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I’ve caught Gundam fever again since talking about it with my friend Solomon this week. And I realized I have very little experience drawing robots, and needed to work out those flaccid muscles. SO: Heavyarms! At the request of my friend Ken, who introduced himself to me at a party as Trowa Barton, after I shook his hands and said “Quatre Raberba Winner.” :D

Still the best mecha show ever, imho. mad love for the angst and confusing politics of gundam wing.

My giant robot talks to me

A while back I wrote a post entitled “I need a manual for my giant robot” about jumping into the world of Gundam and what my hopes were for it.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve watched the original Mobile Suit Gundam and that the show exceeded my initial, and rather high, expectations and that I was completely taken in by the story and the characters. The character’s humanity, their relationships and the tensions that grew from the intense situations they were forced into drew me more and more into their world.

One thing I noticed, and liked, is that almost every situation in the show, be it sad, happy, funny or action packed, felt natural and genuine. As natural as an anime about giant robots fighting each other can be at least.

What about the robots Gundam it?!!!

For me(and probably most gundam fans), the show’s main attraction was war, humans, humanity and their struggles against each other as the prevailing theme. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge mecha fan and enjoy the idea of heavily armed giant robots locked in mortal combat immensely. The show has tons of robot battles and they are awesome! But that was a secondary attraction, albeit an important one.

The mobile suit battles were quick, intense and, dare I say, realistic?

It’s probably turned into an old trope by now but I seriously like how the producers made the mobile suits appear as what they really are: weapons created by humans to be used against other humans.

Epic space battles make me happy…or sad

There are several massive military battles that take place throughout the show, with each one marking a shift in the story. These are also intense and action-packed and are well-placed within the show. The final battle was especially big and made for a proper ending to the show.

Mobile Suit Gundam is the tip of the proverbial space iceberg

I know and I’m pumped! Like REALLY pumped. I don’t feel intimidated anymore by the massive Gundam universe. My current plan is to watch every Gundam in chronological release order.

Wish me luck.


Note: I believe episode 10 was when I reached that point where I went “I NEED MOAR!!!“ and started watching the show 10 episodes at a time.

Note 2: If my writing and composition seem awful, I apologize. It’s 1:30am where I live and I’m operating in zombie mode.


I finished my MG Shining Gundam and also did some work on my older HG i built a while back, i love both kits and the Shining Gundam is possibly my favorite Gundam of all! 

This build was a blast, and while its an older MG its still enjoyable, everything fits and the joints are tight and hold poses well. Some of the proportions are odd, however i think it still does the MS justice. 

I painted the yellow parts gold, added some metalic blue over the plan blue parts and sprayed the inner frame a light gunmetal color, i think it really came out nice! followed that up some with panel lining and details/decals and its done! 

Here’s hoping for some revamped G-Gundam Kits in the near future! id love to see an RG version of the Shining! 

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