The German Clusterfuck: The Artillery Luger - 9mm Parabellum

The Luger. Probably one of the most iconic pistols ever made, as it was the flagship side arm for the Imperial German Army in World War 1, the Nazi German Army’s secondary side-arm during World War 2 and the sidearm for Neo-Nazis and mass shooters since. They’re accurate, very reliable if fed the correct ammo and overall really handy guns.

The Artillery Luger is here to fuck that all up.

The basic idea of the Artillery Luger was to give artillery troops a weapon that bridged the gap between a Luger pistol and a Kar98AZ carbine. The idea was to give it an 8 inch barrel, holster stock a la the Mauser C96 and the now famous 32 round Snail mag.

Problem was, it really was bad at both. the 8 inch barrel made it really heavy as a pistol, add the snail mag to the weight as well. And it’s lack of any realy way to hold the barrel made it pretty weak as a rifle, as you had to have either a really tight 2-handed grip or fire it 1 handed and look like a fool. Also the Snail Mag was and is a pain in the ass to load.

The Artillery Luger was a pretty big failure, and most Artillery soldiers opted for pistols while the Artillery Luger tended to float into the hands of offensive troops like Stormtroopers, who really only used it for it’s 32 round drum. Following the war, the Artillery Luger floated onto the used market, and serves as a great odd little gun, and if Hunter Thomson used it, you know it’s weird enough to be cool.



Romanian AK variant that is actually built as a pistol. The one in the photos has been modified heavily by the owner/seller but still remains a pistol. That “stock” it has is the Shockwave Blade form Shockwave Technologies. It is designed as a stabilizer that they say the BATFE cleared for use as a cheek weld BUT you cannot shoulder it. Doing so will violate the BATFE’s rules. Kind of ridiculous but whatever. (GRH)