gunna make more of these later

Among all the other “art” on this blog, I’ve been doing these dragon comics off and on for several months now. Mainly cos they’re fun to draw, and I’m a D&D/fantasy monster tragic with my head still in the 20th Century. I figured you guys would get sick of the slack wyrm sooner or later, but he still seems pretty resilient. That’s why now I’ve decided to put him to the test. I’m gunna do 2 comics a week for August. I want to see if I can make him a regular thing, or if you guys get sick of him and teach me a harsh lesson. If he’s more popular at the end of the month than the start, I’ll start doing him as a proper, regular comic. Anyhow, let’s see what happens!

3/11/17 bench day

120x5x6 RPE 9

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how jacked I look just reaching back for the bar lmao JACKED ASF. I totally forgot about daylight savings and I was freaking out about how it’s so late already because bench day usually only takes me an hour. Assisted dips are getting better. I’m slowly making my way to unassisted. Side laterals 12x13x14 wasn’t too bad. Shoulders are a fave muscle group and I really like working on them. Once I cut down a bit more, my delts are gunna be gr8. Throughout this bulk, my shoulders maintained their prominence so I’m looking forward to ~summer body~ after this cut. My macros were spot on today and I’m looking forward to the pint of halo top in my freezer tomorrow.

I pin squat 315!!!! The pins were set pretty high, but still holy shit I’ve never had anything remotely close to 300 on my shoulders. My friend had pin squats in his training today and he unracked so I could adjust the rack to my height bc I wanted to try.

CREEK is better than Canon

I don’t really feel that the end of the episode really left me feeling that Craig and Tweek were legit together at the end. But I actually thought It was more beautiful than that. I felt like their friendship is spinning into something different and confusing. And at the end of  the episode they were feeling it out. Experimenting with something that was kinda scaring and strange but in the end was worth trying. 

Matt and Trey gave us the gift of an episode with lots of laughs and generous dosing of drama. This season is so wonderful and I can’t wait for the coming episodes. 

Also.. seeing all the kids thinking critically about sexuality makes me so happy. Seriously it’s so beautiful. I’m legit gunna sob.

I’m prolly going to gush about this more in detail at a later point.