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Have you ever read the comic Y: The Last Man? It's an amazing read where literally almost every man on Earth dies except for like, five guys. And while it focuses a lot on one of the guys that lives, a lot of it is about the kick ass women rebuilding society in a world without men.

Given the staggering array of tools granted to the national security state domestically since 9/11, it’s a wonder (not to say a tragic embarrassment) that such killings occur again and again. They are clearly not being prevented and at least part of the reason may lie in the national security state’s ongoing focus on “counterterrorism,” that is, on Islamic extremism.  For the most part, after all, these mass murders have not been committed by Islamic extremists. From the more than 100 deaths of this sort since the Aurora shooting three summers ago, only eight were killed by individuals inspired by Islamic radicalism.

It’s time we invest in our children like we do in our wars


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Finished this a month ago and thought it suitable to post now. 

It is important that when we address the violence against black men and women across this country we also take into account the visceral misrepresentation we face.

It is through media that we can find some way to escape the violence of our world, and for young black children, this too is denied to them.

When we see ourselves, we are validated and it gives us something to hold onto, even if that something is just another day.