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neil and any of the fox fam with #1? i live for angst

01: “I’m sorry.”

In retrospect, they really should’ve hired some sort of security for the court. It sits nestled into campus like Palmetto’s gaudy oversized jewel, bright bright white like glaring snow, impossible to pass by without some part of you wanting to deface it.

It’s also like a neat little box with Neil’s name on the label. Even though his biggest enemies are mercifully holding back with an open palm and a cocked gun, he has a host of new people to fight since he’s been in the news. A thousand more misguided fans trying to come calling.

A year ago he would’ve understood that staying at Palmetto is like a wanted man staying in a burning house, waiting for the smoke or the police to get him first. But Neil has a taste for smoke, now. It’s so easy to stay at the court, where he’s surrounded by family — most of whom have mile long protective streaks and criminal records like the markings on poisonous snakes.

He’s not worried. He has Andrew simmering at his side with the best right hook he’s ever seen and a clinical willingness to kill someone if the occasion should call for it. He’s wasn’t worried. He should’ve been worried.

It’s a former Raven who ends up coming for him; someone who took the tyranny of Riko’s regime and tried to shrug the crown on himself. Someone who got a taste for the sweet, dark paralysis of a life that’s never yours.

Neil never leaves a door to close without waiting for the click of the latch, so he can’t imagine how this bulky, wild-eyed person came to be facing him in the heart of the court, palming a gun from his pocket into a threat at half mast.

Neil’s head is a full suitcase. He can’t even see through the panic. There’s stuffing coming out of his eyes and all he wants to do is gather it up and run.

It’s stupid, really, that he hadn’t properly tried to see this coming. He’d discarded the possibility and settled into the flames.

The guy— Spencer?— is a raven dealer with an upper body that could incapacitate Neil with one well-placed collision. He watches the old raven line number shift on his chest as he shoulders the door to the court open. Neil considers the heft of a ball still in his racquet. His aim isn’t precise enough to take out the gun if Spencer still has the presence of mind to be a moving target. Kevin would know how to calculate his odds and find an angle that works, but all Neil has is his nerve and his speed.

“If rumour serves, you’ve changed a lot, Nathaniel.”

Neil shifts backwards, adjusting his grip and breathing through the familiarity of the gesture. Hunted, defended, retreating.

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Old Habits Die Hard

Bucky x Reader

REQUEST: Bucky with number’s 85. What’s wrong with me missing you?, 95. Tell me you need me., and 110. I’m sorry if I don’t want you to die!

Summary: In her eyes Bucky’s moved on, and she slowly is too, but when a mission goes haywire, he realizes just how much he misses her.

Warnings: pure angst, swearing, brief violence. (you’re going to hate me, yikes) I strongly suggest that you listen to Another Sad Love Song by Khalid, it’s loosely based on the song as well. Also, please read the comment and you’ll understand why I ended it the way I did. Hope y’all understand xx

Word Count: 2.8k+

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It wasn’t suppose to go down this way. The breakup was amicable. It wasn’t worth the angry tears and screaming matches in the middle of the night whenever Bucky came home late. She missed the old Bucky. The Bucky that would come home every day and shower her with love and affection, but then he disappeared. The good morning kisses halted and tight goodbye hugs became loose. She tried talking to him about it, but he just brushed it off and went to bed.

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Safe and Sound- Mitch x reader

Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Mitch x reader

Request: “Can you do a Mitch imagine we’re he goes to kill these bad guys in a house and when he’s about to leave he hears a muffled scream and he goes to look and he sees a girl tied to a chair and she’s like bruised and bleeding so he goes and helps her and takes her home with him and she doesn’t talk at first because she’s scared but reassures her that it’s okay. Can you make it fluffy please and thank you.”

Warnings: mentions of killing, swearing, and fluff

Word count: 3,521 words

A/N: This was my very first request and I really enjoyed writing this a lot! I don’t need to tell you guys already, you know @susybird is the best with proofreading and helped me with the ending bc I’ve been writing this since 9 am and it’s currently 10:41 pm and I had no motivation whatsoever so a big huge thank you and hug to her. Also, @wittystiles for motivating me and helping me out with this! I hope you all enjoy it! Let me know what you guys think :)

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“Okay remember. The mission is to just get in, find the enemy, and get out. No messing around either.” Hurley announces to the group but his eyes were focused on me when he said all of that. Yeah like I’m the one that messes shit up. I guess you could say I have a reputation for not following orders, but one thing is for sure; I get shit done at the end of the day.

“Alright we’re looking for a man name Nizar Muhibb Hadad. Last seen going into this house carrying a duffel bag that is filled with all sorts of illegal drugs.” Stan points to a picture of an old, small house. The windows were shattered and the roof falling apart. Hadad was a short stubby man but also known as one of the most dangerous and powerful drug dealers out there. He’d been in a drug ring for about 4 years. We’d been tracking him down ever since but we were never fast enough to catch him in time. Until today.

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Breathless (1)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s breathless, and not in a good way.

Word Count: 1.8k+

Warnings: swearing i think, mentions of starvation, violence, torture, death. ANGST.

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Looking at him took my breath away, and not the good kind that most people associate breathlessness with. I couldn’t breathe. It was as if a pile of rocks sat in my chest. Each breath hurt worse than the last. My body was shaking with unadulterated fear. I was face to face with the monster under my bed, the star of my nightmares. The same stormy blue eyes that shot me in the shoulder all those years ago.

I honestly thought I was going to puke. My hands were clammy and I felt light headed. Tears threatened to spill over my cheeks and I take in a bated breath. My surroundings fade and it feels like I’m floating.

His blue eyes are no longer menacing and cold. Instead, they’re soft but haunted. It still doesn’t make me feel any better being around him. His eyes brightened at the sight of me for a moment and it unnerved me. His face falls and he takes a hesitant step towards me.

“Y/n? Is that really you?” he asked, his eyes search mine for a trace of the girl that was imprisoned with him. I know he can’t, because that girl no longer exists. Not since he shot me, at least.

I crossed my arms and straighten my posture. “You’re not a very good shot,” I spat, pulling the shoulder of my shirt down, revealing the nasty scar that stretched from my shoulder to my neck. He winces.

“Y/n!” Steve hissed, scowling at me.

“Fuck off, Steve. Did you know I was his first and failed mission?” I sneered angrily. “I was the test subject to determine if he was the Soldier. Spoiler alert, he failed.”

“Because I was still me, dizzy doll! I couldn’t shoot you. I wouldn’t kill you. You’re my girl!” Bucky interjected.

I look away and a tear slides down my cheek. “Your feelings for me set HYDRA up with decades of torture. They had no point for me so I was expendable. Every new method they came up with to torture you with, started with me.”

It was 1949, four years after the war ended and I found myself in post war torn Austria. I had just finished my degree and a promising job offer led to to the ruined country. I was too excited to see the skepticism in the offer. It was deep in the mountains and I had no knowledge of how to transport to and from the closest town nearby where I was suppose to be living. That was my first mistake.

The men who I’d later discover as HYDRA agents would drug me on the car ride there. I’d be striped of my belongings and nearly starve to death for the next week until they moved me into the cell block Bucky was occupying. I was scared and weak, terrified that I was going to die.

I was freezing in the clothes that I wore. I wanted to make an impression, so I wore a nice, bright yellow dress with my lab coat that would be my only source for warmth. I was getting sick. I coughed up a lung every now and then and my skin was hot to the touch, even though I was shivering.

And then by some miracle, they moved me. They viciously dragged me down multiple corridors until I got lost wherever we were. If they thought that I was ever planning on escaping, having multiple hallways with just as many others was the trick at capturing me, that’s for sure.

The doors in front of us opened with a scream and I shake against their grasp. They throw me into the room blindly and I fall with a loud crack. My knees crumble and my palms burn against the rough concrete.

I managed to get onto my feet and back myself into a corner. I ducked my head into my knees, quietly muttering prayers that I learned over the years. My eyes close and I shake with each word that tumbles out of my lips.

“Why did they bring you here?” a voice hissed out in another part of the room. It’s rough, raspy.

My eyes snapped open and I’m met with a worse for wear looking man. Despite our conditions, he looked fine. He was muscular and from the looks of it, he was wearing clean clothes. I scan the cell and notice this cell is ten times better than the one I was in.

It had a bathroom area and a small cot for a bed. It was an ideal hostage room unlike the one I was in. The cell I was in only had a bucket for a toilet and I was confined to the floor as a bed.

“I-I don’t kn-know,” I rasped out in between a coughing fit. My throat burned and it took everything in me not to throw up. “They j-just threw me in here. I’ve been isolated for a w-week.”

His cold eyes soften and he grabbed the cup of water to his right. He walked over to me before gently grabbing my hand, placing it in my hand. I thank him quietly, drinking it slowly. My eyes met his again again and for the first time I notice how beautiful he is.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Y/n,” I mumbled, shaking in the rags of my lab coat.

“It’s nice to meet you, Y/n. I’m Bucky.”

After we met, I found solace in him. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and the months turned into a full year of imprisonment. It was a slow and torturous year, but I had Bucky. He kept me safe and warm.

He’d sooth me whenever I’d forget myself. He knew me better than I knew myself in just a year span. He’d remind me of who I was and run his cool metal fingers through my hair until I fell asleep in his embrace. No matter how many times HYDRA attempted to erase who I was, Bucky was always there. They could never erase him from me, and he brought me back to the ground.

One day after an attempted mind wipe, I was worse for wear. They threw me back into the cell roughly and I had no energy to lift myself up onto my butt. I was weak and feeble, shaking in response from the energy coursing through my body.

Bucky hurried to my side and held my head in his hands. My eyes closed as I listened to his soft strong voice. He was lulling me to sleep before my eyes opened again. Our eyes meet and my hand reached up, tangling my fingers in his hair.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled. “I’m so weak and–and broken. You shouldn’t have to take care of me.”

“Shh,” he murmured, “You’re not weak or broken. They’re trying to break you, but you’re not broken. I don’t mind takin’ care of you. You remind me of sickly Steve. I like takin’ care of you. I care about you.”

He holds me and pulls me into his lap. My hand brushed against his cheek and he leans into my touch. His fingers play with my hair and our foreheads touch.

“Y/n,” he breathed, “I really want to kiss you,” he confessed.

My heart leaped out of my chest and I turn my head, pressing my mouth against his. It’s firm and full of everything each of us want to say but there were no words for it. He holds me close and I cling to him. He seemed to be the only thing anchoring me.

“James,” I whispered against his lips. He hums in reply. “James, whatever happens to me, it’s okay. I can’t keep going like this. If HYDRA for whatever reason decides to kill me, I want them to. I can’t live like this anymore.”

“No,” he begged, holding my face. “I can’t lose you too.”

“Bucky, I can’t keep going like this. I want to die. I can’t handle another minute of HYDRA. You have to understand. I’m begging you to understand.”

“Y/n,” he croaked, “I can’t let them kill you. You’re all I have.”

I smiled softly at him, running a finger over his cheek. “It’s okay, Bucky. I’ll still be with you here,” I press my hand against his chest.

A handful of days pass before anything happens. It’s the middle of the night and I’m ripped off the home I’ve made in Bucky’s embrace. I cry out and he reaches for me, but he’s beaten into submission at the sound of a gun cocking. I freeze, adjust to the bright light in the room.

Agents surrounded us. My eyes met Bucky’s and his plead with mine. Mine soften, knowing what’s to come.

One of the head agents enters the room, a red book in hand.

“No,” Bucky cries, struggling against the agents in the room. “No, please.”

“Bucky,” I coo, forcing him to look at me. “It’s okay.”

Tears slide down his cheeks and a sob rips through his chest. I watch the agent open the book, thumbing through the pages. I tone the agent out, focusing on Bucky.

He’s gone moments later and his orders are given. He takes the gun and moves it to my direction. His eyes are cold, but it doesn’t frighten me.

“It’s okay,” I murmured in reassurance. “It’s okay, Bucky. Do it, please.”

He looks at me and raises a brow. Something in him clicks, but the gun still goes off. I crumbled to the ground, pain ripping through my shoulder. I was still alive.  

“No. No, no, no,” I chanted under my breath as they dragged me away to privately discipline him. I never saw him again until now.

“I asked, no, begged, you to shoot me. I was miserable. I was weak. I was dying. I wanted to be put out of my misery. You know better than anyone else how that feels,” I spat angrily, feeling my face get hot as tears slid down my cheeks.

“I loved you, Y/n! I couldn’t have you dying on my conscious!” he cried.

“Oh, and I’m sure you could have Howard and Maria on your conscious then, huh? You don’t love me,” I argued. “You think you do, but you don’t. I was the only companion you had. You don’t love me.”

I know it’s a low blow, but I don’t really care, not yet at least. I’m hurt. I’m scared. It’s the first time since he shot me that I’ve seen him.

His face fell and Steve growled my name. I ignore him, storming off to my bedroom. I slam the door shut and slide to the floor. My body shakes as sobs rip through me and I climb onto my bed, pulling my knees to my chest, crying myself to sleep.

yEAH NEW SERIES!!!! this one is going to contain a shit ton of drama. no one’s gonna be happy and it’ll be awesome. you’ll shoot me, but it’ll be awesome. and there’s gonna be a love triangle with a very over looked avenger ;))) send me asks of who you think it’ll be!!!

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Hi! Uh, I drew this today and I’m pretty proud of it. I thought maybe you could use it for inspiration or something? Idk. I was inspired by Mark’s FNAF playthrough cuz I’m rewatching it. Love you and your work!

(This is so neat! It’s almost Tim Burton-esque in style, and I just love it! Let’s see if we can whip up a little Google one shot, shall we?)

It’s been a few months since the Google IRL video, and already, Google is beginning to feel the effects of fading. He’s been in Matthias’s basement just gathering dust, broken and glitched, when he begins to hear the voice. Google, get up. If you keep sitting there, you’re going to die. And we don’t want that now do we?

Google remembers looking around, head twitching and jerking around in circles but finding no one else in the basement with him. The soft blue glow emitting from his chest is enough to guide him through the boxes and other stowed away things. Google wanders up the wooden staircase and tries the door leading out of the basement. It’s unlocked, probably always was.

That’s it. That’s it, Google. Don’t stop now!

Google opens the door slowly, peeking out and around the living room. It’s late at night, and Matt and Amanda are both asleep. He tiptoes through the house and out the door. Once outside, the android stops. “Wai-wait, n-n-now what do I d-do?”

I just sent you an address. You can get there, right?

“Ye-yes, Google M-maps has sho-shown me the fastest-est route to this location, but h-how do I know that I can-an trust you? Yo-you are a disembodied v-v-voice in my head. That is n-not usually a re-reliable source.” Google starts following the blue path glowing on the ground ahead of him anyway, his robotic eyes laying out the directions before him in a hologram.

You’re just going to have to trust me, Google. Trust that I have your best intentions at heart. Can you do that?

The android makes a face. “I’m n-not su-sure whether-er my programming allo-ows ‘trust.’ But I have a-a-admin…”

Google, come to this location now, or I’ll come find you myself and tear out all your wiring!

“O-okay,” the droid says simply and continues to follow the blue line. He doesn’t notice when the other men start to follow him. He doesn’t notice when one of them raises a gun to the back of his head, but he does notice when the gun goes off. It blows a hole through his scalp, and he can tell wires are now exposed. Google whirls around on his attackers as they knock him to the ground.


The droid feels his hands clench into fists, and he stands. The men are startled. He should be dead. If anything, he definitely shouldn’t be glowing. Google’s eyes flash blue, and he finds himself grinning. “Sec-secondary ob-objective activa-vated…”

Dark loses his mental connection with the droid after that, and he’s left watching through the window of the house he and Wilford share, waiting and wondering. He doesn’t like not knowing.

But when he sees a faint blue glow in the distance, he grabs Wilford, and they run down to meet Google as he hobbles helplessly along. They’ve torn him to bits, but he made it. When Google sees two men who look somewhat like himself running towards him, the droid begins to sputter, “G-g-google IRL re-requires re-repairs.” He collapses into Dark’s arms, who arrives just in time.

“Don’t worry, Google. You’re with us now.”

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How would companions react to sole confessing his/her love for them? PS: I just recently found your blog and wow! Your writing is so good!!^^

Aw thank you so much!! I really hope you enjoy this reaction! Sorry it’s been taking me so long to get this finished. (Answering more asks asap)

Cait: Cait winded gauze around Sole’s bruised knuckles, candlelight flickering behind her. Neither of them said a word, but the beating in their chests pleaded for their lips to part. “I think I love you Cait…” Sole confessed, staring at her working hands. She stopped, looking up at the Sole Survivor.”You think, or you know?” She questions, her hands slowly tying up the thick wrap.”I love you,” they reply. Cait leans into them, pressing her lips onto theirs. Her heart pounded, and without a second thought she kisses them harder. The months of built up desire and tension, dispersed in this moment. She pulls back, the both of them breathless.”I’ve never loved anybody before,” she admits,”But I know I love you.”

Codsworth: “Oh mum/sir…I don’t know what to say.. What about Sir/Mum?”

Curie: Curie hummed joyfully as she meddled with blood samples and shuffled papers that her handwriting had marked with calculations and hypothesis’. The Sole Survivor watched her from a distance, as they occupied their self with their own hobbies.”Oh isn’t it just amazing what the human body is capable of!” Curie exclaims rushing over to Sole, her notes in hand. She boasts about her findings, with the cutest grin plastered onto her face. Then without second thought, Sole kisses her softly as she speaks.”Madame/Monsieur?” She whispers, her cheeks glowing from the soft lips that had met hers.”I’m sorry,” Sole apologizes,”I’m in love with you…” Curie grins, looking at the floor to handle the uncharted land of emotions bestowed upon her.”I believe I am in love with you too madame/monsieur,”Curie says, craving to share another kiss with her new found love.

Danse: “Why? Why would you do all of this to save me? I’m a machine! I am a traitor to you and the Brotherhood!– I am nothing…” Danse snaps, his hands firmly grasping Sole’s arms. “Because I love you!” They snap back. His grip loosens, his hands moving down their arms and back to his side.”I’m in love with you Danse, I don’t care what you are, it doesn’t matter to me.” He regains his composure, finding the words to say. But they are jumbled by the confusion and anguish within ”Sole you of all people know I am no good with words, but I… I’m infatuated with you. And I dare say I’m in love with you too. Please… be patient with me, I have a lot to learn… and a lot to overcome.”  

Deacon: One night, as the Sole Survivor and Deacon lie awake in a pitch black room of the Dugout Inn Deacon’s thoughts raced about the man/woman beside him.”Sole?” he whispered into the dark. Sole sighed wearily, letting him know that he had their attention. Deacon licked his lips, his heart beating faster than it should.”Do you think you could ever love again?” Maybe it was the bottle or two of Gwinnett Stout that encouraged him to ask such a question, but regardless Sole was taken off guard.”Yes,” they answered vaguely, waiting for Deacon to say something in return. Instead he rolled over onto his side, and let no words escape his mouth.”I’ve fallen in love with you Deacon…” Deacon didn’t move, nor speak. A few minutes rolled by until the silence grew too uncomfortable. ”I’m sorry…” Sole finally said. The pathological liar turned over to spill a few truths,”You should be,” he smirked,”teasing a guy like that, it’s cruel.” Sole snorted,”I’m serious Deacon..” He let out a pleasant sigh,”Goodnight Sole.” He cooed planting a small kiss on their forehead. That night he dreamed of finding the courage to tell Sole everything, the truth, about his mutual feelings for them. But until that moment he’d cower behind his jokes and his black shades

Hancock: The Third Rail buzzed from the music and comforting appearance of Goodneighbor’s beloved mayor. Hancock sashayed nonchalantly to the bar ordering Sole and himself a cold beverage.”When are ya gonna tell the gal/guy what your true intentions are Hancock?” Whitechapel Charlie asked, while fulfilling the ghoul’s request. Hancock glanced at the Sole Survivor with a smile.”I have no idea what you’re talking about Charlie.” The bartender allowed Hancock to take in Sole’s beauty before speaking again.”It’s no secret around here that you’ve got something for the Vault Dweller, admit it, you like the gal/guy.” Before Hancock could defend himself Sole appears by his side, taking the glass out of his rough hand.”Mind if I have a word with you?” They ask, their alluring eyes causing Hancock’s thoughts drift to sheer desire.”I’ve been meaning to have this conversation with you for a while now…” Hancock pressed his lips against the glass in his hand,”Lay it on me.” Sole took a sip of their liquid courage before spilling the secrets they held within.”I’m in love with you Hancock… And I’m not sure if you-” Hancock interrupted their moving lips by using what was left of his to give into the urges and tension he’s let bottle up inside him. His hand tangled itself in Sole’s hair, pulling them into him, allowing him to kiss them passionately and deeply.”I was wondering when you’d say that, love.” He breathed,”Why don’t you say we take this somewhere more private? And I’ll show you what my love really feels like.” 

“Fucking finally..” Charlie huffed as the entire joint cheered for their sailing ship.

Maccready: Maccready hardly ever misses a shot, it’s something he is certainly proud to put on his business card. But it’s a skill that is acquired through practice. On days him and Sole aren’t giving the Commonwealth’s Finest hell, he spends his morning making a target practice out of what he can scrounge up.”Maccready, may I talk to you for a moment?” He loads a bullet into the chamber,”Of course. Give me one second.” He smiles, then staring through the scope, eyes fixed on the empty can of pork’n’beans. Maccready holds his breath steadying his aim,”Maccready, I’m in love with you.” BOOM, the gun goes off, his bullet spiraling into a nearby tree. He sets down his rifle with haste,”Y-You’re what?…. What about your husband/wife? I know she’s/he’s gone, but you still love him/her don’t you?” Sole then confessed to everything. Everything they had felt then, and everything they feel now for their spouse.”But it’s you I love Maccready…” His cheeks went ablaze, as his heart beated intensely.”I…I love too Sole,” He admits after hearing what he needed to hear.”I think I have for a long while now..”

Nick Valentine: It was late, Nick hung up his coat then making his way over to his desk to analyze his newest case. Sole had convinced him to go out to dinner with them, to get away from the drag atmosphere of his office. With plenty of convincing he went, but once he returned it was all work no play. Sole slipped of their shoes, watching the detective light up a smoke.”Nick, there’s something I’ve been needing to tell you…” Nick turned to look at them,”Lay it on me kid.” Sole sat on the corner of his desk, letting the radio that played softly in the background calm their nerves.”I love you Nick.” They didn’t look at him, just stared at the floor expecting the worse. He dug his cigarette into the ashtray on his desk, feeling elated yet confused how Sole could love an old bot like him. He placed his hand on theirs, leading them to the center of the room. Nick placed his metal hand on their hip as his other hand tangled with Soles fingers. The office became a ballroom, reserved for Sole and Nick only. They danced to the rhythm playing on the radio for as long as their feet would allow. Nick then paused, placing his hand on the back of Sole’s head, running his fingers through their hair as he finally spoke.”Kid, I may not know how or why you feel the way you do for me. But I believe you when you say that you love me. And you should believe me when I say, I love you too.”

Piper: Piper was writing the Diamond City’s next headliner when she ran out of ink. Luckily for her she had someone like Sole to run and find her the ink she desperately needed.”Oh my gosh Blue, I love you!” She thanked. Sole smirked studying her features,”I love you too Piper.” The reporter’s cheeks grew a rosy red.”Do you really?” Sole leaned into her, their lips meeting. Piper hesitated for a moment, but finally gave in, placing her hand upon their cheek. Sole pulled away, her eyes now sparkling like a sky full of stars, full of lustful desire.”Yes, I love you Piper.” She pulled them into her, allowing her soft lips to clash with theirs once more. From then on she was complete.

Preston: The morning was warm and tranquil, the water crashing upon the castle walls sounded harmonic in way, and the diamond city radio allowed Preston’s hips to sway without a care. Sole watched Preston dance ignorant of their presence. The humble man turned on his heel when he heard Sole chuckle,”Care to join me General?” He smiles, unmoved by their judgement. He pulled them into his world, leading them with the music, twirling them when urged to. ”Preston…I’m in love with you.” The militia man’s ears burned as his smile spread from ear to ear.”So am I,” He admitted, slowly inched his lips closer to Sole’s, and when they met Preston didn’t hold back. Slow, but passionate and genuine, familiarizing himself with the woman/man h’s craved for so long.

X6-68: “Let me handle this ma’am/sir.” X6 pleads with a forceful tone. The Sole Survivor had gotten X6 and their self into a situation that called for an immediate reaction, that in turn, could have dire immediate effects.”No, this is my fault, I need to be the one who fixes it.”Sole orders, slipping off their coat.”Ma’am/Sir!” The courser yells pulling at their arm. “Let go X6!” Sole screamed over the unraveling blizzard. They pulled their arm away, then diving into the frozen pond. The scientist they were assigned to escort to Med-Tek Research had fallen through the ice after Sole lead her and X6 across, thinking it was thick enough to support the three of them. The cold sent an immediate sharp pain through their body as they swam deeper to rescue the cocky scientist. X6 anxiously stared into the water, anticipating Sole to submerge. After a minute or two he pulls off his trench coat preparing himself for the worst. A hand shoots up from the water searching for something to grasp. X6 grabs a hold, pulling Sole and the scientist out.”X6-88, Sole, and Ava Baker ready for relay. Mission failed, standby for medical attention.” When they all were transported back to the institute X6 pulled Sole into a maintenance closet with great force,”What the hell were you thinking?!” He seethed,”That was irresponsible, idiotic! I was more than capable of-” Sole ripped their self from the raging coursers tight fists.”I couldn’t stand the possibility of something happening to you! You may not know this X6, but I care about you, more than I do for anyone else… I love you.” X6 stands up straight staring at Sole,”I’ve never been in love ma’am/sir… nor have I ever had someone love me. I am a machine, but I’ve learned the extent of which I am capable of feeling. And I know if you hadn’t submerged, I would have died right then and there. I would die for you, and not just because my orders are to do so… From what I gather, I guess that is love. And I feel it for you..” Sole wraps their arms around X6, not expecting the courser to return their affections. But much to their surprise, one of his arms held them, as the other hung by his side. “Love,” he thought holding onto whom he feels for.

Riddle Me This

Joker x Reader

Masterlist | Requests

Prompt: Can you do one where the reader is The Riddler and her inspiration was the joker, and she gets taken hostage by him when he’s doing a heist at her bank (the bank being her day-job) +if you can find a twisted way to turn it into smut my emotions would appreciate it. Thanks :)

Warnings: Light violence, smut.

“One-hundred, two-hundred, three-hundred, four-hundred. There you go, Mr. Johnson, have a great day,” you say as you hand over crisp green bills to the stranger before you. 

Working a bank wasn’t necessarily you dream job, but it paid the bills steadily. There were other things you enjoyed doing during the day, but this was normal. The more normal you came across to people, the better. 

The bank was not your only daily task at hand. By day you were a humble teller. By night, you played a larger role in society. A role that wasn’t one anyone could forget. You’re The Riddler, one of Gotham City’s finest criminals. 

As a child, your wants were simple. Growing up, super heroes and super villains alike came and went. But after a while, the entirety of it all grew on you. You became fascinated with their lifestyles, their “work.” Secretly, you kept news articles and magazine clippings. Your favorite, however, was an insane man known as The Joker. He was your secret, your favorite escape from normalcy. His crimes were gruesome, brutal, but somehow, they all still seemed to have a joke attached to them. His partner in crime was Harley Quinn, and you envied everything about her, especially how he seemed to adore her. 

You loved literature, and aside of your villain fetish, books were another escape from the dismal life you led. When you became The Riddler, you turned that into something further, something darker, and something intriguing. 

It’s almost closing time, and there are a few people in line with last minute pay-day checks waiting to be cashed. Your eyes move from the clock to the line, and everything in you just wants to go home today. 

“Next!” You call out, a forced smile placing itself on your lips as you watch the next person move forward. As she approaches the counter, she beams at you. You want desperately to roll your eyes. The day’s been rough, and you can’t believe the optimism in this girls face. 

“Can I cash this here? My boss said it might be a little difficult..”

She hands over a check, and you’re ready to tell her ‘of course.’ When you look down, you notice the absurd amount on it paired with smiley faces and “ha ha ha” in what looks like blood. Your heart seems to have stopped beating as you look up at her again, the indicative heart tattoo on her cheek moving slightly as she winks at you. In the same moment, a gun goes off behind her, causing the rest of the staff and patrons to scream and take cover.

A slow, drawn out, mocking laugh billows through the room, and you’re ready to  reveal your own identity to them. Looking around, you know you’ll land yourself in a world of trouble with your only steady income if you reveal yourself as The Riddler, another of Gotham’s now famous criminals. Usually you’d be proud, but for now you think you can handle this covertly.

“Gee, puddin’,” the blonde says with a pout, turning back to the man no one could forget, “She can’t cash it..” 

He walks over to you and she steps away, handling the other now-hostages with a smile and a revolver.

His gun points directly at you, and though you feel intimidated, you know better. You smuggle in your own gun everyday and hide it under the counter. It was none other than the one you use for your own crimes. 

“No bullet proof glass? What a shame..” He says, leaning over the counter and staring into your eyes, confirming that you, too, are now one of his hostages. His gun is firm in his hand as he grips the counter around it, smacking his other hand down.

“I’m havin’ a little party here tonight, and you’re invited! In fact, you can hand out the party favors. Aren’t you lucky…”

He studies your features as he speaks, as if he remembers seeing your face before. Though you haven’t formally met, he was your inspiration and you have crossed paths before on more than one occasion. 

You glare up at him, knowing he was trying to figure out where he’d seen you and assuming he wouldn’t remember. Standing up, you cock your head to one side.

“Oh yeah? And how do you expect me to do that?” You ask, it takes everything in you not to throw some sort of riddle at him. Being naturally quizzical already will just have to do for now. You point to the emergency button that comes with every bank teller position, unsure if someone else had the time to pull the silent alarm. Something in you didn’t want to, though. Be it the criminal in you or not, you have other plans.

His icy gaze shifts to your hand and back up to your face, not without taking a detour of the rest of your body in the {F/C} dress you wore today. His jaw clenches and his tongue runs along his metal teeth before he speaks again. You catch yourself staring, feelings of all kinds building up within you. 

After all, he was your inspiration to join the life of crime, and you adored him. As a normal person, and just as any other criminal would, you had to suppress that. You wondered how many other people in your “line of work” had to do the same. The only lucky one was Harley Quinn. She gets to fawn over him and worship the ground he walks on, but she was always just a pawn in his games and everyone knew it.

All that money in there,” he gestures towards the drawer in front of you with a coy grin. “It’s gonna go to my dear friends who are arriving soon.. You, doll face, get to play host, and, pass it all out.”

You lift your finger from hovering over the button and smirk, shrugging now with both hands in the air. 

“You gonna make me?”

A hostage screams from the corner, telling you to do what he wants. A loud bang follows and you realize it wasn’t from Harley’s gun. You look over to see one of your coworkers now lifeless on the floor, a slight pang of guilt washing over you. It wasn’t like you to feel bad over anyone, but you knew she had kids at home, and they didn’t deserve that. He puts the gun to his lips and blows on the end, winking at you now.

“And if anyone else wants to say anything, they can get their ticket outta here the same way,” he says loudly, eyes still on your features, knowing everyone can hear him. Silent cries proceed as you step back, suddenly wanting to give him the money before you lose another daytime friend.

The wheels in his brain are turning as he continues to examine you. Harley tosses him a bag and he throws it at you. Catching it against your chest, you begin to think. 

“You look scared, honey, are ya? Let me make it better, hm?” He coos, the sarcasm thick in his last sentence. “Just come out here,” he mockingly coaxes. “Let daddy show ya it’ll all be okay..” He laughs afterwards, gesturing for you to step out from behind the counter with his gun. 

You feel as though you have no choice as you covertly slide your hands under the desk and pull out wads of cash you’d been smuggling out for yourself throughout the day, concealing your gun within in pile in your hands.

“Att’a girl..” He says, his grin widening before he speaks again. “Harley, go get Frost.”

“He’s not here, though, boss,” she says, a frown forming on her lips as she backs up towards the entrance.

“I didn’t fucking ask that, Harls..” He shoots her a look and she immediately draws into herself, sighing quickly before hopping out of the door.

“Ah, ah, ah… No moving..” He says to the others who are now trembling in fear in each others arms.

You walk down the small area behind the counters with the cash and the gun loaded in your arms. As soon as you step out from behind it, you toss it all at him and point the gun at his head.

“Two can play at this game,” you say, pulling the hammer on the gun and staring at him with what little confidence you had in front of someone who was like a hero to you. How the tables have turned.. you think.

The money slowly drifts down from the air and onto the floor around him. He twitches, the anger brewing in him like the darkest of storms.

“I don’t think you’ve got the guts..” he starts, looking down at the name tag on your breast. “{Y/N}..”

Your name on his lips is something of a silent prayer. Trying to keep your hand from shaking, you bring your other hand to hold your wrist.

“You wanna bet?”

Before you can grasp what’s happening, he’s got you by your {H/C} hair, and dragging you into the back room. He grunts as he picks an identification card off of a desk and uses it to unlock the door. While you’re being dragged inside, you bring the gun to his chest and struggle to break free.

“Let me go!” you spit.

It’s only seconds before he reaches over and removes the gun from your hand, throwing it down and slamming the door behind you. Piles of cash are laying around, and you look at it in awe. Had you only known this sooner you wouldn’t have needed this job in the first place. Silently damning yourself, you wince as he pushes you up against a wall.

Your eyes are shut as you hear the hammer click on his gun again, and you expect the worst. This is it.. Murdered by my own hero.. By the one man I’ve admired for years..

“You’ve got such a gorgeous face… A familiar one, too..” he grumbles.

Shocked, your eyes pop open. What did he just say?

“Excuse me?” You say, the sarcasm now laid thick in your own voice.

“Cut the shit, Riddler.” He says, making your heart jump. “I’m almost surprised you withheld the notion of making me answer one of those.. God awful riddles!” He says now, the volume of his tone rising.

Hearing that almost hurt, and if you didn’t already know it was because he could never figure them out, you may have cried. Instead, you felt slightly triumphant.

“Ya wanna riddle me a new one then?” You ask with a smirk, feeling the gun press closer into your temple.

“I’d rather do something that even you won’t be able to decipher,” he says, his hands curtly on your thighs, pushing your dress up and then undoing his own black pair of pants.

“No panties, today, huh..?” He rasps, his fingers just barely grazing your center.

It was all happening so quickly for you. Just the rough touch of his cold hands on your warm skin sent a tingling feeling to the rose between your thighs. Before you knew it, you were being picked up and shoved against the wall. Your head bangs slightly on the wall as he does so, and you bite into your lower lip, a hand instinctively reaching for his green locks.

“You’ve been dying to do this, haven’t you?” You say, hoping with everything he gives you the answer you’ve been dying to hear for years as you give into the carnal desire that the two of you held for each other for so long.

“Oh.. More than you know..” he growls, kissing the tops of your breasts, trailing each kiss to your clavicle. His tongue runs along your neck and you can’t stifle the soft moan it elicits from you.

“Mm, purr for me like a kitten, baby girl..” he mumbles against your skin as he quickly and roughly slides his thick shaft in between your slick folds.

A large inhale is all you can give as you feel him sliding into you. A dream come true is feeling him speed up, your entire body rubbing against his as he does so. You moan louder as his fingers grip into your ass now, pulling on his hair with your own slender digits.

“I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember..” you sigh between breaths, watching as his hard expression twists into that of pleasure.

His groaning could drive any woman wild, and you buck your hips along with him as you do everything you can to feel his cock push even deeper against your sweet spot.

“Oh baby..” he growls again, unraveling at the seams as he begins to bring you down harder on his member. He took pleasure in being wanted, especially by you. It wasn’t everyday he met a pretty face that was on the same caliber as himself, and Harley had grown to be old news by now.

Every time you feel him enter you entirely, your body begins to tremble with waves of pleasure. The closer you get to your own release, the more you want to scream out. His teeth dig into your skin, leaving mark after mark as he can control himself less and less.

The feeling between your legs is almost insatiable as he strokes into your core. You want more of him, all of him, all at once.

“Oh daddy, give it to me..”

Its like your words alone changed him. He pins you against the wall now, just low enough so can he thrust into you with everything he’s got. He accepted the challenge and was passing with flying colors as you begin to moan at the top of your lungs.

You shudder with ecstasy, gasping and moaning. It’s exhilarating as your nails trail thin cuts down his toned, tattooed back, only adding to the heat engulfing your swollen clit being stimulated by the friction of his groin against yours. He finishes in you, painting your walls as you throb around his large shaft, making it impossible for him to torture himself in the best way possible with you any further.

Continuing to thrust up into you, he can tell you’re completely lost for words. Your mouth is agape as you’re unable to stop him from inflicting the immense amount of pleasure on your extra sensitive core. It almost hurts in a way that you could fall in love with.

You can feel his cum dripping from your folds as he pulls out slowly, setting you down on a table full of money next to the two of you. Trying to catch your breath, you stare up at the ceiling, a hand resting over your chest as he cleans himself up, pocketing money off the same table you’re now sitting on.

He looks at you with a smirk, clearly proud of his power over you as your {E/C} eyes meet his again.

“So you’re gonna be a good little hostage.. And hand over all the cash to the nice men who are comin’ to visit.. Or I’ll have to do this again.. Understand?” The smirk on his lips already tells you something else is coming down the pike for you later anyway, and you slide your fingers between your legs, carefully wiping up some his cum and rubbing it between your fingers with your own smirk.

“I hear you loud and clear..”

“Puddin’!” You both hear from the other room, causing your heads to immediately snap towards the door. “Ya boys are here!”

Someone help me out here

There’s an old Hitchcock movie where, near the end, a guy shoots himself and the camera is in his POV, so we see the gun point to the camera and go off. It was a black and white movie, but as the gun goes off, there’s one frame that’s hand painted red. The final gunshot in TLD reminded me of that shot, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the movie.


“Iron Lady” - [Jeremy Irons / Tom Hiddleston - Multi-chapter].

Chapter I: “Horses”.

SummaryWidower Jeremy, falls for and marries his son’s friend despite tripling her age. And just a few years later, his health problems and the return of his best friend, Tom, to London, make him doubt his marriage and wonder if his wife would be better off with a younger man like his friend.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: This is fiction, and these wonderful actors are just playing these characters.


Jeremy was sitting behind the desk in his study, going through his mail.

He opened a drawer to pull out a folder, and a photograph fell out. He picked it up and squinted through his glasses to get a good look at it. He smiled when he saw his younger self staring back at him, and he put the picture away but his line of sight deviated and he found himself staring at the portrait of his young wife on their wedding day, right there on the desk. He became expressionless once he realized that she was the same age as him in that old photograph.

Jeremy stood up but as if life itself wanted to mock him, a sharp pain in his lower back made him groan and bend over with a grimace.

“What is it?” his wife asked, suddenly standing by the door, “Are you okay?”

“My bloody back…” he said.

But his ego seemed to be hurting far more.

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List of TAZ Animatics: Story 7 - The Stolen Century

Chapter 1 (Ep. 60)

boys name a boat  

taz episode 60 animatic- mic drop  

the adventure zone episode 60 animatic – Lup  

TAZ Animatic: Mic Drop  

lup drops the mic (and saves my life) - taz ep 60 animatic  

Drop the Mic [TAZ animatic] (spoilers)  

The Adventure Zone Animation Episode 60: Greg Grimmaldis 

[TAZ SPOILERS] Mic Drop Animatic 

Lup’s Interview: The Adventure Zone Animatic 

The Adventure Zone Animatic - Episode 60: Lup’s Interview 

The Adventure Zone - Lup Calls Out Greg Grimaldis – Animatic  

Lup’s Mic Drop - TAZ Animatic 

TAZ Animatic Ep. 60: Greg Grimaldis  

The Adventure Zone Animation 

The Adventure Zone Animatic - Taako Learns A New Language 

Chapter 2 (Ep. 61)

The Adventure Zone - Lup Finds a Gun 

count the shells - taz ep 61 animatic 

Trigger happy wizards (Taz animatic) 

TAZ Animatic: Lup Finds a Gun 

lup goes off  

We Can’t Destroy An Entire World - TAZ Animatic 

The Adventure Zone animatic: Poor sales job lulu - ep. 61  

TAZ Animatic – Lulu  

TAZ- (Ep. 61 Spoilers) Lulu.  


lup’s speech [TAZ animatic: Stolen Century] 

Lup’s Speech  

[TAZ ANIMATIC]- Lup’s Speech 

Lup’s Speech| The Adventure Zone 61| Animatic  

Chapter 3 (Ep. 62)

TAZ Animatic – Gifts  

The Adventure Zone animatic: These gifts suck! Episode 62  

merle’s gifts (the adventure zone animatic)  

(Unfinished) The Adventure Zone - Merle’s Gifts  

“Lup, pull!” [The Adventure Zone Animatic]  

TAZ Animatic: MAGNUS!!!  

Locked In  

Chapter 4 (Ep. 63)

TAZ Animatic | Episode 63  

The Adventure Zone - Taako’s Bond 

WIP TAZ Animatic  

taako’s back from the gym Ep. 63 

Parlay [A TAZ Animatic]  

Episode 63 - “The Hunger” TAZ Animatic 

Chapter 5 (Ep. 64)

Chapter 6 (Ep. 65)

The Adventure Zone Animatic - The Best Day Ever  

Chapter 7 (Ep. 66)

Merle asks Lup to dance: TAZ animatic 

The Adventure Zone - Stolen Century Ep66 - Taako’s Dust Speech Animatic (finished)  

back soon - The Adventure zone animatic  

When someone leaves your life - The adventure zone  

TAZ Episode 66 - “THIS IS IT” animatic  

it’ll be over soon (taz animatic) 

TAZ Animatic | Episode 66 

Who? -Taz Ep 66 animatic !! SPOILERS!!!  

TAZ Animatic—Who?  

TAZ Animatic - Stolen Century Finale  

the adventure zone - taako forgets  

The adventure zone- Forgetting Lup animatic  

Forgetting lup! [The adventure zone, Ep 66 animatic] W.i.p  

The Adventure Zone Animatic - Episode 66 - Barry Began to forget  

Joker’s Daughter Part 2

“Daddy! You’re home!!” You cy, scrambling down the stairs, “I missed you!”

“Hello, Princess! How’s my favorite girl?”

“I’m the best, daddy! I had so much fun with, Uncle Frost! “

The Joker grinned, “I’m sure you did, Pumpkin. Did Frosty keep you busy while daddy handled business?”

“Yup!” You glance behind him, confused, “Where’s momma?”

“She wanted to spend some time with Poison Ivy tonight.” The Joker grinned, “The girls have a plan for Batsy”

You giggle and clap your hands, “I hope they have fun! But” you clear your throat, “daddy can I have something?”

“You can have whatever you want, princess! You know that!” you can already see the manic glint in your daddy’s eyes, he’s already plotting how to get whatever it is to you.

“I want the Red Hood” You try to sound confident, but don’t know if you managed it.

Daddy stiffens immediately and hold you at arm’s length, “Why would you want him? You can have anyone, Princess! Why would you choose him?”

“He isn’t scared of you! That’s why!”

“Y/N …”

“You make everyone scared of you, daddy! I just want someone who will love me for me! Not for your power!” You can feel tears building up in your eyes.

“Sorry to interrupts, Mr. J but your wife is on the phone”

The Joker growled and pushed you towards your uncle, “Take her up to her room, Frost. I have business tonight”


“No, Princess. You are gonna stay here tonight, I need to take care of a few things”

You nod and quietly turn to follow Uncle Frost. You really wish that you had waited fro momma to come home, but you were just too excited to wait! Momma and daddy’s relationship had gotten better ever since she got pregnant. According to Auntie Ivy it had been really bad in the beginning, that daddy had hurt momma a lot, but it hadn’t been that way for a while.

“Do you think daddy’s mad at me, Uncle Frost?” you whisper.

“I think he was just surprised, Princess. You know he would give you anything, but you asked for a vigilante that is constantly trying to ruin Mr. J’s plans. The Red Hood seems to have a particular disliking for Mr. J too, so your father might have been a little upset”

“I met him today, Uncle Frost. I met the Red Hood, he saved me”

Frost stopped and quickly spun you around, “What do you mean he saved you?”

“When I ran away, there was a guy in the alley who grabbed me” You didn’t really see it as a big deal, but uncle Frost’s eyes widened in horror, “He didn’t touch me! Don’t worry! Red Hood beat him up for me!”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Frost hissed.

“I don’t want you to tell daddy! Please don’t!” You beg, you decide to pull out the puppy-dog eyes. Uncle Frost can’t resist those, so reluctantly he nods, “And then Hoodie and I started talking, and I gave him a kiss! And he said that he wanted to see me again! But I want to see him outside of the Hood. I want daddy to not hurt him!”

Uncle Frost sighed, “I know you really want this, and I know you don’t want him to be hurt. I also know you and Mr. J know exactly who they are under the mask. You have to give him a little time, sweetheart. He has to get used to the thought of you growing up, you know he’ll always see you as his princess.”

You wrap your uncle in a tight hug and nuzzle against him, “I really want him, Uncle Frost”

“I know you do, but you have to be patient”

“I will, promise”

“And you can’t run away anymore! You scared the shit out of me! If something had happened to you …”

“But nothing did! Nothing happened! Red Hood stopped it! It’s like I have a guardian angel watching over me!”

“Yeah, a guardian angel who likes to beat up your father, and who likes to use a gun”

You giggle, “But you like to use a gun, Uncle Frost!”

“I suppose I do, but Mr. J know I’ll die to protect you. Will your Red Hood?”

Once again you manage to slip away from your guards, this time however you head up to the rooftops instead of into an alley.

“Y/N!! Y/N!! Not again!! Where are you?!?”

You can’t help but laugh at your Uncle Frost’s distressed voice, “Silly Uncle Frost, as if I would give up this far into the game!”

“And what are you doing all the way up here, Princess?”

You whirl around, your blue and purple streaked hair twirling around you, “Hoodie!!”

Red Hood jumped down from the taller building, landing silently next to you, “Did you run away again?”

“I had to!” You jut your bottom lip out in a pout, “Daddy’s been trying to keep me in the house. I wanted to see you. I missed you”

Jason chuckled, pulling his helmet off, “You missed me?”

“Of course I did, sugar! Daddy tried to get me to forget about you! He brought home a bunch of guys from his club, but I didn’t want any of them!! I only want you, Jaybird” You whisper, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Jason grinned, “It’s been a week, doll. I thought you forgot about me”

You put one hand on your chest, “I would never forget about you!”

The safety on a gun clicks off from behind you and in an instant Jason had you pushed behind him.

“Step away from my daughter” Your momma snarled

“No momma! Don’t shoot him!!” You try to get around Jason, you know that momma won’t hurt you, but she has no problem hurting anyone in the Batfamily.

Jason just continues to hold you behind him, “I’m not going to hurt her, Harley. She hasn’t done anything wrong”

“Yeah, and the minute she does you’re going to turn against her. You’re going to hurt my princess, and I’m not going to let you do that, I’m not going to let anyone hurt her” Momma ended up screaming at the end. She raised the gun, ready to shoot.

“Please!” you sob, “Please don’t hurt him”

“Your daddy told me about your infatuation, honey. Puddin’ said you wanted to see him for a date, and then Frosty said that you had managed to get away from the guards and from the house. I knew exactly where my girl was heading, so all I had to do was find Red Hood here, and I knew I would find you”

“Momma please, I’ll go with you. I won’t see him anymore, I promise. Just-just don’t hurt him” you beg.

“No” Jason snapped, “I won’t just give up on you like that, Y/N! You’ve proven that you’re different, that you aren’t a killer, or at least that you don’t kill without due cause.”

“You’ll let her go, Hood, or I’ll shoot you”

“I said no” Jason growled

“Jason please, just let me go, I don’t want her to hurt you, you know momma will. She won’t hesitate”

“You have until the count of three to let my Princess go. One” the gun cocked, “two” momma aims right for Jason’s chest, and you tense, “Three” the gun goes off.

my great comet experience (act i + intermission)

okay so I wrote a lot so it’s gonna be split into two posts and I’ll edit this and provide a link to act two!


- So where you stand in line waiting be let in (and where you pick up your tickets) is decorated in Russian propaganda to make it look like a war bunker/safe house! And on one of the doors it says “strobe lights and haze!” (a pre warning for the show I believe?) with a hammer and sickle underneath it

- the theater is so beautiful

- decorating the walls were tons of russian paintings and my god it was absolutely stunning
- okay so the lady who showed us to our seats was hilarious!!! My mom and I spent a good chunk of our time before the show talking to her- her name was Marylin! She was a cranky old lady who took her job so seriously but hey, she’s quick and efficient and I liked her!
- okay so Brad Giovanine came around with dumplings and was like “who wants dumplings!” and honestly, i don’t think I’ve ever shot my hand up so fast

- i was the first one to get a dumpling in my section,,,,i feel blessed
- Brad came back around and started telling us about the strobe lights and all!       But the other cast member who was talking the section in front of me was all:
  “if strobe lights bother you then just close your eyes!” *closes his eyes* still to bright? *covers his eyes with his hand"
- when the show started war sirens aired and it was such aN AMAZING TOUCH MY GOODNESS!!!!
- And then the announcer with a deep Russian accent goes: “ladies and gentlemen, attention please! Cellphones!”
- Cast: NYET!
- announcer: texting!
- Cast: NYET!
- And one guy who was sitting in the section in front of me STILL had his phone out???? Even when the cast in my row pointed to him!!!!!
- Announcer: googling?
- Cast: NYET!

- Announcer: tweeting, photos, videos!

- Announcer: no talking during the show! Violators are moved to security guards and KGB. Repeat offenders are sent to Siberia.

- during the sick accordion provided by Pierre there’s a heart wrenching ‘NO!’ from Natasha as she’s seeing Andrey off to war
- Andrey gives her a golden necklace and places it around her neck before going off through #the door
- “what about Pierre?”

- “I used to be better” he’s so upset with himself and who he his
- he’s so sad and he hates himself and I love Pierre so much
- “I’m married but not in love” the light shines on Hélène who’s looking down at him
- “he is charming! he has no sex!” the ladies dance around him in a circle almost as if they’re making fun of him :-(
- “you empty and stupid, contented fellows, satisfied with you place!” he makes a sharp turn and practically jabs his finger at Anatole
- he just wants to do more and be more and do SOMETHING with his life I love him

- Natasha and Sonya are dressed in pretty white coats and hand warmers I love them
- Grace McLean played such an amazing Marya, she looked to happy to see them
- “then a game of Boston, and you’ll read to me while I knit!” Natasha and Sonya look so,,,,shook and ‘no thanks’

- those in favor of keeping Mary away from Prince Bolkonsky and loving her forever say 'I’
- As Bolkonsky is yelling at Mary she shrinks away in fear and is shaky
- Andrey’s father was hilarious (minus the yelling at Mary part
- “Everyone enjoys me” and he nods to an audience member
- when he pats his powdered wig powder flies in the air ajdbdkdbdk
- Abskdbdk this man is so shaky as he wobbles about the stage
- And his servant,,,,honey I’m cackling he’s shuffling around the stage, bent over in the shape of an L

- Natasha’s 'hello’ to Marya is too abskdbdkd the way Denée delivers this line is so humorous
- “says the mean old man in his underthings!” I cackled
- as Natasha tries to leave, Marya follows her about the stage :-( she just wants a friend

- natasha misses and loves Andrey so much I cry
- the blue is so beautiful Denée is so beautiful I love her and her voice
- the fake snow is such a nice gentle touch
- Standing at the bottom of the steps, Andrey is reading (I’m assuming) Natasha’s letters and looking off in the distance, probably eager to get to her
- Close to the end of the song, Andrey starts to walks off and Natasha chases after him before coming to a stop
- At the end she positions herself next to an audience member and says “maybe he came today and he’s sitting the drawing room, and I simply forgot” :-( she misses him so much
- but that doesn’t last for long :/

- when Sonya and Natasha do the candle in the mirror and Natasha sees a man lying down, she looks away, but the ensemble member that’s holding the mirror, follows her for a moment. Excellent touch
- after Marya finds out how rude Bolkonsky was to Natasha she got SUPER angry and stormed off
- and abskdbdk as Natasha is getting undressed, Hélène walks in and it’s gay time

- Natasha is so shy and blushy when Hélène compliments her it’s so cute
- for a little bit Natasha struts around in Hélène’s green coat and she looks so tiny in that big furry thing my goodness
- When Hélène says “you will be the prettiest there” Pierre nods
- When Hélène takes off the necklace that Andrey gave Natasha, and replaces it with her string of pearls, she dumps Andrey’s necklace on Pierre who fiddled with it and is like “what am I supposed to do with this??” until placing it on his desk
- “She knows that I’m engaged, yet she talks to frankly, so it must me alright :-)” my mom called Natasha a dingbat and I snorted

- “Natasha smooth your gown” she looks so offended when they say that, my poor girl!!
- I’m not sure what it symbolizes (or if it’s just part of the outfit), but as Natasha is saying how she’s not a little girl anymore, she puts on some lacey white gloves and they’re so pretty I love Denée so much I’m so gay
- okay let me just take the time to say just how much I love Dolokov???? I’d let him assassinate me
- before offering his hand for an audience member to kiss it- he kisses his own hand ajdbdidbdk, and then kisses her hand
- “-Pierre the cuckold sits at home, the poor man!” from his desk, Pierre does a 'raise the roof’ motion before saying that he’s enjoying himself at home
- Natasha is so enchanted by Hélène before Marya comes over and talks about Pierre before pulling Natasha away and brushing away Hélène
- The satanic hooded figures??? A mood. The strange performers??? A big mood
- Natasha’s response to the opera was hilarious ajsbdkfn first she’s roasting it then she’s praising it saying it’s the best thing ever
- When Anatole enters through the door striking in different poses with the bass I nut right there right in my seat
- Andrey’s guts spilling out is a good representation of me nutting over the intensity of this song


- first off Anatole is a soggy crocodile and needs to stay away from Natasha >:-(

- Natasha is feeling herself when she knows Anatole is enchanted with her
- “when looking into his eyes I am frightened.” Natasha them kinda runs away from Anatole to try and regain herself
- abskdbfkfbfkfbf kkay when Anatole grabs Natasha and kisses her on the neck, it’s so loud wtf it was a real deal kiss like, I bust a nut for that shit
- when Anatole takes Natasha’s flower she looks so offended like girl!!
- Anatole and Natasha’s kiss was,,,,,w ow

- so many strobe lights. so many colors. so amazing!!!!!!!
- the ensemble was amazing oh my goodness
- Grace McLean in the suit and the whip………dare I say…….mommy
- when Pierre refers to Natasha as 'dear andrey’s betrothed’ Anatole shrugs and makes a 'yeah, sure, whatever’ kind of face while doing the so-so motion with his hand
- “ I have known her family for years, and long carried affection for her” he puts his hand over his heart
- when Anatole asks for 50 rubles Pierre coughed up a wad of cash, hands Anatole 50 and just leaves the rest (which is way more that (50 rubles) in his other hand, only to have Anatole take the larger sum of money from his right hand !
- again,,,,I love Dolokov he just saunters on in with a tray of glasses and starts pouring drinks
- some (most?) of the ensemble had those light up bottom sneakers and were dressed like teens at their first rave it was cute!
- pierre was drinking through the first good couple lines of it and he’s a funny + sad drunk
- when Pierre is proclaiming his 'I used to love I used to be better!’ the demeanor in which he shouts it is so heartbreaking and hélène’s response is so twisted and gnarled
- Dolokov is feeling all up on hélène and then they kinda made out and pierre EXPLODES
- After Pierre realizes that he’s actually hit Dolokov he looks absolutely
- during Dolokov’s turn to fire at Pierre, Pierre stand there arms wide open, head hanging low, waiting to be shot, and when Dolokov fires and misses, Pierre just stand completely still for a good couple moments, before realizing he’s alive
- Anatole is so fucking andkdbdkbfkf as he’s saying “we love to love another day” he’s like……prancing around aND HE GIVES PIERRE FINGER GUNS until he goes off stage I’m!!!

- I said it once and I’ll say it again: Scott was an AMAZING PIERRE
- When Pierre goes “and if I die here tonight-” he picks up the gun that he used to duel Dolokov with and fiddled with it for a bit, “-I die in my sleep” and my heart broke
- he’s so upset that he just slams down his book when he talks about not knowing a thing
- “was a happiness within me the whole time?” he’s finally realizing that he can be who he wants to be
- “they say we are asleep until we faALL iIN LOOOOOOoOoVVVVE! aaAND II’M SO REEeAADY, TO WAAaaaAAKE UuuuUUP NooOooOOWW” let me tell you I was fucking close to tears
- when the song ended the crowd went crazy it was truly stunning

- i love scott

- “Oh how I adore little girls, they loose their head at once!” Anatole you little nasty soggy crocodile get away from Natasha!!!!!! >:((((
- when Anatole presses Natasha’s arm and she says that he’s hurting her I wanted to bite Anatole’s hand off :/
- the kiss they have is insane like, it felt like it lasted forever like…… they breathin????
- “I love you. how else could we have kissed? How else could this have happened?”
- “I wiiillll loooove youu, Anatoooole,” Denée’s voice……………me? bust a nut? yes.
- Abskdbfkf Anatole does a 'hell yeah! good job, anatole’ face after she says that and I……


- not much to comment about during intermission, i just stretched my legs some and walked to the merch table

- i wanted to buy a shirt but lmao i spent all my money on the ticket 

- when the three minute warning was called, the war sirens sounded and it was so amazing

okay so that was part one of my great comet experience! get ready for part two (act ii and stagedoor)

anonymous asked:

About lanky galra… Do you think their joints work in their own way? I mean, we only saw then moving and bending their joints in a very human way (or maybe I didn’t pay much attention to their joint work??), but THINK of then bending and stretching in ways that instinctively makes our brain go NOPE. Weird creepy moving galra. In the dark. Coming for you. (nopenopenopenope)

I mean, I don’t know if they’d be able to dislocate their joints- especially if I’m right they’re primarily built as sprinters, having knees that flex backwards would probably take a bunch of tendon and ligament adjustments that would be a liability without obvious gain. But this does give me the idea of them being, in general, very flexible- since as a species they seem more predisposed to lean muscle. 

Even relatively stocky silhouettes like Zarkon, Sendak, and Prorok have that whippy quality to them. Zarkon is about the most powerfully built galra we’ve seen and comparing him to a body type like Hunk’s, Hunk clearly has a lot more in the core (and no, I’m not just talking about fat, I’m talking about his ribcage) so I wouldn’t be surprised if, Zarkon’s supernatural assistance put aside for the moment, Hunk pound for pound could lift more weight than Zarkon.

My rough thoughts is that comparing humans to galra- a good galra athlete compared to a good human athlete, the galra would have much better acceleration and speed. It’d be like getting in a running contest with a cheetah- they’re built to run, and fast, so as soon as the starting gun goes off they’re practically out of sight and the human’s just there like “oh… okay.” I also imagine they’d have certain adaptations that make it harder for them to hurt something- sprain or twist an ankle- because their joints are more flexible. And with the general size difference they’d also just have more leg to work with. 

But if you have the human athlete start at a walking speed, and the galra sprint until they’re tired, the human would pass the galra long before they (the human) gets winded- a tortoise and the hare kind of situation, and we’re the tortoise. 

That’s not to say galra categorically have awful stamina, but I think in general there’s the idea that humans are adapted more for endurance and galra are adapted more for speed. This also feeds a headcanon I have that humans observably patch themselves together pretty quickly compared to most species, and with pretty good results. Conversely it seems the galra invest a lot in prosthetic technology, which would make sense if more kinds of injuries for them could be potentially career-ending and it’s a lot easier to end up at “you can keep the arm, but it’s never going to work the same way again… or we can amputate it and put this cool metal one in instead”

Also because, with the assumption that looks notwithstanding, Keith is set up much more like a typical galra than a typical human, this would make a hilarious amount of thematic sense considering his whole ability set is “the fastest, impressive attack, can’t take hits very well” and if he’s from the zippy sprinter race that’s not quite as hardy as humans, that’d just fit him perfectly.

Updated thoughts on upcoming OITNB Season5

As the dawn of the new season of OITNB slowly approaches I have some thoughts and theories that I wish to share with all of you. So far we don’t have a lot to go on. We have nothing. No teaser, no promos, nothing. They are really being tight lipped about this however every now and then we get a vague behind the scenes photo that doesn’t tell us shit about shit.  So based on what has come out what do we know so far?

1. Laura is directing a sex scene between her and Taylor an episode.

2. There’s an episode called “Tattoo You”

3. The episodes take place within a span of 3 days.

4. In BTS photos BlackCindy and Abdullah are wearing guards uniforms and Linda from purchasing is wearing a prison uniform. (hmm interesting)

So what can we deduce from this?

Obviously tensions are still going to be very high as its going to take place right where season 4 left off. Not only were the black girls pissed over Poussey’s death but they are now hysterical thanks to Caputo’s complete and utter stupidity for not only throwing Poussey under the bus and not naming her but making Bailey the victim. So who’s going to be the villains next season? MCC and Caputo.

In my opinion the inmates are taking over the prison. Black girls are taking charge. Judy King, Humps, Mchullough (cant spell her name), and Linda will be hostages.

Lets face it Daya is not pulling the trigger because if she was they would’ve shown it. The way I see it this situation is going to end in one of two ways. The first way being Gloria is either going to talk her down which will make Daya reconsider what she’s doing and in that split second of doubt Humps might lunge for the weapon and a scuffle might take place causing the gun to probably go off. Or the gun might not go off and Tasty might somehow get a hold of it.

The second way might seem a bit farfetched than the first. Piper steps in as the voice of reason. Talking to everyone very similar to the way she talked to Bailey so he wouldn’t go into C dorm while the black girls were grieving. She’ll try to calm things Humps will seize an opportunity to take the gun, a scuffle will take place, the gun goes off and hits Piper. Now the only reason I say this is a possibility  because 1.Piper can never stay out of other people’s business and 2. This supports the claim that Piper will suffer from a near death experience.

But again this is pretty farfetched and I want to say a 10 to 15 percent probability.

Now the question of flashbacks. OITNB is known for its backstory telling so will we get some backstories in season 5? Personally I think they should hold off on the backstories a bit because if this season takes place within a span of 3 days its going to be all about the prison riot and too many flashbacks would lose the intensity of what’s going on in the present time. If they’re going to do flashbacks they should be minimal and serve a purpose. Flashbacks that I expect we will see in the future if not this season: Piscatella, Frieda, Kakudio, and Sanky.

I also want to say I’m really happy with the choice of allowing the next season to take place over a span of three days because this allows Piper to be able to stick around for the next couple of seasons. I’ll be honest I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out how they’re going to stretch Piper’s time. Because she came in with only a year of prison time then she committed perjury when she lied on the witness stand so I don’t know if we’re counting that as more time or what. Time on this show is so hard to keep track of. And if you go by Daya’s pregnancy Piper has already been in there a little over 9 months.  But overall I think a 3 day period was a good choice because it allows Piper more time on the show. Since the show started with Piper I think it should end with Piper.

Moving on to our lovely Laura Prepon and Alex Vause Laura is directing episode 10 of season 5. Now the only speculation I can make about this is she’s directing an episode that’s moving towards the climax and conclusion of the season so I imagine this episode is going to be pretty important. You can’t tell me that with Laura directing this episode there isn’t gonna be any Vauseman action in this. Sex, flashback, whatever. We’re getting Vauseman goddammit. I also get the feeling that the episode that Laura is directing is going to tie into episode 12 “Tattoo You.”

With the announcement of Laura’s pregnancy I’m wondering what this means for Alex.  But as much as it pains me I feel like something is going to happen to Alex and I’m thinking maybe SHU or Max.

This is what I have so far. Hopefully we’ll get a teaser or something soon we’ll probably get something by late February early March. Here’s hoping.

FMA AU Week: Day 3 - Theme H: AU where everything's the same but...

Here’s my Briggs au, in which Riza ends up in Briggs with Olivier instead of the East with Roy! Thanks to @gomboc123, @the-flame-and-hawks-eye and @queenxolivier for listening me talk about it. Riza is a lot sassier to Roy because he isn’t her commanding officer and Olivier encourages it. I tried not to make this too Royai-y, but it could be implied? Also Riza is buffer and stronger because she was trained to fight a bear like everyone else in Briggs. Anyways! I hope you all enjoy it!


Riza had known Briggs was not going to be an easy post, and even dreaded going there, having been assigned right after the Ishvalan War, but she hadn’t expected it to be so unfathomable. If she had thought Ishval was the most unbearable place on Earth, Briggs immediately proved her wrong.

She realizes soon that she’s one of the only women soldiers there, despite the leader being a legendary woman soldier herself, not much older than Riza, and one of the only Ishval veterans. Riza had heard stories about her from various soldiers in Ishval, that she was an immovable force stronger than the mountain and wall itself, that she had no mercy for anyone, that everyone was trained like dogs to be efficient and ruthless soldiers that worked as one cohesive unit. When Riza got her post assigned, Rebecca whistled and shook her head. “I hope you get out of there alive,” she said, and patted her on the shoulder.

Riza has always been able to adapt to certain situations, and she had been hardened by the war, so the rigorous training she went through didn’t scare her half as much as it frightened the younger soldiers who had never been through anything truly terrifying and tough. Even though Riza goes to bed sore most nights, and is pushed past what she thought were her limits, she finds that she starts to like it in Briggs.

There’s a sort of camaraderie in the fort. Living so far up in the North and in the mountains brings everyone closer together. Riza realizes that when everyone isn’t in combat or working on engineering, they all have a close bond with each other due to their shared experience of hard work and grit. She even becomes close to two of Brigadier General Armstrong’s right hand men, who seem intimidating at first but are understanding and kind in their own ways. She’s never worked harder in her entire life while at Briggs, and she gains valuable friendships as well as a better physique due to carrying around rifles and pushing cannons while trying to keep spies away and Drachma at bay.

After training, Riza’s assigned to work as a ssniper, guarding one half of the fort with another sniper as the other half is guarded by two more. The Brigadier General had realized her potential and decided she was perfect for the post, so Riza spends most of her days trying to get over the cold and harsh wind that comes from Drachma across the border. She gets used to her face becoming red from the biting wind and thinking about anything but how much she was freezing. She spends the time talking to her buddy who’s facing the other way, towards Amestris, and they grow to become good acquaintances.

Olivier doesn’t really notice her until Drachma tries to invade in the winter, after a huge blizzard.

Riza hears a gunshot pass by her head, and when she turns, the soldier she had gotten friendly with is falling from the fort, blood flowing from his head as he crashes down to the ground. Before she can react, another gun goes off, and she ducks before the bullet meant for her can strike her. She has to act fast, so she lays on her belly and tries to ignore the fact that there is blood on her pants now as she takes out four Drachman spies, the rest of them coming in a storm after them. She has to alert General Armstrong, if she doesn’t already know; Riza scampers down from the watchtower to rush into Fort Briggs, probably looking like a madman with the way she runs into the building.

Everyone is staring at her, so she takes her chance and yells as loudly as possible, “There are Drachman spies coming for us! Their military is possibly behind them!”

This sends everyone into an organized frenzy, many of them rushing to get their weapons and some of them running to the top of the fort to adjust the cannons. It takes a moment for Olivier to reach her, with the Lieutenant Buccaneer following close behind. “How long have they been there?”

“Just a few minutes. They shot the man next to me and I was close to being shot myself. I had to kill off four of them on my own before the soldiers in the tower next to us realized what was happening.” Riza realizes that she’s out of breath, so she has to calm herself down so she doesn’t seem like a total lunatic.

“I have no clue why they would invade now, especially because of how we’re trained to fight in the winter,” Buccaneer says.

“They were trying to do a surprise attack. The blizzard that came through made us lower our defenses, because we thought they’d be just as defenseless as we were,” Riza reasons. “It was bad out there. They probably started to make their way here before the storm, but saw the storm as a chance to get us when we let our guards down.”

After a short beat of silence, Olivier turns to the troops still inside the fort and yells out orders. “Don’t give them another chance to attack! Give it all you’ve got until we’ve gotten rid of every last one of them!”

Everyone salutes her and makes their way to their stations, and Olivier turns to Riza again, who immediately stands at attention after having relaxed for a second. “Come with me. I’ll need your eyes to spot any other spies who try to infiltrate Briggs.”

Riza is surprised for a moment, but eventually salutes her. “Sir.”

They end up being able to fight off Drachma, who retreat when they realize yet again that they’re no match for the Briggs soldiers. Riza had proven herself by shooting soldiers from high above with complete precision, and even in the throes of battle she kept a cool head and performed her job spectacularly. She even ordered some of the newer privates to man a cannon or grab a gun, and they respected her, even if she was only a Second Lieutenant. Her reputation as the Hawk’s Eye led most of the soldiers to listen to and respect her, because she had been in the War and made it out alive.

It starts slow, but Riza begins to notice Olivier taking interest in her after the failed invasion. She had commended Riza for staying alive long enough to alert the rest of her troops, which ultimately led to their success. Riza was humble and insisted that they would have found out, but her Captain, Miles, insists that had she not thought to tell everyone and instead tried to fend off the soldiers and spies herself, she would have died along with the other snipers. Riza writes it off as just instincts, but she learns to take a compliment from Olivier Armstrong, because she doesn’t hand them out freely.

A few soldiers who want to perfect their shooting technique ask Riza to help train them, and all approach her with some sort of reverence, like they shouldn’t be talking to her at all. Of course, Riza agrees, and they take time out of their busy schedules to go down to the shooting range so she can teach them. Soon, whenever she goes to the range, the soldiers of all different ranks and skill sets around them end up gathering in a circle around her as she explains the mechanics of different guns and ways to make their aim near perfect. All of the soldiers who learn from her find their marksmanship to steadily improve under her instruction. Beyond that, they all grow to be good friends over the fact that none of them are good at shooting, at least not as good as Riza – and she reminds them with a smile that she had to practice to get where she is today. Olivier takes notice, especially because the soldiers who get Riza’s help with their aim are soldiers who had decent to awful aim previously.

When Riza is getting ready for the day one morning, she gets a knock at the door and opens it to find Miles standing on the other side. “The Brigadier General wants to see you.”

They make short conversation on the way to the office, and although Riza knows she hasn’t done anything wrong, there is still a small feeling of dread underneath her skin. Olivier is sitting at her desk, her hands folded and she doesn’t gesture for Riza to sit. So, Riza salutes her in front of her desk.

“At ease, Second Lieutenant,” Olivier orders, and Riza slowly lowers her arm but still looks uneasy. “I’ve called you here because I want to propose something to you.”

“Yes, sir?”

The Brigadier General stands up from her seat, her hands pressed on the top of the desk. “I’ve seen how the soldiers that you have been training at the shooting range have improved their skills substantially. I want you to teach the new recruits who need it how to handle a gun. They should on arrival, but many don’t expect that they’ll end up here. I figure this job is best suited for the Hawk’s Eye.”

Riza is taken aback by her proposal. She had just been teaching them on the side because she figured that having a battalion with even more skilled snipers would make the entire group stronger. She hadn’t thought that it would be so important that it would catch Olivier’s attention. When she doesn’t respond for a moment, Olivier speaks. “Do you understand me?”

Riza blinks once, then gives her a nod. “I understand and I’m honored, Sir.”

Olivier raises a brow, but ultimately sobers and her face becomes stern again. “I hope you realize the importance of this. If my men are incompetent at shooting, then Briggs will be left defenseless. You are training them to do one of the most important skills someone here could have. I am placing my full faith and trust in you, Hawkeye.”

She had never called her by her last name before, and now that she thinks about it Olivier only does so frequently to those she trusts with her life, like Buccaneer and Miles. Riza nods again. “I fully understand this undertaking and the importance of it all, Sir. The academy doesn’t teach soldiers how to fight in the snow, much less shoot during a snowstorm. I hope I can teach them all how to do this properly.”

Riza is concerned that she’s said too much, but Olivier doesn’t acknowledge it. “Then the task is yours and yours alone, Second Lieutenant. Don’t let me down.”

Riza salutes once again, and goes through the day feeling prouder of herself than she thinks she ever has before.

Over the years, Riza slowly works her way up the ranks in Briggs. As she teaches more and more incoming soldiers and those who need improvement to shoot, Olivier begins to see how her decision had been an intelligent one. Her soldiers are a more formidable force than before, and many of them develop near-perfect aim due to their training with Riza, and because of it suppress Drachman forces and potential spies. Riza soon becomes a trusted soldier until her command – she reports to her the progress each new batch of fresh-faced privates are making, so Olivier can know which ones are most likely to be used as snipers and which ones she shouldn’t put too much stock in. Beyond that, Olivier begins asking her for advice. She often uses Riza as a tiebreaker between Buccaneer and Miles, and values her opinion as much as the two men’s. Being one of the only women in Briggs has probably brought them closer as well, and Olivier respects her because they have both dealt with some kind of doubt of their abilities from male commanding officers, and because Riza herself is headstrong and opinionated. Due to the mostly male presence, Riza has adapted and has had to become more fierce than she would have been in any other circumstance.

Riza Hawkeye grows to demand respect from the burly and hefty men by not taking anyone’s shit. She comes to be regarded as the Sentinel of Briggs, watching over the mountains and the Ice Queen.


The first time Riza goes to the North versus East training exercises in the East, she runs into Roy Mustang for the first time since the war.

It was no secret that Olivier hated his guts. If she ever overheard his name by one of her men, Riza could easily see the disdain in her face, so she keeps it to herself that she’s known the man in a more personal way for years. She hadn’t spoken to him since Ishval, and he hardly ever crossed her thoughts because she had more important things to worry about than him. It hadn’t even crossed her mind that he would be at the exercise, because he hadn’t appeared at the other ones that had been held up North.

“Long time no see, huh?”

Riza turns where she had been standing under her tent, towards the voice that was to the right of her. Olivier had left to speak to another general, as she had just made Major General. He was there, with an entertained smile on his face, but it was still friendly and familiar. She doesn’t rush to hug him or greet him with a surprised, high-pitched voice. Instead, she keeps a straight face but steadies her eyes on him. “Hello, Colonel. Fancy seeing you here.”

“What do you mean by that?” he asks, probably glad that she is taking a sarcastic turn in the conversation.

“Well, considering you never showed up at the training exercises in the North, I’m almost surprised to see you here,’ Riza responds, not looking at him anymore but instead at the mass of soldiers arranged on the field.

“I’ve always hated snow,” Roy says, waving a non-committal hand in the air. “It was nothing against Briggs. Just personal preference, and I was never required to go.”

“That’s right. I had almost forgotten that you’re useless around any sort of water. I guess that includes snow, hm?” Riza teases, and looks over at him again just to see the way he flounders at her comment. This time it’s him who looks away, and Riza notices how he looks like a petulant child.

“That’s a low jab.”

“You made it too easy. How could I not?”

She expects Roy to still be frowning, but she sees that he doesn’t let it get to him too much – it’s good to see that he still has a sense of humor. “It must be a shock for you to be in the East. Are you still thawing out?”

It’s Riza’s turn to be slightly offended at the other’s comment. “I’m afraid so. It’s ungodly hot here.”

“Maybe I could be of some assistance,” Roy suggests, and at this Riza has to roll her eyes.

“It’s better to let things naturally thaw than to heat them up. You never were good at cooking, were you?” she asks, and while it’s not her best comeback it makes him chuckle.

“It’s good to see that you haven’t lost any of your wittiness while stuck up North.”

“You learn to use humor to get through the blizzards and invasions.”

Before he can reply, his commanding officer calls on him from afar, and Roy exhales and glances back at her before leaving. “I hope I’ll see you again soon,” Roy tells her, and she nods, saluting him before he goes – he is, after all, still a superior officer.

“I have a feeling we will, Sir.”

Olivier had noticed, while stuck in a boring conversation with another General, how Riza and Roy had seemed friendly already. She has an thought, but has to see if it would even work. “Is there something you need to tell me, Lieutenant?”

Riza doesn’t glance down at her from where Olivier’s sitting, and where she is standing behind her chair. “I don’t know what you mean, Sir.”

“Are you and Mustang friends?”

Riza pauses, weighing her options of what to say to give Olivier the right answer. “We are on friendly terms, yes.”

“I have an idea for you.”

After finding out that she already knew Roy, Olivier deems Riza to be her liaison of sorts in the East. She figured that it would be better for relations between the North and East if the high-ranking soldiers got along, and while she doesn’t mind knocking the Colonel down a few pegs, Olivier can only handle him in small amounts. She is bestowing even more trust onto Riza, who now has the responsibility to correspond between the two of them and tell Olivier everything spoken about that is important to her. Besides, Olivier would rather focus her time in Briggs than with the spineless men in the East.

Riza begins to look forward to her trips to the East. She doesn’t go very often, but she goes for when they request someone come from the North (they’d given up coaxing Olivier to come down for anything except reports on Drachma after an attempted invasion) to attend any sort of meeting they required her to come to. It’s a nice reprieve from the wintry air and snowy mountains of the North, almost like a small vacation. Even if she isn’t there just to see Roy, he always finds a way to conveniently run into her at headquarters.

“Does the General not like me anymore?” he asks, feigning disappointment. “I’m hurt.”

“She doesn’t really care if you’re hurt, so don’t worry too much about it,” Riza says, walking down the steps of Eastern Command at sundown, after a long day of meetings. He’s behind her and she decides to stop, turning and letting him catch up while tugging on his coat. She has her own on, with the small notepad she had written notes on in the meeting, knowing that she would remember what was said once she looked at her shorthand. “Where are you headed?”

“Out to dinner. I didn’t get to take my lunch break today, so I’m starving,” he answers, tucking his hands into his pants pockets and keeping up her pace.

“Oh, poor thing,” she teases, and he rolls his eyes but grins along with her.

“And what are your plans tonight?”

“Nothing special. I’m probably just going to order room service at the hotel.”

“How about you let me take you out for dinner?” he asks, giving her a broad and wide smile that she knows he uses to charm other girls, girls who have no idea that he’s not as charming as he lets on. “I know some good places here, that are inexpensive but good.”

“You’d take me somewhere cheap on a first date? How very unchivalrous.” Riza has her lips set in a flat line, but he can see the smirk that wants to uncurl on her lips. “I thought better of you, Colonel Mustang.”

“I didn’t think you’d want me to spend too much on you, Major Hawkeye,” he responds with the same air of sarcasm that she’s delivering to him. “Either way, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“And what’s that?”

“I’ve just recruited a State Alchemist into the military,” he starts, and her brows raise with surprise, no silly comeback in them, but instead she’s impressed. “I wanted to ask…if him and his brother ever end up in the North, will you make sure that they feel welcome there? I know General Armstrong won’t care much either way, and her two men are just as fierce as her, but I know you would make them feel not as scared as they would otherwise.”

“Why are you so worried about them feeling comfortable?” Riza asks, genuinely curious. “They’re adults, aren’t they?” Roy doesn’t respond for a moment, and even looks away like he can’t give her a straight answer. Riza’s brows furrow, and she watches him carefully. “What? You didn’t go and recruit a kid, did you?”

“As a matter of fact…”

Her eyes widen, and she stops walking, positively taken aback. “You didn’t. No, Colonel, even you aren’t that reckless.”

“He wanted to join –”

“How old is he?”

“Twelve. But, Riza, they told me he was in his thirties.”

Riza lets out a huff of disbelief, absolutely shocked at what he’s just told her. “But you still recruited him?”

“It’s a long story. Just – I’ll tell you all about it. If there wasn’t a serious reason, I wouldn’t have done it.” Roy is trying to cover his hide, and eventually Riza has to relax and come up with some way for him to tell her.

“Tell me about it over dinner,” she says, and for a moment Roy has to let it process. When Riza sees the smile start to grow on his face, she has to keep him from thinking it’s more than she’s implying. “It’s not a date. It’s just two colleagues going to talk business together.”

“Of course,” Roy nods, and she actually lets a small smile emerge because of the lopsided one he gives her in response to her stern orders. “Let me lead the way.”


Riza meets the Elrics when Buccaneer comes to the fort with a small boy and suit of armor in tow. She’s standing with Olivier and Miles, watching over them as they introduce themselves to Olivier and fail at making a good first impression. Riza almost wants to call down to them to apologize, but she stays silent, knowing that it’s best if she lets Olivier handle them for now – that is, until Ed yells up to her.

“Uh, ma’am? Are you Major Hawkeye?”

Nearly everyone who is there turns to face her, and despite herself her eyes widen in shock ever so slightly, and after a second she composes herself. “Yes. How do you know me?”

“Colonel Mustang told us to ask for you. Although, it might not mean anything if you don’t trust other’s recommendations, too.”

Riza wants to smile down at him, at his earnest words, but she forces herself to stay serious. “He told me to be on the lookout for you if you ever appeared. I’ve heard a lot about you.” When Ed and Al get hopeful, she adds on, “Mainly that you two can be nuisances,” and they deflate immediately.

She finds them again later on that night, outside working with pickaxes to break down icicles. Al is having an easier go with it than Ed is, who is too short to even reach the icicle with his pickaxe. Riza’s faces soften, and she speaks up from behind to warn them of her presence. “Need a lift?”

Ed barely has time to turn before Riza wraps her strong arms around his torso to pick him up, lifting him to be able to reach the icicles. Al watches and next to her, she hears a “Wow!” as Ed knocks down a piece of ice. “Major Hawkeye, how can you pick him up so easily?”

“Out here in Briggs, you’re trained to pick up things heavier than yourself, like cannons or bears,” she answers, looking over at Al as she steps to the side so Ed can work on the next icicle. “Luckily, Ed is probably half my size, so he feels light as a feather.” At this, Ed yells out a “Hey!”, and she laughs lightly to herself as she puts him back down on the ground while he gripes about not being short.

“Did the Colonel tell you we were coming?” Ed asks, after gathering himself on the ground.

“Nope. It’s a surprise to me.” Riza crosses her arms, and gives them both a kind smile. “He did ask me before, however, to be nice to you two.”

“After how the General treated us, I doubt anyone can be friendly here,” Ed grumbles.

“We’re a lot like you, Edward. We have to keep our guards up at all times,” Riza says, and she isn’t mocking him, but she’s coming from a maternal point of view. “The General takes everyone at face value, because she can’t be risky enough to trust someone based on what someone else thinks of them. She has to make her own judgment. She did it with me, and she’ll do it to you.”

“She was that harsh with you?” Al asks, and Riza nods.

“Even if my situation was different, she still had to make her own decision about how she felt about me. You have to earn respect here. So try to be respectful,” she says, and points the statement at Ed, who actually looks surprised but still nods.

“You know, we’ve heard so much about you, but you’re so…nice,” Al says, and even if he’s in a suit of armor, Riza finds him charming in a boyish kind of way. “We’re definitely thankful for you, Major.”
“I figured you needed someone on your side here from the beginning. You are both just kids, after all, even though you’ve had to grow up before you should have.”

“Yeah, well,” Ed starts, rubbing the back of his head, “You get used to it.”

“I know. I had to deal with the same thing,” she says, and before they can ask what she means, she changes the subject. “Anyways, the General may not take the word of others, but I can. The Colonel is a trustworthy man.”

“I can understand Al, but I don’t know why he put in a good word for me. He can’t stand me, and the feeling’s mutual,” Ed says, and Riza actually laughs, a warm and clear sound.

“Maybe you and the General will get along, then.”


Riza decides to go to Central on her own just before Olivier is summoned there herself, after the Elrics came to the fort and revealed the transmutation circle made by these Homunculi. She talks to Olivier about it beforehand, making sure has her blessing.

“You have the entire force of Briggs, but Falman has told me that Mustang has some kind of plan up his sleeve. He only has a haphazardly arranged group of soldiers willing to help orchestrate a coup, and can use all the help he can get.”

Olivier doesn’t answer at first, clearly thinking it over. “He could stand to have some help from the Hawk’s Eye.” She nods in agreement, clearly done thinking it over. “If he asks, tell him it’s not because I’m feeling friendly. If his plan doesn’t work, then this country could be taken down with him.”

This was how Riza ends up at his office door shortly after the work day, and knocks lightly. After hearing him tell her to come in, she enters, finding him staring out the window, deep in thought. She salutes him. “With the situation you’re in, you probably shouldn’t keep your back to the door, sir.”

Roy turns, and he has surprise written on his face when he sees her standing in front of him. “Major Hawkeye. What brings you here?”

“The Elrics came to Briggs. They told us everything they knew. I decided you needed me more than the Briggs men do, because you don’t have an entire army backing you up.” She pauses, trying not to be too bold or brag too much. “I figured you could use my help.”

Roy considers her suggestion for a moment, and eventually gives her an easy smile. “It would help to have a sniper on our side.”

Riza had been trained to be able to fight bears, survive cold and seemingly unending winters, but the Promised Day was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She had known it would be tough, but she hadn’t expected everything they fought to be impervious to bullets, leaving her basically defenseless outside of her fighting skills. During the day, she had forgotten the sheer power of flame alchemy, and alchemy in general, and had to keep herself from staring so she wouldn’t get left behind during the coup.

She had to help talk Roy down from going completely off the deep end while fighting Envy, not being kind with him at all, and even had her throat slit, used as a bargaining piece to get Roy to commit human transmutation, because they knew there was more than just an acquaintanceship between them; and when he wouldn’t, even after she was saved by a small Xingese girl, they forced him to do it.

Riza had thought he was completely done for until she hears the ground quaking and a couple of people on a stone hand, one of them an unfamiliar woman but the other is Roy, who she had thought had disappeared after being pinned down by the Fuhrer moments before. She rushes to help him off the hand, and realizes that he stumbles because his eyes are closed – it doesn’t take her long to realize he’s been blinded. “Sir, you need to stay back. You’re in no condition to fight –”

“I have to. They need me to.”

“You’re blind!”

“And you’re not,” he says, and finally opens his eyes, now grey and nearly empty. Riza understands, and she nods – even if he can’t see it, she knows he can sense it. “Your idea to help us was a good one after all.”

Riza helps guide his flames when they make it to the surface, and while she’s been trained to push through any kind of hardship, especially to say no to death, but after the Father is killed and the Elrics get their bodies back, it’s all she can do to not faint from her blood loss. She knows Roy couldn’t catch her if she fell, and there’s no one very close, so she has to wait until they get to an ambulance to relax and close her eyes, shrugging off her bloodied jacket and remind herself that she’s still alive.

All the Briggs soldiers who are there visit her in her private hospital room, before they leave to go back North. She isn’t able to leave right away, so per the doctor’s orders, she stays in Central until she heals. She tells them what happened to her neck, and they all listen to her story with a sort of awe. Vato Falman is the one who tells her, with a heavy heart, that Buccaneer was killed in action. Riza closes her eyes, bowing her head slightly with respect, but Riza has to ask – “How did he die?”

“Honorably,” Falman answers, and he seems sincere. “He wouldn’t have let himself die just any old death.”

“That’s the Briggs Way,” Riza finishes for him. “You either die honorably or defy death.”

“That it is,” Falman agrees, and after a short conversation he leaves her to let her rest. Riza is left deep in thought – now, more than ever, Briggs would need her, and she won’t admit it outright, but Olivier will need her, too.

She leaves earlier than she should. She can’t stand being stuck in a hospital while the men up North have already gone back to work. She drops by both Roy and Al’s rooms, wishing them well before leaving (it was still jarring to see Al as a young man, and to look at Roy and see grey eyes, even if they would be healed), going back to the atmosphere she was comfortable with, feeling satisfied knowing that she helped save the country she always strove to protect when it mattered the most.

Riza stays for a while in Briggs afterwards, but she sees her time at Briggs come to an end when the new Fuhrer, Grumman, requests that she work under him as his personal bodyguard. In fact, he comes to Briggs himself to talk it over with Olivier, and to meet Riza.

She realizes why he asks her to be his bodyguard when he asks who her father is. “Berthold, wasn’t it?”

“How do you know him?”

“My daughter was married to him. Victoria Grumman.”

Riza’s eyes widen, positively shocked. She hadn’t remembered her mother’s maiden name, but she remembered her first name. She remembers hearing her and her father argue about Riza’s grandfather, with Berthold not wanting anything to do with the man. Riza gives Grumman a closer look, and if she looks deep enough she can see the barest trace of a resemblance to her mother, but she always assumed her mother looked like her own. “How should I believe you?”

“She sent me just one letter about her daughter, who she named Riza, and who she wished could meet me. I didn’t think telling you at a training exercise would be appropriate, and neither was telling Mustang, who I knew knew you, but after the Promised Day I’ve realized that you should be my personal bodyguard. I feel I can trust you to watch my back.”

Riza asks him to let her think it over. She can’t sleep that night. Leaving Briggs would be bittersweet – it was where she made her career, where she grew close to so many other brave souls like herself, where she grew as a person and soldier. She felt at home here, but something was telling her that she can’t possibly turn down a job offer from the Fuhrer himself.

It’s Olivier who helps her make her decision. She walks with her to the meeting room where Grumman was waiting, and on the way, says, “You have done more than enough here. It will be a shame to lose you here, but your expertise is needed elsewhere. Don’t let any of us hold you back.”

That is enough for Riza to know what she needs to do.

She leaves the next day with Grumman, and while she expected to leave without much fanfare, it seems most of the Briggs crew, if not all of them, stopped what they were doing to watch her leave. Olivier and Miles stand above all of them, their faces still stone cold and their posture statuesque, but Riza knows it’s as bittersweet for them as it is for her. There are too many memories here, too many good people that she’s leaving behind.

But, as she waves goodbye to them all, they all salute her, and when she slips into the car she has to cover her mouth to stop from crying before Grumman comes in after her. She may be leaving for Central, but Riza was still a Briggs soldier.

Riza was starting a new part of her life, but she would still be the Sentinel of Briggs through and through.

So when Geoff said “when Jeremy goes quiet, you should start looking” in that mc lets play, I got to thinking.

GTA Jeremy, the fucking escape artist of the twenty first century. Because no one expects him, and no one hears him.

If the crew needs to rough up a guy in prison, Jeremy is the guy. He can get arrested and he’ll be out the day he enters with the job done.

But there is one day where a rival gang kidnaps Geoff and Jeremy and take them to an unmarked warehouse. They focus on Geoff, because of course they do. He’s the boss, the ringleader, the one that holds all the leashes. When Geoff doesn’t give any answers, they point a gun to Jeremy’s chair and promise there will be pain in his close future.

And Geoff goes “That chair and I aren’t that close.”

And everyone looks over, and Jeremy is gone. Completely gone. There has to be something close to twenty guys in that room, and no one saw a damn thing.

So the rival gang’s leader gets angry, nay, furious that he escaped. He could call for back up and they can’t have the whole crew on their ass. He orders his twenty-some henchmen to find him, and they all leave the back room where Geoff and Jeremy were being held. Only Geoff and the gang leader are there, and the gang leader has his gun pointed to Geoff.

Its less than a minute when a gun goes off in the back room, and the henchmen run in to see their leader, tied to Jeremy’s chair with a hole in his head, and the two FAHC members no where to be seen.

i have spent all my years in believing you (but I just can't get no relief)

Written for the Writer’s Guild Soulmate AU day! Title from Queen’s Somebody to Love (as it’s my personal headcanon that Queen is the only band Steve and Jonathan can agree on).

They say when you meet the one, the sun shines brighter, the birds sound sweeter and you’ll finally feel complete. In this world, those words are more than just sentiment.


The one when you only access the full potential of your senses when you first touch your soulmate.

It doesn’t even cross Jonathan’s mind to hesitate before getting them both out of the way. He’s already ruled them both out as possible soulmates (he didn’t even really considered Steve a possible soulmate but the bruise sitting high on his cheek answered the question before he could even ask it).

So there’s nothing stopping him from grabbing Steve’s arm while his fingers are still trailing off the back of Nancy’s wrist.

And then the world explodes.

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Like real people do- Peter Parker

Request: Yes @tcmhcllland

90. “I’m so fucking sad all the time.”

44. “I really just want to float out of my body and not come back.”

Summary: Reader gets a gut feeling that something bad is gonna happen

Warnings: Death, angst, all that jazz

Today felt off. You felt off. Everything felt…off. You had a gut feeling that something was gonna happen. You didn’t know if it was good or bad, but the way your stomach churned at random seemed like it was bad. Maybe it was the approaching birthday jitters. You sigh as you shake your head and pull your phone out to text Peter, your awkward, adorable, and never on time boyfriend. You grimace at the brightness of the screen but blink a couple of times and start to type.

Do you just want to cancel tonight, you’re already an hour late.

The previous text you have sent say the same thing. You exit your messages and your thumb hesitates over the phone app. You wanna call Peter, but you don’t want to be too clingy. Your conscience nags at you but you push it away as you begin to pace along the building. You were currently waiting outside the movie theater building and the night just seemed to be getting colder as the time went. You watch as a couple walks out, hugging and laughing with each other. You stare at them for a minute and shamefully look away as they pass you completely oblivious of your presence. You decide not to wait anymore and begin to walk home. As you start walking, you notice that there wasn’t anyone out really. In a way you kind of enjoy the odd silence as you turn on the corner of the block. 

As you do you run into someone and almost fall backwards but they catch you. Peter holds you by the waist and smiles warmly at your slightly scared facial expression. You relax into his familiar arms and get up. You can’t help but smile at Peter as his hands continue to hold the sides of your waist. 

“Sorry, I’m so, so, late, I had the Stark Internship-”

“Ah yes, the Stark Internship, always keeping you busy isn’t it?” You push away Peter’s arms gently only to wrap them around you as you both start walking back to the movie theater. Peter scoffed playfully and squeezed you tighter. You sighed at the embrace and leaned on his shoulder. 

“Do you still want to watch the movie?” You mumble as Peter stops you from walking ahead and rubs his temple against the back of your head. You listen to his breathing, waiting for his response. 

“You know, I have a couple of movies back in my room and I could always stream the new movies illegally.” You turn your head to look at Peter’s smug smile and snort. 

“Because you’re that just that ‘cool’ to stream illegal movies on your laptop.”

“Yep.” You giggle as Peter blows raspberries into your neck. You both turn yet again and start walking to Peter’s apartment. As you and Peter slip out of each others embrace to change positions you see someone walking, striding, to the both of you. All of a sudden you feel the churn of your stomach and now you know that this is the moment that made the whole day feel off. Or you could be over reacting, but the way the person stares at you both with determination in their eyes alarms your nerves. Peter now holds your hand and squeezes it, somehow feeling how anxious and nervous you got.

“It’s just someone walking by, I can hear your heartbeat from all the way over here.” Even though Peter was joking about your heartbeat you turned to look at him surprised. You started to over think and come to the conclusion that Peter was a 16 year old with super hearing. So basically a superhero. You’re pulled out by your thoughts as Peters arm wraps around your waist tightly and stops you in your walk. You look up to see the person who was walking towards you earlier, now standing in front of you, with a gun pointed at your head. You and Peter freeze at the gun shining in the moon as the person yells at you both.

“Give me all your money!” The person says with a sneer as Peter slowly pushes you behind him and puts an arm in front of you. He then puts a hand up to distance himself from the person.

“Look man, we don’t wan any trouble-”

“JUST GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!” They yell and you stumble back as they point the gun at you. Peter steps in your way and holds up his arms in surrender.

“Okay, okay, here.” Peter reaches in his back pocket and pulls out his wallet and hands it to the person. They rip it out of his hand and opens it roughly to take out the cash. They then throw the wallet onto the floor and shoves the money into their jeans. They then point the gun at you and point to the necklace around your neck.

“That, I want that.” Your hand goes around the pendent hanging from the necklace and you clasp it hard. You slightly tremble as Peter puts his hand in front of you again.

“No I can’t-” The person puts both hands around the gun and yells at you. Suddenly Peter whips his arm forward and the gun goes off. Everything happens quickly as Peter punches the person and knocks them out cold. You see a web binding the person’s hands together and the gun laying by their side.

“Babe, you okay?” Peter swiftly turns around to you and checks you for any injury. You feel hazy and sway a little as you nod your head. All of a sudden you feel a burning pain in your abdomen. You don’t scream but feel numb as you look at Peter’s pailing face.

“Peter, something’s wrong.” You put your hand on where the pain is and take it off to show blood coating it. You look to Peter and he frantically says something but you can’t hear it as you start falling. Peter catches you and slowly leans down with you. 

“This isn’t-baby, something’s wrong-I.” You sputter out inconsistent words as Peter caresses the side of your cheek.

“No, Y/N, look at me.” Peter holds down on your wound and grabs you chin, forcing you to look at him.

“No, no, baby, what’s wrong? I don’t-what’s-Peter?” You whimper as Peter’s eyes start to water. He shakes his head and presses his hand harder on your stomach. “Let’s go home, I don’t wanna be her, I wanna go home.” You grunt as Peter catches your head before it hits the ground. Peter holds the side of you face and looks forward to yell out for help. You shake your head as he looks back at you.

“Baby, you have to keep your eyes open for me, okay. Keep them open.” Peter shakes you lightly as you flutter your eyes. You lurch upward to couch out the metallic tasting liquid from your mouth. Peter lets out a strangled grunt as you lay back in his arms.

“I don’t want to be here, I don’t-Peter, I wanna go home.” You struggle to speak as Peter holds you closer and lets his tears fall onto your cheek. You try to talk and plead but Peter doesn’t look down at you and screams for help. You cough up again and Peter takes his sleeve to wipe away the blood pouring from your mouth.

“No, no, no, baby, hey don’t do that, please don’t do that.” Peter’s voice is strained as you feel tears fall into your ears. 

“Look at me, you have to look at me.” Peter repeats those words as he tries to reassure himself at the amount of blood coming from your wound wasn’t that bad. He uses his other sleeve to wipe the already drying blood on your face. You grab his wrist to stop him from doing so and look at him with blurry and wet eyes.

“It’s okay, baby, everything’s okay, I finally get to float out of my body.” Peter looks down at you shocked and starts to shake as you let out a small hum. Peter starts to think about the night a couple of weeks ago when you showed up at his place.

I really just want to float out of my body and not come back.” Peter stares at you with a confused expression as you hold the pendent of your necklace in your hand. It was your aunt’s before she passed away a couple years back. You don’t look at him and instead look at the day soon turning into night. Peter shifts closer to you and places a hand on your back, confusion still etched into his face.

“Why?” He ask and you sigh as you finally look at his perplexed state. You chuckle softly as you plant a small kiss on his lips and look back to the horizon.

I’m just so fucking sad all the time. And I shouldn’t be, right? Because I have you, and I have people who love me, I have a home…but somehow, me being selfish, don’t think that’s enough.” You play with your fingers, terrified of hearing the response you were going to get from Peter. What if he thinks bad of you. Wouldn’t be surprising, since you think bad about yourself all the time.

“It’s okay to feel a little sad sometimes.” You sigh at his response and look at Peter with a fake and lazy smile. He doesn’t get it. But that’s okay, not everyone will. He leans in to give you a kiss and you lean in too.

Although it only took a couple of seconds to recall the memory you were fading in the mean while. He looks at you and holds your head up as he feels another attack of tears coming it’s way.

“Please stay awake, baby you have to stay awake.” Peter holds you as you feel a tear slide down your cheek. 

“I love you. It’s okay, I love you…” You mutter over and over again as Peter’s cries suppress them. He tells you to hang on but you shake your head once again.

“Can we sing the song I like?” You sputter out as Peter cradles you. He nods his head as you smile and start crying yourself.

“I had a thought dear…” You whimper out as Peter sniffles and closes his eyes.

“However scary.” Peter’s voice falters as he feels your heartbeat slowing down. Your eyes start to slowly open and close and you can’t feel him holding you anymore. You lose sight of him and stare up at the night sky as it twinkles and sparkles in every area.

“About that night, the bugs and the dirt…” You voice sounds monotone as the stars dance together above you. Peter starts rocking you back and forth as you close your eyes and your breathing falls existent. 

“Why were you digging, what did you bury, before these hands pulled me from the earth.” Peter finishes your part with a strangled voice and stinging eyes. Your limp body is held in Peter’s arms. 

The day of your funeral was a sad day for Queens. Almost everyone knew who you were, being the daughter of the daughter of a police commissioner and all. It was held on your birthday and everyone showed with a melancholic expression when greeting your family. It was the first time Peter had been out of his room since you died in his arms. He could’t look at anyone, speak to anyone, or think about anyone but you.

Sometimes he thinks he hears your voice happy and alive calling for him but other times he hears you silent and dead. Aunt May pays her regards to your family and so does Peter. When everyone leaves the cemetery, Peter is the only one left. He stares at your lowered coffin surrounded by your favorite flowers. His hands are stuffed into his pockets and his eyes close at the wind.

Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips, we should just kiss like real people do.

I wrote a death imagine and I was so sad but it was kinda fun to write. Morbid I know, but I get into these types of moods where all I want to write is very sad and depressing things. Just me I guess. The song they were singing was “Like real people do” by Hozier. There also might be a lot of typos, sorry. I combined two drabbles together I hope that was fine, thank you for the request hope you liked it @tcmhcllland. :)