Slash's Drunk Driving Gets You In a Car Wreck

A/N: Let me know if anyone wants a part 2!

“Mr. Hudson? Mr. Hudson, open your eyes.“ 

Slash’s eyes open weakly at the sound of a nurse’s voice. Before getting with his steady girlfriend, Y/N, he had sometimes joked about wanting to wake up in a hospital to the sound of a hot nurse’s voice and then, well, bang her. At the moment, however, sex is the last thing on his mind, as is the nurse. He sits up, looking around wildly for Y/N, despite the aches in various parts of his body. 

"Mr. Hudson, please lie down. You need to be assessed. It was a very bad car accident you were in.”

The nurse’s words bring back memories of late last night. The beer. Getting wasted off his ass, which wasn’t unusual. Getting in the car with Y/N, which also wasn’t unusual. The odd part of last night was that the alcohol had affected him more than usual and he had slammed his car into the end of another, sending him and Y/N spiraling down the street. “You have a twisted ankle, three broken ribs and some nasty cuts on your back and chest.” The nurse tells him, but he isn’t listening. The last thing he cares about is himself.

“Y/N.” He rasps out. “Where is she? Is she ok?" 

The nurse doesn’t answer at first, she merely takes Slash’s vitals before handing him a cup with antibiotics. "Take those. Then I will give you all the details of Y/N’s current condition.” Slash shoots her a nasty glare before downing the medication. 

“Now tell me what the hell happened!" 

Picking up another clipboard, the nurse gives Slash a list of her injuries. "Her left leg is broken, her left wrist is fractured, she has extreme whiplash, four of her ribs were broken and when her head whipped forward, she sustained serious head injuries as her head slammed into the dashboard of the vehicle.”

“Where is she!?” Slash interrogates the nurse. He sounds furious with her, but he’s really furious at himself. How he could just let her get hurt like this, how he could fuck up so badly that Y/N is in this condition is beyond him. She’s his everything and tainting her is the last thing he’d ever want to do. 

“She’s in the ICU. Mr. Hudson, she’s in a coma." 

A wild look flashes across Slash’s face. "She’s in… She’s in a fuckin’ coma?” He runs his hands through his massive curls, gripping them in anger. “She’s in a fuckin’ coma because of me!" 

The nurse lays a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I’m sure she’ll be okay. Our doctors here are incredibly skilled…" 

Slash ignores her and forces himself up and out of the bed, putting most of his weight on his non-twisted ankle. Glancing at the clipboard for Y/N’s room number he gives the nurse a hard look. "If I need anymore medication, I’ll be in my girlfriend’s room. If you have problems with me bein’ in there, too bad. Also, I need to use a phone.”

“You’re not allowed to leave this room, Mr. Hudson. You’re not well enough for it.”

Slash gets closer to the nurse, his face just inches from her. “I caused this wreck and I’m gonna go see my girlfriend. You got it, lady? I’m gonna wake her up and take care of her. No matter what.” He spits at her feet and hobbles out of the room. Normally he wouldn’t be so rude but he can’t help how the stress of the situation is affecting him.

Once he’s in the hallway, Slash picks up the first phone he finds. He punches in Axl’s number and is grateful when Axl picks up after just three rings. 

“Slash, man, where’d you go last night?? You and Y/N left pretty damn fast-”

“Get the guys and get to the hospital now. I got Y/N and me into a crash last night and she’s in a coma and you guys gotta come fast.”

Axl, stunned by the suddenness of everything, nods on the other end of the line. “I’ll gather ‘em up. We’ll be there in about thirty.”

Slash nods and hangs up the phone without any kind of goodbye. Limping towards Y/N’s room, he ducks into the ICU when no staff are looking and looks for the brass numbers 208 above a door. When he finally finds it, he enters silently so as not to get caught. 

His heart catches in his throat when he sees Y/N. She’s hooked up to different machines and she looks so… Dead. For the first time in a long time Slash feels a lump in his throat and tears pricking at his eyes. “What have I done?” A throaty whisper escapes him. He kneels at the side of her bed and takes her hand, grasping it in his. “I’m so-”

The door is opened wide and he snaps his head over, expecting to need to defend his reasons for being here. But it’s not any of the staff. 

“Damn. She isn’t looking real good…” Axl mutters. He’s holding one of Slash’s treasured Les Paul guitars. 

Slash cocks an eyebrow at both the guitar and the comment. “Why the hell do you have that with you?”

Steven pipes up, “I remembered hearing something about how music can help people in comas. Music they love can help stimulate their brain or something.”

Slash thinks for a moment, understanding what the guys are getting at. He reaches for the guitar and Duff brings him a chair. After getting as comfortable as a person can get in a plastic hospital chair, Slash sets the guitar on his leg and gives the guys a look. “Don’t laugh or any crap like that when I do this, got it?”

The boys exchange confused glances. Axl scoffs, “Slash, why would we laugh at your guitar playing?”

“Not the guitar playing, numb nuts. She likes it when I sing sometimes. So I figured I’ll try it.” The boys all give encouraging nods as he takes a shaky breath. 

He starts sliding his fingers up and down the neck of the guitar, his talent still impressive to the boys even though they were around him almost daily. Knowing his solo in Don’t Cry is one of Y/N’s favorite, he begins to play it more soulfully than ever before. Playing through the solo, he begins to sing softly when he reaches the chorus. 

“Don’t you cry tonight, I still love you baby,” He takes a shaky breath, his voice wobbling a little as he matches his voice with the notes coming from his guitar. “Don’t you cry tonight, there’s a heaven above you-” He stops when her heart monitor begins beeping wildly. 

“Iz, go get a doctor!” Axl snaps. “Duff, go too!”

The two men run out and Slash shoves his guitar at Axl, taking Y/N’s hand. “Y/N… Y/N, oh shit…” He looks insane. He’s tense and tears are starting to drip from his eyes. 

Her heart monitor is still beeping irregularly but now it’s slowing down at an alaeming rate. There’s a long, drawn out beep and a flat, blue line on her monitor when Duff rushes in with a doctor.