gun owners rights

Fed-Ex-Official Information

People have been asking and/or making assumptions about the person that runs this blog so here is the truth about me.

I am not a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Anarchist, Communist, Monarchist, Facist or any other classification in my political beliefs. Dropping me in one category simply does not work.

I am not a registered gun owner.

I am a gun owner.

I support every right, not just gun rights. But I also heavily support gun rights because an attack on gun rights is an attack on every right. If you give up a little freedom you give up all of it.

I am an American.

I am male.

I am over 30 years old.

I have worked In logistics many times for various companies.

I do not own a lawn mower, I don’t have a lawn.

I do own scary “Assault Rifles” but they aren’t actually assault rifles or scary.

I have never been a part of Pixar. Stop asking.

Yes I have been to Austin Texas.

I had dreams of becoming a country singer but I realized I can’t sing.

I do have a conceal carry permit and I do carry a pistol on me at all times.

I was a boyscout however I left after realizing I already had more knowledge and training than they did that was provided by my father and grandfather.

I have no associated religion.

I do run other blogs.

I am not UPS-Official and he is not me. Nor am I any other shipping official than Fed-Ex-Official.

I have never been to South Africa so stop asking.

You can tag me all you want for selfies but I won’t be taking one. How could I since I am a big company?

I think Dredd was a very underrated film as well as Iron Sky.

I am a bisexual but not a real bisexual because that’s cruel.

If I had a million dollars I’d buy a van and live out of it.

Nein, Ich nicht sprache deutsch.

I will probably offend you at one point but that’s not on me, its on you since the only way someone can offend you is if you let them.

I was at one point considering politics but I realized I am not that good of a liar.

I was sadly not born on the 4th of July.

Yes I have had sexual experiences with both men and women.

If you think you know who I am I will confirm it if you’re right over PM’s but I will not come right out and tell you.

There is no god save Allah, except for every other god.

That was a joke

I am not a Muslim ether.


Stop thinking that.

Don’t make me come over there.

Feel free to send your nudes to someone else.

I will accept photos of ammunition though. 

I’m obviously not anti-hunting entirely, but the fact that people think it’s okay to kill animals for sport, but are totally against weapons effective against human aggressors is absolutely crazy.
I can kill a deer or a possum or something, and regardless of if I actually skin and butcher it for food or not, people will be totally fine with that, but if I suggest that MAYBE people should own guns to protect themselves from bad guys, there’s suddenly a debate about “assault weapons”.

There are approximately 200 000+ registered gun owners in Slovakia right now. We have quite lax gun laws, allowing us to posses pretty much anything as long as it’s not automatic. And you can’t just undo a gun culture like that by a single forced ruling nobody had a say in. That sort of policy making is just going to produce 200 000+ angry armed and to this point lawful citizens, who will seek to destroy that which attempts to rob them of their rights. And we over here, have been always very sensitive about foreigners forcing their will unto us, just as much as we have had enough of marxist bullshit and lies fed to us. But do go on EU.

Moderator: “We’ve seen those long lines of people buying guns in record numbers after the Paris attacks. Would you discourage people from buying a gun?”

Bernie Sanders: “It’s a country in which people choose to buy guns. I think more than half the people in my own state of Vermont, and my guess is here in New Hampshire, are gun owners. That’s the right of people. But this is what I do believe: I believe that when we have some 300 million guns in this country, I believe that when we have seen these horrific mass killings…I think we have got to bring together the vast majority of the people who do in fact believe in sensible gun safety regulations. […]”