gun powder and lead

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Oh hey, love your blog, um, I hope you don't mind but could I ask for a request of how would Junkrat, Tracer, Mei and Genji react to their s/o proposing to them by their themes? Like using bombs, or a plane to ask them the big question.

Of course! I hope you enjoy dear one!


He was surprised to find a small bomb sitting on the back patio in the morning. He was more surprised to find that the gun powder leading up to the lil bomb clearly read, “Will you marry me? Light gunpowder for yes.” When his s/o woke up to the sound of a small explosion in the backyard followed by insane laughter, they couldn’t stop the happy tears from falling.  


She was shocked when a small paper airplane bonked her head while she sat on the couch drinking her daily cup of chamomile. As she picked it up she heard her s/o’s footsteps nearby. She looked at the crisply folded plane & saw the writing on the wings, “Will you marry me? Send back your answer.” As the same plane tapped her s/o’s stomach they happily cried out at the small “Yes!” 


She was confused to find an ice sculpture beginning to melt in her kitchen in the morning. It was beautifully carved, she couldn’t deny. She was confused as to why it was there but that didn’t stop her from appreciating it. That confusion quickly turned into happy tears when she saw the engagement ring resting on top of the ice sculpture. Her s/o clearly heard her reply, “YES!”


He was startled when one of his own ninja stars was suddenly lodged in the wall right next to his head. He whipped around to see his s/o wide-eyed with their hands covering their mouth. “You moved.” He continued staring at them. “Just read it!” Their face was turning bright red. “Will you marry me?” He let out a loud laugh & turned back to them. “Of course my love. Of course.”

Please say hello to my Bullet Farm boy: Jacket!!! Kukkii and I have collaborated two Bullet Farm OCs and Jacket is one half with Squire being the other (Kukkii should have his ref sheet up soon). 

Most amazing art done by: kukkiisart

I’ve written all of Jacket’s character down below so please read about him if you’re interested! :)

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aim high. marry rich. don’t take no shit. - a mix for girls who love material things and have a devious mind [listen]

1. the fear - lily allen // 2. boots & boys - ke$ha // 3. boys, boys, boys - lady gaga // 4. material girl - madonna // 5. so what - p!nk // 6. lace and leather - britney spears // 7. run the world (girls) - beyonce // 8. if you can afford me - katy perry // 9. diamonds are a girl’s best friend - nicole kidman // 10. primadonna - marina & the diamonds // 11. rich girl - gwen stefani // 12. gun powder and lead - miranda lambert // 13. young and beautiful - lana del rey // 14. when i grow up - pussycat dolls // 15. poison - nicole scherzinger // 16. money, money, money - meryl streep // 17. till the world ends - britney spears // 18. the fame - lady gaga // 19. competition - dragonette // 20. favourite things - kelly clarkson