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Hey so I just checked the Candian Forces page about hair and it said this: "Aboriginal members may request to wear long hair or braids while on-duty, but only if there are no safety concerns." I know Lotor isn't Aboriginal and this IS an AU but hey, might give you some ideas or something. (Members are also allowed to wear their hair in Turbans, but I mainly sent this ask as an excuse to pit the idea of Lotor with braids in your head.)

Ohh!! that’s actually really cool! 

anon my man my friend my bro you know me so well… dudes in braids are like… my favorite thing in the whole world. see this guy?

this guy was my crush when i was ten years old. and fueled my love for dudes with long hair I WILL DRAW LOTOR IN A BRAID JUST YOU WAIT 


for about 2 weeks of being offline i’ve been making a bunch of chibi drawings bOI

characters from in order:

Yuu Otosaka (Charlotte)
Tenma Matsukaze (Inazuma Eleven GO)
Taki Tachibana (Kimi No Nawa/Your Name)
Sei Iori (Gundam Build Fighters)

Nao Tomori (Charlotte)
Aoi Sorano (Inazuma Eleven GO)
Mitsuha Miyamizu (Kimi No Nawa/Your Name)
China Kousaka (Gundam Build Fighters)

Miyako Ayumu (my persona/Inazuma Eleven GO OC)
Aine Shimizu (Love Live OC I had to make for a friend)

Might make more!!


What happens if you see fanart of Sondam + kid’s.
          You delve into the pit’s of hell and design kid’s of your own for the ship.