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Do you have any headcanon for Keith/Pidge platonic relationship?

Do I?? *cracks knuckles* 

  • Keith is an all or nothing kind of guy. When he was a Garrison cadet he was 1000% committed. After the Blue Lion started calling to him out in the desert, he lost focus at the Garrison, and now he’s 1000% about being a Voltron paladin. Which is why he had such a hard time with Pidge at first. He didn’t get how she could be both committed to Voltron and at the same time need to take a break to find her family. After the Fall of the Castle of Lions, Pidge and Keith have a shouting match in private. He yells, she throws (small) things. They both have a temper and so neither one feels like they have to hold back. In the end they realize they’re both shouting the same thing at each other, and end up laughing at themselves. That was the real start of their friendship. 
  • When Pidge gets anxious, Keith will do stupid things to wind Lance up, just because he knows she’ll smile. 
  • When Keith gets broody or feels socially awkward, Pidge will sit next to him with her laptop. She won’t force him to talk, just sits and lets him know she’s there. He can’t thank her enough, even if he never knows how to show it.
  • As the two arms of Voltron, they spend a lot of time in each other’s head during battle. They get really good with the sword and shield, and eventually that starts to carry over to their downtime. Pidge will toss a bread roll over to Keith at the table and he’ll catch it without looking or talking about it. They have an understanding. 
shiro is drunk and he’s acting weird , pidge is dead laughing

klance playing video games in matt’s room , matt and hunk watching them
*pidge loud laughing from down stairs get louder as she’s walking upstairs  to them* : ahahaha guys guys  *accidently hit the door , fall down to the ground still laughing*  GUYS AHAHA
lance : pidge are you okay ???  *giggling *
pidge : oh my god*  laugh laugh * guys you have to  *cough*  you have to see this , shiro is dru -drunk and and * laugh -cough cough - snore  -laugh louder  *
hunk : OH MY GOD ARE YOU DRUNK TOO ???* laugh*
pidge : no but you have to see this
keith : pidge ! this’s nothing to laugh about shiro will hate you when he wakes up in the morning
pidge : YOU KNOW HOW HE GETS WHEN HE’S DRUNK ?*  says joyfully still ready to laugh more *
keith :…………..pff  *snore and look away *
XD even keith
* pidge break laughing again with keith *
matt : wait wait wait what is he like ,
pidge : *laughing*  his his voice it’s ……….. *trying to catch her breath*  IT’S LIKE A PIRATE AND HE’S TALKING ABOUT ALL THESE SPACE SHIPS IT’S LIKE WATCHING THE TREASURE PLANET
* lance and hunk running downstairs* “ WE NEED TO SEE THIS ”

* later in another day*
 shiro gives orders  
lance : aye aye captain
* pidge falls down to the ground laughing *

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I have a head cannon that Shiro hides his dreams from the other palidans really good but for some reason he can't hide it from Lance. The reason being is he has a big brother alarm clock and he just knows when someone has a nightmare. So, at first it's just Lance coming into Shiro's room and gives him like a feeble reason why he's there and sleep cuddles Shirk, which make Shiro feel better. But after like maybe a month or so there is no more pretending, Lance sleeps in Shiro's room. 1/2

2/2 this makes the other palidans aware of Shiro’s sleeping problems and they slowly just all start sleeping in Shiro’s room too. 

Oh goodness I have so many feels about this!!!! Group paladin sleepovers! No one ever talks about it, but Shiro is always in the middle. He protects them during the day, so at night it’s their turn to keep him safe. 

Lance refuses to sleep on the outside. He gets cold feet, though, so Pidge refuses to sleep next to him. Hunk usually gets stuck between Lance and the wall. He has to push Lance’s bony hips far enough into the cuddlepile so that he can make room. The two of them are used to warmer climates than the Castle, so they huddle together for warmth, making Shiro’s left side nice and toasty. 

Keith kicks. He’s a menace. Pidge sleeps between him and Shiro, and if he kicks her too hard she boots him right out onto the floor. This only wakes him up about half the time. 

Sometimes Shiro still wakes up with nightmares. On those nights the whole lot of them blearily reach out and start patting and touching him. Hunk gives him a head massage, which he secretly loves. Lance sings soft little lullabies that his mom taught him. Keith gets him a glass of water, which they all share before settling down again.

I love the Beach au. Look at them, they look so happy bhvfdjsk Shiro as a barman is hot. I think i like the finished drawing, I have spent like, more than 10 hours hahaha I hope you like it!!

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Alright, that 'tall person, short person, and roller skates' post. I know you said Lance and Pidge, but please consider Coran and Pidge. Consider Coran pulling Pidge around on ancient Altean heelies just so they can cut down on the time it takes to maintain a certain part of the Castle's engine. Imagine Pidge with laptop open in their hands as Coran tugs them along with a rope around their waist.

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THIS IS TOO GOOD TO PASS UP. (And there’s so little about Coran and Pidge.)