ChibiAirin - C3Tokyo Nagoya Convention

Airin sold some goods and had an autograph event at the Hobby Japan booth for the C3Tokyo convention in Nagoya on the 27/28. Airin is a big Gundam fan, and writes in hobby magazines about Gundam plastic models, and this time she was able to sell some shirts with her custom Gundam designs, which came with a short comic she made.

I’ve arrived at the C3Tokyo venue(  ´﹀` )

The Chibi Airin panel is bigger than I had imagined, I’m surprised w

Everyone, please take pictures with the huge Chibi Airin(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

I got some messages from some cute members! Yay

Today there was a SKE stage as well! Yesterday I went to the SKE cafe booth lol

Come and draw on the Hobby Japan booth message corner!

Nacky, Ruka, and Yuki wrote messages on Airin’s wall.

Nacky: (I can’t read it, sorry)

Ruka: Airi-san, long time no see, I’m so happy! I’ll take good care of the picture you drew for me! Let’s meet again <3 SKE48 Team KII Kitano Ruka

Yuki: Airi-san I love you <3 From Yuki

SKE’s talkshow was interesting lol

(  ´﹀` )♪

I got some youth power from these cute girls, and with it I’ll head to my autograph sessions (`・ω・´) the first is at 13:00☆ I’ll be waiting at the Hobby Japan booth!

Here are Airi Gundam design T-shirts, starting from the left:

Noble Gyan, Macaron Acguy, Salaryman GM, Flower Guncannon, Moth Qubeley, Shinsengumi Z’Gok, and Maid Zeong.

They’re on sale at the Hobby Japan booth★

It had been a long time since I had seen God AKA Furukawa Airi-san\( ´꒳`)/

I’m really happy to meet SKE members who have graduated during work.

The Gundam T-shirts Airi-san designed were cute.

Arai Yuki G+

I met my beloved Airi-san♪

I’m so happy(^ ^)♡

Ichino Narumi 755

I met Airi-san♪

She seems to have watched the Mihama special, since she told me that I’ve become an adult (otonaru-chan) lol

Thank you for C3Tokyo! I’m really happy that my goods (gundams on top of that!) were able to reach you during this wonderful event! I’ll continue to work hard to make some goods that you can enjoy!

Here is a sample of an autograph I found on Twitter: