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Gundam Universe Size Comparison

This video contains a lot of surprises, but very few were expected something like the last one, I assure you that.


3D Printed Amuro Ray-Unicorn Emblem

The story:

So yesterday I had just gotten home from work and I was about to start painting the last bits of my Hg Banshee when I was asked by my mom if I would like to go with my brother to sit in at a demonstration of a new 3D printer that this small town near us ha got from a local fundraiser. At first I was reluctant because I wanted to work on my, but ultimately decided it wouldn’t.

Get there and kids were printing pokemon and minecraft creepers. We sat in and got a full explanation of 3D printing, the software behind it, the cost, the availability, as well as the different kinds of plastic. I was hooked on it, and fascinated seeing how it works with my own eyes.

The plastic choices were ABS or a corn based filament type plastic that is completely recyclable and has a unique thread like texture to it, and less of a sheen than the ABS plastic had. The reels of plastic  tubeing that feed into the machine only was 30 bucks. At this local library it, you can get something 3D printed at 1 cent per ounce, be it your own design, or from the design database at thingiverse.comthe guy then asked us if we wanted to print anything. My brother couldn’t decide so I asked him to look up if there were any gundam designs for the hell of it. As my brother was searching gundam on the website, the guy suddenly stops us, asking….PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE GUNDAM FANS?

My brother nods shyly, and let out a …YES…and he was relieved to say the least. It turns out he and his younger brother were also gundam fans and his brother was big into gunpla, and even runs a blog. After that it was straight questions about the types of plastic that could be used, and I inquired if 3D printing could be used specifically for plastic modelling, or specifically, replacing a broken part. He said there is indeed a scanning software which can allow someone to scan a piece, and depending on the type of printer and the complexity of the piece, you can print out a brand new piece!

Then we continued on discussing stuff about Char’s Zaku etc. We were so relieved and he even said it is rare to meet gundam fans ( fans of 0079/UC)  in real life.

The website we browsed at entire model gunpla heads and statues, but time was running out so I picked something simple…Amuro Ray’s Unicorn emblem…In 15 minutes it was finished, and seeing it be made is a whole new experience…and it cost 5 cents…Definitely look into 3D printer technology.

That had been the highlight of my day. The guy said to come by any time if there was any piece we could have made. He started us off with some links to check if we wanted to look further into buying our own printer. Thanks for everything Chris!