gun violence hearing

Weird dream I had

So basically I was walking down this road holding some strange sort of weapon. It looked like something out of a heavily modded COD game or some weird creation in GMOD. It was like a staff with two heads, and on each head it had a ball with a smiley face on it. But it was also a machine gun.

So basically I was walking around with a weird-looking machine gun, shooting people.

I came up to this corner and sat down, deciding to have a rest. I took out my thermos and made myself a cup of tea. That’s right, fucking tea.

As I am drinking this cup of tea, fit for a mass murderer, the scout from Team Fortress 2 comes up and starts making polite conversation with me. All of a sudden the SOLDIER from tf2 runs up to the scout, grabs him and screams: ‘Listen son, don’t go near that thing.’
He turns his box upside down, and a bunch of fucking raccoons spill out. The raccoons take one look at my strange weapon and run for the hills. He points to my strange weapon and says, 'See? Raccoons run from it in fear’

antis: we’re very sad about daisy deleting her instagram, she didn’t deserve that harassment but we understand why she did it

r*ylos: it was the ANTIS, THEY made her delete her instagram its ALL THEIR fault

Scandal Review: State of The Union, Episode 402

What I Hated

Jake - With Olivia

Jake on his own

Jake with anybody else on the show

My hate for Jake knows no bounds. Once again, Shonda is torturing us with this coupling. I have to tell you, if I believed for even a moment that Jake and Liv were end game, I would stop watching this show asap. Every time he’s on my screen, I get irrationally angry. I seriously can’t ever remember hating a character this much. I’d rather have ten Mellies than one of him, that’s how much I hate the character. But I guess I’m going to have to grin and bear it until Shonda decides to break them up.

I’m glad that Olivia has taken up his offer and is treating him like a booty call, (Booty-Call? Seriously, didn’t that term go out with the dinosaurs?) but it’s damn  hard on the eyes. Bleurgh.

Anyway, yes, Jake. I hate him with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Death to Jake forever and ever Amen. Especially for this violent move, here:

This will no doubt be unpopular, but the other thing I hated was being made privy to Mellie’s grieving for the second episode in a row.

I am not here for it. Nobody else on this show gets to grieve for more than one episode at a time. OPA buried Harrison last week, and now they’re over it. Cyrus had one breakdown and he soldiered on. Olivia’s mother killed the son of the man she loves (she thinks), yet she’s just had to suck it up. I’m so freaking tired of Mellie’s white woman pain. If every other character was allowed to grieve like Mellie, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but they aren’t and as Mellie is hardly my favorite character, I only have so much sympathy that I’m willing to extend to her, before I’m officially over her BS. I had enough Woe-Is-Me Mellie in the season that I’m pretending never happened. 

What I Loved

You’ll notice that my list of what I hated was pretty short this week, and that’s because the episode as a whole was really good. In fact, I loved it. Sans Jake and Mellie’s White Woman Pain of course.

The case of the week

It was hella good, and I was really interested in the Elliotts and their effed up marriage. I want to believe that there was a moral to the story, but I’m not quite that trusting yet.

Olivia - She was badass again this episode. She managed to use reverse psychology on the Elliotts by offering them divorce as an option, and I liked it.

Cyrus and his self-made loneliness.

He deserves every horrible thing that the male whore is going to do with him. I suspect however that since it was revealed that Lizzie Bear is setting him up, the male hooker will probably end up falling for him for real.

Cyrus’ faith in Olivia was great to see. One day I might be back on Team Cylivia, but I need him to stop being such a bastard to her all the time.

Abby reading Mellie like a book. I’m here all day for anybody who reads Mellie Grant, and that includes when she’s mourning for the son that she didn’t seem to like before her character was retconned to death.

Fitz’s State of The Union Speech.

Brilliantly delivered, Tony Goldwyn did a great job conveying Fitz’s grief, and I loved that Fitz used that platform to talk about gun violence. (I could practically hear Shonda talking though).  Fitz’s character would have benefited from him doing more presidential stuff on the show, but I fear it’s too little too late as far as the wider audience are concerned. I see what Shonda and Co are trying to do with Fitz now, but it’s easier to get people to change their minds about asshole characters than whiny ones, and unfortunately for Fitz, the writers did a bang-up job of making him look weak, whiny, and a bitchass, against Mellie’s silent strength. Blurgh. I love how patient he’s been through Mellie’s grief. He’s been very supportive, and I’m here for that. I have noticed though that as per usual, his grief and his pain is entirely ignored by certain fans as well as the Mellie Loving Media.

I also liked David Rosen trying to Olivia Pope his problem in order to secure the AG job. He’s well and truly thrown the white hat in the dumpster now. He’s embraced the dark side, and that’s way more interesting than anything he’s done so far.

The Olivia and Fitz scene. 

I will always love their dynamic, no matter how much the writers try to tell me that they don’t belong together. The main reason that I’m still watching the show is because of them, even though I don’t want them together again until Fitz gets a divorce. Having said that, I still love their moments together, especially when they have a somewhat normal conversation without them screaming at each other, or sucking each other’s face off. The writers have wrecked them too much for me to ever enjoy their sexual interactions again while Fitz is still married. That ship has sailed, and the writers were the ones who sunk it.

I did love how Olivia helped him with his SOTU speech though. I like what the writers are doing with them now, their interaction is way more low-key, and I think that’s absolutely the best way to play them. Especially when so many viewers now seemingly want Fitz and Mellie to become a real couple again.

I saw the usual Tumblr people who swear that they’ll never watch the show again griping about Olivia seemingly being angry at Fitz because she expected Fitz to be pining after her, ugh.

I never read that scene in that way at all. Olivia is all facade, trying to pretend that she’s not affected by him. I also sensed weariness, and guilt for both leaving him when he probably most needed her, and because her mother killed his son. If I was Olivia, I’d never forget that for even one moment, and it would weigh on my mind constantly.

Anyway, two episodes aired, and I really liked them both. How great is that? I’m fully expecting the Olivia Hating Writers to have their turn, so I’m bracing myself for Zahir McGhee’s turn to pen an episode that strips Olivia of all dignity and power. It wont be pretty.

Here are some bonus Claire and Jamie gifs to make us all feel better!

Surfbort. Lol.