gunman in the street

If you get the chance, watch the rotoscope cartoon Tower from 2016.

It’s super intense and really gives you a sense of what it’d be like to be in a situation where a gunman starts shooting at random people in the streets.

I usually sit with my phone while watching movies, occasionally turning it on during boring parts. Halfway through this movie I had completely forgotten I ever owned a phone. It really grabs you. I kept having to wipe away tears, both because of the horrible stuff (no gore) but also because people did so much to help each other.

And it does what everybody always say we should do with mass shooters; it doesn’t glorify him. It doesn’t even show his face. It’s all about the people he harmed.

It really stays with you but not in a bad way, so I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Masks by TallFlower (Overwatch) [Archive of Our Own]

DAY 2 of McHanzo Week — Canon Divergence || AU. Two vigilantes watch over the city of London. One, a mysterious gunman who stalks the streets. The other a silent cybernised-archer who takes to the rooftops. Together they keep the city safe. However one pitiful robber in King’s Row brings the two heroes together…

The robber raced up the fire escape, bursting onto the snowy rooftop in a huff. Sweat dotted his brow, his eyes wildly searching the grey skyline as he panted. With each breath, a billow of white cloud would rise into the cold night air. His fingers were practically the colour of bone with how tightly he gripped to the light blue bag in his hands. He looked back down the staircase he had just flown up seconds before.

Nothing chased up the stairs after him.

After a few beats he let out a long sigh of relief – believing himself to be safe. For now, at the least.

With a smile spreading across his face, he turned his back on the staircase and walked towards the ledge-wall. Quickly brushing away the freshly fallen snow off of the cement, he propped the bag against it and began undoing the clasp at the front. Instantly, he began combing through the contents, spilling notebooks and papers and makeup and a small toy bear by his feet.

If he had bothered to look up at the face of the building in front of him he would have noticed a mysterious archer glaring down at him.

From his perch on the windowsill, Hanzo had watched him race down the streets far below him, following the trail of footprints he made as he did. The thief didn’t stop – not even as he pushed people onto their knees and made them cry out with shock as they hit the ground. One elder in particular hit the ground with a sickening crash, having landed squarely on the wrapped box he was carrying in his hands. It was flattened entirely by his weight.

Hanzo did nothing as he saw the robber run down an alleyway and pull down the rusty fire escape, taking each step two at a time.

Hanzo zoomed in for a facial reconstruction to see if he already was on record. He read the man’s pale, daunt face. Not a single hair on his chin. Probably not any on his head either judging by the black beanie. A name flashed up after a few seconds; D A M I O N   W R I G H T.

He read over some of his details – he was unemployed, early thirties, lived in South London, Greenwhich. No major offences.

His eyes jumped back to the bag. It appeared to be a young girl’s, judging from the Pax Lodge badges that decorated one of its straps.

How pathetic , Hanzo couldn’t help but think to himself as he began to rise off of his haunches.

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Yesterday we had a lockdown in school because (if you didn’t already see the news) there was a gunman at the court house, which is across the street. Everyone ended up being okay…

But the lockdown lasted 5 hours and I was stuck in visual design which was THE SINGLE MOST HELLA DAY EVER. We watched The Incredibles and Inception, looked up the whitest family photos, played pictionary, used the photo op spot, drew with the tablets, and listened to lady gaga. Not to mention, these are some cool kids. Just look at them.

So wow A+ lockdown

Terrible news to wake up to this morning, the hopes of a peaceful resolution to the Sydney siege has ended with 2 hostages and the gunman dead. It’s terrifying seeing the footage of the moment police entered the cafe after shots were fired. I don’t know how that gunman was able to continue walking the streets considering his past criminal records. Just awful.