gundemonium recollection

Gundemonium Recollection

Every now and again a game winds up on my steam list wherein I have absolutely no idea how it got there.   Maybe someone gifted it to me, maybe I bought it in some swiss-cake-roll induced coma, or maybe there is secretly a ninja hacking into my account making me buy games with Japanese chicks in skimpy outfits.

Actually, upon reading that last line, it probably was just me on during one of my lonelier nights.

Anyway, I started playing this game last night, and I was simply blown away.  The graphics are big and chunky, which seems like it would be irritating for a game made past 1994, but it really isn’t.  The aesthetic has sort of a Metal Slug vibe, but manages to be a lot prettier.  Tons of explosions glow and burst off the screen, and the visual effects are simply spectacular at some points. 

Upon looking at the screenshot, you might think this game is hard, and it is, but not quite as hard as it looks.  While you are a pretty big target, you don’t take any damage unless the crest on your boobies gets damaged.  Moral of the story: protect the tits…Words to live by, really.  

Actually, mammaries seem to be a rather big part of the aesthetic.  In between levels, you are presented with a rather revealing drawing of an anime chick.  I guess you might argue this is fan service, but think of it this way: this game is hard. You deserve a bit of compensation for your hard work.  

But perhaps the biggest thing to compliment about this game is the music: it’s fantastic.  It’s catchy, well-orchestrated, and will, most definitely be stuck in your head for weeks.  

The one of the only big complaints I might have is that there’s no real video options, which means you are stuck with basically a 320p output.  It’s not really an issue, but if you have a super widescreen monitor like I do, you’ll have to blackbar it on the sides. 

Another issue is that the default keyboard controls suck.  Do what I do: quit being so god damned cheap, and buy yourself a USB game pad.  Quit lying to yourself and saying you play every game better with a keyboard, quit saying that those pads are too expensive (I bought mine for four bucks), and order one off of amazon.  Then configure the controls to your liking. You’re welcome. 

This game is four bucks on Steam, and it is most definitely worth it.  I hear this game has a port to the PSN as well, but I haven’t played that version.  All I can say is that four bucks for a great game and cheap hentai really isn’t a bad deal at all…check it out. 


These games are really underrated.