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Jerome Valeska Imagine- Life’s A Joke (Part2)


Your eyes drifted open slowly. You didn’t wake up in hospital, or at home, or even by the side of the road because you inhaled too much smoke, but In a large king-sized bed. You sat up and covered yourself with the blanket, after realising someone was sitting on the chair in the corner of the room. “Who the fuck are you?” you asked, rubbing your tired eyes. “Robert Greenwood, and you are?” he asked, grabbing your hand and leaning down to kiss it. “You’re awake” a loud, theatrical voice interrupted- entering the room. Greenwood reluctantly let go of you, clearly annoyed. “I don’t think we’ve ever been formally introduced. Hi gorgeous, I’m Jerome” he smiled cockily, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Y/n” you replied, not being able to look away from him. “We were getting to that, before you barged in” Greenwood claimed. Jerome was still starling at you, with a large grin, before he turned around and stood up. “I saw her first” Greenwood added, licking his lips. “Boys, lets not argue amongst our team” a familiar figure said, walking in. “I’m the captain” Greenwood smirked. “Captain of my foot” Jerome spoke with childish sarcasm, making you dare to hold back a laugh. “I’ve murdered a dozen women, terrorised the city-” he began, glancing at you. Fantastic, you were going to be eaten alive by a psychotic cannibal. Jerome stood, blocking Greenwood’s view of you. “See I have vision, and ambition and brains. How many people can you eat before that shtick gets old?” he asked, getting closer to him. “I could eat one more” Greenwood claimed. With that he attempted to make his way over to you, but Jerome had him pinned up against the wall, with a knife to his throat before he could. “I see we have to resolve this once and for all” the familiar man, you now recognised as Theo Galavan said. He took the knife and Jerome relaxed, he instead replaced it with a one bullet loaded gun. Greenwood smirked and placed it to his brain, pulling the trigger. He then passed it to Jerome. “Hey Greenwood, what’s the secret to good comedy?” he asked, placing the gun to his brain. “Timing” he smiled, pulling the trigger. “And what’s courage?” he asked, pulling the trigger again. “Grace under pressure” Jerome continued. “And- Who’s the boss?” he asked, placing the gun underneath his chin. He then pulled the trigger once more, “I’m the boss” he stated, giving a laugh of sinister insanity. “I believe you are Jerome” Theo praised, removing the gun. “The girl remains unharmed” he simply ordered, before walking out of the room whistling.

You walked around the room, not actually sure what this hostage situation was. You eventually got so bored, that you left and entered the rest of the mansion. You heard voices coming from downstairs, so you thought you had about enough time to try and escape. That was until you turned a corner and walked right into “Barbra?” you asked in shock. You recognised her as your Uncle’s insane ex, who tried to kill his girlfriend. “Y/n!” she beamed, hugging you. She was acting as if she was running into you, during some sort of family reunion. “Small world” she laughed. “What am I doing here?” you asked bluntly, not in the mood to entertain her. “Beats me, Jerome seems to have a thing for you, little niece” she winked, before strutting off. “Helpful” you muttered. “Y/N!” Someone called. You turned to see Jerome walking up the stairs towards you. “Yes?” you asked casually, like he wasn’t an Arkham breakout who has kidnapped you. “We’re going out” he claimed, dragging your arm along the hall. “Tabitha, Y/n. Y/N, Tabitha” he introduced, after barging into her room with you. She simply titled her head and walked around you, examining. “My dearest friend here will help you get ready for tonight” he grinned, already walking away. “What’s tonight?” you called after him, but he was already gone. You turned to face her, she had her finger on her lip like she was thinking. “Definitely red” she mumbled. This was definitely a house, full of whackjobs.

“Perfect” Tabitha grinned, after finishing your dark red lipstick. You stood up and walked to look in the full body mirror. Your hair was full of volume and curled, your makeup was elegant but edgy and you were wearing a tight red dress with a slit in the side. You looked good, to the point you forgot your current situation. She then gave you a pair of black stilettos to wear. You slipped into them and checked yourself out once more. “I know you look hot, no need to thank me. Now come on, Theo is waiting” she grabbed you by your hand and pulled you along with her. “Is she ready?” Theo asked, as you walked behind her. “Certainly is” Tabitha responded, moving out of your way. Jerome jumped over the couch, wearing a tailored black suit. He whistled and comically slicked back his eyebrows. He then held his arm out, for you to link it. As defiant as you are, you wanted to. So you complied. “Jerome I assume you know the plan” Theo ensured. “Sure do” he responded, still looking at you. You were seriously trying to conceal a blush. “And I assume you’re not going to follow it” Theo added. “Sure wont” he agreed. “Just be back here by midnight and don’t get caught, especially by Jim Gordon” he told, causing you to break back into reality. With that, Jerome guided you outside and into the back of a blacked out car filled with other henchmen.

The car pulled up, to what seemed like a club. The henchmen got out and Jerome helped you out. He then suddenly turned around to you, with a grin. He informed you on the plan, In his own dramatic and enthusiastic way. Theo had an important business deal, with one of the underground groups. He however doesn’t trust them and so he sent Jerome and you in the place of Tabitha and him. The problem was, that the group were expecting you as intimate partners. “I am not pretending to flirt with you” you stated, crossing your arms. He ignored your defiance and handed you a gold gun, with ‘Queen’ engraved onto it. You immediately pointed it at Jerome’s head with a smirk. He laughed and took a step closer, so the end of the gun was pressed against his forehead. “You’re not going to shoot me” he grinned adamantly. “And if I do?” you asked cockily. “You know you’d regret it for the rest of your life” he answered. You stared at each other for a moment, both refusing to back down. You eventually lowered the gun and he began to laugh, before holding his arm out again. You tucked the gun into the garter on your leg, before entering the club together.

“Jerome” a muscular man greeted, as you made your way over to a table in the back of the club. He handed him a whisky and slowly handed you a type of cocktail. “And who is your women?” he smirked, scanning his eyes over you. “Y/n, and he doesn’t own me” you answered. “Feisty, I like it” he breathed down your neck. You rolled your eyes and glanced at Jerome, who was gripping his glass tightly, close to breaking point. “Please, take a seat” he told, issuing you all to sit back down. You sat close to Jerome, with crossed legs. You weren’t scared, you just felt a lot safer being with him, which should be hard to believe. “So, $500,000.00 offer on the table” the man began, opening a briefcase and turning it to face the pair of you. Quite frankly, you had no idea what was going on and yet you still managed to keep your front up. Maybe it wasn’t even a front, maybe part of you liked the idea of being part of the underworld. You just couldn’t ignore the sense of guilt for your uncle, who you knew would be stretching the offers at the GCPD to try and find you. Before Jerome could speak, you began to tap on the table with your nails. You then slammed the briefcase closed and slid it back over to him. “Don’t like my offer?” he asked, pouting at you patronisingly. “No, I don't” you pouted, equally matching his sarcasm. “We’re not taking less than what we asked for″ Jerome interrupted. The man stopped looking at you and drew his attention back to Jerome. “What are you? Her bitch?” he laughed, issuing for his own henchmen to join in. You and Jerome looked at each other, you could see the anger building up inside of him, which quickly returned to insanity. He began to laugh with them, before pulling out his gun and shooting one of the henchmen in the head. Silence soon fell (as well as his body), before everyone from both sides pulled their guns out. “I liked that guy, looks like we have a problem here” the man claimed, taking a swig of his drink. “Looks like it” Jerome smirked. “Here’s a deal, I give you £750,000.00 and Galavan stays happy. But I get your girl, in place for my man you just shot” he offered. You swallowed thickly and took a huge sip of your cocktail. “Hmmm” Jerome began to consider. You looked at him with furrowed brows, was he really going to hand you over to some hitman in a club? “No deal” He answered abruptly. You gave a small sigh of relief. “No?” The man asked with shock and rage. “Who are you, to reject an offer from one of the most respected and feared underworld groups?” he asked, standing up. Jerome simply smiled and leant back, putting his arm behind the back of your seat. “We’re the King and Queen of Gotham, who the fuck are you?” you answered once again, causing Jerome to widen his eyes in amusement and slight arousal. With that, both sides started to shoot at one another and screams and panic followed in the club. Jerome grabbed your hand and the briefcase, before you both ducked out of the club. Your car was still parked in the alleyway, this time you two were alone due to your hitmen being predominantly dead. He was putting the briefcase away in the trunk of the car, when you looked up at the club window, to see a gunman pointing a gun towards him. You knew it was too late for you to get him to move. Your heart was racing, it was the first bit of adrenaline you had felt in ages. The smartest thing you could have done was to let him get shot, and get the fuck out of there. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion, you weren’t even thinking. The man was about to pull the trigger, as you pulled the gun out of your garter and pulled the safety off. Jerome looked up at you, before glancing at the window. You pulled the trigger. Shooting the man in the head. You watched as his body fell, covering your mouth in disbelief. You couldn’t look away, you couldn’t even fucking move. Jerome wasn’t laughing for once, he pulled you into the car and the two of you drove out of there, as the sound of police sirens echoed around the streets.

“I’ll ask you again, who was with Jerome Valeaska?” Gordon asked, punching the man in the face. He was covered in blood and handcuffed in the interrogation room of the GCPD. “Some girl, I don’t remember her name” he told, his face coming into contact with another punch. “Jim, come on” Harvey stepped in, after watching him completely pummel the guy. “I need to know if it’s Y/n!” he snapped, turning to Harvey. He went to punch the man again, until he spoke. “Wait, Y/n. That’s her name, I don’t know anything else I swear” he pleaded. Jim let go of him and turned to Harvey. “Was she hurt?” he asked. “No, she was WITH him. She even gunned down one of my men” he answered. Jim’s eyes widened. “Are you sure?” he asked, not really ready to hear the answer. “Positive” he said, breathing heavily. Jim let go of him, staring at the ground. Harvey tried to reassure him, listing off every possible reason for you have to do something like that. Jim wasn’t listening to any of it, he simply turned around and slammed out of the door. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Theo sat counting their new found fortune. “Well done Jerome” he said proudly. Jerome simply raised his eyebrows and finished his whisky, slamming the empty glass on the table. Not his usual reaction. “She’s almost there, I would give it a week” Tabitha smirked. “It’s gunna kill Jim Gordon” Barbra laughed, walking into the room. “Y/n Gordon will join the Maniax by her own accord, it’s in her blood. It’s in every single Gordon” Theo claimed. “I say she should pay her uncle a very special visit” Tabitha hinted. They all soon began to laugh, with the exception of Jerome- who simply rubbed the back of his neck and hung his head.

This part was more of a transitional part, so it isn’t as good as the others. Stay tuned for part three, because you ain’t seen nothing yet x


more mob!sans, because he’s a lot of fun to draw :v the cops hate him with a fiery passion because they know he’s involved in criminal activities but have no proof and can’t actually link any crimes to him - not even jaywalking - and he’s making them a laughingstock. despite searching him pretty much whenever they happen to see him, all they can ever find on him are trombones, whoopie cushions and other prank stuff, and in his gun holster a pocket flask full of ketchup (which he then drinks in front of them). he’s been brought in for questioning - and a beating - more times than he can count, but his criminal record is still perfectly spotless.


why did i draw any of this

Chase You Down (4)

Bucky x Reader

Based off of Chase You Down by RUNAGROUND

Summary: The infamous Brooklyn mob boss, Bucky Barnes, has a tendency of sleeping around and killing people on a short fuse. So what happens when a certain girl catches his eye and turns his already shitty world upside down?

BEFORE YOU READ: this is a semi-oc fic! You can still insert your name into the fic, that’s not changing. However, ‘you’, will have some characteristics that ‘you’ might not actually have in real time. It just fits the story better if I actually describe it instead of leaving holes in the story. Enjoy!

Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, fingering, oral sex (f receiving), swearing, fluff, angst (grab a tissue box you’re going to need it)

Word Count: 2.7k+


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Epilogue

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I love waking up to a warm bed side. Companionship is amazing and going to bed and waking up to the person you love most is an amazing feeling.

It’s been almost a week since the house incident and I haven’t let her out of my sight. I know I’m being paranoid, but I can’t help it. I’m scared for her. I’m worried what might happen to her if I take my eyes off her for too long. I can’t lose her.

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i can’t stop writing about married kara/lena so here have this

a rooftop wedding seemed like a great idea when kara had first suggested it, arms wrapped around lena’s waist, nose in lena’s hair, both of them swaying back and forth in the middle of their kitchen. the idea was so cute. so manageable. 

but – 

here they are. one rooftop wedding and one poorly timed alien invasion in.

before kara can try anything, her sister rises up from her chair, gun drawn and brows pulled.

“alex!” kara hears eliza hiss. “put that down!”

it’s too late. alex is a deadly shot, and the ten-foot-tall purple menace that decided to crash kara’s big day has two-tenths of a chance at surviving.

well, all by itself it should. kara sees about five more of those big guys sliding up over the edge of the roof and pooling into purple mass before assembling themselves upright again in seconds. it’s rather disgusting and disheartening to witness. 

the guests aren’t in shock. to be fair, there’s only ten of them: alex, eliza, maggie, james, winn, j'onn, lucy, clark, lois, and cat.

oh, and the minister. who is m'gann. that’s another story for a later time, like when kara’s married and enjoying a rare day off with her wife in a far, far away place where no otherworldly antics ensue.

speaking of her wife –

lena’s sigh is quiet, her head tipped back and eyes closed, and kara offhandedly thinks she looks absurdly pretty, though she knows lena’s probably just counting backwards from ten and trying not to challenge the god of love to smite them down right now. 

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Imagine: Saving Nathan during the auction, and showing your distaste towards his ex-partner, Rafe. 

For: The moon moon of my life 😋💕

You walk through the large ballroom, your painful heels click against the floor, you’re wearing a tight red gown with a slit up the leg and low cut back, and there’s a flute of champagne in your hand. You see a familiar man across the room and you make your way up to him, “Victor Sullivan, fancy meeting you here.”

Sully turns around and gives you a quick up and down, “Y/N Y/L/N, looking good! What brings you here?”

“Word on the street, this auction is going to be full of excitement,” You smirk.

“What makes you say that?” Sully whispers, his cool facade fading for a moment.

“Nothing really,” You shrug, “You know me Sully, I have my sources.”

As you’re conversing with Sully, you hear a familiar voice, “Victor? Victor Sullivan?”

Sully smirks at the man behind you, “Rafe.”

“And who’s this lovely lady?” He responds.

You spin around and look at him distastefully, “Hello Adler.”

“Y/N!” He says cheerfully, “Looking just as stunning as I remember!”

“And, you are just as sleazy as I remember,” You retort.

“You always have been the funny one Y/N,” Rafe chuckles, putting his hand on the small of your exposed back. 

You roughly remove his hand and hiss, “Hands off Adler!" 

He puts his hands up in surrender, "Alright, alright. No need to get worked up darling, we’ve got a long night ahead of us.”

The night goes on, a woman by the name of Nadine makes conversation with Sully, and Rafe continues his shameless attempts at flirting with you. 

Rafe and Sully are relentlessly trying to outbid one another for the Cross of St. Dismas when the lights go out. Within a matter of minutes, the backup power comes on but by then, the cross is gone and Sully is dragging you out of the venue. You know there’s only one person who’d be responsible for this, Nathan Drake

You sit in the passenger seat of Sully’s car when you see your ex-partner shooting his way out of the ballroom. He’s followed be another familiar man. Sam?! He’s supposed to be dead. 

As you’re trying to figure out how the hell Sam’s still alive, you notice a figure sneaking up behind Nathan, “Crap! I’ll be back Sully!”

Before he has the chance to protest, you’ve already thrown your heels off and are slipping your gun out of the garter around your thigh. 

“NATE DUCK!” You cry out, he’s taken aback when he sees you, but he follows your order, and you shoot the man behind him in the head. 

Once you’ve successfully made your way out of the venue, Nathan turns to you, “What are you doing here Y/N?" 

"I heard my ex-partners were here, I couldn’t stay away,” You say with a smirk. You had worked with Nate, Sam, and Rafe for a while. After Sam’s ‘death’, Rafe became too difficult to deal with, so as much as it broke your heart to do so, you parted ways with Nate. 

“Well, um, thanks I guess, for saving my life, again,” He says awkwardly. 

“No problem Nate, that’s what I’m here for right?” You chuckle slightly. 

“So are you going to be coming with us?" 

"I could use an adventure, i-if that’s okay with you boys of course.”

“We don’t mind Y/N,” Sam butts in, putting out his cigarette with his foot. He leans closer to you and whispers, “You still like Nathan don’t you?”

“Shut up smokey!” You roll your eyes, before walking away. I never stopped liking Nathan


Masterlist // Rules List // To-Do List

           I danced to my heart’s content in my little case of glass, waiting for ‘a new business opportunity’ to show so our meeting could begin. I could feel the pulse of the bass in my throat, I could feel the music vibrating every cell within me and my mind was lost in it. I rolled my hips, dropping to the ground and then gliding back up again only to meet the most striking grey/blue eyes I had ever seen. 
           He was watching me intently and I pressed my hands against the glass, continuing to dance as his eyes followed me. There was something about those eyes that held me, there was something in the way he looked at me with that dark hunger that made me move in a way that was just for him.
           His fingers fluttered on the cane he was holding and I turned my back to him, moving my hips and sliding ever so slowly downward before rising once again. Turning back to him his eyes had darkened, there was a tantalizing smile on his face as his tongue glided across his teeth and he gestured for me to come out. I was happy to oblige, it was him who I was meeting after all.
           He looked me over, his eyes telling me he was enjoying what he saw. 
           “Pleased to meetcha, Mister J,” I half-yelled over the music.
           “And what’s your name, doll?” 
           I gestured with my head for him to follow me over to one of the private booths where the music was much quieter. Waltzing over to the table I sat down and crossed my legs, waiting patiently for him to speak.
           “You’re the boss-mans lady then aren’t ya?” He asked.
           I leaned back in my seat, smirking, “I am the boss man, sugar. Now what do you want?” 
           “May I have a name, honey?”
           I pursed my lips, taking a shot off of a nearby tray and drinking its contents, the taste of blue raspberry and vodka on my tongue. 
           “Y/N, now to what do I owe the pleasure Mister J?” 
           He grinned, laughing and I waited. He too leaned back in his seat, his shirt open for the most part so I could see the pale expanse of his muscular torso and his ink. A few gold chains hung around his neck and he ran his hands through his green locks.
           “I want some new toys, and a little birdy told me you got some of the nicest toys in town.” 
           I strummed my finger nails on the table and cocked my head to the side. In my line of business it is a deadly move to ask ‘why?’ but I’ll admit I was tempted to know what the infamous Joker was up to. 
           “What are you lookin’ for?” 
           “Y/N Y/N Y/N I want everything, including…” He leaned across the table and in a low voice that was almost a growl he said “You.” 
           Anger flared within me and I pulled a gun from my garter aiming it at him. I didn’t even flinch when I felt his guard (who appeared out of nowhere) press his own gun to my head. 
           “I am no gold digger Mister J, and I am certainly not for sale. I also bet I can pull the trigger faster than your wittle friend can pull his.” 
           The Joker surprised me though, he laughed telling his guard to put his gun away and the man did. 
           “I like you Y/N, you’re so intense! And I don’t want to buy you honey, where’s the fun in that?” 
           Arching a brow I slowly lowered my gun, eyeing him with curious interest. “Who says I even like you?” 
           He purred then, leaning across the table so his lips were a mere inches from mine and my breathing came out a little harder. My heart rate picked up as I scanned his face, and my eyes fell to his painted lips and that tongue that kept snaking out across his teeth. I licked my own lips, feeling warmth pool into my belly.
           “I know you do, Y/N” He whispered, and I could feel his warm breath on my face.
           I clenched my legs together, mildly irritated with him and myself when he leaned away from me and righted himself again. There had always been something about him, a visceral attraction even though this had been our first official meeting. I had seen him quite a few times at the club, I had heard the stories, and seen the news. He was the most powerful man in Gotham, a visionary, a man with a plan to watch this savage world burn for the joke that it is. Twisted as it was I understood his politics, I even agreed with him. His intelligence was hidden under insanity, and that mind is something I liked.
           He watched me struggle inwardly, watched me squirm, for a solid few minutes before he spoke again.
           “How about we blow this place and head back to mine to talk more… business baby-doll?”
           I faltered again, “I’m not like t-”
           He waved his hand, getting mildly annoyed. “I don’t want to buy you; I want you to surrender to me.” 
           Rising he walked around the table painfully slow and his fingers tilted my chin up so I was looking up at him.
           “Desire becomes surrender, and surrender becomes power.” He whispered, brushing my lower lip with his thumb which sent a shiver down my spine. 
           “Do you want this?” He leaned down, nipping my lower lip with his teeth and I gasped. “Do you want, me?” He purred.
           It was of my body’s own volition to curl my hand around the back of his neck and kiss him as I rose, my brain had yet to catch up with me. He growled all the while, yanking my hips against his as his tongue mastered mine. The hold he had on my hips was hard enough to leave bruises and when he pulled away I was in a state of complete euphoria. Running his thumb over my lips, no doubt smudging the lipstick his own lips had left, he grinned. 
           “Red looks good on you Y/N, ready for me to take you home?” He asked, and I was only too eager to nod for all speech had left me, it had been replaced with burning anticipation. 
           “Good Y/N, I’ve got grape soda on ice and a bear skin rug waitin’,” He leaned in and I felt his lips on my ear as he whispered in that deep gravelly voice of his “I also have a few toys of my own.” 

[I had to cut this one short (sorry). If you want more of this one in particular just shoot me a message. Also if you guys have any requests or you want me to create an imagine based off an image do not be afraid to message me. There is rarely anything I won’t do so smut and anything else does not bother me. I hope you all enjoy baby-dolls.

[Mark] Mr and Mrs Tuan (Part I)

“Oh come on babe, I was just bluffing.” Mark pleads, stepping into our big and luxurious shared house behind you and closing the front door.

“Bluffing? And how far would you have taken that bluffing if I didn’t come?” You scoff, walking fast in front of him.

“I was about to shoot her.” Mark argues, following you in the stairs. You were in the middle of a mission at a whorehouse, owned by Alexei Todorov and managed by his wife Guergana. Alexei is a big weight in the drug business while Guergana, or what’s left of her, got her whorehouse from a tantrum. You had to get an SD card which contained the names of all the people implied in Todorov’s drug network with undeniable proofs, a golden egg for ISEG. In the middle of the mission you had lost track of Mark and started to panic, then you had found him in a room, gladly acting like a rich customer and getting a private show from Guergana herself, things had ended with two bullets in her chest. The fact that you had to get the SD card had temporarily made you forget that you were extremely mad at him- even if you had dragged him out of the room pulling him by his ear- but ever since he had given the SD card to your superior, you had been snapping at him. Not that you where thinking he might leave you, you knew he loved you, but the fact that he was taking a good time during a mission, the fact that he let her straddle his lap- bluffing or not- the fact that it was an extremely stupid risk- she had a gun for heaven’s sake- all of this made your skull prickle with frustration.

“Do you really think I’m going to believe your bullshit?“ You reach the top of the stairs and walk to your bedroom.

“Babe it’s true, I swear.” Once you’re in your love cocoon you kick your heels off and toss them aside, continuing your journey to the bathroom.

“You know I wouldn’t make you jealous on purpose. Especially when your holding a gun. You would kill me right away.” Mark says, taking his suit vest off.

“I don’t know why I didn’t. And she could have killed you as well. Dare tell me you had noticed the gun in her garter-belt.” You flick the lights of the bathroom up and meet your reflection in the big mirror, Mark standing behind you, his hands working on his damn bow tie that you loved, taking it off, leaving him in only his shirt and pants. Lord Almighty.

“I would have killed her before.” He says while you unzip your tight red short dress on the side, sliding the golden zipper down your curves before pushing the material off your body, leaving you in your mid thighs, your thigh guns, and your black laced lingerie.

“You don’t know that.”

”Yes I do.” He replies, leaning against the wall and eyeing you while you take your guns out of your thighs straps and drop them on the bathroom counter.

“No you don’t! And I don’t want you to find out.” You argue back, merely evoking the idea of him dying while unsclapsing the straps on wrapped around your thighs where you put yours two Sale Rossi 357 Magnums, your favorites. Small but oh so devastating.

” You could’ve been hurt…” You mumble sadly, looking at him through the mirror, emptying your gun before putting the empty charger back in place. He watches you with a playful grin as you stand in front of him, barely dressed and manipulating guns. The thought of loosing him always haunts you. You know he’s good in what he does but sometimes rare occasions occurs where he’s in real danger, and it gives you a big shock every time. Your strong, gun-skilled husband is not immortal, and you couldn’t begin to imagine a possible life without him. Loosing him would kill you.

“Or worse…” You mumble, dropping your last gun on the bathroom counter. You’re in a different mood, you’re shaken up. The thrill of the mission has faded away, and now you realize you almost lost him, again. Mark realizes your mood change and pushes himself of the wall, uncrossing his arms.

“Hey now, none of that.” He pleads, grabbing you by the waist and turning around.

“We’re fine, that’s all that matters, okay? You know I hate when you think like that. Stop these silly thoughts.” He cups your face as he scolds you, it’s true that you two had agreed on never talking about death. You quietly nod, your head dropping. He’s here, you know it, but the fear…

"Look at me.” Mark commands, lifting your chin with his long index and tilting your head up. He cups your face and gazes down at you, frowning, studying your every reaction. 

“Kiss me.” You beg, you’re desperate to feel him, close, warm. He dips his head down and kisses you. He’s here, your love is here, tears creep in your eyes as he pulls away, his worried eyes studying your emotions again. He immediately whips the tear that rolls down your cheek. His heart sinks.

He kisses you again, more hungrily, more vigorously, his lips tugging at yours and sucking harshly. Yes, like that. This is what you want. But you need more. Grabbing the back of his neck you deepen the kiss. He frees your face and reaches down, tugging at your thighs and lifting you up effortlessly, sitting you on the counter, his mouth never leaving yours.

Your fingers run in his hair and you grab two fistfuls, tugging gently. In a fraction of second your bra is on the floor,  he detaches his lips from your and his tongue dances across you jaw. You whimper. When his lips are on yours again and his hands roaming your body, your hands work on the buttons of his shirt, revealing the valley between his pecks.

Sliding your hand under the material you push it off his shoulders, revealing his toned and sculpted chest. You pull him close and, skin on skin, kiss him sensually. Your man carries you out of the bathroom and lays you down on your shared bed, making you shiver with anticipation. You kiss for what seems to be an eternity and he moves his lips to your neck, then your naked chest, your stomach, your bellybutton, every kiss making your body alert.
“What a beautiful woman I have.” He coos. Oh, what these words do to you- you’re falling apart.

He hooks his skilled fingers in one of your mid thighs and pulls it down agonizingly slowly, his lips following the same path as the material, kissing you down to your ankles. He then repeats his torture on your other leg and you can barely compose yourself, refraining yourself from squirming or moaning. He hooks his fingers around your panties and slowly pulls them down and, to you big disappointment, without his lips following. Then his lips are on yours again, battling and oppressing, possessive and aggressive, you moan into his mouth.

He releases your lips and attacks your neck, nibbling, licking and sucking on your skin. “What do you want baby?” He rasps in your ear. He makes this all about you.

“Make love to me.” A simple request that means the world.

He peels himself away from you, his talented lips leaving an empty spot as he sits up. In a blink of eye his pants are out of the way and he’s completely naked with his intimidating erection. He crawls to you and kisses you, warming you up again. Where did he even get the idea that you could have chilled? You’re burning with lust, desire and anticipation, a fireball building deep down your body. You wrap your legs around his waist and he slowly impales you, stretching you and driving deep, you both moan at the sensation. He starts to move, slowly flexing his hips and thrusting in and out once… twice… thrice… again and again, slowly. You hiss against his lips as he sets his torturous rhythm. The fireball inside of you builds and builds, each thrust of his fueling your burning desire, stimulating all of your nerves. You’re all sensations as he picks up speed.

He sneaks an arm around your waist and abruptly sits you up and you’re straddling him. You instinctively start yo grind down on him as he flexes his lips, his movements meeting yours. You cry out loudly. “That’s it baby, feel me.” He nuzzles your throat, biting down and sucking on your skin while his hands come down for an hard squeeze of your behind.

“Mark!” You cry out, pulling at his hair and grinding on him at am erratic speed, your breathing heavy. You’re so, so close. You whimper loudly, begging for release.

“I’ve got you baby, I’ve got you.” He whispers in your ear and you let go, exploding around him as you orgasm washes over you, the tension reaching it’s highest point and ravaging your nerves with ecstasy. You stop breathing, your mouth hanging open against Mark’s who’s racing to his end. He’s the one doing you this, he’s here, he’s safe. “Oh, baby.” Mark moans as he hits his release as well. Tears prickle at the corner of your eyes fr the overwhelming sensation, this is intense. You whimper as he stills inside of you.

“I’m here, I’m here baby. I’m right here, okay?” He whispers breathlessly, cupping your face and whipping your tears away with his thumbs. You nod, registering his words.

“I know, I just…” You mumble and sniffle, words fail you. What has gotten into you? He’s here. “Shhh,” He says, cupping your face, his thumb sealing your mouth.
“I don’t want to hear those silly things.” He whispers, running his thumb across your lower lip. “I’m sorry I scared you.” He says, putting you back down on the bed and towering above you. “But I’m here, okay?” He says, he must really hate talking about death. You nod, holding his serious gaze.

“I love you, Mrs Tuan.” He says, more to himself than to you, and then his mouth finds it’s way to yours in a chaste kiss. “I love you more, Mr.Tuan.” You whisper against his lips, running your fingertips in his just fucked hair, wrapping yourself around your precious husband.

Protection (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by kzorels

Prompt: 1940s Bucky saves reader from a PURSE SNATCHING PIECE OF CRAP outside of a diner?

I also had a mobster AU prompt somewhere, but I can’t find the actual ask :( 

A/N: So this is probably gonna be a fic in multiple parts because who doesn’t enjoy the idea of Mobster Bucky? Or at least, part of the mob. Also I just love 1940s!Bucky, but you all knew that anyway. I hope that you enjoy it- and thank you to those who requested it!

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Originally I was just trying to flirt with you because I was hired to kill you but damn you're a good kisser maybe just a few more minutes au

Annabeth normally didn’t get distracted like this. She was the best agent on the field, and her targets never got away from her. 

But Percy Jackson smelt like the ocean and tasted like strawberries and honestly, what harm could five more minutes do? So she looped her arms around his neck and continued kissing him. 

Everything would be fine, so long as he didn’t notice the gun tucked into her garter. Then it could get messy.

The Escort Part 7

Author: Jena @i4z-0892-imagines

Summary: Having to pretend to be an Escort for a case was not your idea of fun in the slightest. However the looks you keep getting from The Boys just might turn out to be a better way to spend the evening than you thought.

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean

Words: 1,725

Warnings: Language

A/N Based off of This Imagine.
Keep giving me your opinions it’s truly what keeps a story going! <3333 Give me all your feedback and critiques! Gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

They sat in the car staring daggers at the spectacle through the window, both in sync with simultaneous groans and eye rolls. Neither of them finding even the slightest enjoyment from the scene taking place in front of them.

“I can’t stand this. How can you stand this? How can you just sit there like ‘yeah-okay?’” Dean pressed in his agitation. Sam clenched his jaw tight before turning his bitch-face to his brother.

“Right because this is a picnic for me too.” Sam said flatly, wanting nothing more than to burst through the door and whisk you away to where no one else could put their hands on you.

“Well it’s not like you’re saying anything!” Dean nearly shouted in his annoyance. It was baffling to him that his brother could sit back and just “let you do your job.” As if he was okay with anything that was happening. And how could he be? It was YOU.

“Yeah because we both agreed not to when she hit the road with us.” Sam defended, his face matching his incredulous tone. “Or do you not remember that?”

Dean scoffed his entire body rolling in disbelief. Just because he’d said it didn’t mean he meant it. He’d always had a thing for you, since you’d met, but knew it had the potential to be a huge problem. “You can’t hold that against me! I was drunk!”

“Dean we talked about this. At length. We both agreed that it was better for neither of us to get involved.” Sam reminded him a little more forcefully than he’d intended to.

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I love that it’s extreme like at first sight when Anna and Peggy finally meet. Like two young and attractive women meet, who have a connection through an attractive man (who’s the husband of one of the women), and there’s no weirdness or jealousy. Instead there’s Anna giving Peggy clothes, being a good friend to her, sewing her garter gun holsters and walking in on Peggy and Jarvis in a very compromising position and being like OMG YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE. Thank you, Agent Carter, for prioritizing female friendships and avoiding cliched sexist tropes. 

Abort Mission-Stiles AU

The ‘’ you both are spies working for different companies and you are asked to work together on a series of missions but you do not like having a partner and he is cocky and sarcastic.’’ au 

A/N : this is like my favourite.


‘’May I have your coat ?’’ the lady asks her, and she nods handing it over. She takes a look at her reflection a the glass of the doors. The golden long tight dress wraps her curves perfectly as the sleeves fall lose on her shoulders. Her matching earrings revealed due to her faux bob hair. She smirks and takes a glass of champagne. She twists her earring to give a better view to the van down the street. ( it will make sense hang in there )


He pulls down his black beanie and counts to three , then he releases the belt.
Slowly and steadily ,his body that is hanging from a black string from the air pipe starts lowering towards the centre of the guarded room. He can’t go any further down, or he will be caught on camera.


‘’ How come a lovely lady like you is not being escorted ?’’ The subject approaches her. She smirks in success.

‘’ Maybe I am just waiting for someone to ask’’ she leans and whispers in his ear. He chuckles and runs  a hand through his dark hair. She notices his suit.

‘’ I’m Peter’’ he holds out his hand, she takes his martini, drinks it at once , and then slowly bites the olive. He stares at her. She grabs his hands.

‘’ well Peter, how come a lovely guy like you , hasn’t taken a lovely lade like me to a room yet ?’’ she leans and whispers and he shivers. As he takes her hand , making her leave the roof garden party , and down to the elevator , she notices what she needs. The key in his pocket.

‘’ my room is just down the corridor’’ he says cheekily and she smirks even more as she follows


After managing to enable the cameras, he lets the rope , opens his legs and arms until his whole body is hanging just one inch from the floor. He controls his breath as the slightest movement might set off the alarm. .


‘’ sorry Peter ‘’ she says , tying him tight on the bed , pulling her gun from the garter on her thigh. Peter tries to scream but she punches him.

‘’ right , imma have to take care of that’’ she mumbles to herself, bending and taking of her black laced panties, shoving them in Peter’s mouth.

‘’ I almost forgot’’ she takes the card key from his pocket and kisses his cheek leaving a red lipstick mark on him as she exits the corridors, gun and key in one hand , while she releases her hair from the bun with the other. She enters the elevator and heads towards the president’s suite.


The gas he has released has finally decreased the room’s temperature enough for him to be able to walk around. He lets go of the rope , finally stepping foot on the floor. And then the red lazer lights appear. He has been on business for far too long to know he must not touch them. He jumps the first three , bends to avoid the next twists around,  lingers , rolls , until finally he has reached the computer. He looks back to see how complex the lazer lights he just passed are.

‘’ Damn , I should join the circus..’’ he says to himself, smirking, opening the computer. The warning for the alarm goes on.

‘’ 30 seconds ?’’ he reads out loud and attaches the usb while starting to download the files.


She stands right outside the suite, and slides the card she got from ,Peter entering and locking the door.

‘’what are you- oh hello’’ the president says once she notices her looks.

She holds the gun up.

‘’ Hi Prez’’ she smirks.


5 seconds left and he pulls out the usb stick kissing it once. Then the alarm goes on. He runs through the lazers he previously passed so easily , not caring now. Then the doors open , and guards with guns enter.


She checks herself at the mirror and sighs when she notices the tiny stain of blood on her dress. Now she has to dispose the gun, the body , and her fingerprints. She pulls out of her cleavage the tiny bomb set leaving it infront of the mirror. She goes to the window, and opens it. The van Is right beneath.


The guards start looking around for the intruder but he is nowhere to be found.

‘’ BYE BOYS !’’ he whistles , right before disappearing through the air pipe he once entered, causing them to start shooting.


The exploding bomb of the highest floor , of the most expensive hotel makes everyone that attends the roof garden party scream , while she jumps out the window.


He returns back to his company . Boss asked him to hand in the usb himself. Two guards open the doors to the familiar office and he steps inside. Screens everywhere, a guy with his ear cut tied up in a chair in the corner , and a hot model in a red dress siting on the boss’ desk.

‘’ And with five minutes to spare he’s back !’’ Boss says , shuffling his grey hair , opening his arms to hug him.
As soon as he hands the usb , he checks the model , winks at her , she opens her mouth disgust, then He leans against the doorframe, as Boss hands him his reward. After he takes it he turns to leave.

‘’ Stiles wait’’ Boss says.


She walks up to her Boss’ office, in order to hand in the earrings. She has now taken off that million dollar dress , that is thrown in the garbage outside an old lady’s house. She is in her usual black tights , leather jacket and tank top.

‘’ You didn’t have to use a bomb’’ Her boss says as she opens the door , to reveal , the enormous pool table. And the wooden desk as well as the endless collection of guns.

‘’ yeah I know , but my panties , were a floor down. Had to make sure , they’d disappear too..’’ She says and places the earrings on her boss’ desk turning to leave.

‘’ Y/N wait’’ Boss says.


‘’ new mission ?’’ Stiles asks and boss shakes his head.

‘’ We signed a contract with another company-

‘’ congartulations live long ,’’ Stiles shakes his boss’ hand and then turns to the model ‘’ hi , I’m Stiles you should call me.’’ the model simply turns her head.

‘’ a series of shared mission concerning one particular target…’’ Boss continues handing a jacket to the model motioning for her to leave.

‘’ hmm, interesting’’ Stiles pretends to be listening as he checks the ass of the model and only turns to look at his boss when the door closes.


‘’ Y/N , you have a new mission’’ Her boss says. Y/N smirks.

‘’ well more like a series of missions..’’ boss mumbles.

‘’ I’ll need new panties won’t I ?’’ Y/N asks and laughs.

‘’ before you deny , I need to inform you , money is good, and you will get the promotion you’ve been asking for’’ Boss says

‘’ why would I deny ?’’ Y/N asks.  


‘’ big on money , big on position …’’ Boss continues.

‘’ I’m in’’ Stiles says straightening his jacket.

‘’ don’t rush Stilinski..’’


‘’ because I know how you love to work alone’’ Boss continues. Y/N furrows her brows. She does not like where this is going.

‘’ it is a shared mission , Y/N’’ Boss says.


‘’ Y/N   Y/L/N , excellent recommendations, highest ratings’’ Boss says presenting her file.

‘’ is there a picture ?’’ Stiles jumps on the desk holding the file finding her picture.

‘’So ? ‘’ Boss asks.

‘’ Maybe an 8 and a half or a close 9 , can’t give a ten yet bec-

‘’ On the job Stiles , will you do it ?’’


‘’ no ‘’

‘’ But Y/N , he really is an excellent member,’’ Boss insists.

‘’ I work alone’’ Y/N says tossing his file.

‘’ it is of highest importance and you are the best I’ve got . Can’t risk signing a freshman. Trust me you will not regret it. ‘’


‘’ugh, fine’’