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Can you please explain who is gunhee actually? Its been a while since ive been in the kpop fandom and i see this guy everywhere with heechul??? Is he heechul's bf?

hi anon! i think i might have seen this late oops sorry, didn’t get the little notification for some reason

so basically what we know about gunhee is that he and heechul went to middle school together at a vocational school in wonju. gunhee studied construction and heechul studied to be an electrician. they said they didn’t really know each other well and i don’t think they even have any photos together, but when they say they’re “best friends of 18/20/whatever number years” that’s what they’re referring to.

fast forward to summer 2011, right before heechul enlisted in the military he was on a show called secret. hyuna was on the show too and she was one of gunhee’s clients at the time so he was there styling her. gunhee and heechul recognized each other instantly and started hanging out afterward. this is also when gunhee started styling heechul’s hair. heechul’s twitter post from then is here, the rest of the above info comes from when they were on sstp

while heechul was in the military they seem to have spent a fair amount of time together, you can look through gunhee’s old tweets and heechul’s old weibo posts, they would go to movies and manga cafes and in the summer of 2012 they went to busan together which was when people started to notice their closeness (especially bc gunhee posted a photo of them with couple bracelets). and then when heechul got out of the military he made an instagram and started posting tons of pictures of them together, tagging them #gunheechul (which he made up, as far as i know fans had originally been using 2hee as their ship name), including the very suggestive one of them in bed together. and things have gone on from there. also of note is them kissing on we got married, and the somewhat infamous california trip after the supreme court legalized marriage equality where a bunch of people thought they were getting married (they weren’t, but they did post a photo of them in bed making little hearts with their toes, so)

officially gunhee is heechul’s hairstylist. unofficially…there are enough receipts out there to very much justify thinking that they’re dating (on which, see my gunheechul tag) and that’s my personal opinion, but they haven’t made any clear public statements about that. you might see people talking about them “breaking up” after gunhee responded to a comment badgering him about their relationship with “i have a girlfriend” about a year ago, but as his translator i stalk him pay attention to his sns pretty closely and haven’t seen any further evidence of this. hell i’m pretty sure that in the last year he hasn’t posted a photo of himself with any woman who isn’t his coworker, his client, his family, or married to someone else…though my memory could be faulty on that. in any case gunhee lives in singapore currently so he’s not spending as much time with heechul as he used to but their overall dynamic hasn’t changed.

whatever their relationship, gunhee is clearly a very important person in heechul’s life. heechul himself has said that gunhee is the reason he’s been doing so much better emotionally these days and i think we’ve all noticed the change pre vs post-military. so whether they’re dating in real life or just in my gay ass brain, gunhee is a person we should love and appreciate ^^

Updated produce 101 personal top

well… some of my babies just got eliminated and i changed my mind due to the members that got in the top, the ones that just don’t leave, the ones that are there and i didn’t included cause even though they seem like something permanent i don’t find theyre a good idea, the ones i included just because they are a good idea even though i don’t follow them and i’m including the  three ones i LOVE just because i’d like to see them succed even though they’re the last ones by now.

1. Jang Moonbok (forever, and i hope he stays till the end, it’s difficult now, but anything can happen, if he leaves the final group wont have any sense to me tbh, i love this boy that much already.)

2. Park Woodam (cause VOCALS and because i love him)

3. Lee Gunhee (cause he’s a sweetheart with a cute voice, the last one of the RBW crew, which i loved so much.)

4. Kim Samuel (why did he went too low? he’s biracial, an all arounder, already known and he learns fast)

5. Kim Jonghyun (to be honest it’s not a personal choice, the idea of having someone who’s already part of a 5 year old group is not appealing to me at all, and i feel quite uncomfortable with the fact that the whole group is in the top except for Minki and Aron because this last one didn’t entered to the show to begin with, but since JONGHYUN is the number 1 now, if i can see the bright side on that, seems like his leadership is gold and the boys can rely on him, i like him but… eh… NU’EST, that’s why.)

6. Ong Seungwoo (one of my picks, he’s the five stars guy who’s cute for everyone and i don’t need to worry about him, he’s already in)

7. Lee Daewhi (the group needs this center and all arounder so much, trust me.)

8. Jaewhan/Sewoon (vocals are always welcome for me. but it’s either one or the another tho.)

9. Kang Daniel (we share almost the same name for a vocal, that’s like… somehow one of my reasons idkwhy, seems like he’s not going anywhere tho, so it’s good if he stays)

10. Noh Taehyun (dance skills are on point, he has to play part on the group now that my pokemon trainer Hwanung baby got eliminated)

11. Park Jihoon (at this point it seems like he’s not leaving ever even though my interest on him went away… he’s staying and that’s like… ok, he can be the visual, cause besides good but still average dancing skills and average singing… he just have visuals and he’s being hyped only for that, i thought the show would show his development or his struggles but he’s just being shown when he’s being praised because he’s cute and because he’s popular and he was the numer 1 for like three or four weeks )


Gunhee’s Instagram Update 14.03.17


Trans: bad hand


Gunhee’s Instagram Update 15.02.02

희철형님 아이폰128기가 감사합니다. 무릎꿇고 인증샷을 올려야 주신다길래 이렇게 올려요 감사해요 형님#아오

Trans: Heechul hyung-nim thank you for the 128GB Iphone . Proof that I’m on my knees, rising/putting up (my hands) to get the present. Rising/putting up (my hands) like this , I thank you hyung-nim. #AOh

*hyung-him = shows respect to the older brother

Kimheenim: In the middle of all this, my “hand” -nim looks pretty.


kimheenim: I want to thank Lee Donghae and Lee Hyukjae who sang a congratulatory song at my noona’s wedding. And I want to thank Park Jungsoo and Kim Youngwoon as well for hosting so well. Members who were with us.. It is truly such a happy thing to have these friends even before they became my members. Kim Heejin. I called the expensive and busy kids for you so you have to really really live well with my brother-in-law. I believe you #SuperJunior #leeteuk #kangin #eunhyuk #donghae #gunhee#oppaoppa
gunheenim: Hosts : kangin,teuk congratulatory song : D&E cameo : kim heechul. There is no need for congratulatory songs to definitely be a ballad? ㅋㅋ#oppaoppae
eunhyukee44:  the picture quality is like that because I took it from far away and zoomed in..such a modest looking heechul-hyungcongratulations to heejin-noona on your marriage!! Live happily for a long long time~ i wanted to make noona cry with the congratulatory song but it didnt work out well…Anyway congratulations!! #itsinyoungnoonanexttohim #andourdadandmom

cr: teukables


150121 Gunhee IG Update with Sexy Heechul

Ahaha…😂😂😂😂 Oh..My..Gosh… 😱😱 Hee…@kimheenim you are looking Super Sexyyy… 😆😆 Ahaha… 😅😅 I’m so thankful to Gunhee for this sexy video of Hee *bow to Gunhee* lol

#HEECHUL #HEENIM #KimHeechul #KimHeenim #GunHeechul

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