment of it just as much as he is, if not more.

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Ya’ll aren’t gunna be having sex for a while, lemme just tell you that. He’d probably end up close to tears, petrified that he had hurt you. He’d try to keep himself together for you while he stumbles around the house, getting you what you need. Even if you said you just need to lay down for a little or only need a warm bath, Tao isn’t standing for it and he’s making you a whole dinner, getting movies and buying you a cake. You’re his baby girl, he’s supposed to look out for you and protect you, and if he fails at that, he’s going to beat himself up over it and make a big deal out of it – all while trying to make it up to you too. Y/N is supposed to be the girl in the gif its the best one i could find for this reaction

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Lost smol bean. He’s still young and still has that teenage pride that i doubt he’s gunna grow out tbh, it’s been years Sehun… He would probably act indifferent at first, refusing to believe that he had messed up. He’d ask in a lazy tone if you wanna stop, and when you say yes, he’ll sigh and give you space, most likely leaving the room. He’ll need time to come to terms that he had screwed up, but eventually he’ll come back to you with water, a snack and a movie. He wont apologize, but he’ll snuggle close to you while turning on the movie and might even place a few gentle kisses on your forehead – this is his quiet apology.

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Kris is a chill guy, but he has a soft spot for you, so when you tell him you’re hurt he’s freaking out on the inside, but trying to keep calm on the outside. He’d seem like he has everything under control, but he would keep asking if you’re really alright 15 minutes later. He wouldn’t allow you guys to continue having sex, believing you should rest and take care of yourself. He’d keep an eye on you the next day to see if you’re limping, have any bruises or cuts. Next time you guys get intimate Kris would take extra care and like Luhan he would continue to communicate with you throughout the sex.

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Hii, so I saw your airplane/cozy tom holland post and if you haven't already, you should definitely write a "mile high club" with Tom, ya feel 😏😏😏

okay i have like 12 requests for this so I should probably do it lol

  • okay so Tom is annoying on Planes like he’s gunna mention the mile high club at least 20 times during a flight
  • he’s only gunna be half serious because he knew you’d never actually do anything like that
  • so he’d be surprised when on a night flight to China you’d start getting handsy 
  • he’d kind of just cock an eyebrow at you as you leaned in to kiss his neck
  • I mean it would be dark in the cabin and the flight would be mostly empty so no one would really see you 
  • he’d kind of melt into your touch as he slipped of his headphones 
  • ‘‘y/n what are you doing’‘ he’d whisper 
  • ‘‘well you’ve always wanted to join the mile high club babe’‘ you’d wink at him and honestly he’d start to get hard
  • you’d lean and press your lips together and his breathing would be all shaky as he cupped your cheek
  • ‘‘cant..get..caught’‘ he murmur in between kisses
  • you’d grab two of the blankets that the airline gave you and sprawl them over each of your laps
  • your lips would be back on toms neck as you started to palm him through his sweatpants
  • and omg his eyes would be rolling in the back of his head and he’d be squeezing the arm rests while he bucked his hips against your hand to try get more friction 
  • he’d let a little moan out that only you could hear and the sound would make you clasp your thighs together
  • he’d notice that and slowly slip his hand into your leggings and slowly start rubbing little circles over your clit 
  • you’d both be bucking your hips into each others hand trying to get more friction 
  • and your head would be against his shoulder moaning into his ear 
  • and his jaw would be locked and he’d be so focused on rubbing your clit
  • you’d both decide that going to the bathroom would be too risky so you’d stay seated hands fumbling under the blankets
  • he’d slowly push two fingers into you and you’d let out a strangled moan into his ear and that would be too much for him 
  • he’d grab the back of your hair and pull tight while his fingers worked their magic
  • his fingers would be moving so fast and he’d be telling you what a good girl you were in your ear 
  • ‘‘my good little slut’‘
  • that would drive you over the edge and you’d bury your face in his neck as you came 
  • he wouldn’t let you come down for long though,he’d have both of your hands working on his hard length 
  • he’d be bucking up into your hands with his hands still in your hair 
  • ‘‘is this what you wanted y/n,getting me this hard on a plane’‘
  • he wouldn’t last long,the grip on your hair would tighten and he’d moan out your name with one final thrust into your hands
  • you’d both sit there panting for a minute before you reached into your bag for some tissues
  • you’d try to clean up without being seen and you’d both giggle everytime a flight attendant walked past 
  • ‘‘y/n next time could we try it in the bathroom’‘
  • ‘‘who said theres gunna be a next time Tom’‘ you’d smile and swat his arm 

Long Lost Daughter

Word count: 596

Pairing(s): Alfie x Reader

Warnings: language

Tags: @james-k-delaney @yjrevolution

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“(Y/N)?” Your husband called and you emerged from the kitchen in a flour-caked apron. Alfie looked at you and grinned appreciatively. “What are you makin’ darlin’? It smells lovely.”

“Baked ham with trimmings and a sweet cherry pie.” You hummed, planting a kiss on Alfie’s cheek. You were a younger than your husband by about 15 years but you loved him dearly.

“Sounds delicious, doll.” Alfie wrapped his arms around you, hands coming to rest on your rear, as he leaned to whisper in your ear. “What’s the occasion?”

“We have a guest for dinner this evening, if I recall our conversation from this morning correctly.” You purred, gently pushing him away. Alfie growled in discontent.

“Yeah, his name’s Tommy Shelby, he’s from from a Brummie gang.” He muttered. “Lovely lad, I trust him.”

You froze.

“Shelby? Tommy Shelby?” You asked in shock, not quite believing what you’d heard.

“Aye, you know him?” Alfie seemed to notice your sudden change in demeanor. “What’s wrong, love?”

“I… He’s my father.” You whispered, voice breaking as you stared into space, an anxious look falling upon your features.

“I thought you said you didn’t know your father.” Alfie remembered, guiding you to a seat at the kitchen table.

“I never met him. My mother was 14 when I was born, she only told me Tommy’s name. I never really thought about trying to find him - I don’t think he even knows I exist.”

“Fuck. So he doesn’t know, then?” You shook your head.

“My mum ran away as soon as she found out - she thought he’d want to get rid of me.”

“Listen, sweetheart, I’ll cancel the dinner. You can come to me office and talk it out with him, alrigh’?”

“What do you mean you’ve got someone I need to meet, Alfie? Don’t fuck about, I’ve got other things to be doing.“  Tommy complained,  fixing his coat.

“Trust me, mate, you’re gunna wanna meet her.” Alfie guided Tommy into his office. Tommy sat across from Alfie’s office chair, which you were sitting in. “Tommy, this is my wife, (Y/N)… She’s uh, she’s also your daughter.” You smiled sheepishly at Tommy.

“She’s…. what?” Tommy asked quietly, trying to come to terms with the situation.

“I’m your daughter. Mary (Y/L/N), she’s my mother.” You quickly explained.

“Mary? Jesus, I haven’t seen her in - .”

“20 years.” You interjected, looking hopefully up at your father through your eyelashes. “She didn’t tell you because she didn’t think you’d want me. Her mother wanted her to get an abortion so she ran off to London. 20 years later and here we are.”

“She didn’t think I’d want to know my own daughter?” Tommy was horrified.

“Tommy, you were 14, she just thought it would be too much for you to handle.”

“Mary was only 14 herself. She moved to London alone - I could have helped her.” Tommy’s eyes welled with tears. “You need to know, (Y/N), I loved your mother as much as I could at 14.”

“I know. She knows, it’s okay.”

“I have a daughter.” Tommy chuckled, the good news finally settling in, until his gaze found Alfie. “You’re married? What the fuck, Alfie, that’s my daughter.”

“I guess I could call you Dad now, Tom.” Alfie chuckled, a cocky smirk on his face.

“You bloody well can’t. Call me that again and I’ll fuckin’ cut you.” Tommy frowned.

“You’ll do no such thing.” You giggled. You were happy that this situation had turned out so well; you could finally know your father after all these years.

Traditional Weddings and Little Toy Rings

Traditional Weddings and Little Toy Rings

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,683

Author: Ruby 2.0 [daddyslittleraven]

Quote: “I’m actually kind of drunk. Me likey.”

A/N: This fic is for Lau’s AU Funny Quote Challenge. The challenge was to incorporate a quote that we chose into a AU fic and submit it. If you like this, there will be more in the future. :) Also fair warning, I am absolute shit at writing smut, but here it is.

AU: There’s actually a bunch of au’s that I’m mashing together, so I’ll just throw all of the main ones into one big sentence: “Our apartments are across from each other so we always see each other in the morning, and I always see you with your partner and then I saw you really sad because they stood you up at dinner and I haven’t seen them for weeks and I just wanna see your smile again so please let me come over.”  

Warnings: Huge drabble? Swearing, drinking, smut more than likely, cheating boyfriend (not Dean-o), angsty-undertones.


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Sometimes I get depressed when I remember that jungkook will never be my boyfriend but then I remember that one day I'll find the one for me and that bts will find the one for them n errbody gunna be happy,, still hurts a lil bit tho lmao

What makes you so sure he won’t be your boyfriend? Uhm?? If you don’t try, you will never know and then you will always wonder what might have been

Dead Battery - Auston Matthews (#6)

Originally posted by at-hannabunton

Ok! So this one wasn’t requested but I thought it’d be fun to write and who doesn’t love a little Matthew’s lovin??? This was also my first time writing smut so hopefully it turns out well! Much love pals! <3 (also shoutout to @carey-pricemas for helping me figure out how to add pics and gifs to imagines!!)

Word count: 1280

Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT, swearing


Auston had today off, and since it had been stormy you decided to just have a lazy day, not leaving your house.  But watching six movies had made both of you a little restless so you decided to go for a drive.

You had been driving around aimlessly for a little over an hour just jamming out to music and talking.  You were both belting out the lyrics to Child’s Play by Drake when Auston turned down the music to speak.  “Let’s stop here babe!” You had ended up at a secluded beach with a small parking lot and a beautiful view of the moonlit ocean.  

You both sat in silence for a couple minutes then you lazily turned your head to face Auston, “you know, I’ve always loved being at the ocean.”


“Yea, like I love it when it’s sunny and warm out but my favourite time to be at the ocean is when it’s cold and rainy and windy.”

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Disney Day

Hello, Love bugs!

Dan X Reader

Warnings- fluff

Can Dan and y/n go to Disney World and have a fun time at the parks, then possibly have a romantic dinner at one of the resorts at the end?? 😅 I also added daddy Dan because it’s too adorable to not.

Y/d/n = your daughters name.

Dan and yourself discussed that once your daughter turned four that you would go and enjoy a mini vacation in Florida doing all the typical touristy things. The biggest one being the three of you go to Disney World. You had decided to make it a proper vacation inviting Dan’s parents to come along. You had discussed that you would take Y/D/N to the main Disney in the morning and that after her nap her grandparents would take her to the animal kingdom for the afternoon and to take her for the evening so Dan and yourself could have a nice little Date night.

You had woken up early to get ready for the big day. You had showered and gotten everything you could possibly need ready. You wanted to get as much from the day as possible. This includes coming back to the hotel later to have a nap before going back to see a parade. You were doing a second look over the bag you had packed before seeing Dan turnover from the corner of your eye. Dan really hadn’t moved from the same position he was in when you got out of the bed half an hour ago. You climbed back into the now cold spot in the bed wrapping your arms around Dan to wake him up. It didn’t seem to be working that well however as he decided to let out a little yawn and cuddle in even more.

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6:30 pm

Mei had been surprised to learn that Overwatch had it’s own private bar. It made sense, she supposed. People needed to relax after a hard days work, but she’d thought Overwatch was strictly business. After the week long mission in South America dealing with Talon, however, she was more than looking forward to this function.

Function seemed to grand a word for the slightly dingy bar filled with Overwatch agents swapping stories with a beer in hand. But they had a table with nibbles, so she didn’t mind.

Small plate of sandwiches in hand, she propped herself up on the bar and hesitantly ordered a gin and tonic.

“Oh well, looky here. The ice queen cometh…”

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Damn It, NO!

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: Damn It, NO!

Pairing: LaSalle x Reader

Word Count: 1,010

Warnings: shots fired *pew pew*, injured reader, angsty

A/N: Friday is a special day! Instead of getting a fic and a drabble, you get two fics today! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! The second fic will be a different request, but it will be more of a part two to this one.

This was requested by an anon: I was wondering if you could do one where Y/N gets shot in the field and it’s just the two of them and she starts to tell LaSalle she loves him, but he says no because that means she’s accepting that she’s dying, and he won’t let her die.

It was a summer night and you and LaSalle were chasing a lead.  Normally Pride didn’t send you out late at night, but this case was different.  These guys operated at night and you needed to get there before they could leave.  

LaSalle pulled his truck to a stop a block away from the warehouse.  He turned off the engine, putting the keys into his pocket.  While Percy was away on personal business, you and LaSalle were partners for the time being.  You admired the agent, but recently your feelings for him had blossomed into something more.

“You remember the plan don’cha [Y/N],” LaSalle asked, glancing over at you.  When you nodded, LaSalle opened his door and hopped out of his truck.  LaSalle rounded around his truck, joining you by your side.  “If they start shootin’ just duck for cover.  These guys are probably gunna wanna run from us.”

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anonymous asked:

The NDRV3 boys tripping and accidentaly putting their faces in their crushes' skirts! 🌚 (Like how Komaeda fell into Tsumiki's skirt in SDR2.5 ...hehehe)

Hehehehe indeed

DRV3 Boys tripping into their crushes skirt

Shuuchi Saihara            

  • He’d been carrying a lot of paper work
  • He couldn’t really see where he was going
  • He’d managed to avoid everyone else though, or rather they’d avoided him
  • But he didn’t see you in front of him
  • And you didn’t see him because you had your back turned
  • Boom
  • Papers are everywhere
  • And you’re both on the floor
  • Only his head is in foreign territory
  • He’s crawling away at double time
  • Eyes closed
  • “Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry,”
  • He’s getting the fuck outta there
  • Bright red
  • Would definitely spend a good half hour calming himself over the embarrassment from it all

Kaito Momota

  • Boy look where you’re going istg
  • Probably lost in thought or something
  • Walking along
  • Not a care
  • Head looking everywhere but in front of him
  • Bam
  • He’s on the floor
  • Opens his eyes
  • Oh shit
  • He just crawls outta there
  • Is there any chance they didn’t notice?
  • Wait is that Y/N?
  • You’re looking at him
  • He just bows and apologises thrice
  • But he ain’t gunna forget that in a hurry


  • He’d seen you just ahead of him
  • So he was trying to catch up to you
  • Not quite running
  • But that sorta awkward run/walk you do when you’re late for the bus
  • And you don’t wanna look like you’re running for the bus but everyone knows you are
  • Anyway
  • He’s about to catch up to you
  • So he calls out to you and you turn around and begin to smile and greet him
  • But then he trips
  • Goes flying forwards
  • And lands with his head up your skirt
  • But it takes him a while to realise the situation
  • So you’re sat with him up your skirt for a minute or two
  • Before he just overheats
  • He’s trying to restart as fast as possible
  • But you used that time to stand up, blushing, and wait for him to restart
  • After all you can’t leave him in the street like that

Rantaro Amami

  • He’s another one who’s not really looking where he’s going
  • Gdi guys
  • Head in the clouds
  • But he does notice you ahead of him
  • So he calls you but you don’t hear
  • And then he trips
  • And ends up rolling down the road towards you
  • He basically knocks you down with him
  • And ends up with his head up there
  • Only he’s not stupid and he knows immediately where he is
  • And is out in an instant
  • He’s slightly red from it, but mostly concerned about the fact he basically barrel rolled into you
  • “Hey… Uh, Y/N are you okay?”
  • You’re bright red and just nod quickly
  • He tries to act all cool and brush it off
  • But then when you’re a good way away he’s smirking to himself
  • What an unusual turn of events

Kokichi Ouma

  • This is no accident
  • But he’s going to make it look like an accident
  • Only that’s what he thinks
  • His original plan was to trip and fall onto you
  • And you’d catch him like a princess and hold him
  • And carry him into the sunset
  • We all know that’s not how it’s going to happen
  • You were walking towards him and he took the opportunity
  • How he intended to trip didn’t actually work
  • So he ended up doing a little skip to cover it up
  • And then he tripped
  • You saw him falling and stopped walking else he was going to completely fall on top of you
  • But the distance left for him to fall onto was still a part of you
  • When he opened his eyes and found himself under your skirt he was happier than he woulda been with his other plan
  • Nishinishinishi~
  • “Ouma, please remove yourself from my skirt,”

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He’s rushing to be a gentleman for you
  • He’s on one side of a door and he can see you approaching on the other side
  • So he wants to be there to open it and let you through first
  • What a gent
  • But he’s a bit too keen
  • I mean who runs to a door
  • It’s a push door to him too so if he wasn’t careful he was going to knock you out
  • But guess who opens the door first
  • Here’s a clue it’s not Gonta
  • And he’s already shifted his body weight forward to open it
  • So he just kinda
  • Falls through the open door?
  • And takes you with him
  • And you end up with his head under your skirt
  • For about half a second
  • And then he’s up and apologising before speed walking away from you to hide his red face and calm down his thoughts and racing heart

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • He’s reading
  • As you do
  • When you’re walking down a corridor full of people
  • So he’s not really paying attention
  • He knows the corridor well enough to not have to look where he’s going
  • Which would all be well and good if he had a bit more awareness of what was going on around him
  • Because if he had then he would have seen you picking up something off the floor
  • With your back to him
  • So you couldn’t see him anyway
  • And he wouldn’t have tripped over one of the books you’d dropped
  • And ended up with his head between your legs
  • He was so focussed on the literature he has to snap back to reality
  • He just kinda slowly removes himself
  • And then gets up to see it was you
  • Kukukukukukukukuku
  • He helps you pick up your books and retrieves his own before smirking
  • He definitely wants to find his way back up there

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He was somewhat pissed off
  • Idk what about
  • But he was speed walking
  • And he wasn’t really looking around him
  • Just directly at the floor in front of him
  • And then
  • Oh shit someone’s stood there
  • Too late
  • The power at which he was walking just deadlegged you
  • And then you’re both on the floor
  • And his head is up your skirt
  • “Well isn’t this quite the view,”
  • Reluctantly removes himself
  • Doesn’t want to outstay his welcome or anything
  • But when he sees it’s you he’s just smirking
  • Saving those mental images
Little Crush

Originally posted by bwipsul

Genre:Fluff/Slight Angst

Word Count:1,130

Pairing:Jimin x Reader

Summary:Jimin has a little crush on a special someone who just happens to be his best friend. Cliché right?

Masterlist ♥︎


I was walking to Jimin’s house in the pouring rain. He had texted me that he needed me urgently and that he was running out of time. So I jumped out of my cocoon I had made myself while watching Netflix.

I was freezing, wishing I would’ve put on a jacket. Instead I was in a thin white short sleeve shirt, ripped blue jeans with black boots.

“I swear this better be important Park Jimin”

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Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, angst, fluff

Word Count: 7,556


Silent tears fell from your eyes as you watched the security footage from December 16th, 1991. It was like a train wreck you didn’t want to look away from. A soft, squeaked gasp left your lips as you watched the Winter Soldier murder your father; your mom’s cries partially covering the crunch of his bones. The sound of your mother choking to death ripped through your heart.

“Play it again.” You said softly as the Winter Soldier grabbed the briefcase he had come for and drove off. Tony didn’t take his eyes off your 1 month old baby girl as he reached back and played the video again for you. You were only 8 when you lost your parents, 13 years younger than the only family member you had left after their mysterious deaths. You were raised by a nanny as Tony could barely take care of himself at that time. But unlike Tony, you sought help and by your early twenties, you had come to accept what had happened. Despite being heartbreaking, this just closed the last door for you.

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Drunk - Charlie McAvoy (#7)

I really liked writing this one!!! Hopefully you guys like it!!! Much love pals 💗

 Word count: 800 Warnings: drinking 

 Request: “Oo if you’re not busy with other requests (nice writing btw) could u write a charlie mcavoy imagine where he’s being all cute and cuddly?? Thanks☺️” - @mcavoythedoughboy 


“Shots! Shots! Shots!” your best friend Y/F/N yelled over the thudding of the music in the club. “Noooo nooo I’m too drunk!” you giggled, swaying your hips to the beat of the current song. You had both just finished your semesters at school and wanted to go out and let loose. 

 “Come on, one more! Only one more!” Y/F/N egged you on. 

 “Fine fine, but this is it!” you complied. Taking one of the two shots for yourself, “one, two, three” you counted down, then brought the glass to your lips, tipping your head back and letting the alcohol run down your throat. 

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Night School Pt 2

Season 1 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,736

Warnings: None

   When we got into the locker room, Scott told Stiles to call his dad, which Stiles’ did not think was a good idea. Frankly, I didn’t either. Dragging the Sheriff into this would most certainly result in him getting hurt, and we already went through that dance.

   “The only option I’m seeing here is that we find a way out and run for it,” I said.

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anonymous asked:

OMG DADDY HELP ME I have this hot ass fucking neighbor with a gf who keeps trying to fuck me. I used to work with him and we were both into each other but we were both unaware of each other's feelings at the time. Well now he's trying to fuck me. I had to literally run back to my apartment because I was so close to letting go and just doing it. He's pretty much a piece of shit for pushing for it when he has a gf but now I'm so horny so I need a good slap in the face to not go back. HELP ME DADDY

look at it this way - are you really gunna let A N O T H E R fuckin coward ass bitch get away with cheating? with YOUR genitals? you wanna allow this asshole inside just because he’s too much of a little baby to break up with his gf? a hoe so vanilla he gets off on… being unfaithful?

your genitals are better than this.

don’t give in til he’s single, and not just “well he said they broke up but i still see her over” - don’t fall for that. i know you’re smart. i mean if you have zero standards and morals then fuck him, i’m not your dad, but i’d swerve so fuckin hard HE gets whiplash

adiaryofawreckedship  asked:

43 and 39 with my boy jared please :-)

Of course!!
43. “Are you drunk?”
39. “We need to talk about what happened last night”

You and your best friend Jared were practically inseparable. If someone was looking for you, they’d also find Jared and vice versa. Which is why it was no shock that you two showed up to the homecoming after party together.
As soon as you two walked in, you heard your names being called from the kitchen. There you saw Connor taking a drink from Zoe’s hand, much to her dismay, and Alana and Evan looking at quizzically at several bottles of different colored liquor. “Why is this one b-blue?” Evan asked with a disgusted face. “Maybe it’s blueberry flavored?” Alana answered, looking just as disgusted. “Only one way to find out” Jared said with his signature smile that made your knees weak. “Be careful, jar” you warned with a kind smile, just looking out for your best friend. “Don’t you worry, y/n. I can handle myself” he said, matching your smile.
Flash forward and hour and a half later and Jared is nowhere to be seen. Which has you and Evan really worried. You’re not much of a drinker, still having the same drink you started with at the beginning of the night. You thought it best to go and look for him. You leave Evan with Connor, Zoe, and Alana and you go look for your idiotic best friend. You make your way to the backyard only for your path to be obstructed by The schools token party douchebag. Complete with his beat up guitar and a flower behind his ear. “Hey beautiful” he smiled, looking down at you. You could instantly smell the alcohol on his breath and you were more than ready to get out of there. “I’ve seen you around school, and I can’t help but notice your beautiful eyes” God this guy is a douche, you thought. Scanning the backyard behind him for Jared. “So I’ve written a song about them” he began, making you roll your eyes. Before you could interject, you saw a hand push his chest back. “H-hey buddddddy. You stay away from tHEM okAy? THEY’RE WITH ME. MY DATE. NOT Y-YOURS” Jared slurred, throwing an arm around your shoulder. The guy raised his hands in defense “hey peace and love man” the guy mumbled as he backed away. You pulled Jared out into the backyard away from all the noise and you sat him down next to the pool. “Jared, Are you drunk?” You asked, already knowing the answer. “I swear to dRunk I’m nOt god!!” He said loudly, making himself giggle. You were not ready for this. “I’m gunna go get you some water okay? Stay here” you said firmly.
You were about to walk away when you felt his hand grab your wrist, pulling you down towards the ground next to him. “Hey wait stay with me pleaaaaaase. I like it when you’re around” he hiccuped, slamming his feet into the pool. While he still had his shoes on. “Jared!” You screamed, trying to hide your laughter. He looked at you with hooded eyes and a giant smile. “You have the greatest smile you know that?! I bet you didn’t know that.” He began, his words falling off his tongue. “When you smile like, the whole rOOM lights up you know?! And it make my heart go *explosion noise* because I love you and I love when you smile. Especially at mE and not that douchebag with the guitar” he slurred. You sat there starring at him. He’s drunk. He doesn’t actually mean any of this right? I mean, it would be great if he did because you feel the exact same way but….he’s drunk. He doesn’t know what he’s saying. “I should get you home.” You spoke, trying to cover the tears in your voice. He didn’t love you.
You stood up and pulled him with you, despite his protests and his wet feet. You grabbed his car keys from his pocket in between his suggestive jokes and dragged him through he house. You walked through the people only to find zoe right before you left. She saw the tears in your eyes and stopped you. “Everything okay?” She asked, looking back at Jared. “I’m taking him home, I’ll text you tomorrow okay?” She nodded with a sympathetic smile and patted your back as you head out the door. Getting him home was your only priority right now.
The car ride home was full of him screaming along to Kelly Clarkson and talking about the difference between ‘They’re’ and ‘Their’. Once you finally brought him up to his room as quietly as you could, you were about to leave, but yet again, he grabbed your wrist. “Stay, please” he whispered, about to fall asleep. You sighed and removed his glasses before climbing into his bed next to him. Which you’d done plenty of times before. But this time it felt different. You tried to keep as much distance from him as you could but that didn’t stop him from pulling you into his chest before soundly falling asleep.
The next morning, you woke to Jared’s snores filling your ears. You carefully peeled his arm off your waist and tried to make your escape, hopefully dodging the awful conversation of “what happened?”
As you were about to open the door you heard a groggy voice call your name. “Y/n?” You turned quickly, looking at him rubbing his eyes. He looked absolutely adorable, and you damned him for it. With his bed head and his tired eyes. “Leaving so soon?” He asked, trying to make a joke despite the terrible hang over he probably had. “I just uhm I was gunna go get some…water! Yeah. Water.” You said quickly, making him smile and lay his head back down on the pillow. “Your lying skills are shit, y/n. C'mere” he said quietly, patting the spot you just got up from. “The bed is too cold, get your butt back in here.” He said, making your heart leap. As much as you wanted to say no, you couldn’t. You kicked your shoes back off and hopped into bed, facing away from Jared. “Hey” he pouted, poking your back “why won’t you love me in my hour of need” he whined, though his words made you stiffen. He furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s going on, y/n? Look at me”. You sighed and turned to face him. Although your eyes didn’t meet his. “We need to talk about what happened last night” you said quietly. “Oh no” he spoke with a slight panic “whatever I said, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it” he said, as rushed as he could. “Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of” you said quietly, pulling the covers off you, about to leave his bed again when he stopped you. “Wait, what? What did I say? I’m sorry I really don’t remember” he said, sitting up and putting his glasses on. He looked so concerned it made your heart ache. “You got really drunk and weird when the douchebag guitar guy started talking to me” you started, not looking at him. “That guy is a total prick” he mumbled, making you smile a little. “And then well, I uhm” you breathed in deeply. “I sat you down by the pool and I was going to go get you some water and you told me to stay and then you told me-” “that I loved you” he cut you off, making you look up with wide eyes, only to meet his tired but happy ones. “Yeah, that part is the least foggy of them all. I really do love your smile” he chuckled, scratching his head. “But i do love you the most” he said, still looking at you with all seriousness. “You..” you started, not able to form words. “Listen, if I freaked you out or ruined everything between us, I’m sorry. I just, I shouldn’t have told you when I was drunk but I’m saying it now I guess, hoping that it’ll make any sort of difference.” He rambled. You didn’t know what to say, you couldn’t even fight the sides of your mouth turning up into a smile, making him blush. “If you’re gunna make fun of me, be gentle, I’m weak” he said, hiding under his covers. You giggled and got under the covers with him. “I love you and your smile too” you said, softly. Feeling him pull you closer you smiled when you could see him looking down at your lips. “Even my buck teeth?” He asked. “Especially with your buck teeth” you spoke before smashing your lips to his.