gundam lulz

COPS 0079
  • Cop: Evening Sir, do you realize you were flying 320 in a 260 zone?
  • Pilot: No I did not occifer *hick*
  • Cop: Sir, have you been drinking?
  • Pilot: Whadiya talkin' about! Damn cops always hasseli- I pay your wages *hink*
  • Cop: Sir please step out of the Zaku.
  • Pilot: Fuck you! It sa freeh coloney, You cant mak me do nothin'.
  • Cop: Sir, open the hatch and float towards the front of the mobile suit.
  • Pilot: I gah my rites. Damn earthnoids, comin' hear and takn our burritos!
  • Cop: Sir I won't ask again, get out of the mobile suit and put your hands on the chest plate!
  • Pilot: FINE! *opens hatch* I bet you tak id up de ass *beer bottles cascade out of the cockpit*
  • *Bad Boys by Inner Circle starts playing*