Steyr AUG A3 M1

Civilian model of the Austrian bullpup that’s been adopted by several military forces around the world. The white color scheme is a limited edition production run. There are NATO spec models that will accept the more common AR-15 magazines, which is economical since you don’t have to buy a whole new set of mags. Although it is one of the weirdest looking firearms, it is considered one of the few successful bullpups to enter military service. (GRH)

Vector V53

Pistol version of the V93, which is a U.S clone of the HK 93. It might be an older model or the owner swapped out parts because normally the V53′s have the polymer frame trigger group housing. Muzzle device is also aftermarket and not the standard birdcage style. Mostly impractical as a pistol, majority of the time they are just used as the foundations for SBR builds. (GRH)

In regards to milsurp

Clothing and gear don’t make a good operator: an operator is only as good as their training. Just because you see someone wearing multicam with an all-in-one plate carrier, team wendy low drag helmet, and carrying an AR with an ACOG w/ as many force multipliers as they can fit on their keymod rail; that doesn’t make them operator. They just look like what you would imagine an Operator to look like.
In reality, I have personally seen a middle aged man outshoot the character listed above in a 2-gun match wearing nothing but a t-shirt, blue jeans, and a chicom chest rig. All while shooting an SKS. He beat the “tactical” guy by a little under 2 seconds. Given he was reloading his rifle with stripper clips, against a guy using detachable magazines.

Personally, I advocate being more like the older man using outdated equipment. Train: the best accessory you can buy for your rifle isn’t a new scope, it’s 10,000 rounds of ammunition and a trip to the range every day for the next month to improve your reloading time and accuracy.


“The Triumph of Love”

A truly one of a kind custom rifle designed by Vivian Mueller of the House Mueller Murgenthal in Switzerland. The platform is a Blaser R-93 Conception in .300 Win Mag. The second to the last photo shows the heart-shaped barrel and bullet along with the ruby bead sight. The designer’s intent was to showcase a struggle, hence the many different engraved figures throughout the rifle. Note the “caged” skull behind the buttpad.

The eternal battle between good and evil can be likened to the fight between evil power and the purity of inner freedom. This is a universal theme which mankind has been dealing with since the beginning of consciousness. The bipolarity of the theme is artistically provoking and is the base of the creative and artistic concept behind this rifle. 

Adorned with 24K white and yellow gold, sterling silver, rubies, aquamarines, white diamonds and rare bird’s eye maple wood. It sold in 2008 at auction for about £120,000. If you converted that by taking inflation into account, it would be £148,731 or $234,095. (GRH)