WWII gun camera footage


Ejection of a MiG Pilot.

This unusual sequence of photos, taken by gun camera film of a U.S. Air Force F-86 “Sabre” jet fighter-interceptor shows a Communist MiG-15 pilot abandoning his aircraft after it has been hit by the “Sabre’s” gunfire. The MiG-kill went to 2Lt Edwin E. Aldrin Jr, Montclair, NJ, on May 14, 1950 during a 6-day period which saw Air Force “Sabre” pilots destroy 36 Red MiG jets.



This series of four pictures taken from gun camera film show the beginning of the end of a Russian-built MiG in an air battle high over North Korea, May 18, 1954.

The"kill" was recorded by the camera in a U.S. Air Force F-86 “Sabre” jet flown by 2nd Lt James L. Thompson of 210 Thomas Drive, Monroe Park, Wilmington, DE, a member of the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing who was credited with the destruction. During a combat patrol in MiG Alley, two MiGs jumped Lt Thompson’s element leader. The two “Sabare” pilots then lined up on the enemy pilot who, using his speed brakes to slow his flight, caused the “Sabre” jet leader to overshoot. Lt Thompson, in the meantime, lined up on his quarry and opened fire. These pictures tell what followed.


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Could you do some stuff on the Battle of Britain?

A Royal Observer Corps spotter scans the skies of London

Formation of low-flying bombers Heinkel He 111 over the English Channel

A still from camera gun film shows tracer ammunition from a Supermarine Spitfire Mark I of No. 609 Squadron RAF, flown by Flight Lieutenant J H G McArthur, hitting a Heinkel He 111 on its starboard quarter. These aircraft were part of a large formation from KG 53 and KG 55 which attacked the Bristol Aeroplane Company’s works at Filton, Bristol, just before midday on 25 September 1940. No. 609 Squadron were based at Middle Wallop, Hampshire.

Battle of Britain:  a fiery London wall collapsing

“Children of an eastern suburb of London, who have been made homeless
by the random bombs of the Nazi night raiders, waiting outside the wreckage
of what was their home.” September 1940.

The London Underground as an air raid shelter

Part Of Battle Of Britain Memorial

The RAF “Battle of Britain” Bristol Blenheim Mk I night fighter

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