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So I’ve been looking at mass shootings and the #BlackLivesMatter. I gotta say fuck the Constitution or more fuck the people who say “We have the right to bear arms.” or “You can’t take our guns away.” People break the constitutions ‘rules’ everyday yet when it comes to guns we won’t have it. Tell me something: Would you rather have students killed? Or have guns taken away? Would you rather have people who are not straight be shot just for that? Or have guns taken away? Would you rather have people who are colored be killed? Or have guns taken away? Mass shootings? Or have guns taken away?

Now look I just gonna say if people can’t deal with that let’s at least have more gun control laws?

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A competition?

Of course, Matako loved a good competition. The thrill of winning… it gave her a rush! And she (almost) always won, especially against Bansai. She’s never been able to win Monopoly, though.

Monopoly was never fun.

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just this summer, we witnessed the deadliest mass shooting of our nation’s history in Orlando, Florida. hundreds of people lined up within hours of the attack to donate blood as a way to show their support for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

now that we are months removed from the devastating night, many still ask, how do I lend my support? you can help support the victims of Orlando and other victims of gun violence by joining Adam in demanding lawmakers to introduce stricter weapon legislation. 

just sign the petition. and for more info, visit

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In an era of excessive gun violence we have a paranoid gun culture that is (literally) loaded for bear and a political environment where gun rights and regulations are a top level issue  And we have a Republican presidential nominee whose message encourages paranoia, violence and anger among his followers directed generally at various “others” and specifically toward his opponent who he characterizes as a criminal and an illegitimate tyrant who plans to abolish the Second Amendment. What could go wrong?

What are og Pidge’s stats can someone give me some numbers

How long can sjws say things like this and still be considered the caring progressive choice for politics…not much longer

The great thing about the right is once the left comes after you for thinking for yourself we’re better friends to have because we have guns and we don’t want you to be disarmed either :)

  • (Attack commences in 30 seconds)
  • Tracer:Lads, I don’t want to sound cocky... but I’m the ultimate badass, state of the badass art... you DO NOT wanna mess with me.
  • (Talks to Mercy)
  • Tracer:Doc, don’t worry, me and my squad of ultimate badasses will protect ya, check it out… kinetic shield generator, WHAP!... No one can touch us with this puppy... We got tactical missile barrages, phased plasma pulse rifles, rocket launchers, WE GOT SONIC ELECTRONIC BALLBREAKERS!
  • (Slaps Lúcio’s gun)
  • Tracer:We got remote-controlled explosive tires, we got ninja swords, magical dragon-summoning arrows...
  • (Starts countdown)
  • Soldier-76:Knock it off, Oxton… and somebody thaw out Mei.
  • (Defeat)
  • Tracer:Well, I guess it’s game over, mate.
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A Night Out With the Boys//The Captain’s Mates & John Hart


Sam motioned for Craig to take a walk. The younger guy was hanging around talking to Gordon and Sam needed to have a word with him. Craig shot Gordon a look (something that wasn’t missed by Sam) and nodded. He headed off to find William and Brian. He thought he remembered Brian saying something about poppin’ off to get Jimmy?

Sam slung an arm around Gordon’s shoulders, “I’m gonna pretend that little tantrum didn’ take place back there, mate,” his voice was low, and falsely kind. In truth, he was pissed.

Gordon tried to shrug the other’s arm away but found he couldn’t; Sam’s grip was anything but casual or friendly. “You lied to me,” he hissed, “said this was gonna be easy, that we’d get the money and that you’d make it so the ginger would be mine- free and clear.The Cap’n? He’s not even behind this plan of yers! You said, he was just usin’ her to get to the money and then, he’d forget all about her- that’s what you said, yeah?” Gordon’s jaw tensed, eyes narrowed, “That’s not what he’s sayin’, mate. The Cap’n, he doesn’t even like this plan o’ yers and now… Now he’s goin’ ‘round sayin’ him and her is all official?” Gordon shook his head bitterly, “One of you is lyin’.”

Sam inhaled sharply, trying to keep calm, “Gord,” he exhaled slowly, “have I ever lied to ya? Who has taken care of you all this time? Certainly not him. He’s livin’ like a king in that house of his while the rest of us are scrapin’ by! How’s that fair, yeah?” he pointed out to him. “Look, you know the Cap’n, he doesn’t like to share right? He’s just tryin’ to get into a bit of a pissin’ contest with me, challenge my idea and let you think you can’t have the girl, even when he’s done with her.” Sam shook his head and laughed, “And you fell for it hook, line and sinker, man!”

Sam nodded his head over towards the bar, “You’ll see. The Captain, he’s comin’ out with us tonight. Once he’s away from this place, that bird, he’ll be back to his ol’ self and you’ll be able to tell which one of us is lyin’ to you, mate.” He grinned a sickening sweet grin at Gordon, “Now, why don’t you go gather up the boys? Stone should be done by now and… It’s about time for the Captain to finish up too.You’ll see. He’ll come join us for some real fun and everythin’ will be like I promised.”

Sam was starting to think that maybe he should have a friendly little chat with this Donna himself… Convince her to be a right bit nicer to Gordo

The Forgotten Marine: The M1941 Johnson Rifle - .30-06 Springfield

The Johnson rifle, the oddball of the US War effort, the Johnson was a substitute rifle the US Marine Corp adopted in the early parts of the war. But before I get into the nitty gritty of this gun, we’re gonna need a bit of context.

So during the 1920′s and 1930′s, most militaries in the Western World were trying to replace older bolt action rifles with some kind of brand new semi automatic design. The Germans had the G41 program, which sort of worked and sort of didn’t, the Russians had the SVT-38 and later SVT-40 but those never managed to replace the older Mosin Nagant in service, even the Republic of China had the General Liu rifle, but the designer suffered a stroke and the ship carrying the tooling sank and never went anywhere. The US was really the only country who’s semi-automatic rifle program went somewhere.

So the US trials boiled down to two main designs. The Springfield Arsenal’s M1 Garand, designed by John Garand and the Pedersen Rifle submitted by Remington and designed by John Pedersen. Skipping a lot of technical changes, the US Army liked both rifles, but a number of generals wanted to have a gun chambered in the already common .30-06 caliber. The M1 Garand ended up winning the trial due to being able to use .30-06 over the .276 Pedersen cartridge.

However, there was a problem. In 1941, the war broke out and the Garand’s were in pretty limited production and to rectify that, the US Army started shipping soldiers with M1903 Springfields. But the USMC didn’t really go that way, and they ended up running into a man named Melvin Johnson.

Melvin Johnson was a former lawyer from Boston and had served with the USMC as an observer at the Springfield Armory. During his time there, he began designing a different military rifle, something he thought was better than the M1 Garand as well as a LMG. The rifle was a short recoil, rotating bolt gun, fed via a rotary magazine fed by individual rounds as well as M1903 Stripper clips. With these designs, he went and founded the Johnson Automatic Incorporated Company and got his first contract, oddly with the Dutch.

The Dutch contract was to arm the KNIL, the Dutch Colonial Army with new rifles, and the Johnson was chosen. However, by the time the rifles were being shipped over, the Dutch East Indies had collapsed. However, Johnson lucked out as the USMC took some of the Dutch shipment and began ordering more. 

The USMC had a large change with the beginning of the war. They went from a small 6,000 man force usually serving as ship support to a large 600,000 man mobile army that was the primary American force in the Pacific. And with a change like that meant a scramble to get guns in the hands of troops. And besides older US Army models were a number of designs not standard, including the Reising M50 and M55 SMG, the Johnson LMG as well as the Johnson rifle. 

Marines liked the Johnson rifle, and while it slowly was replaced by the M1 Garand as the war progress, soldiers like Hugo Dunlap still loved their Johnson rifles. It was used by the US Para-Marines, normal USMC soldiers and the First Special Service Force. The Free French Army recieved a shipment of 10,000 rifles and 1,000 Johnson LMG’s and later on, Johnson’s floated on to be used by Argentina and the CIA and rather infamously, used by Brigade 2506, the Cuban regiment sent into the Bay Of Pigs.

And while Johnson’s company was bought up by Winchester, Johnson didn’t stop designing, managing to become the weapons consultant for the Department of Defense from 1951 until his death in 1955. But his rifle’s rotating bolt influenced one of the most famous rifles ever made. A little known company named ArmaLite used Johnson’s rotating bolt patent as well as straight in-line stock idea in their new rifles, the AR-10 and AR-15. The rest is history.

The Wonder Tube: The Sten - 9mm

I like having a little header title rather than just nothing, anyway back on to a gunpost, I’ve been requested to do the stamped steel Sten and here we go.

So the Sten gun, it’s an iconic weapon nowadays, one of the cheapest guns of WWII and yet also one of the most heavily used and made, with roughly 5 million Sten guns made, now we get to how this icon of resistance began.

So as I said in the Thompson post, the British were using the M1928 Thompson for most of the early years of WWII, but there was a giant problem, cost. Thompsons were really expensive guns and in 1941 with the US entrance in the war, that made them even more expensive and with fear of a German invasion on the horizon, RSAF Enfield was ordered to make a design that was cheap and easy to mass produce.

So the main two men behind the design of the Sten were Major R. V. Shepherd, the Inspector of Armaments at The Woolwich Royal Arsenal and Mr Harold Turpin, a designer at RSAF Enfield. They looked at a previous design, the Lanchester SMG that was used by the Royal Navy.

What they effectively did was simplify the Lanchester SMG, removing the wood furniture and swapping it with metal, modified and removed the barrel jacket, ditched the flat muzzle, made the sights simpler and boom, the Sten was born.

Made of stamped steel fittings and using a mixture of fitted and welded parts, a Sten gun is usually made of only 60 main parts, something most pistols have more of. It wasn’t accurate, but it was cheap, reliable and easy to mass produce. Within a couple of years, the entire British military standardized on the Sten series. Before I continue, the name Sten was based off the first letter of it’s two designers, Turpin and Shepard and where it was made, Enfield. 

The entire English commonwealth went to the Sten gun in a matter of years, excluding Australia and the Owen gun. It was used by the British, The Canadians, the Indians and so many more. It was cheaper than most guns, could feed from it’s own mags, German MP40 mags and even older Lanchester mags, fed anything you could give it and wouldn’t stop working.

And it’s cheap construction made it one of the best insurgent weapons ever made. Many were parachuted into Europe to arm resistance groups from Poland to France used them. Poland made the now famous Błyskawica Sten copy, France made them and as the war went on, more and more copies of the Stens showed up in Europe, British made and otherwise

In a twist of fate, the Nazi Germans actually began copying Sten guns as the Gerat Potsdam project and later MP3008 to arm the German Volksturmm.

Following WWII, the Sten gun continued on as a stable of the militia force. It was used by the Commonwealth until the 1950′s when it was replaced by the Sterline, it was used by the Israelis during the Israeli War of Independence, it was used by the IRA against the British in Northern Ireland, the US MAC-V SOG units used the Sten Mark IIS suppressed version in Vietnam. It’s a common weapon used as a base for a number of homemade submachine guns from Brazil to Australia and despite being a 70 year old design, shows no sign in a popularity drop for those who need a submachine gun.

It’s an icon of resistance on par with the AK-47. When all hope seems lost, you can make one out of pipe, and when the Gestapo come knocking, you can show them a Sten. A gun this iconic is destined to be a film icon.

With it’s history in the arms of resistance fighters, the British commonwealth and criminals abroad, the Sten’s a common sight. It’s skeleton stock, side mounted magazine and sheet construction make it very noticable in films, and from the River Kwai to the Sands of Arabia, the Sten is an icon, and with a history this long, you know video games flash it off.

The Sten’s a relatively common sight, with the popularity of World War II shooters in the early 2000′s. It’s usually seen as the British’s version of the US Thompson, usually differentiated by being held by the side-mounted magazine, something never advised as doing so can lead to misfeeding. Rare versions like the Sten Mark IIS and the Błyskawica appear every so often, and even the post apocalypse of the Metro franchise isn’t safe from the Sten, as the “Bastard” carbine in the game looks just a bit too similar to the British sub-gun.

And that’s the tale of the Sten gun, born out of a desire for cheap guns and becoming an icon in the process. The Sten is as English as tea and imperialism, and yet the Sten has an air of resistance to it. It’s a cheap gun, but it doesn’t need anything fancy, it just needs to work. From France to Australia, it’s the kingpin of the cheap gun world, and will be used and made for years to come.