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I Kissed A Boy (Dean x Reader)

A/N: Okay, this one is a little long because I got a little carried away while writing this haha😅 Anyways, this was fun to write, I just loved the idea of Dean exploring his inner gayness if you know what I mean😏 There is also implied sexy times so be warned ;) Enjoy!!

Request: Can you write a Dean one where you and the brothers were hunting a witch and before you guys kill the witch, she hits you with a spell that turns you into a guy and Dean doesn’t know why he feels equally sexually attracted to you as a guy when you were a girl and idk how to explain but yeah thank you btw love your blog!! :)

Warnings: slight cursing, homosexuality((sorta))

“I’ll go around back and you two take the front,” you said to the brothers as you pointed your gun to the side, showing them where you’ll go.

Sam and Dean nodded but Dean held your arm to stop you as you started walking, making you turn back to look at him questioningly. “Stay safe,” Dean said before letting go.

You nodded and gave him a small smile before heading to the back of the house. You and the Winchesters were hunting a witch and the three of you finally found her. When you found her, you really thought it was a fairytale coming to life, with the witch house in the middle of the forest, toads hopping about and crows.

God, how you hate witches. They were sneaky sons of bitches, with all their hex bags and curses. The brothers didn’t like them any less. You had started hunting with the Winchesters ever since they met you at Bobby Singer’s house, the three of you just clicked. Well, mostly you and Sam, you and the older Winchester were always at each other’s throats but the two of you seemed to have gotten over it and you somehow ended up liking him. You guess opposites really do attract.

Shaking your head, you walked up the steps to the back door, wincing at the creaky steps as you readied your gun before reaching out to place your hand on the doorknob. The moment you opened the door, you noticed the witch standing there but before you could react, she threw some kind of powder at you before bolting. You shut your eyes to prevent the powder from getting in as you coughed, feeling the powder go into your system. “Son of a bitch.”

You continued coughing as you wiped at your eyes, feeling a weird tingling sensation throughout your whole body. You felt everything around you spinning and you quickly grabbed the doorway to support yourself, trying to regain focus. After about five minutes, you heard shouting coming from inside the house before a gun shot sounded. Straightening up, your clothes suddenly felt really tight on you, your shoes too.

Trying to ignore the feeling, you took a step and heard something rip. You closed your eyes. “Oh god.”

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Yep, these racist shooting targets were actually on sale at a recent South Dakota gun show 

Few pastimes aremore American than racism and target practice, so the latest news from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, probably shouldn’t surprise anyone. KSFY-TV reports that this weekend’s Collector’s Classic Gun Show had to eject and then ban a vendor for selling “Runnin’ Nigger” shooting targets — that is, sheets of gun range paper emblazoned with a black child’s running silhouette.

The rest of his quote is even worse.