2016 has been such a trying year so far and we’re only halfway through..

Orlando shooting

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Senate votes down gun control bill

Trump is a presidential candidate

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EU Referendum, Brexit wins

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(Not intended to be a completed list of shitty events in this year)

This House Majority has created committees to bully Planned Parenthood and harass a presidential candidate, all the while allowing mass gun violence to go unchecked and unexamined on their watch.

There have been nearly 280 mass shootings since Newtown and Congress has done nothing. No votes have been cast. No bills have been debated. No proposals have even been considered. This Select Committee can change that.

Yesterday, I asked my father a provocative question in regards to gun rights, and his response was one that embodied his immigrant experience that a large majority of anti-gun advocate within this nation CANNOT encapsulate. In a rough translation, he said that the individual citizen should have the right to bear arms not only for his/her own protection, but to protect themselves from any unjust transgression, either forced upon on their being or their human rights by the government and any extensions of the government. Lastly, he alluded to Mexico, their national ban of firearms, and the citizens inability to protect themselves from government mistreatment and cartel hostility, as the prime example.

Let Me Get This Straight: Sense and sensibility
  • Person A: We need common sense gun control!
  • Person B: Does it involve
  • Person B: ignoring how most gun crime is committed with illegal handguns, not legal owners,
  • Person B: focusing on mass shootings because that's the only type of crime where "assault weapons" are usually used,
  • Person B: trying to get the No-Fly List used as a gun ban list, even though it's so bad that the ACLU has called it out,
  • Person B: blaming the NRA and right-wingers when gun control measures fail like white supremacists blame "the Jews", even when they're in agreement with the aforementioned ACLU,
  • Person B: and ignoring the opinions of people who own and use guns?
  • Person B: The people who actually know most about them?
  • Person B: And relying on the uninformed opinions of the general public?
  • Person B: That "common sense"?

No one is trying to take your guns!

They’re just trying to ban broad groups of people from owning guns for suspected wrong-think, trying to ban certain guns, and make all other firearms and ammunition possession prohibitively expensive, inconvenient and absurdly complicated, in addition to violating 4th and 5th amendment rights to ensure you’re a Good Gun Owner.

But they’re not taking them away!