Obama Demands Ammunition Manufacturers Develop Slower Bullets

Obama Demands Ammunition Manufacturers Develop Slower Bullets

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WASHINGTON (The Barbed Wire) – In his infinite wisdom and attempt to thwart mass shootings by Muslims so the American people don’t get upset with them, President Obama said today that he had come up with a workable solution to all the gun control hysteria that he himself has stirred up. He has demanded that gun manufacturers and ammunition makers work together to find a way to make bullets go…

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Background check backlog to blame for gun sales to Maryland fugitives, felons, report says

More than 360 guns were bought in Maryland last year by people barred from owning them because of a massive backlog in conducting gun transaction background checks, the Baltimore Sun reported.

People with histories of mental illness or convictions for violent misdemeanors, felons and fugitives were able to obtain and keep guns for three months or longer before state police reviewed the sales, The Sun said, citing records obtained under a Public Information Act request.

Would-be gun buyers in the state must pass a background check conducted by Maryland State Police. But a gun can still be sold without a background check if state troopers are unable to complete it within seven days and the dealer has no reason to believe the person purchasing the weapon is ineligible.