The signs as Guns N' Roses songs:
  • Aries:Get In The Ring (1991)
  • Taurus:Paradise City (1987)
  • Gemini:Street Of Dreams (2008)
  • Cancer:Patience (1988)
  • Leo:November Rain (1991)
  • Virgo:Down On The Farm (1993)
  • Libra:Coma (1991)
  • Scorpio:Used To Love Her (1988)
  • Sagittarius:Human Being (1993)
  • Capricorn:Chinese Democracy (2008)
  • Aquarius:You Could Be Mine (1991)
  • Pisces:Mr. Brownstone (1987)

Thats so funny how Slash is asking ‘Is that the mic?’ And then screams ‘Yo Mom’ and how he is laughing about that.

And Duff then screaming 'SLASH!’ and they’re like talking through Axl’s interview and then Axl goes 'Great you just blew everything’
And slash just 'Oh sorry he gave me my shades’

It’s hilarious.
Is Guns N' Roses Reunion Album In The Works?
Guns N' Roses rumors.
By Brett Buchanan

Axl Rose Fan Club is reporting a new rumor that Slash and Duff McKagan have worked on six new Guns N’ Roses tracks, though Axl Rose has yet to lay down vocals. The rumor also states there will be special appearances on five tracks.

MSL reported on GNRTruth back in March that Slash and Duff McKagan are working on unreleased Chinese Democracy era Guns N’ Roses songs.

“I am under the impression that many of the songs from the group of songs we think of as the ‘second half’ of Chinese are still intended for release. Slash & Duff did some studio work on a couple of them, which will hopefully be released on a ‘best of’ collection later this year. As for when a full length album of new material would be released, I have no idea. but i don’t think Axl worked on those songs for so long to keep them buried. It’s just a question of the right commercial timing.”

“Slash was really out of the picture by 95 … material from 97 did end up on Chinese Democracy …

I have no way of knowing what would or would not be revisited, but I personally believe Axl’s focus in terms of new music, if/when it’s ever released, continues to be the songs we think of as the ‘second half’ of Chinese.

I was told by someone in Slash’s camp that he laid down a solo for ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ That is why I’m assuming it might be a song included on a best of collection.”

I really hope these special guests include AC/DC, Baz and Steven Tyler. Of course, other than our Steven Adler and Izzy…

Do you ever just see something or hear something that makes you so happy that you don’t know what to do with yourself? Like you’ll feel your heart stop and tighten and you can’t breathe because you just need to take a moment to appreciate and take in whatever it is?

Imagine Duff Consoling You After Hurting Your Feelings

//requested by anonymous//

“Babe, you ready to go?” Duff called from downstairs.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec!”

The rest of the guys were at Slash’s place, so you and Duff decided to head over there and hang out for a bit. You checked your hair once more and quickly made it down the stairs to meet Duff. Standing in front of him, you noticed his eyes trail up and down your body, as he slowly studied your appearance, appearing to be deep in concentration. He knitted his eyebrows together and looked up to meet your amused face.

“Are you done staring?” You smirked.

He glared at you, and his tone suddenly turned serious, “You don’t think that shirt’s a little revealing?”

Duff could get pretty protective, and while you knew he was trying to look out for you it did feel a bit overbearing at times.

“Maybe, but I’m wearing it for you and no one else, so don’t worry,” you reassured with a smile, wrapping your arms around his neck to leave a quick kiss on his lips.

He looked down at you and sighed, knowing that he was being a bit difficult. “Fine,” he muttered, fighting back a smile as his mood began to improve, “let’s go.”

Duff had his arm draped over your shoulder as the two of you began to walk to Slash’s. Your outfit had managed to garner the attention of a few guys that happened to pass by, and Duff had noticed. He pulled you closer to him and threw dirty looks at anyone who’s stare seemed to linger on your body for far too long. The way guys looked at you as if you were a piece of meat pissed him off. Sure, he used to look at girls in the same way, but once he met you and had now been a witness to the obscenities you’d attract, he felt nothing but disgust, as well as the need to protect you.

Relieved that you had now arrived, Duff opened the door to the rambunctious house and you were both immediately greeted by your friends. It wasn’t insanely crowded; there were about 20 people mindlessly roaming around the house as they smoked and drank.

“Look who finally showed up!” Steven exclaimed, smothering the two of you in a hug.

You both laughed at his eagerness as he smiled brightly. Duff followed Steven to the couch, while you went into the kitchen to grab yourself a beer. Just as you were about to enter, you came in contact with Slash, abruptly bumping into him.

“Whoops. Well hello there gorgeous,” he greeted, as he gave you a hug and kissed the side of your head, “let me get you a beer.”

You leaned against the counter as he opened the fridge and searched for a drink, “Fuck. We’re all out. Y/N, could you go buy some more?” He pleaded.

“Slash!” You whined.

“Please?” He begged, trying to convince you with his attempt at making puppy-dog eyes.

Rolling your eyes at him, you held out your hand and watched as he scoured his pockets for cash. “What do you need me to get?” You asked.

“Oh, y'know. Scotch, whiskey, vodka, beer…anything else you happen to come across along the way,” he said as he jokingly raised his eyebrows up and down.

“I don’t think so Mr.” You chuckled, accepting the money and walking down the hallway towards the door. Just as you were about to leave you heard Duff ask from the couch, “Hey, where ya goin?”

“Slash asked me to go buy some more alcohol. I’ll be back in a bit,” you replied, reaching for the door knob.

“Wait! Let me go with you,” he insisted, putting his drink down and jumping off the couch.

“Duff, it’s fine. Just stay here,” you laughed, as he stumbled through the mess the guys had made on the floor.

“Yeah, like I’m gonna let you go by yourself dressed like that,” he muttered, his comment intended for his ears only.

As soon as you heard him say that, you could feel your heart drop. You hated where this was leading, and you knew very well that after hearing his sly remark there was no way you could just brush it off. 

Excuse me? Dressed like what?” You taunted, your hand on your hip as you awaited his next response.

The room became silent and suddenly everyone focused their attention on the two of you. Duff tried to contain his aggravation but failed to do so, “Dressed the way you are. You think I didn’t notice how everyone was fucking undressing you with their eyes on our way over here?”

You suddenly became very insecure of what you were wearing, and your self-awareness made it feel as if the whole room were judging you.

“Well I can’t help it if people want to look at me, Duff. Maybe you should calm the fuck down!” You fought back.

Duff chuckled, “You’re just like the rest of those other fucking groupies…parading around like some fucking slut,” He sneered, his condescending tone completely ripping apart at your feelings.

“A slut, Duff? Is that what you think?” You scoffed, as you shook your head in disappointment. You turned towards the door and slammed it shut, storming away from the diatribe that had just taken place.

He definitely knew the perfect way to hurt you. Not only did he completely invalidate every bit of respect he once had for you, but he chose to do it in front of all your friends. After what felt like a multitude of silence, Izzy spoke from the couch, “Dude…you shou-”

Pulling at his hair and sighing loudly, “I know,” Duff intervened, his voice expressing how pissed off and remorseful he felt.

You made your way down the street and quickened your pace as soon as you heard Duff call out your name. He caught up with you, and grabbed your arm as he spun you around. His face was sorrowful, and his eyes instantly softened as they fell upon your red and tear-stained face.

“Let go of me, Duff. I don’t want to be around you right now,” you mumbled, looking down at the ground.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to say any of those things,” he apologized.

You didn’t want to forgive him. Your emotions were obviously reactionary, and you knew you’d eventually get over it, but as of right now, you didn’t feel like that was possible.

“Duff, leave me alone,” you insisted, your eyes still fixed on the ground.

“Baby, please look at me,” he said softly. You looked up at him and felt a rush of emotions hit you all over again.

“Y/N,” Duff paused and rested his hand on your cheek as he sighed, “I can’t stand it when other guys stare at you. It makes me sick. Anytime they look at you with fucking lust in their eyes it takes everything in me not to beat the shit out of them right then and there. I know my reaction wasn’t the greatest but I just…I love you so much. I’m so sorry.”

God, you hated him. You hated how easy it was for you to forgive him. Staying mad at Duff was almost impossible. He had a way about him that prevented you from ever keeping a grudge and it made you feel weak. You felt his arms pull you into a warm embrace, and you could feel yourself fall apart as he hugged you. You somehow managed to simultaneously laugh and cry into his chest, unable to completely grasp what you were feeling.

“I hate you so much,” you told him, as you sniffled. 

Duff’s eyes were tearing, and he too began to chuckle. He tightened his arms around you, and kissed the top of your head, “I know. I’m sorry. I don’t know what you still keep me around for,” he laughed.

Lifting your head up to plant a kiss on his cheek, you beamed, “Because as much as I hate you, I can’t help but love you.“

“Let’s go home,” Duff smiled, securing his arm around your waist as the two of you began to walk.

“What about the liquor?”

“I think they’ve had enough,” he laughed, “they probably forgot they even asked you to buy any in the first place.”