Unit: MSN-00100A Hyaku Shiki Aurelius
Scale: 1/144 scale High Grade Build Fighters
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Wars

The last kit from the current bunch is the Hyaku Shiki Aurelius, Quattro’s endgame suit for Zeta Wars. This is basically just a Mega Shiki with the Delta’s head (extra in the kit) and the backpack from the EZ-Arms set. I can’t take full credit for the latter, since I was inspired by a work from Model Arena. The pegs on the backpack had to me removed and drilled out to accommodate the ball joint/pegs for the binders. The name was suggested to me by kampfer-amazing, who originally went with “Aurelia”, but I felt that sounded too feminine for a guy named Four Vaginas. :P


It’s been a while since I builded this Little friend, The SD Knight Unicorn Gundam. This is my first time with the SD line, so I think I did a pretty decent job, there’s a lot of parts to be painted, especially the V-fins.

I really like the new gold and the texture is gorgeous, that was my biggest success with this kit, but I still have to paint other parts in the future.

Overall this SD is a good purchase if you like the SD line, the Unicorn Gundam or if you love painting your model kits. Also the price is not bad considering all the stuff you will get, 3 modes! superb!


“‘And isn’t it just because of his upbringing that asuccessful businessman knows whether a work of art is good or bad?’ 

Comments like these from Amuro Ray appeared in print and on television for about a year after the end of the One Year War. After that, these kinds of reports completely disappeared.

Amuro’s words may have been those of a Newtype, but they were hard to understand. As a result, journalists gradually lost interest in what Amuro had to say and stopped featuring his comments.

Amuro Ray was then forgotten.”

- from Zeta Gundam novelization, by Yoshiyuki Tomino

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

I Blue-Eyed Casval


in 13 


throughout Japan on Saturday, and it sold 56,397 tickets for 73,726,200 yen (about US$616,000) in two days. That gives the film a per-screen average of 5,671,246 yen (US$47,400), the highest of any film in Japan this weekend. It was #7 in total earnings at the weekend box office.

Heh. Looks like they should’ve screened it in more theaters. I wonder how Daisuki rentals are doing?

If you haven’t seen it yet - $7 for your choice of the English Dub or Subtitles with Japanese Dub: http://www.daisuki.net/anime/detail/MOBILESUITGUNDAMTHEORIGIN