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I want to start off by saying that I use to be a weaboo myself. I read my first manga at the age of 10 and started to really get into anime around the age of 12. I use to have dreams about being a manga artist (basicaly drawing shitty fanart) and living in Japan and yes I use to use honorifics (-san, -chan, etc), but I only acted this way at home, but not at school because there wasn’t many people who liked anime and I usually kept things to myself (I was a shy and quiet kid). When I was in High school I calmed my tits down (I still love anime and manga to this day, but I’m more mature about it) and made some friends who also liked anime and manga. Things were pretty good!  The story I’m about to tell you is in college. It’s probably not as extreme as some of the other weeaboo stories, but I felt that this is still weeaboo material. I apologize because this story is long.

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Going to be making a second run of T-Shirts for a local Gunpla club, following up the old Monoeye/Motorhead mashup. Working with the same screen printing friend as last time, and she has a better setup now so they should be even better quality than the Monoeye ones.

I always have a few extras left over after the initial print run, would anyone on here like one?