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So Keith got to talk in depth about his insecurities and show real vulnerable emotion, but for Allura we got a shallow recap of what we already knew before she dipped. We couldn’t get more about her worries as the blue paladin? Her struggles or insecurities? Something to make her, idk, less flat?

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Tell me more about the Paladin Training AU! What does the rest of the team think about golden boy Shiro, and how does this effect them when they form Voltron for the first time? Tell me more about the first time they decided training and dark history be damned, they're going to do this Voltron thing their way. Tell me about how the team decided THEIR Shiro, (not the Shiro conditioned by training, quiet and submissive before the command, but the Shiro who rebels and protects) is the one they 1/2

2/2 will follow till the end of days. Tell me how these strangers became the team that will save the universe.

(So I originally wrote this from Lance’s POV in tumblr and then lost all of it when my computer suddenly reset.  This version ended up better anyway.  It doesn’t answer a lot of your questions, but they also weren’t strangers in this AU.  They were raised together.  But here’s that story anyway.

Based on this original post)

The short of it was: nothing was the same since Zarkon betrayed them.

The short of it was: Hunk wished things could go back to how they’d been.

Those first few days right after had been terrifying.  The panic, the yelling, the strained atmosphere.  Hunk had wanted to stay in his room for it, but he wasn’t allowed to, and even if he was, Lance would have dragged him out.  For the longest time, they’d had no idea what anyone was talking about.  There were just clipped commands, being told to sit and wait and be good, while horrifying words like ‘rogue’ and ‘attack’ and ‘death toll’ were thrown around, just barely within hearing.

All of them had been put into one room and while they weren’t told not to leave, the implication was strong.  Immediately, Keith turned to Shiro, trying to get him to spill.  In hindsight, Hunk didn’t know why they’d all thought Shiro would know, except that he was older and he was going to be their leader someday, and he always helped with the answers to their nightly school work, so maybe he knew this too.

Shiro hadn’t.

“I’m sorry, I’m sure they’ll tell us soon,” he told them, hands up in placation, and at the time he hadn’t noticed, but when he thought back, Hunk thought Shiro looked just as scared as the rest of them.

That look only got stronger when one of their instructors burst in.  “Shiro,” he called, voice icy, and Shiro stared back, eyes wide.  Shiro always seemed so much older than them, but in that moment he’d been very young looking.  “You are to come with me.”

It wasn’t even an order.  It was a demand.  It was a threat.

“Just me?” Shiro asked, and ducked his head at the immediate glare.  “Yes, sir.”  Iverson’s hand clamped down on his upper arm, rough in a way none of them usually saw, as Paladins to be.

He was dragged away, and Shiro cast another wild look over his shoulder.  “I’ll be back soon,  Stay calm.”

Then he was gone.

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Hold Me (Part 5) Richie x Reader

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

Author’s note: I hope you guys enjoy this!! Let me know if I should continue with this series!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6

Reader’s pov:

It felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Maybe that’s why I was crumbling, everything with Richie, school, Georgie’s death, the added stress after what happened over the summer. It was all catching up with me.  

After school I managed to avoid the losers and the bowers gang as I walked to the quarry. It was my favorite place, I always went there when I needed a break from life. I sat on the ground, letting my feet hang over the edge. I pull out a pack of cigarettes, placing one between my lips as I look for a lighter.

I took a long drag, letting it calm myself. I knew it wasn’t something I should be doing but I didn’t care. I picked up the nasty habit rather quick. Luckily I was able to hide it from those around me, knowing I would get lectured about how unhealthy it was and how it would eventually kill me. Richie continued staring at unsuspecting girls, then he would sneak in through my window with flowers or kiss me and whisper sweet nothings to me.

I let out a sigh, I hated the way he made me feel, like I was nothing to him but at the same time something. When I get home, we can do it again and again. Just thinking about it made my heart ache and my eyes tear.

“Y/N?” A voice came from behind me.

I glanced over my shoulder to see Stan walking over.

“Fuck.” I muttered to myself.

“What are you doing here? You smoke?” Stan began interrogating.

“I’m thinking about shit.” I answered, wiping the tears off my face.

Stan sat besides me with a look of concern across his face.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this.” I pleaded holding up the lit cigarette between my fingers.

“Ok.” Stan nodded. “I assume you know they are bad for you so I won’t bother scolding you.”

“Thanks.” I said, taking another drag.

“So what’s wrong?” He asked after a few moments of silence.

“What isn’t wrong?” I said, looking down at my hands.

“Everyone has been worried about you lately.” He responded. “Especially Richie, he’s been asking if we knew what was going on.”

I sighed at the mention of Richie, sure he was so worried about me. What a load of bullshit. Maybe it will help if I talk about it, I just don’t want him running back to everyone blabbing about it all.

“Promise me this stays between us?” I sighed, putting out the cigarette.


“Richie has been staying with me for the past 2 weeks. He came to my house with a black eye, I took him in and we talked. Long story short, h-he kissed me and told me he loved me.” I looked at the ground. “We aren’t together or anything, but I watch him gawk at other girls all day and when he comes to my house at night he acts like we’re a couple and he wasn’t just drooling over anything that walks.”

Stan listened intently as I just let it out. I wipe the tears again with the shaky hand.

“This going back and forth bullshit, it feels like I’m getting my heart broken everyday, over and over again. I can’t take it much longer.”

“Why don’t you talk to him about it?” Stan suggested.

“I didn’t want to bother him with it, I knew he was having a hard time dealing with what happened.” I answered, careful of what I said.

I knew Stan also had a rough time coping, everyone did really. Stan nodded, understanding.

“I’m not condoning what he’s doing, but I don’t think he’s even realizing he’s hurting you.” He explained. “I think you should just talk to him.”

Stan tried his best to help, I’ll admit I do feel a little better talking about it with someone but I was still stuck in this situation. I thanked him for his help before getting up to walk home. He offered to walk me home but I just needed to be alone.


Richie stayed the night again but I when I woke up he was gone. I got ready for school like always. He probably just went home to get more clothes or something.

The school day was uneventful, I sat at lunch with everyone else. Stan must’ve stayed true to his promise as nobody interrogated me about smoking or Richie. Richie was staring like usual, I let out a sigh of frustration.

“Richie, close your mouth. You’re gunna catch flies.” Stan commented.

I couldn’t help but smirk. Richie closed his mouth, not before flashing his middle finger at Stan. It wasn’t long before his beautiful brown eyes gazed at another girl. I couldn’t just sit here watching this anymore.

“I uh, gotta go grab some books out of my locker. See you guys later.”  

Stan shot a glance in my direction before I left. The halls were quiet, I walked to my locker in silence. I just had to make it through one more class, I couldn’t cry yet, not yet.

“Y/N?” Richie asked.

Shit, I mentally calmed myself down as much as I could. I worried about what Stan had told him, I just hoped it was about the cigarettes and not about Richie but knowing Stan, it would be the latter.

“I need to talk to you.” His voice was serious and filled with concern.

Twister (Bucky x Reader)

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Request @strawberrykittten: Aha! I got one :) sorry I apparently can’t read directions! How about Bucky x reader game night, where she teaches him about the board games and card games that he’s missed while he’s been with Hydra? Fluff and cute stuff and Bucky getting competitive!!! Omg you rock thank you (if you accept my request and thank you even if you don’t!!) I hope you have a wonderful week!

Warnings: None

Words: 463 (I’m sorry it’s short =( )

A/N: This was written but never finished, so I finished it. I am SO sorry this, and all other requests, have taken THIS LONG. Don’t hate me T-T

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Brooke and Keo getting married really bothers me. I like Keo, I think he and Brooke are great together (BrookexSerenna forever tho), but the fact that Brooke getting caught in his sphere of prettiness makes me doubt their relationship has ANY substance especially when they immediately got married in the following chapters. I know Lovehacks is supposed to be a sitcom-esque book, not very big on character development, but there was no point of progression as a couple. They went from “Oh, this firefighter saved my life and he’s soooooo hot” to “he’s my soulmate, we gunna get married”. The progression, more so the lack of progression, makes no sense unless Brooke is blinded by infatuation so when Keo is portrayed being all suspicious like making us actually think he was a career criminal, I believed it. It was a ridiculous thing to believe, but we know next to nothing about Keo besides him being a firefighter. I thought he was honestly manipulating Brooke because their relationship when from “You’re hot” to “we’re dating now” between chapters and then getting married 1 or 2 chapters later. Granted, time could’ve passed between chapters, but honestly, I can’t see more than a week or 2 from when they first met to Brooke dropping the marriage bomb on the #LH crew. I know some people can commit quickly and it works, but damn this is a love story tell the fuckin’ love story. And THEN PB decides to teach us a lesson??? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and then tried to make it funny??? and make Keo nearly 99.98% seem like a criminal??? Like, yeah, the #LH crew are jerks and did not handle that situation well at fuckin’ all, but what the fuck Keo there are dozens of ways to go about what you were doing without seeming like you’re with the mafia. And then they get married anyways??? I mean, I didn’t WANT them to break up (yes I did, BrookexSerenna forever), but why the fuck couldn’t they just… postpone the wedding and get to know each other a little more? Realize they were rushing into things? Nope, PB decides they must get hitched. What about their parents??? Don’t they want to see their little girl/boy getting married or at least meeting their spouse to be???

little mix foursome {dirty imagines}

“where is she?” perrie asks. i point towards the stairs behind us. perrie sighs,“ but its her birthday.” “i know but she wants to study all night.” i roll my eyes.“something about a test on monday.”  "JADE!!!! GET DOWN HERE!!“ perrie yells. "where is leigh-anne?” i ask quietly. “shes coming with our little surprise.” she smiles at me. perrie, leighanne and i have been having a fling for a few months now we thought it would be fun to bring jade into it as well. “JADE!” perrie shouts after we hear no sound from upstairs. our front door opens and leighanne walks in with a bright pink stripes bag with tissue paper poking out at the top. “got it.” leighanne says coming towards us shaking the bag smiling. we make our way up the stairs with perrie leading the way. “jade.” perrie mumbles opening the door to find her with headphones on reading the huge book labled “pshchology” and papers spread out in front of her in her handwriting. “jade!” perrie says shaking her, she jumps up making the left headphone fall. “shit you scared me!” she says pulling the other ear bud out. “we have been calling you for ages!” i say looking at leighanne who tries hides the bag behind her. “what do yall want?” she says glancing to her studies laying on her bed. “umm how about some time with you on your birthday.” perrie says sitting in front of her. “whats that?” jade asks starring at the bag leighanne failed to hide. “a gift.” i say as leighanne smiles giving it to her. jade smiles placing the bag on her lap. me and perrie share a glance. jades smile fades as she sees the toy at the bottom of the bag. she looks up to us. “what the hell.” she mutters looking at perrie. “this is a joke right?” she goes on pulling out the strap on. perrie goes for it crashing her lips on jades. she pins jade under her straddling her waist. “does it look like this is a joke?” perrie purrs letting her lips trail down her neck. jade tries to break free but that quickly changes as perrie starts rubbing her core through her leggings. jade starts moaning softly letting perrie do what she wants. i make my way around the bed sliding all her papers and books onto the floor. i lift jades shirt off as leighanne does away with her leggings only leaving her undies. perrie is already naked, when she reaches for leighannes shirt. i peel off my clothes just leaving my undies. perrie reaches for the strap on tracing it along jades body. “birthday girl goes first.” leighanne mumbles rubbing jades clit through her undies. jade moans out when the object slips into her undies just gently touching her pussy lips. perrie makes her way next to me as leighanne takes over with jade. “sit on her face.” perrie whispers just before she kisses me. i nod swinging my leg over her face. jades hands quickly grab on my thighs, pushing her head into my pussy licking quickly on my clit. i grind myself on her face making her tongue go into my pussy. she moans into me, i turn to look over my shoulder to see leighanne with the strap on wrapped around her waist ramming the toy into our birthday girl. “leighanne!!! fuck yes!!!” jade screams from under me. perrie kisses me, her hands travel to my clit, twisting and rubbing my little bud. i jump up when jade inserts three of her fingers into me. “jade!” i whimper. her fingers slide into my pussy slowly. i breath heavily as she takes her time. perrie is sucking down on my neck leaving small purple spots down to my breasts. leighanne is still behind us but instead of using the toy she starts using her mouth i watch her tongue slip into jades pussy. jade reacts by whimpers something under her breath. i get up walking to where leighanne is kneeling and join her. we both lick at jades pussy as it gets more and more wet. “holy shit!! ahhh fuck!!!” she moans grabbing her breasts and spreading her legs into a wide “V” shape into the air. perrie is behind leighanne unbuckling the toy from her waist then puts it on herself. a moment later i feel the wet warm toy between my legs. i hum while sucking down on jades clit while leighanne works her magic on her little hole. “keep going please fuckkk pleaseee iam gunna cumm!!!!” jade screams rocking her hips violently. perrie shoves the toy into me making me scream into the pussy in front of me, then jades wetness leaks out in front of us as jade scream out in pure enjoyment. jade shivers closing her legs rubbing her clit slowly. i fall back on perrie with the toy sliding into my pussy. “there you go jes.” perrie whispers into my ear, grabbing my waist to push me harder onto the toy. i whimper bouncing on the toy as it gets rammed into my pussy. the slapping noise fills the room along with moans and screams from jade. leighanne is licking her wetness from her pussy, leighannes ass is in front of me swaying. she gives a look over her shoulder to me. “you dirty slut.” i  moan. “oh i know it.” leighanne smirks then going back to jade. i get on all fours rubbing jades pussy, perrie grabs my waist slamming the toy roughing into me. “yes!! please dont stop fuck me just like that yes!! perrie!!” i scream feeling my high building. leighanne is moaning as i rub her and she rubs her clit. me and leighanne cum at the same time her juices spray onto my hand, i cum all over perrie as she keep her rhythm going. “best birthday.” jade laughs sitting up. “well if you feel that way… wanna do it again?”  perrie smiles standing up and walking to jade. jade nods glancing to the toy around her waist. perrie gives jade a long kiss before round 2 begins. 

hope you liked it sorry if it wasnt good, & sorry i havent been on in awhile. tell me what you think! 

Among all the other “art” on this blog, I’ve been doing these dragon comics off and on for several months now. Mainly cos they’re fun to draw, and I’m a D&D/fantasy monster tragic with my head still in the 20th Century. I figured you guys would get sick of the slack wyrm sooner or later, but he still seems pretty resilient. That’s why now I’ve decided to put him to the test. I’m gunna do 2 comics a week for August. I want to see if I can make him a regular thing, or if you guys get sick of him and teach me a harsh lesson. If he’s more popular at the end of the month than the start, I’ll start doing him as a proper, regular comic. Anyhow, let’s see what happens!


There’s been a reason behind my lack of new fanarts for Kaitou Joker (besides the joining of yet another fandom and getting distracted. Again), and that’s because I’ve been busy on a(nother) new AU that I am having WAAAAY too much fun with.

Because of my lifeblood and eternal favorite- dragons.

It’s been a bit of a struggle to decide on designs for each character (I’ve only managed these three so far and Hachi’s isn’t officially done), figuring out the way this au works because it’s a mix between legit dragon legends+lore (or at least as well as I can manage) and my own ideas for just within the au, then there’s hammering out what roles characters take (not all of them are gunna be dragons, but some of them are hard to figure out in that regard.) That combined with some actual research for what I don’t know for some breeds of dragons and their legends (I’ve learned plenty over the years, but definitely not everything), and it’s uh, very time consuming (time consuming in a way that I find fun though!)

Anywhooo, here’s hoping I’ll make some more good progress soon and, you know, actually get to where I can properly explain the au n’ stuff. XP

Now with that all said, I leave you with this-

Later everybuddy~ (*salutes and sinks back into the abyss*)

Milkshakes and Date Talk (H.G)

| Based on the request: can you do a Hayes imagine where your friends with nash and Hayes has a crush on you but you’re a little older than him?

|Just over 1k words, this is shite lol but WOOOOOOO 2 IMAGINES WITHIN AN HOUR WOOOOOOO YAY FOR ME WOOOOOOOOOOOO, this is so bad and so short I’m so sorry. I’m gunna go play Sims 4 now byeeee|



Nash pulls my phone away from my face and stands in front of me. “I have to go to the store for my mom before she gets back and then pick Taylor up, can you stay here and watch Sky for me?”

“Yeah, sure, but why can’t Hayes watch her?” He’s 15, he’s old enough and capable enough of looking after his younger sister for a few minutes.

“He can, but he’s too engrossed in this video game he got the other day so he can’t keep an eye on her.” That doesn’t particularly sound like something Hayes would do, but everybody’s different and everybody picks up different habits.  

“Oh, alright then, it’s not like I’m gunna leave anyway.”

“You pretty much live here, of course you’re not gunna leave. Do you want anything from the store?”

“Um, just get me a snack or something.”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a bit.” He grabs his car keys from his desk and starts his walk out to the car. “Please don’t break anything like you did last time.”

“Pftttt, I would never!”

“Yeah, okay.” He scoffs and stands in the doorway. “And remember, if Hayes hits on you again, just slap him straight round the face.”

I shake my head at him. “I’m not gunna hit him!” I think it’s real cute how Hayes flirts with me, he’s got some good lines, that’s for sure.

“Well, if you’re not gunna smack him, go out with him.”

“Nash, be real.”

“What! You think the gremlin’s cute, you might as well just try it out.” He grins. God, I just want to slap that shit-eating grin right off of his face. “Be a cougar.”

“You know what? Maybe I will!”

“I’ll believe when I see it.”

And he’s gone. Peace at last.

I go back to playing the game on my phone but just a minute later, my phone is getting pulled away from me once again, by a grinning Skylynn and a smug-looking Hayes. I raised my eyebrows in question.

Okay, no more peace.

“Can you make us milkshakes, please?” Sky asks sweetly, locking her fingers behind her back and swaying from side to side with a cheeky smile. “I was gunna ask Hayes but then I remembered the last milkshake he made me tasted disgusted.”

“You mean, disgusting, Sky.” Hayes corrects her.

She looks up at him with a grimance on her face. “Yeah, but I was disgusted when I drank it.”

“That was good.” I smile and stand up from the comfortable beanbag I was sitting on. She’s got a lot of sass for a 5 year old. “What do you want in them?” I follow the two siblings down the stairs and into their kitchen. Low and behold, all of the ingredients that I’ll need to make a milkshake are sitting out on the kitchen counters with the blender plugged in and waiting for use.

“I want strawberry, banana, chocolate syrup, grapefruit, apple, strawberry syrup, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, chocolate milk and blueberries!” Well, that’s a lovely combination, Skylynn, I’m sure you won’t puke after that.

“Are you sure?” I ask her before I cut up any fruits. She nods her head and takes a seat around the island counter. “You’re definitely going to drink that?”

“Oh, she will. She drank one of Will’s homemade protein drinks the other day, you know the ones he makes using eggs, kale, powder and that stuff? Yeah, she liked it. He didn’t. She’s going to like this milkshake too.”

“Alrighty then…” I quickly get on with cutting up bits of fruit for their milkshakes – which’ll probably turn out more like smoothies, but they asked for it, I’m just making it.

I hear Skylynn’s hushed giggles and Hayes shushing her to be quiet, so I look up to see what they’re doing. Hayes’ face has turned bright red and Skylynn looks like she can’t keep her mouth shut, which obviously, she can’t. “Hey, Y/N? You know that Hayes has a crush on you right?”

“I think everyone knows, Sky.” I laugh, adding to Hayes’ embarrassment. It’s true, he told Nash last summer and Nash being Nash had to go and tell everyone to embarrass his brother. He apologised for it after, though. “But what are you saying?”

“He wants to ask you on a date.” She giggles uncontrollably, emitting a few snorts into her contagious laughter.

“Oooh, exciting.” I widen my eyes and smile at the younger boy. His eyes are trained on the countertop. Bless him, he’s so embarrassed by his sister it’s adorable. “So, where are we going on this date, Hayes?”

Sky gasps and smacks his arm, “I told you she would say yes!” Her giggling gets even louder and more uncontrollable, so she covers her mouth with both of her hands – not that it’s actually reducing the volume or the frequency, but she’s trying.

“Are you saying that out of pity, because Nash told you to or are you actually saying it?”

Well, he didn’t tell me to do it out of force. He just suggested it. It’s ultimately my decision. And my decision is to say yes to Hayes. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? A couple of bitchy people saying shit? Yeah, like that’s going to stop me.

“I’m actually saying it.” I nod and smile at the blushing boy. “I’ll go on a date with you.”

His face burns a deep red and his voice stutters every few words. “Wow, okay, um, I don’t know, I didn’t plan this far ahead because I never thought I’d get a yes.”

“Well, if you can come up with a good idea and pull off a really good date, maybe there’ll be a second.”

And with that, I helped build up a 15 year olds confidence and carried on making their milkshake-smoothies.

Through the Window (Part 3)

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

TTW Masterlist for all other parts

“So when did you want to go on this…date?” You ask, your eyes flicking over Steve’s body. It had been a while since you had been able to look at him properly, really take him in. Boy had he changed. Since joining the football team he had bulked up to the point his arms barely fit in his shirt sleeves anymore, the material stretched taut. He had started growing a beard too, not one of those patchy feeble ones guys his age often attempt to grow. A proper one that fit his face so perfectly you could barely look away.

“Week today? I’ve got a big game on Friday and coach is on my back constantly. There is no way I could get any spare time from training.”

“Then your victory party on Saturday and your recovery on Sunday. Then me on Monday, yeah?”

“As perceptive as I remember.” Steve chuckles as he pulls up next to your house. “I’ll wait here while you grab your things.”

“Thanks, I won’t be a minute.” You fling the door open and sprint towards your house, keys already in hand to unlock the door. Jumping up the stairs two at a time you manage to get to your room, grab your notes and make it back outside to Steve’s car in just under a minute.

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small psa

I was going to dig into my drafts but oops here comes a headache. I know I still owe some but I made a decent dent the other day, so im gunna relax my eyes for a bit and see if i can make some more progress later. In the mean time, everyone who I owe(d) replies to can you hmu and let me know if you got it or not yet? I’ve already lost track so i want to make myself a new thread track post. 

Charming (Requested)

Pairing: Sam x reader

Request: Would you be able to do a Sam Wilson x reader? Where they meet for the first time while the reader is kicking Steve’s ass during training and shes just a super badass. Something really romantic but also funny? Its up to you but thank you anyways!

Warnings: None

Words: 353

A/N: Did my best with this, I’m not used to writing Sam and I wasn’t really sure how to make this that romantic given the scene/prompt.

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Let's Get Lost *Cameron Dallas Imagine*

Requested by forgetimnotsureicould


“Wake up babe” you said climbing on top of your sleeping boyfriend, Cameron


Cameron groaned “Shhh Y/N it’s too early for this” “Oh my goodness Cam it’s 12:30” “But I didn’t get home till 3 so why don’t you just cuddle with me and let me sleep” “Because I missed you and I wanna spend time with you”


Cameron’s been filming a lot lately which means you haven’t really seen him much because he’s gone pretty much all day


“Okay fine, tell me baby what do you wanna do today?”


You shrugged “I don’t know I just know I don’t wanna stay home today”


“Okay well let me go shower and stuff and you decided” He told you then got out of bed


Cameron walked over to the window something you noticed he always did when he woke up


“Y/N are you insane?”


“I’m dating you aren’t I?”


“Very funny babe, but seriously are you insane you wanna go out? I can’t even see the sidewalk” You got up and walked over to where he was and looked out the window too.


There was a lot of snow outside and it was still snowing and you loved it


“This is nothing, California” You’ve lived in New York your whole life this is nothing to you


“It’s probably freezing out there”


“So that’s why they make jackets Cameron”


“Ugh the things I do for love” He said before kissing you


“Try something fun once in awhile” You teased him


“My whole life is fun”


You smiled you knew how much he loved doing what he was doing at the moment, filming, traveling, meeting fans etc. And you loved whenever you got to go with him which wasn’t very often.


“I know now we’re gunna have more fun, now go shower” you said pushing him toward the bathroom


“Y/N you know I like it when you boss me around”


“Oh shut up and go”


“Zayum Bae”


You laughed “You’re so weird” “You love it” “Yeah yeah now go”


He finally went into the bathroom and then soon after you heard the shower turn on.


Minutes later


You were lying in your bed, going through twitter on your phone laughing at some hate, smiling at some good stuff and replying to a few people, hopefully making them smile if they already weren’t.


Even though they weren’t your fans you still enjoyed making people happy


@Y/T/N: Finally get some alone time with bae @camerondallas today


While waiting you got dressed into jeans and a black sweater because you weren’t feeling like dressing up today.


A few minutes later he came out of the bathroom “Okay so what are we doing today?”


“Well I’m starving so we are gunna go eat and then I’ll tell you what we’re gunna do”


“You haven’t decided yet have you?” you shook your head “No” “I had a feeling” “Are you saying I’m predictable?” “Yes but now I’m starting to get hungry so come on”


An hour later


“Y/N? Hello are you alive?” Cameron waved a hand in front of your face


“Huh? Oh sorry I just got the best idea so hurry up and finish”


“I’ve been done thanks for paying attention to me this whole time” “I’m sorry! I was thinking” “I knew I smelt smoke”


You kicked him under the table “Ow” “Don’t be mean to me!” “I’m sorry babe I love you” “Come on”


You guys paid then left.


“So what are we doing?” He asked you “We are going for a walk, in that forest” You told him and he looked at you like you were psycho


“Are you feeling okay? Y/N are you insane?” “I thought I answered that already and come on don’t be scared it’s just snow” “To you it is!” “Aww Baby you’re scared that’s cute” you said before kissing him “I am not” “Oh really?” “Yeah” “Then catch me” before he had a chance to react you started running in the other direction.


Cameron stood there trying to process what you just did and finally he started running after you.


He finally caught up to you


“You’re crazy Y/N”


“I know” You said before grabbing his hand “Come on let’s…explore”


Neither one of you knew where you where but you didn’t care because you had each other and honestly you weren’t even worried about that now.


“Hey Y/N?” “Hmm?” “Do you wanna build a Snowman?” “Oh my god you’re so corny” “You really need to move out to LA I hate this cold weather” “But I love it here” “I know you do but I hate long distance, I wanna travel the world with you” “I’ll consider it…if you can catch me again” “Y/N No!” but you were already gone.


You loved New York to death because this is where you grew up but you would rather be with Cameron everyday in person then over the phone or FaceTime.


You decided to hide from him because well you thought it would be pretty funny.




“Y/N come on don’t do this to me”


You put a hand over your mouth so you wouldn’t laugh


“Y/N come on I have no idea where we are I’m cold and this isn’t funny anymore”


You felt bad now he was practically begging you and you thought it was so cute that he was scared


“Boo” You jumped out


“Oh my god that wasn’t funny!” He hugged you and you laughed “I’m sorry but you’re just so cute when you’re scared” you kissed him


“Then I must be pretty freakin adorable right now, don’t ever scare me like that again, I don’t know if I could forgive myself if something bad ever happened to you”


“Likewise, I’m sorry I love you”


“Love you too, now can we please find our way back I just wanna go back and cuddle and watch movies with my bae”


“Yeah I guess we can”


“Good, come on don’t let go of me” He ordered you while heading back in the direction you came from, or at least you hoped it was the direction you came from.

anonymous asked:

A works in a daycare, B is the guardian of one of A's kids

OH SHIT OKAY.. okay… imagine.

tiny mute child mayor. karkat who took him in thru some circumstances i dont want to parcel out atm. he knows asl so he and the mayor can communicate and hes so so so nervous about leaving him here at a daycare but hes GOTTA get a day job to support them as well as mayors medication (or doctors visits or smtn, im figuring the muteness is from genetic folly). 

so they come in and karkats smol and wearing a hoodie and like fkn mom jeans (he looks like a mom) and hes holding mayors hand tighter than mayors holding his and he looks so anxious ok like hes gunna puke while the mayors just happy vibes like wee look at all these toys and children and things to do!!

he takes mayor up to the woman he talked to on the phone an dhes like sweating bullets introducing them and explaining to mayor (AGAIN) why hes here and that hell be back in just a few hours and hes gunna have so much fun and he finally takes a deep breath and goes on his way.

comes back that eveninig to the mayor napping next 2 one of the caretakers whos playing video games against some kids (like fuckin mario kart) and he ofc wins so the kids all climb on him in holy retribution and the guys super good natured abt it and kinda noogies one of the kids and pretends to body slam the other over his shoulder and stuff. kinda wakes the mayor up who hops up and goes running 2 karkat so fkn happy ok.

the whole ride home hes asking when he gets to go see dave again, when he gets to play with dave again, when does he get to visit dave again???? and karkats like ??? is that the guy that u were with when i came to pick u up? and mayors all hype like yEAH!!!! hes so nice and like hes just pleased as can be when he goes back the next day. fkn runs straight 2 dave and wraps himself around his leg.

karkat hangs around 4 a few minutes bc he got there early and doesnt need to be on his way yet and hes super fkn surprised when the dude crouches down 2 talk to mayor and signs along with his words. like super surprised and impressed. and maybe a little attracted. daves got,,, a rlly nice face. and hes rlly nice in general. and mayor like shim a lot. (dave doesnt even question why he goes by mayor. when karkat asked what his name was, thats the answer he got. hes happy as long as mayors happy.)

karkat brings mayor in on a day he doesnt have work and hangs around and dave kinda keeps glancing @ him and finally approaches him like ur mr mayors guardian right? and karkat looks up from the lil colorful construction paper pieces he got glued to his fingers while helping w crafts like o me? yea. ur dave, right? and dave laughs and sits down next 2 him like yep. then he pauses a second and goes ok ive been fkn dying to ask; whats ur name? he talks about you all the time but he signs ur name as car cat and i dont know what thats supposed to mean.

karkat fkn laughs this time like its karkat, yeah. car cat is a p good approximation for him to use. mb glances back down to his hands and asks if daves gunna help? and they fkn end up making crafts 2gether and pullign stupid shenanigans and karkat gets construction paper stuck in his hair w elmers glue and daves got a mustache drawn on in washable marker and the kids are all dying laughing and its such a good time jfc. 

karkat goes to pick mayor up from daycare like a week later and hes got crafts hes bringing home and msot of them are his but then theres one karkat notices is a lot more carefully made and it was crafted by dave and as his fkn phone number and karkats just like o. 

the first time dave comes over for dinner, mayor all but climbs him like a tree 2 hug him like dave!!! is here!!! at our house!!!!! which is actually just a tiny apartment but its comfy for the two of them and jesus if dave doesnt slip right in like a perfect fit. they laugh over dinner and mayor clings and pleads and dave ends up staying later for a movie. he and karkat sit together rather close on the couch w mayor sleeping in karkats lap and its so fucking domestic it hurts.

dave starts coming over more and more often and they start functioning like a family unit on the regular. dave and karkat never actually discuss their relationship- or officially enter into one at all- but its all so natural that theres no questioning that theyre absolutely together. attached @ the hip w mayor so gleeful abt it no one could be upset.

o man imagine like two years down the road, dave and mayor up late, plotting and talking all hushed. they live in a house now- a small house, but its home for the three of them. dave and karkat still havent officially started dating but that doesnt change the fact that dave and mayor are up at one in the morning using construction paper and glue to put together the perfect engagement ring box. 

they were supposed to have a fancy home cooked dinner but daves awful at cooking and it ends up burnt so they order in and by then the candles at the table are all just gooey puddles staining the table cloth so they eat in the living room and dave proposes during the commercial break in their movie. karkat cries but dave cries harder and the mayor is signing how happy he is at a million miles an hour. its the first time hes referred to them as his dads but he does it over and over and over between that night and the wedding. 

dave cries @ the alter abt how perf karkat looks and the mayor is his best man whos bouncing on his toes and ends up breaking out of thel ine hes meant to stand in to stand up at the alter and hug his dads legs while theyre saying their vows and he hides his face in karkats leg when they kiss.

by the time mayor is grown up and off to college karkats got a streak of grey and daves got his fair share of wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. hes taken up using prescription glasses bc his eyes are sensitive and break down a bit faster than normal but man if he doesnt tell karkat how beautiful he is every morning, noon and night anyway.

mayor comes home to visit ont he holidays. hes got his own family now w a lovely woman, tall and slender and her skins nearly ivory. shes dutiful to her family and is the bread winner and the mayor, short and stocky beside her, absolutely adores her. karkat assures her he gets that from dave. hes old now, his hairs silver and daves is white and thinning. theyre still gross and kiss inf ront of the grand kids.

they walk along thru the park on sundays an dkarkat gets cold easily so dave always brings his jackets with them so he can drape them around his lil old hubby, all hunched over his walker. he kisses karkats wrinkly cheek and tells him hes beautiful and karkat rasps a lil laugh and calls him a suck up. dave smiles like he always has for karkat and only karkat and they live out their final years so fkn happy together.

CREEK is better than Canon

I don’t really feel that the end of the episode really left me feeling that Craig and Tweek were legit together at the end. But I actually thought It was more beautiful than that. I felt like their friendship is spinning into something different and confusing. And at the end of  the episode they were feeling it out. Experimenting with something that was kinda scaring and strange but in the end was worth trying. 

Matt and Trey gave us the gift of an episode with lots of laughs and generous dosing of drama. This season is so wonderful and I can’t wait for the coming episodes. 

Also.. seeing all the kids thinking critically about sexuality makes me so happy. Seriously it’s so beautiful. I’m legit gunna sob.

I’m prolly going to gush about this more in detail at a later point.

In Sickness and In Health (Part 2 of 3, Miraculous Ladybug)

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Part 2 of 3. I’m in too deep. 

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Marinette Dupain-Cheng x Chat Noir, Marinette x Adrien
Rating: K+, low Teen
Words: 7590
Read on AO3

Adrien understands what Nino meant when he asked for a ‘quick and painless death’. This particular strain of cold was particularly nasty, and Adrien wonders why he ever took breathing for granted. He’s bad enough that morning that when Nathalie comes in to see why he hasn’t already come down for breakfast, she practically leaps back into the hallway and lets him know she’ll notify the school. While he hadn’t necessarily been expecting tenderness from his father’s overworked personal assistant, Adrien had suddenly felt a little smaller, a little more isolated in the massive Agreste estate.

It’s been years since he was sick. The last time he could remember being bedridden from a cold, his mother had tucked the blankets up to his chin and brought him tea every hour, on the hour. Nathalie was locked away in his father’s office, arranging travel plans for the trip his father would be taking as soon as he got back from Italy, and Nino had texted him some nonsense that morning that had left no question in Adrien’s mind that he was still stuck at home and strongly under the influence of severe cough medicine. His father’s staff, while polite, weren’t hired to provide riveting company.

Nino hadn’t mentioned that being sick could be so boring. Adrien spends part of the morning attempting to text Nino, but after his ridiculous response, had given it up and started texting Alya. Unfortunately, she was back in class that day, so their conversation was limited to a who was out sick - a list that included Marinette.

Adrien had the whole text to Alya written out: Hey, if Marinette’s out sick too, think I could have her number? She’s probably trapped in her room and as boooooored as I am.

He deletes it. There’s no way Alya doesn’t know about her best friend’s crush on him, and he doesn’t have the energy to start a riot today. Besides, Adrien just wants to get to know her a little better… not scare her off.

So it’s boring, and awful, and Adrien drags himself out of bed only once when Plagg refuses to bring him his laptop. Plagg had complained of being too small, too weak, but Adrien had seen the magical prick hoist a five pound wheel of gouda over his head once before (the image of Plagg, stretched out in the shape of a wheel of cheese consumed in one gulp would haunt his nightmares for months to come.). He checks the Ladyblog, knowing there’s not been much activity, but doesn’t linger in the Ladybug photo gallery the way he normally does.

A few hours pass: Adrien plays a game on his computer, coughs until it’s painful, and sleeps fitfully. When he does sleep, he dreams he’s running through the hallways of the school, Marinette’s hand in his, as they dodge blasts from a notably ferocious red and black spotted akuma.

It’s the worst day Adrien’s had in years.

Around noon, Nino comes out of his stupor and Adrien’s fever has broken. A solid half hour is spent via text bemoaning their sickness and all of the work they’ll have to make up when they get back to school.

yeah dude, sorry i cant come over and hang Nino taps out, mom stayed home today and is watching me like a hawk

Adrien wonders what that is like - technically, there’s no one keeping him home.

like im gunna get more sick, mdr

Nino’s next message comes before Adrien finishes his response.

good news is u got the second best thing coming ur way

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Forever & Always *Jack Gilinsky Imagine*

Requested by Anon

“Oh my god!” You said looking out the window of your New York hotel room.

“I told you not to go by the window” you heard from behind you, and then an arm wrapped around you and went across your shoulders and pulled you to them.

It was your boyfriend; Jack.

“I know but I thought maybe you were exaggerating…” “Clearly not” then suddenly you were closer to the window and you began to panic “No Jack!” “Okay I’m sorry I was just messing with you” “I-I…”

You had a huge fear of heights and your room was on the 15th floor.

“No no no don’t cry I’m sorry I didn’t mean to freak you out like that” he said turning you around so you were looking at him “Hey you know you’re always safe with me” “I know” he hugged you.

“This was not suppose to start like this” “How was it suppose to go?” “You were supposed to be so infatuated with this room that you confessed your everlasting love for me” you laughed “But I’ve already done that” “I know” he kissed you “You love me?” “No” “Y/N” “I’m kidding, my love for you is everlasting” “I’m glad”

“How did you afford this?” “Remember our deal you don’t ask questions just let daddy take care of you” “You’re so weird” “Be nice to daddy” you ignored that and sat on the bed.


“So what are the plans for today babe?” “Today we are free to do what we want to when it gets darker we’ll go explore some shit” you laughed “Sounds fun but what do we do till then?” “Each other” “Ew” “So then what do you wanna do?” “I don’t know” “We could look at the great view out the window” you threw a pillow at him “Ow” “Good” he threw it back but missed “ha” “Jokes on you cause I missed on purpose” “Okay we’ll go with your story if that makes you feel like a man” “That’s rude but you out of all people should know I’m all man” you just laughed.

Hours later


You were in the bathroom doing your hair when you felt like you were being watched so you looked up through the mirror and saw your boyfriend leaning against the door frame “You know it’s not nice to stare” “I can’t help it you’re so cute” “You’re so weird”


“Are you almost done?” You walked past him “Yes”

Before putting your jacket on you were checking yourself one more time in the mirror, messing with your hair and making weird faces when you heard Jack laugh. You turned away from the mirror “Jack, Stop!” You covered your face because he was videotaping you

“But that was so cute” “Don’t post that anywhere!” “It was strictly for just me for when we do have to be separated and I’m missing the fuck out of you” he told you while removing your hands from your face “I hate you” “I’m not gonna show anyone else” “You live to torture me don’t you?” “Of course not”

An hour later you guys were at some fancy restaurant which you thought was way too much.


“You are insane, this place-” you began but then Jack cut you off “Y/N shhh you talk too much” you faked being hurt “Okay rude” “Its love babe I swear” “You know if you just wanted sex you didn’t have to do this” “Can’t I do nice things for you and not want something in return?” you shrugged “You could…but it’s not like you” “I’m offended”


You had been doing something on your phone then you looked up “Stop staring at me it’s creepy” “I just can’t help myself you’re so beautiful baby” “I feel like you want something” “Why?” “Because…you’re being really nice today” “Am I not nice any other day” “You are but a different kind of nice” “Y/N I love you but you’re so weird” you laughed “Yup there it is your back” “You love me no?” “If I didn’t, would I be here?” “Probably not” “Okay then” “Don’t get sassy with me…although it was kind of sexy” you shook your head “Whatever”


“Okay Y/N listen I have an idea” “This should be good” “Just listen…so we’re each gonna ask each other one question and we have to answer completely honest” “What is this a first date?” “Just go with it, okay you first” “Chill I need to think of something first” “Remember we don’t have all day” “Okay jackass”


You had to think of something first so whatever popped in your head first you said out loud “Um okay…If I told you I was pregnant what would you do?” “Run”

Well you certainly didn’t know how to reply to that but you were so glad you were not pregnant.


“Good to know” you said carefully “I was kidding, honestly it would be whatever you wanted your body” “But you would have to be happy too” “Y/N anything that involves you makes me happy” you laughed “Well aren’t you sweet” “That’s me, sweetest person in your life” “Oh my god” “But seriously I think we’d be able to do it if you were…but you aren’t right?” “No don’t worry…now it’s your turn”


He pretended to think of something but he had a question this whole time


“Well…hmmm okay what would you say…if I…asked you to marry me?” you laughed but then quickly stopped when he placed something on the table


“Holy shit you’re serious?” you looked at him and he nodded “Yes, I’ve never been so serious in my life, I love you and Y/N these last 4 years have been some of the best years of my life and everything that’s changed in the last 2 you’ve stayed with me and it means so much to me and everything that I do, I do for you so I can give you everything and anything you want because that’s what you deserve…so are you gonna answer my question or not?”

After you finally snapped out of your shock you said “If you did ask I’d probably say yes”


“Well in that case…Y/N Y/L/N will you marry me?” you let out a nervous laugh before nodded and then allowing him to put the ring on your finger.


“You like it?” he asked you “I Love it, it’s perfect” “Perfect ring for my perfect girl” you smiled “I love you” “Love you too, I’d kiss you but we’re gonna save that for later” “I wouldn’t expect anything else”

Confirmed *Nate Maloley Imagine*

Requested by teenageashfletcher

Enjoy! (All Feedback is appreciated)

“Come on y/n get up” you groaned “No go away” “If we miss our flight I’ll kill you” “Go without me” “I’m not leaving you” he kissed your cheek “Please get the fuck up?”


You sighed “Okay okay I’m up” you sat up and reached over for your phone seeing that it was 5 in the morning.


“Come on you know I’m not leaving you again” “You know they’ll be fans at the airport and we haven’t told anyone yet” you’ve only been more than just friends for 3 months and the only ones that know are your friends, you didn’t wanna confirm anything because you know what it’s like to be a fan girl and you didn’t wanna break any hearts and you already got enough hate you weren’t in the mood for more.


“I know you don’t want to make them hurt or anything but they are gonna find out eventually babe” “I know, I know” “Don’t worry about them now let’s just worry about getting on our flight on time” it’s true you guys had a history of missing your flight.

An hour later you sat in the airport; the one time you get there on time you find out your flight was delayed.


“It’s too early for this Sam screw off” Sam loved to annoy you and now his way to do that right now was to snap chat videos and pictures of you. “It’s never too early” you rolled your eyes at his response and looked away.


Luckily there wasn’t anyone around like fans or anything it was too early in the morning you were thankful for that. You guys were going to LA so that Nate and Sam could film a music video with Jack and Jack. Regardless of whether you were dating Nate or not you probably would have went anyway.


“Y/n” you looked up “Jesus Christ Sam stop it” you hid your face in your boyfriends shoulder and said “Control your bitch Nate” “You guys are so immature” he laughed at you and you slapped him in the chest “You’re so mean” “because I love you beautiful” he kissed your cheek.


“Aww how cute” you had forgotten Sam was still there “You need a girlfriend or something because you’re so annoying” Sam ignored your comment and looked at Nate “Man I think she loves me” you laughed “in your dreams little boy” “Oh my god I feel like a parent when I’m with you two both of you shut up” Nate told you both “Okay he started it” you argued “Babe shut up” “Why are you so mean to me?” You pouted “Stop doing that before I take you into the bathroom” he whispered in your ear and you blushed “Oh my god babe! You’re such a perv” “I should start making you call me daddy” “Ew”

Hours later you were in LAX waiting for a ride to your hotel.


There were fans here so you stood to the side and let them talk and take pictures with Sammy and Nate.


A few even wanted a picture with you which you agreed too. They were so cool like they weren’t your fans the only thing you were known for was being friends with the “Omaha Squad” technically they didn’t have to like you.

And you know what it’s like to be a fan girl you don’t wanna hurt them because some of them are truly in love with Nate and you had no ill feels about it you understood completely.


“Y/n!” You heard and snapped out of your day dream. You looked at the girl in front of you and smiled “Hey” “Can I get a picture with you?” You nodded “Of course” you took the picture with her and she stayed and talked to you for awhile before someone came up to you “You and Skate are dating?!”


The girl shoved her phone in your face and you saw a screenshot of one of Sammy’s snapchats. Nate had his arm around you and was kissing your cheek. Well that caught you off guard and you knew you couldn’t deny it or get out of it


 “Yes we are” “I knew it” you laughed but then felt bad that she looked upset “Hey don’t worry he’s still your boyfriend too” she smiled “Can I get a picture?” “Of course”


On the way to the hotel you had yelled at Sammy for his snap story. Nate told you to chill because you couldn’t hide your relationship forever and then you both tweeted the confirmation of your relationship.


@skatemaloley: as you suspected @y/t/n is my girl. Please treat her no different than before you knew about us 😁🙏


@Y/T/N: you guys are a huge part of his life I respect that, he’s our boyfriend I share don’t worry & I promise to treat him good 😍😘

An hour later you were finally in your hotel room


Your Twitter notifications were going insane. You hadn’t checked them because you didn’t feel like seeing the hate and you felt bad about the Nate girls out there.


You were laying on the bed staring into space when you felt it move beside you. “Are you still thinking about the fact that people know about us?” Nate asked you “Yes I feel bad!” “It’s okay they’ll be fine” “You don’t understand when I found out my celeb crush was in a relationship I stayed home from school for two days” you confessed,


“Seriously?” He laughed “Shut up” he kissed you “You don’t need a fake crush no more you got me and I’ll never make you cry” “I know baby” “Don’t worry about hate that isn’t gunna come between us; I love you” “I love you too”


Both you and Nate now felt like there was s huge weight lifted from your shoulders. You knew your relationship was strong and you would just have to take it day by day. 

Secrets Pt. 2 *Jack Gilinsky& Sammy Wilkinson Imagine*


You were sitting in English class when your phone vibrated in your bag.

 Luckily you sat in the back and wouldn’t get caught so you took it out and looked at the message which was from your boyfriend of 2 weeks Jack.

When r u gonna tell him?”

You rolled your eyes at the message before quickly typing back.


“When I’m ready”

“It’s been 2 weeks when will u be ready?”


“When I am, fuck off”




“So now you’re mad? Chill it’s not like I’m cheating”

“I’m tired of sneaking around & pretending”

“Me too but just give me time” 

You still haven’t told Sam about you and Jack being together and it bothers Jack but you really don’t wanna hurt him.

All your friends had graduated the year before so you were the only one still in high school and you were glad in a way that way you didn’t have to see Sam and keep your relationship a secret.

Eventually your class had ended and you were finally able to go home but much to your surprise when you walked out of school someone was waiting for you.

You sighed “Jack, what are you doing here?” “Well this is the only place we won’t get caught” “You’re acting like a big baby” “I don’t understand why you won’t just tell him” “Because unlike you I actually care about my friends and their feelings” “I care Y/N I just don’t think it’s fair that we have to sneak around” “Yeah I’ve noticed, but you do a pretty good job of hiding it”

You were referring to last week when you guys were at a party and Sam was there so you and Jack couldn’t be too obvious about your relationship so Jack decided to “Talk” to some girl that was there and of course you couldn’t say anything so you brought it up after everyone was gone and you were pretty pissed off.

“Are you kidding me? You’re still on that?” “Yes” “I said I was sorry” “Whatever are you gonna take me home or am I walking?” “Well I didn’t come here for myself” you rolled your eyes

An hour later you both walked into Jack J’s basement and much to your surprise Sam was there.

“You did this on purpose didn’t you?” You said to your boyfriend before you got close enough so that any else could here you

“Maybe” he admitted but shrugged like it was nothing and walked away from you


You knew Jack was right about just telling Sammy but you hated hurting anyone’s feelings and risking a friendship that means a lot to you


“Y/N! Come here” Sammy yelled at you


You could feel the guilt as soon as Sammy said your name so you decided not to drag this out any longer


“Actually Sam, why don’t you come with me instead?”


“Ugh Y/N that’s so far” he complained


You sighed “I wasn’t asking you, I was telling you lets go”


“Daddy likes it when you get all bossy” “Ew”


He got closer and when he did he slapped your ass something you were so use to by now


“Dude fuck off”


You groaned “Shut up Jack”  


Jack shook his head “No, Y/N no secrets anymore Sam Y/N and I are dating we’ve been for the last 2 weeks okay? There it’s out”

Before you could say anything to Sam he was gone.

“What the hell did you do that for?” “He touched you!” Jack yelled back at you “It’s not like he hasn’t done it before he didn’t know yet”

You didn’t even wait for Jack to say anything you just ran after Sam




“So it’s true?” He asked you


“Yeah, I was gunna tell you but…”


“But?” “I didn’t wanna hurt you” “Too late” “I’m sorry I didn’t want you to find out this way” “Whatever” “No not whatever, I know how you feel and I’m sorry that I don’t feel the same way” “it’s not your fault” “I do love you though” “I know I know” “So we’re good?” “Yeah, if you’re happy then I’ll get over it”


You smiled and hugged him


“You’re the best” He let go of you “I know, but I’m gunna go I’m not really in the hanging out mood anymore so I’ll talk to you later I guess”



You completely understood that he would need sometime before things could go back to normal and right now you weren’t done yelling at Jack.

You went back inside


“He left?” Johnson asked you




“So…you two…?” He was so confused


“I don’t know anymore” you shrugged


“What do you mean you don’t know?” Jack panicked


“What you did was so unnecessary!” you yelled back at him and Johnson took that as he queue to leave


“Okay, so I’ll leave you two alone in my own house to work out whatever this is”


Then he went upstairs


“You’re overreacting”


“Don’t talk to me”


Honestly you weren’t even mad you just like pissing him off it was hot as fuck




“Maybe I should call Sam back” You teased


“Yeah over my dead body” He took your phone “Yeah I thought so” he told you when he saw the black screen


“You’re so sexy when you’re mad” You told him “So you did this on purpose?” “Yeah pretty much” “You’re such a tease Y/N” “Guess I am” you shrugged


“Want your phone back?” “Um yes” “Work for it” “You’re kidding?” “Nope”


You sighed and then kissed him because well that was the only thing you could think of especially since you were in someone else s house

You pulled away but then he said “More” “More?” “Yes”


You kissed him again but much longer this time


“Better?” You asked hopefully because you knew if you kissed him again you wouldn’t stop




You got creative and lifted your shirt and showed him your bra


“Oh damn, yeah that works” He said shocked at what you just did


You pulled your shirt down “Good”


“I am gunna handle you later though” he gave your phone back


“Please do” You winked and before he could say anything Johnson was back


“Is it safe?”


You laughed “Yes”


“Good now this isn’t gunna be weird is it?” “Only weird if you make it weird”


“Whatever sit lets chill I’m bored”


So that’s what you did, you felt so much better that everything was now out and no more secrets.


You still felt bad about Sam but you were happy and right now that’s all that matter even if that was selfish you didn’t care.

For once you were worrying about yourself and what you wanted.