Hey, guys!

Pidge, Lance and Keith from Voltron Legendary Defender.
I saw this series thanks to a friend, and I have to say I loved it. I liked the animation, plot and especially its characters.
I’m waiting for the second season, and then, what better way to wait in some fanarts.


anonymous asked:

the paladins' + allura's response to getting rickrolled by their s/o (be it they have saved it on their phone or smth else)

- probably screams and throws the fuckin phone
- he’s so mad but also he’s laughing inside
- he’s gonna get u back for this

- confused a little
- he might actually genuinely start to jam out to the song
- he’s so hard to prank

- deadpans. “Haha, Y/n, very funny”
- he’s already planning revenge
- probably gonna rickroll u while training

- silent for 10 minutes. then walks away
- get ready to die
- probably gonna play never gonna give u up (baseboosted) over the loudspeaker in ur room at 4 am

- “haha I remember this meme. you got me good”
- he’s pleased. like this actually makes him happier wtf
- he might try to prank you back but its unlikely

- “humans have awful taste in music. why are you laughing at me?”
- upon discovering she has no idea what rickrolling is, everyone begins to constantly lance pranks in her path
- coran eventually tells her what’s up, telling her it’s a human joke. she still doesn’t get it

Flower Soulmate AU

Shiro’s feelings bloomed in his chest. He has fallen in love with her, it seems.

But so much was happening. She had dealt with so much already. Her family, the garrison, becoming a paladin. He didn’t want to add more heavy weight.

So he kept it to himself, let the white anemone grow inside of him until they are separated, until he couldn’t hold the petals back anymore, until he bled out in the arms of another.

Too far from Katie Holt’s grasps.