gun nut

Watching gun nuts lose their shit over the word “gun control“ is the most funniest shit. Like we get, you like to fuck your guns; you don’t want to lose the ability to keep fucking your guns.


Nichijou x RWBY

This took less than I expected :D

Made from it from episode 15 of Nichijou where Nano discover her other secret.

Edited : Finally found the video on YT, X

Thank you to my friends on Angst Train Stream for the suggestion and for accompanying me~
Al Sharpton: NRA Believes 2nd Amendment Is Only for White People
During his weekly rally in Harlem on Saturday, Al Sharpton called out the NRA for remaining silent about the police shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two black men who he said were both legally carrying guns when they were killed.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson - I swear, two of the dumbest people allowed on television…


Pro-Gunners you do realize that we aren’t saying that good guys with guns never stop bad guys with guns right?It’s just that for every time a GGWAG actually stops a bgwag there’s an uncle who blows out his nephew’s brains showing off a laser sight

For every GGWAG there is a father who shoots his teenage daughter thinking she’s a robber

For every GGWAG there’s a man who shoots an elderly neighbor (with Alzheimers) at his door

For every GGWAG there’s a George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn

For every GGWAG there’s a gun safety instructor who proves they shouldn’t have anything more advanced than a slingshot For every GGWAG there are far too many parents who leave loaded guns out resulting in children being shot and killed by siblings or even themselves.