PG Unicorn Gundam (Part 1 - Accessories)

After approximately 10 days of cutting, shaving plastic, painting and assembling, I’m finally done with my the Perfect Grade Unicorn Gundam. For Part 1 of this review series, I’d like to present the accessories for the mobile suit. The base colour for the bazooka, beam magnum rifle and beam gatling guns were spray painted with Tamiya gunmetal, while selected areas were later, or separately coloured with Tamiya silver-leaf. Custom painting the bazooka muzzle with silver was the most time-consuming and challenging as I had to individually mask 20 of those holes after a coat of gunmetal before painting it silver. 

Despite being a PG kit, the weapons and shields are generally scaled-up versions of the MG kit with not that many individual or elaborate parts, which would otherwise make custom painting a lot easier.