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i dnt take Precious Family Photos type pictures when i go anywhere bc i’m not a mom and it’s not my style, but it’s only a matter of time before relatives start asking me to see vacation photos and i’m gnna have to show them shit like “a table with deer legs instead of table legs” and “a sock somebody left in the hotel elevator. that son of a gun he left his sock there.”

Sunday Gunday with Brownells Employee Kelly B with his Win. 1887 10 gauge Shotgun! Kelly told us this story about it! “I have a passion for old Winchesters. When a neighbor of mine found out that I collected them, he came over one day carrying an old gun sock. It turns out the old gun sock had a 10 gauge Winchester Model 1887 inside it. My neighbor said, “Kelly I would like to give this to you with the understanding that when you are done with it, please give it to your son.” I have enjoyed this piece of Winchester history ever since, and someday I hope my son does too.”