gunna make it

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Are you planning on playing the whole trilogy before mea? Because at this rate I dont think youre gunna make it tbh. Who are you romancing?

how dare you 

but yeah, I’m probably not going to make it. still going to try though 

I’m redoing my John playthrough, he’s my main Shepard, so Liara in ME1 and Miranda in ME2 and ME3 :)

Shit my Mom says: Shadowhunters 2.08
  • Mom: He's so handsome.
  • Mom: I bet the magic would be stronger if he had his shirt off.
  • Mom: Why does he wear clothes?
  • Mom: He has a really nice voice.
  • Mom: I really enjoyed that episode; I can't wait for the next one.

Okay so this is just me trying to see who agrees with me like a poll of sorts.

Like if you think Newt Scamander is autistic and/or has aspergers.

Like and REBLOG if you think he’s the above and he’s asexual or anywhere on the spectrum :D

i’m gunna make a new zodiac. right the fuck here. watch

winter: The Knives

  • november: The Butter Knife

kind, sometimes deceivingly so, as they have a wide variety of uses. have a habit of sometimes being too blunt

  • december- The Kitchen Knife

very skilled, precise, and sharp-witted. can wind up hurting others in their intense focus on their task

  • january- The Literal Sword

competitive and fierce yet imaginative and theatric, they’re good at what they do and bad at what they don’t. not fucking around

spring: The Beverages

  • february- The Milk

very unique and have a love of trying new things and going new places. capable of being very nurturing when necessary. some love the eccentrics born under this sign, while some do not have the tolerance

  • march: The Soda

popular, energetic, no party is complete without them. can sometimes be harsh and excited, too much so for some people

  • april- The Apple Juice

very likable and admired by many. sweet, charitable, and good with children

summer: The Dishes That Contain Tortilla

  • may- The Burrito

chill, relaxed, comfortable in almost any space or situation. friendly, full of ridiculous ideas. have a habit of biting off more than they can chew

  • june- The Taco

the kind of person everybody knows and likes. sociable, good spirited, spices up any occasion, but kind of a huge mess 

  • july- The Tortilla Chips

modest, somewhat low self-esteem, but always convenient and there for you. tendency to be very salty when in a bad mood

autumn: The Cups

  • august- The Wine Glass

beautiful, elegant, and knows it. can be very sensitive and easily upset. held in high esteem by peers

  • september: The Chalice

charismatic, charming, can sometimes be socially intimidating by how cool of a person they seem. actually very socially anxious, a nerd

  • october- The Sippy Cup

tough, durable, resilient. able to keep their cool in rough situations. very childish at times

there did it done i expect daily horoscope blogs by tomorrow and ppl tagging this with their sign thnx xoxoxo

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