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Submissions now open for May 21-May 27!!!!!!!

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Side note: all you Smutty Sunday folks make sure you submit for this week!! ANY works, even if it’s a tumblr drabble or a notebook doodle are welcome!

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Where I Belong Chapter 3

Heero was playing the honesty card at this point. “I’m attracted to you. I haven’t felt this way about you before,” he said plainly. “I don’t know why… it isn’t anything against you. It’s just….” why couldn’t he express himself? He could give long tirades about who the enemy was in the midst of heated battles, and yet here was in the calm of his own home with someone he trusted and he couldn’t get the words out.

He didn’t know how else to explain himself aside from action. He abruptly dropped his arms to his sides, stepped onto the foot of the bed and hauled himself up so that he was standing his full height by Trowa’s feet before he walked up the length of the other man’s body. He dropped onto his knees to straddle his waist and grabbed his friend’s naked shoulders and leaned in to close the distance between his and Trowa’s surprised face. He paused just before their lips met. “Let me show you how I feel?” He asked softly, his dark Prussian blue eyes locked onto Trowa’s exposed emerald eye as he waited for permission.

Trowa’s initial reaction was to instantly nod his head in approval, but he hesitated. Was he sure he wanted to open this door with the other man? Was Heero using him to get over Relena or Duo or, Was HE about to use Heero to move past his failed relationship with Quatre (even though he’d told himself he was over that long ago…)? Would this sway his decision about accepting the job at Preventer? Would this be a one night stand or something more?

Screw it. This probably wasn’t a good idea, but Trowa wanted it. Getting lost in Heero’s smoldering blue eyes was easy all of a sudden, and he pushed all his questions aside for now. Strange how you could know someone for nine years, maintain a distant and mostly professional friendship, and then one day be romantically and intensely interested in them.

“If you’re sure you won’t regret this in the morning… then sure. Show me.” Trowa’s voice was clear and confident. The statement sounded almost like a challenge. He knotted his long fingers in the sheets and kept his eyes locked onto the Prussian blue ones mere centimeters away from his own. Trowa’s lips tingled in anticipation and his impatience grew as they awaited contact.

Your move, Heero.

Read the entire chapter here

Looking for RP
  • Hey, just putting a shout out here... If there are any people out there doing a Gundam Wing RP (I know Duo is a much used character but he's the only one I do best with because of personality Yeah....) If anyone needs a Jack of All Trades, Master of Disaster, McGuyvering Champion, Expert of all things that go BOOM....
  • Um... Yeah...
  • Just lemme know, 'k?

Duo flicks a piece of candy up into the air to land into his mouth. “Sure is taking a while to fix up Deathscythe.” He leans back against the wall and sighs. “I don’t blame them. That last battle did a number on him. I should really be more careful or else I’m going to copy Heero and blow up in my suit.” He sighs and slides down the wall into a crouch. “They could have gave me a little more money to eat something. I’m starving and I heard this colony has the best burgers.”

A low growl exits Duo’s mouth and he knocks his head back against the wall. “This stinks. No money and could be waiting for days, even months until Deathscythe is ready. If that’s the case, I’ll have to get more cash for them…or a job.” He sighs and rubs his face, “Too risky. Man, why can’t I be rich like Quatre?”

 ♔ Treize Khushrenada Leader of OZ and the Earth Sphere Unified Nation ♔

⚔ Independent Treize Khushrenada from Gundam Wing with optional AU ending to have him alive in EW
⚔ 9 years RP experience - 3 on Tumblr
⚔ Somewhat OC Friendly
⚔ Friendly muse, trashy mun
⚔ Triggers tagged if/when asked; always willing to do so
⚔ Overtly florid language
⚔ Overtly florid everything
⚔ Semi-Selective
⚔ Single-Ship, Multi-Fandom, Multi-Verse if they crop up
⚔ Icons cropped (and possibly drawn) by me (unless you want to help me out and make some)

New Character!

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Congratulations, legoku! Your character application has been approved. Please post to GWRP’s inbox when you have your character page completed. Don’t forget to follow the roles on the character roster to stay updated on RP activity, and welcome! We are happy to have you!

And for the rest of GWRP, things are about to get a lot more interesting, as we now have all five pilots. ;] 

Please welcome Trowa Barton.


well we wouldn't want that, would we now XD
  • Rasid Kurama: (first it was Aoi, which would've gotten me into trouble with Heero, now Iria, which could still get me in trouble with Quatre. Poor Rasid. Needs to stop using the pilots as gateways to potential hookups. XDD)
  • harez29: (what else would one use the pilots for? :P)
  • Rasid Kurama: (That is so open ended and I could get myself in a lot of trouble with that one XD)
  • harez29: (LMAO!!)

After evening supper there will be another conference in my office tonight.

Dorothy, you are not to bring anything to compliment beverages in any way. In fact you will be frisked thuroughly this time.

…And yes, I do intend to make sure there will be baubles to distract out secretaries this time. Hopefully.