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Theoretically speaking, if I were able to get my hands on a 16inch barrel for my vp9sk, could I rig into being a carbine?

I’m not mechanically well versed to be able to answer you precisely, because I’m not sure what impact the new front weight of the barrel would have on the locking. Maybe @coffeeandspentbrass would be able to answer that.

I don’t know enough the US rules about converting an imported pistol into a non-NFA carbine, but that could be a fun alternative to all the B&T “pistols”, including the recent USW frame for the P320

My senior year of high school someone popped a balloon in the hallway. This is important because no ones reaction was to laugh it off. We all hit the ground. Someone dropped a textbook on the tile floor. No ones first instinct was to ignore it. Instead we looked for hiding places and exits. The safety promised by adults is useless if no one has ever felt truly safe.

No polling is accurate. Ignore all the polls and just get people to vote. It’s the only way to win and sadly our generation either doesn’t show up to vote because its going to be an “easy win” (and we lose anyway) or because there is “no hope and our vote doesn’t matter anyway.” Well ladies, gents, and nonbinary peeps; it matters. If it didn’t the GOP wouldn’t be trying to take the right to vote away from so many people. Get out and vote this November.

Today people watched twitch streamers, youtubers and gamers get gunned down in Jacksonville. There’s video footage of 2 young boys playing video games when shots ring out, screaming sounds and then the camera goes black. But you can still hear the gun reloading and people screaming. One second they’re talking about how many games there are to stream, next they’re watching people die.

Tell me why gun control is a bad thing again?