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-Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
-Death Note
-Owari no Seraph
-Parks and Recreation
-Once Upon A Time
-Orange Is the New Black
-Ace Attorney
-Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/Eternal Summer
-Neon Genesis Evangelion
-Mobile Suit Gundam
-Tengen Toppan Gurren Lagann
-Slam Dunk/sports anime in general

come on guys I need other than aesthetics on my dashboard
it’ll be greatly appreciated!!


>>MFW The sexy as fuck Astray Red Frame RG Trailer. 

>>Day one buy.
>>Day One Buy~.




GM Sniper K9 is almost done and here`s acting like a good old GM Sniper. 

All that is left are K9 parts, some of the weapons weapons and additional hands. New kind of problem appeared - I didn`t clean legs properly before repainting and now paint can be scratched away by posing it too crazy. Yep, plastic killing varnish too. Better be careful.

Or just repaint it once again and do it properly this time! 

Stay tuned!

P.S. A little bit of spoilers -  gonna be looking for red metallic spray paint tomorrow…