It’s all in the inflection!

what your Guilty Gear Xrd main says about you
  • Sol Badguy: You greatly enjoy pressing buttons, making stupid decisions, and laughing a lot. Your meter exists entirely to YRC Gunflame and Fafnir. Grand Viper always works sometimes. Everybody thinks you're stupid, but comedy takes a lot of thought.
  • Ky Kiske: Stale bread, water without any ice, the newest season of The Simpsons, aaaand dirt.
  • Millia Rage: "what are you talking about, you can totally react to TK Bad Moon, and Cammy in AE2012 was a deep, nuanced character that had a dynamic game plan"
  • Zato-1: You can rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time. You will use this ability to cause pain and suffering.
  • May: Everybody hates your beach balls. You don't care.
  • Faust: People think that you're a slave to RNG but then you mash far slash and they realize it doesn't matter how many useless donuts you threw.
  • Venom: Your neutral game is impeccable and you have balls of steel. You are a good person who likes to have a fun game.
  • Slayer: Everybody has a good time around you, even the person who just ate a 70% combo because they walked into Pile Bunker.
  • Axl Low: You play online exclusively and have a large hatemail collection. "Welcome to the real world!"
  • Chipp Zanuff: You have amazing execution, a very creative practical imagination, and every volume of Naruto.
  • Potemkin: The People's Champ. Your performance impresses everybody, even when you get double perfected. Playing Potemkin is a great way to make friends.
  • I-No: You're all business. You mix up hard, get the win, and go home. You hit with 100% of your aerial command grab resets. When you leave, nobody is sure if you were there at all.
  • Bedman: You do not exist.
  • Ramlethal Valentine: She's your waifu so you stuck to her in 2.0. Godspeed, brave warrior. Have fun having to actually work to get in.
  • Sin Kiske: You live entirely for the look on people's faces when you destroy their entire health bar in five hits after jacking their guard bar up to the ceiling. You laugh. The room laughs. The opponent does not laugh.
  • Elphelt Valentine: You hate it when other people have fun. Please stop mashing cake super.
  • Leo Whitefang: Everybody around you is very impressed that a gorilla can operate an arcade stick without breaking it.

at about the 1:46 mark I just…