The Knights

A custom engraved pair of Colt 1911′s that were worked on by master engraver Michael Dubber. Called the Black Knight and White Knight, the project for the customer cost about $80,000 for the pair.

It’s been a few years since I produced a pair of vintage .45 1911 Colts for a client who was interested in the legends surrounding King Arthur and his knights. Rather than concentrate on King Arthur or any particular Knight, we decided to generalize the legends of Good and Evil by naming the project the White and Black Knights. The White Knight’s theme is more whimsical while the Black Knight exhibits powerful elements of darkness.

After exploring the generalized format, I was given complete freedom to carry out the work as I saw fit. Understanding the role of colors in the project, I decided to blue (dark black/oxide blueing) the Black Knight and French Gray the White knight. I then choose ebony and ivory to compliment the grip themes.

The various themes, armour, crests and other inlaid icons were researched to fit the respective characters of each gun. Many of the inlays were multi-color metal (gold/silver/platinum). I did the ebony grips, including the sterling inlays, and asked scrim artists Sandra Brady to do the ivories. After providing her with basic sketches, she created the grips, art and scrimshaw.

Inlays were done in 24K gold, 18K pink and green gold, platinum and silver to keep the coloration consistent with the overal theme.

I especially enjoy creating “themed” engraving projects like this. Likewise, if you decide to create an engraving theme, please understand that you will probably spend at least a fourth of the project time researching and artistically developing that theme. So, I’ve already been asked privately several times: this was a $80,000 project, including the guns, grips, art, consultation and finishing - six months +- and lots of research, coordination and bench time.



Given my new job, I feel a strong sense of urgency to ccw. Kansas laws regarding premises on which to not carry are as follows:

As of July 1, 2015, individuals in Kansas will be permitted to carry a concealed weapon without a license. A private business may still prevent the carrying of concealed weapons on the property of the entity by posting clear signage that indicates the carrying of concealed weapons is prohibited. The following rules govern where you may not carry a gun in Kansas. It is illegal to possess a firearm:

onto school property (including preschool and child care facilities).

within any building located within the capitol complex

within the governor’s residence or on the governor’s residence grounds

within any state building with designated signage prohibiting the carrying of firearms (county courthouses, etc)

(Kan. Stat. Ann. 2014 Supp. §§ 21-6301, 75-6309, 75-7c10.)

The owner’s son leaves for the air force at the end of the year so he’s the first person I’d ask if he thinks his dad wouldn’t be opposed to ccw. The owner mentioned today there was an after hours burglary just after the grocery store pharmacy across the street was robbed. This is a high profile place with a shit ton of money and extremely valuable booze.

What y'all think?



An extremely rare Robinson Armament M96 in the Bren configuration. It uses an upside down magazine well to mimic the top-fed action commonly associated with the Bren guns. You’ll notice that the front and rear sights are offset to the left. Robinson Armament made very few of these Bren versions, but offered even fewer kits if you wanted to mod your standard M96. The only model M96 that is more coveted and difficult to find is the belt-fed version. Less than 5 exist if I remember right, but I did see one for sale a few years ago. (GRH)


Sniper training - Property Protection Force

 See without being seen, which is part of the tasks of our snipers. In the training area in Lehnin our snipers practice unnoticed and profits flowing out of position. Urban terrain presents a different challenge: While the nature offers a lot of possibilities of camouflage, you have to find a suitable position here, they reach unnoticed and expand. A sniper squad consists of at least two soldiers. However, in urban terrain they train in four-man squads. Comprising sniper, spotter, radio operators and the deputy squad leader. (Foto: Bundeswehr/ J. Heyn)