my fav thing about rwby is that the second you start watching it, cringe culture dies. like right there on the spot. look at this lineup of kids. this looks like someone’s epic bleach x naruto x inuyasha x vocaloid crossover fanfic, special guest starring the humanized form of nyancat. these are the young heroes destined to save planet earth and everybody in the rwby universe just accepts this. the people of rooster teeth are wholly unfamiliar with the concept of shame. they’re just here to have ridiculous anime fights where a hoverboard that’s also a gun, a 6 foot scythe that’s also a gun, a trumpet, and rainbow heelys all qualify as perfectly legitimate weapons.

honestly? what’s not to love about this shit

a guide to elsword job class personalities


LK: i am the best swordsman ever b/c i persevered notice me senpai (sister complex)

RS: aisha’s magic thing is cool i wanna do that too FIRE

IS: i think my sword wants my soul but that’s fine cuz now i’m the goth one


EM: i know way more magic than you so shut up and listen to me dammit

VP: i think this demon bat is talking to me … so yeah imma change into these revealing clothes for power

DK: rainbows and sunshine and unicorns that are out for your blood *creepy smile*


WS: leg day every day thank you mother nature

GA: oh yeah that twig right there is a trap that will lead you to your doom

NW: *whispering* we are an elite unit that get our swords from random talking trees


BM: screw the nasods and their prosthetics look at my sword skills i’m awesome

RF: i think my arm wants my soul but that’s fine cuz i is strong man *man tears*

VC: i am hot as the fires of hell (talking about his arm but dayum those abs)


CN: summons weapons everywhere (aka idk how to fight so imma just shoot you in the face)

CEm: summons people everywhere (aka my queendom only has like 5 subjects)

CBS: oh yea lemme just use a dark el for power and kill all my remaining emotions who needs a heart anyway hahahahaha


IP: i wanna be a girl pink everywhere long hair heels the whole shebang

DC: cannons were soooo last year

TT: uses the equivalent of nuclear power on a regular basis (thanks dad)


SD: martial arts and justice and eye makeup (brother complex)

YR: female uchiha sasuke nuff said

AS: i made a deal with the demon fox in my hairpin she possesses me sometimes rawr


GrM: by the time i was like nineteen i was leader of an army what did you do

BH: i is legend reborn imma burn y’all down to ashes cuz whai not lol

CrA: all my friends are ded i has demon energy now prepare to die (tsundere)


LP: power power power power power power dark el power power power

MM: my drones are alive mwahaha long hair is cool and so am i (love me eve)

DE: my mother is ded i am ded let’s make everyone ded lololololololol

Luciela / Ciel

CH/DL: we are terror ciel likes cute things lu is cute lords of terror rawr

NB/RG: i’m just one hell of a butler lu is now demon queen yayyyyy

DB/DM: lu died and came back as royalty ciel ain’t human no more


ST: i has ten bajillion machine guns die how is this portable (star wars???)

CR: chain gun scythe thing let’s use the dark el again princess where are u

FR: bombs for bras i can fly i is goddess of war

OP: lemme just make some nasods then walk away from an explosion


AT: kami-sama where are you i love you kami-sama (emotionless piece of sht)

EE: friendship is magic emotions are beautiful i love life 

AP: demon magic i hate everything nothing is real everything is a lie

Just some quick concept sketches for my take on an older Ruby, nothing final. Was intending to draw an adult version at first, but she ended up looking really young, so her age here is about 17-18.

>> Gave her a scar, because having an older Ruby with a mutilated body part of some sort is all the rage in the AU fandom. ;)

>> This one is a burn scar from a big end-Volume fight with Cinder. Ruby managed to defeat/fend her off just seconds after her own Aura depleted, leaving her injured.

Ruby being Ruby, this doesn’t affect her at all, and she uses it as a reminder of how close she came to death, allowing her to appreciate the sacrifices of those who have passed and those still alive that much more.

>> Made the red highlights of her hair more intense. My theory is that the ends grow more red as she gets older.

>> Tried my hand redesigning Crescent Rose, just explorations really. I tried fusing the original concept with that of Qrow’s, so it has a gun form, scythe and also a sword. I also changed the gun configuration from a sniper rifle to something more like an assault rifle to suit Ruby’s mobility more.

“Violence isn’t the answer” is a really weird stance for RWBY to take on minority rights given that the show’s central premise was a fifteen-year-old girl going to combat school to learn how to be a hero by fighting and killing with her gun/scythe

ok heres my list of who you should give a gun, ranked from best to worst tell me what you think

1. morro - give him a gun. just do it. hes 14 years old and angry and its probably the worst idea ever but its also the best.
2. zane - he will put it to good use and will use it responsibly. maybe he’ll kill you with it but honestly who wouldn’t let him
3. nya - she may be a sword lesbian but she’s partial to guns too. she’ll probably make a ton of water gun jokes too. because, yknow. water.
5. cole - he deserves a gun. he has a scythe now he has a gun too
6. kai - give👏me👏a👏gun
7. wu - don’t give him a gun. its not worth it. he’ll probably never use it anyway
8. dareth - why ??? ??? ???
9. jay - there is no situation where giving jay a gun is a good idea just dont do it
10. lloyd - HES LIKE 12 YEARS OLD
12. misako

“Badass Girlfriend” - Stiles Stilinski

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) is dating Stiles and is a badass vampire hunter but also fights other supernatural creatures if he needs to, and her weapon of choice is a scythe. Lydia and Liam get kidnapped by a kanima and (Y/N), Stiles, Scott and Malia save them.

“What do you wanna do tonight, (Y/N)?” Stiles asked as he put on a t-shirt and his jogging after he stepped out of the shower.
“Hunting vampires and torturing them one by one.” (Y/N) replied casually.
(Y/N) was a vampire hunter and took her job very seriously. Following her father’s steps, she always showed great motivation and determination into the protection of the human world from those blood-sucking creatures. She knew she was put into this world to protect and help, and when her father died killed by a vampire, she swore to give him justice and kill every last one of them, even if it meant she had to hunt them down day and night.
My girlfriend is a badass.” Stiles said out loud, though it said it to himself. (Y/N) shook her head and laughed. “But what about something less dangerous and more relaxing? Like, i don’t know, a Star Wars marathon?” Stiles said with a grin as he joined (Y/N) on his bed.
“It is an other form of entertainment, I suppose.” (Y/N) shrugged.
Stiles smiled and kissed (Y/N) softly.
“What was that for?” (Y/N) smiled too.
“I love you.” Stiles declared, looking deeply into (Y/N)’s eyes.
(Y/N) smiled and kissed Stiles passionately, holding him tight as if she was scared that someone might take him away.

(Y/N) and Stiles have been together for a little longer than six months. (Y/N) had arrived in Beacon Hills a year ago, shortly after her father was killed. She was a bit of a mess at that time. Though she tried to hide it, Stiles seemed somehow to be able to look right through her. The first time he had seen her in Beacon Hills High School, he felt as though the world had stopped and (Y/N) was the only living thing in motion. He tried to talk to her a few times, but she always seemed to be distant with people, as if she didn’t want to make any friends.
But with time, Stiles had succeeded to reach (Y/N) through her thick invisible armor and got her to open up. They spent more and more time together, Stiles helped her grieve her father’s death and they became much closer.
After dating each other for a while, both of them couldn’t remember life without each other and they couldn’t dare imagining it.

Stiles was about ot turn the television on when his phone rang. He picked it up from the bed side table and saw that the call was coming from his best friend, Scott McCall, who was also a very powerful alpha.
“Hey Scott. Whatever it is, can it wait until tomorrow? Tonight is movie night with my girlfriend.” Stiles said proudly and excited to spend one night with his girlfriend without any supernatural and scary creatures involved.
(Y/N) laughed, thinking that Stiles was such an adorable dork. She stopped laughing when Stiles’s expression changed from happy and excited to deadly serious. (Y/N) waited until Stiles hang up the phone before she asked him any questions about what was going on.
“What is it?” (Y/N) finally asked.
“It’s Lydia and Liam. They got kidnapped.” Stiles declared nervously.
“Who kidnapped them?” (Y/N) asked quickly.
“Tracy. The kanima of Theo’s pack.” Stiles said.
“What does she want with them?”
“Scott thinks she is bringing them to Theo so he can take away their powers and-”
“Make himself more powerful. A full and completed chimera.” (Y/N) finished Stiles’s sentence.
Stiles nodded. (Y/N) took a deep breath and said:
“Let’s go get them before Theo gets his chance to kill them, then.”
“But - Kanimas are not vampires. They are very different. Kanimas are more clever, more sneaky.” Stiles stated.
“What’s your point?” (Y/N) asked as she kneeled down on the floor as if she was going to pick up something she might have dropped.
“How are you going to capture a kanima?”
“I had plenty of expériences with these creatures too.” (Y/N) declared as she reached for something under the bed.
A second later, she was holding a long wooden stick with a sharp rounded blade on one end: a scythe. Stiles’s eyes widened.
“You keep that thing under my bed?” Stiles asked bewildered.
“Well where am I supposed to keep it, then? Last time I left it by the couch, your dad put out his gun as if my scythe was going to jump on him.” (Y/N) said and shrugged.
“Well, it’s not a common thing to find in a living room.” Stiles said.
“Whatever.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “Let’s go meet the rest of the pack.”
(Y/N) and Stiles left the house to meet the rest of their friends at Scott’s house.

After briefly talking about a plan to rescue Lydia and Liam, they (Scott, Stiles, (Y/N) and Malia) got to Theo’s lair. As they were discussing how to get to Lydia and Liam safely, Malia walked closer to the front door and said:
“Guys, I think it’s open.”
As Malia reached for the door handle, (Y/N) hurried towards her.
“Malia, don’t!” (Y/N) said in a kind of whispered scream.
But it was too late, Malia’s hand was already clunging the handle. As she took her hand away, a thick transparent liquid ran down her fingers.
“Ew.” Malia started. “What is that th-” But before she could finish, she dropped to the ground. Scott and Stiles ran to her side.
“Malia! Are you okay?” Stiles asked. “Malia?” Stiles waved his hand before Malia’s face who was blankly staring at the sky.
“She will be fine, Stiles. She is paralysed.” (Y/N) declared as she pulled the door open sith her foot.
“Kanima venum.” Scott whispered. “They knew we were coming.” He said as he looked at (Y/N).
(Y/N) closed her fingers firmly around her scythe and smirked.
“Oh, they have no idea what’s coming.”

After leaving Malia in Stiles’s jeep (they didn’t have time to wait for the kanima venum to wear off), the three of them entered what seemed to be Theo’s lair – which looked like an old and creepy basement. They walked along several narrow corridors and finally arrived into a room. Though the lights were on, the room was pretty dark. Scott spotted Lydia and Liam and ran towards them. They were sat on the dusty and cold floor, handcuffed to a pipe which was firmly sticked to the wall.
“Are you guys OK?” Scott asked, obviously worried.
“Yes. We’re fine. Help us out so we can get out of here before Theo and his pack show up.” Liam declared, relieved to see his alpha.
Scott looked around, analyzing the handcuffs to see if Kanima venum was on it, but it didn’t look like it. Scott frowned.
“What’s wrong?” Stiles asked.
Stiles and (Y/N) had joined Scott on the other side of the room, all gathered around Liam and Lydia.
“This is way too easy.” Scott stated, looking at (Y/N). She didn’t realise it at first, but Scott was right. If Theo and his pack expected them to come rushing to rescue their friends, why was it so quiet down here ?

Just as this thought appeared into (Y/N)’s brain, she heard a alarming sound behind her and heard someone yelling.
“Duck!” Lydia yelled.
(Y/N) ducked in time to avoid whatever was coming at her, but Stiles wasn’t quick enough. (Y/N) saw him fell onto the floor as rigid as a stone. He had been paralysed.
“Stiles!” (Y/N) reached out to him and dragged him accross the floor. Scott helped her to put Stiles in a corner of the room, hidden, so he wouldn’t get hurt. “Scott, you stay with him!” (Y/N) said.
“No, I’m not letting you fight Theo’s pack on your own!” Scott replied. Stiles couldn’t move but the look on his face showed an obvious agreement with Scott.
“There is only one of them! It’s just Tracy. I can deal with her.” (Y/N) said as she stood back up and rushed towards the Kanima. Scott didn’t have time to argue her decision, he watched her grab her scythe and threat Tracy with it.
Tracy didn’t look so impressed, she kept swinging her tail around to try and cut (Y/N) with it, so she could paralyse her as well. But (Y/N) was fast and she dived in time as Tracy’s tail brushed past her head. (Y/N) stood back up, held her weapon as tightly as she could, swang it in the air and pushed it back down, where it sinked into the floor.
(Y/N) heard a loud scream and deduced that she had succeeded. She saw Tracy huddled up in a corner, in agony. (Y/N) has used her scythe to cut off the kanima’s tail.

As (Y/N) was going to pull her scythe’s blade out of the ground, she felt two hands grab her by the shoulders and throw her across the room. She fell on the floor, hitting her head hard aginst the wall. She winced and heard an angry roar coming from the opposite side of the room. Her sight was blurry, she blinked a couple of times and things came back into focus. She saw Scott, cornered by two members of Theo’s pack. Stiles was still on the floor, paralysed, but looked unharmed.
(Y/N) got back up on her feet and ran towards Scott. She didn’t bother picking up her weapon which blade was stuck into the concrete, she didn’t have time.
She Grabbed Josh’s head and pushed it hard onto the wall. He groaned and turned around, punching (Y/N) in the stomach. This time (Y/N) wasn’t quick enough to avoid his move, she felt the air left her lungs and stumbled back. Josh used this opporunity to kick (Y/N) in the knee, she let out a scream as she felt the pain running through her leg. She fell down, fighting back tears and biting her lip until it drew blood. She saw Josh running towards her, determined to finish her off. Out of the blue, (Y/N) grabbed the kanima’s tail – which was still lying lifelessly on the cold floor, and threw it into Josh’s direction, cutting him across the cheek. He fell down onto the floor, paralysed by the kanima venum. As she watched him fall, Scott punched Corey har in the face and he lost conciousness.

Then, Scott freed Lydia and Liam from the handcuffs and Liam and Scott helped (Y/N) stand up. Though the pain was awful, she painfully made her way to Stiles, who seemed to have regained some of his ability to move his limbs. He struggled to sat down as (Y/N) did the same before her boyfriend.
“Are you OK? Can you move?” (Y/N) asked, out of breath.
“Don’t mind me. I’m fine. You’re hurt.” Stiles said, concerned, as he ran his fingers on (Y/N) head, which was bleeding.
“I’m OK.” She claimed, trying to reassure Stiles. “It’s superficial.”
“Come on, guys. Let’s get out of here.” Scott said as he helped Stiles get on his feet while Liam helped (Y/N) walk out of the building. Lydia was following them, holding (Y/N)’s scythe carefully.

When the all got back to the car, they saw Malia get out of the Jeep. The paralysing venum seemed to wear off slowly for her too.
“What happened? Did you guys kill them?” Malia asked.
“No. But we taught them a good lesson.” Scott claimed. “They won’t be bothering us for a while.” He added.
The six of them got into the car, Scott insisted to drive – though Stiles wasn’t too happy about it, but he was in no shape to drive as he still couldn’t move his toes.(Y/N) sat on Stiles’s lap, focusing all her attention on her boyfriend, and not on the strong pain in the knee. 
Stiles cupped (Y/N)’s face and looked deeply into her eyes.
“How bad does it hurt?” He asked her.
“Not much.” (Y/N) lied.
“Don’t lie to me.” Stiles frowned.
“I’m fine, Stiles. And so are you, so everything is OK.” (Y/N) gave him a little smile.
He looked at her for a minute, as if he got lost into her eyes. And then, his hands still on both of (Y/N)’s cheeks, he put his soft lips on hers and kissed her as if it was the first time his lips touched (Y/N)’s. (Y/N) kissed him back, feeling shivers all over her body. At this moment, the pain seemed to fade away and e couldn’t think of anything else but Stiles. She was so thanksful to have him in her life.
“You two get a room.” Malia said.
“I think they’re cute.” Lydia added.
“Scott, why did you put the windshield wipers on? It’s not raining out here.” Liam claimed in the front seat.
“I can’t turn them off. I thought this button here was for the indicator.” He replied.
They all laughed and drove home, happy to have each other, and grateful to know that everybody was safe and sound.

Heey, I thought you had died. Somewhere. Off-screen. *sigh*

I really need to rewatch everything. I’m pretty sure he has been foreshadowed to be half metal but I can’t remember when other than in the last episode. Maybe a thousand episodes ago while chatting with Glynda?

He _was_ supossed to be an expert on that kind of weapon. I had wondered about the Cloud Strife sword… I guess swords can also be guns/scythes.

Really? You’re surprised?

High-functioning drunks make the world go round.

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Does that mean Alex is the Grim Reaper now? Does she have to wear a cloak and carry a scythe now?

Yes, although she’s negotiating to replace the cloak with a leather coat, and the scythe with a gun named “scythe”

(”You cannot…reap souls…with a gun”, the Lord of Death tells her. “Well not yet, but I’m sure Winn could whip something up” she replies.)

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Look, she knew Alex’s work was gonna require some adjustments, but this is a bit ridiculous.

  • Rub Rose: Hey Jaune!
  • Jaune Arc: Hey Ruby! Is that what I think it is?
  • Ruby: Yup. Here is that scythe my Uncle Qrow wanted to loan you. He says it is a little finicky but a big guy like you should be fine with it.
  • Jaune: Thanks! Everybody says I should find some way to beat on Grimm from a distance instead of being close enough to smell them. I mean, how hard can it be?
  • Ruby: Just don’t let it get out of control and you’ll be fine! And practice away from innocent bystanders and people who laugh. Trust me, they just get in the way and bleed. Have fun!
  • Jaune: Thanks!
  • *He looks over the package worryingly and mutters in falsetto "You’ll be fine!” “Have Fun!”. He drops the scythe and cringes as it flies open. Hours later Jaune stumbles into the JNPR dorm room. He is covered with sticky red leaves and looks evenly pummeled. Nora, Lie Ren, and Pyrrha stop what they are doing and look at him in shock. Jaune grins back.
  • Jaune: Forever Fall’s trees are hard to practice on when your scythe always collapses. I got tired, angry, frustrated, and sticky causing the Grimm to come. I gave one a tiny cut with the scythe before it collapsed so I then used it beat it and two others to smoke and then smoked the remaining two with one wave of Crocea Mors.
  • Jaune: The gun mode of the scythe had better be amazing if I’m going to carry one. I really like my sword.
  • *Jaune falls flat on his face.*

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Halloween: Scarecrow vs Calendar Man. Who wins and how?

While calendar man is bigger and stronger Jon is much faster and a lot smarter. Jon would most likely win and idk probably with toxin and if he doesn’t have that he probably has a weapon like a gun or a scythe. And if he doesn’t have weapons Jon is scrawny but has a high pain tolerance and can hold his own.( He’s also a lot stronger than he looks.)

I like RWBY because the weapons are so wild

Like- it’s a sword… AND IT’S A GUN 

it’s a scythe … AND IT’S A SNIPER RIFLE 

it’s a purse … AND IT’S A M61 VULCAN 20MM GATLING GUN