gun equality

One year later

One year later. Have we filled the world with light and love and pride?

One year later. I’ve said “No more” so many times since then that Pulse is a drop in the ocean of gun violence victims.

One year later. One year since 49 precious souls from the LGBTQ+ community were struck down by a hate so vile yet so familiar.

One year later. Our spaces became fortresses and our anthems became battle cries.

One year later.
One love.
One pulse.

I feel like I need to say something
  • cis people are not problematic
  • white people are not problematic
  • Christians are not problematic
  • Islam is not problematic
  • vegans are not problematic
  • guns are not problematic
  • feminists are not problematic
  • men are not problematic 
  • rich people are not problematic

Individuals are problematic, and sometimes an entire group of individuals can be problematic but please try not to judge someone based on their group, even if most of that group are idiots

Listen. That AHWU though.

Everyone knows no good comes of trusting information ascertained through interrogation and threats without checking to ensure it’s honestly truthful. Sure, most at this point are well aware of what the FAHC do to those who double-cross them but there will always be assholes trying their luck and the Fake’s didn’t get where they are by being sloppy.

Which means someone inevitably drawing the short straw, left behind to babysit a bound hostage while the others go out and check the accuracy of all their shiny new information. It’s necessary, sure, but that doesn’t make it any less tedious for whoever is stuck twiddling their thumbs and ensuring an increasingly frustrated captive doesn’t somehow worm their way free while the rest of the crew is out having fun.

The latest lovely volunteer, a paunchy red-faced benefactor of a rival crew, is kindly hosting this week’s little sit-in at his multi-million dollar mansion out in the hills, conveniently private and filled with tangible displays of his ill-begotten wealth. The man spilled the beans embarrassingly quickly, rolled over on his allies at the very first sight of Ryan looming into view, but despite the ongoing helplessness of his position the departure of the more notorious members of the FAHC quickly led to the resurgence of his overpowering arrogance. Which is unwise really, considering it’s Trevor who was left behind to keep watch.

Trevor is a bit of a mystery outside the Fake’s, his reputation full of contradicting stories and inexplicable behaviour; he is a background lackey or a secret member of the upper management, he is alarmingly energetic or disturbingly apathetic, utterly naive or hiding violent depths, he is simply support or yet another of Ramsey’s unstoppable killers. Whatever he is, Trevor is unquestionably unnerving as all hell, inscrutable and unscrupulous with the driest humour, silly jokes undercut by biting sarcasm delivered so impassively it takes a moment for the insult to hit.

Trevor is busy. Trevor is bored. Trevor has time on his hands, an idiot at his mercy and countless priceless objects at his disposal. Increasingly loud complaints from an entitled millionaire combined with ongoing updates indicating that the information is checking out and the victim need not lose any fingers leads Trevor to all of 15 minutes of restraint before he channels a cat and starts knocking things off shelves. 

It starts small, heavy objects dropped more for the sound than the damage, crashes used as punctuation, as punishment, but as the hostage’s anger grows so too does Trevor’s grin, escalating to smashing glass and porcelain, shattering statues and fine china, all the while running his mouth in exaggerated surprise; I wonder what will happen if… oops. Well how about this one? Oh no. Oh dear what a mess, better try this- no? Oh. Well this is pretty! I’ll have to be more careful- oh darn, butterfingers thats me, now i hope this isn’t important…

By the time the other’s swing back around the entire lounge room is a disaster zone, newly gagged hostage snarling muffled yells from his seat in the centre of the chaos, visibly incensed as Trevor pats his back on the way past in an unhurried stroll, tutting and tisking all the way; gosh what a mess, who could live like this? Someone really aught to clean this up, you should have this taken care of man, have some pride in your home.  


lizzingtonweek | day five. fave episode 

t. earl king iv aka the best episode lol. so many things happen omg. if luther braxton is red tearing apart the world to get lizzy back, t. earl king iv is liz’s answer to that. and that final scene between the two of them is hands down one of the best non declarations of love i’ve seen in a tv show.  this episode and luther braxton are love letters lbr.  i’m sweatin. 

bonus gif for drift compatibility:

in which arthur fights zombies, rescues two confused londoners, slightly creeps them out & puts his world war one trench club back in service 

Suga and spice and all things not nice (give me even more of that Nicotine Sweetness)


Trigger warning: gun play, knife play, blood play, bondage, degredation/praise kink (they are kinda mixed together at points), sensory play, overstimulation, squirting, daddy kink, pet names, collaring/choking, impregnation kink/cum play. This is not for the faint of heart, if this is not your cup of tea then please don’t read it.


You woke up to a cold bed, not a common occurrence for you. Yoongi was practically married to his bed and he wouldn’t leave it, unless his underground empire required it (anyway he one pretty good reason to stay wrapped up in the sheets already in his bed).

Just as you started to stir, you heard Yoongi’s raspy voice, “Good Morning Kitten~” As soon as you heard your pet name leave his lips, you knew that you wouldn’t be leaving this bed for the rest of the day.

You saw Yoongi rise from his chair before walking up to the foot of the bed, holding a few things behind his back. “Kitten, I hope you got lots of sleep because you’re going to need your energy. Daddy wants to play with his Kitten. Do you want to play with Daddy too, Kitten?” You nodded and that’s all Yoongi needed to step into action.

You slept naked, which allowed Yoongi to proceed to place a diamond encrusted collar around your neck. “A beautiful collar for his equally beautiful and obedient Kitten,” he said. The attached leash left laying between the valley of your breasts. He then repurposed some old black silk sheets into restraints, tying your four limbs to the bed posts.

Only when you were in the position Daddy wanted you in did he show you what he had hidden from you before, your two favourite toys, Suga, his engraved golden Colt hand gun and his equally impressive bowie knife.

“Daddy promised you last time that he would let you cum from Suga but first I want to use my other toy. Does that sound good Kitten?”

“It does Daddy~”

“Good, you’re such a good slut for Daddy.”

Yoongi took his time admiring the knife and your naked body before he even bothered to touch you. His heated stare and the completely vulnerability of your tied up state already making you wetter than you’d like to admit.

Yoongi started off by using his bowie knife, lightly tracing your lips, before leaning down to give you a kiss, in a rare display of romance, or his brand of romance anyway. The tip was then traced down your neck and collarbone.

Your Daddy then used the tip to break the skin, carving out a design on the skin, just below your left collarbone. The pressure was enough to draw blood but not enough to permanently scar your flawless skin. He watched in fascination as drops of crimson slowly ran down your heaving chest, the actions already causing you to drip onto your thighs.

Before the drops could hit your perky buds, Yoongi collected it on his finger and offered it to you. You immediately accepted it, using your tongue as you would on Suga or on your Daddy’s throbbing cock. Yoongi couldn’t help but groan, his Kitten being too much for his own good sometimes, but he loved his filthy Kitten and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yoongi then pulled on the leash, forcing your upper body into a more upright position and in the process choking you out in the most delicious way. This caused more droplets to fall. He let them fall to your hardened nipple this time before he took your pebbled nub into his mouth. His skillful tongue licked up all that dripped down, whilst simultaneously using it as an excuse to flick your nipple using the muscle. You would scream out in pleasure, if you had any air left in your lungs and just before you couldn’t take anymore, you were released, your upper body falling back into the sheets.

As you caught your breath back, Daddy Yoongi diligently disinfected the knife and your skin. You even found the slight sting of alcohol wipe to be strangely pleasureable, causing you to hiss in a similar way to when you would be spanked. To that he chuckled and leant in to whisper by your ear, “Is this too much for you Kitten? I hope not because I’ve only just gotten started.”

Yoongi then took a photo to show you his masterpiece, a small scratching of the name Suga into your skin, a temporary reminder of your favourite toy and your favourite kingpin. You would have brought up your own index finger to admire your Daddy’s work but your hands were tied, both of them. However, Yoongi did it for you. As he admired it he thought about how he loved to leave his marks on you, hickeys and a spanked bottom, but knife play was by far his favourite. He would never permanently scar you but he loved to just scratch the skin with his own tags for his very own special little Kitten.

“Kitten, I want you to close your eyes now.” When you closed them you heard, “You’re such a good little whore for Daddy. Make sure not to open them or Daddy will have to punish you.”

You then shivered as cold metal traced the skin from your index finger to your left shoulder. It was far to blunt to be Yoongi’s bowie knife, leaving only one other option, Daddy was using Suga on you.

He made sure to avoid his marking, letting it heal, as the barrel was traced down between the valley of your breasts, causing the leash to be pushed against one of your mounds. He then smacked both perked nipples with the side of the barrel, much like you did last time you were using Suga. It had turned Yoongi on now end and now that he had his Kitten all tied up, Daddy was going to have his fun with his perfect little slut.

Yoongi took his time tease each area, your torso, your other arm, your feet, your calves, only now just reaching your thighs. You were now absolutely soaked, a wet path already formed on the silk sheets, making them even blacker than black. You were struggling to not open your eyes or snap at Daddy because you were so riled up, but as much as Daddy was a tease, he could be merciful too.

“Open your eyes Baby and look between your legs, look at Daddy, look at what Daddy is going to do to you.”

You felt it before you saw it, Yoongi rubbing Suga against your neglected clit. God was your Daddy good. DAMN GOOD. You were already so turned on that you didn’t know how long you could last, not that your Daddy cared, he would always make you cum multiple times.

All it took was one firm tug on the leash and you were gone. Your body arching off the bed, as much as you could given the restraints. The pleasure leaving you breathless, wordless.

Yoongi lapped at your dripping essence as if it was a gourmet meal, and to him, it was. In your Daddy’s opinion, your pussy was a divine delicacy.

Even when he has lapped up all the cum you could offer, he still licked between your folds, Suga still being rubbed against your clit. It was starting to very on painful, but a pleasurable pain nevertheless. You would have closed your legs if you could, but Daddy wouldn’t subject you to something you couldn’t take and you had your safe word if you needed it. You just needed to get over the first aches of overstimulation and then you would feel even better than before.

Just as you were starting to like the clit stimulation (or put better, the overstimulation), Yoongi pulled away from you, tongue and gun. You could literally scream at him, Yoongi could be so frustrating sometimes, but as you said earlier, your Daddy could be merciful.

Yoongi smirked and rubbed Suga against your glistening lips, silently asking for permission before sliding it would inside you. This was a novel experience, whilst Suga had been a permanent fixture in your playtime, or at least the times you calmed Yoongi downed, you’d never actually been fucked by anything other that your Daddy’s cock or fingers. You had to say that shock of the cold metal against your warm velvet walls was strangely pleasent in the most masochistic of ways. The sensory shock had caused your walls to clamp, making Yoongi groan at the thought of your walls doing that around his throbbing cock.

When you had relaxed, Yoongi lent down and whispered against your lips, like you had done to him days earlier in his office. “Kitten, I said I’d used Suga to make you cum, and I’m going to do it again. I want you to cum as I fuck you with my gun and I want you to cum again when I fuck you. Do you think you can handle that, my slut?”

“Yes, Daddy.”


Suga was slowly pumped in and out of you, Yoongi taking great care of not being too harsh. Whilst he liked to be rough, he’d never want to harm you.

His other hand went down to rub at your abused clit. At least you could say that he never forgot to stimulate it.

Once you got used to the novel feeling, you had to say that you’ve never felt so good. Just thinking about the pure debauchery you’re engaging in, the purest of sins, made you unintentionally clench around Suga again. Yoongi smirked.

He lent in and whispered by your ear, his warm breath causing goosebumps, “Hmm, that’s it Kitten. Be a good little whore and cum for Daddy, cum over Suga.” And that’s all you needed.

If you thought the first orgasm was intense, this one was almost unbearable. The deep fire that spread from your loins had caused fireworks to spark in all the nerves of your body, short-circuiting your senses for a while. It had felt different though, not just more intense but you just couldn’t put your finger on it.

When you locked eyes with Yoongi, you practically shivered. His eyes were darker than you’d ever seen them, his gaze practically burning into your brain. You had thought you had seen him at his most lustful but you were wrong. This was him at his most lustful.

“Such a dirty slut. Daddy told you to cum on Suga, but not only did you do that, but you squirted all over his gun. You’ve made Daddy very horny, Kitten. You’ve been so good, very good, excellent. You’ve let Daddy have his wicked way with you, mark you. Can Daddy mark you in one more way, Kitten? Can Daddy fuck you full of his cum, and keep on doing so until you’re carrying his child? Would you like that Kitten?”

You were left speechless. You had never really thought about having kids but there was something about the pure filthiness of Yoongi fucking your pussy full of cum, with the possiblity of getting pregnant, especially if you got pregnant, that turned you on more than you’d like to admit.

You would nod but you felt Daddy’s speech warranted a verbal response. “Kitten would love that Daddy. Fuck me full of your cum, get me pregnant.”

And that’s how you got Yoongi slamming into your core. All his patience had gone out the window. Any bruising he’d help to look after later but now all he could think about was your tight walls milking him dry and planting his seed deep into you.

His balls were already so tight from all the previous playtime and you weren’t much better. If your hands were free, you would claw at his back, letting the pain explain how otherworldly all this felt like.

Your body started shaking, your thighs in particular. Your ability to stay still obliterated. You did however force Yoongi still. You’re velvet walls had a vice- like grip on his throbbing cock, forcing his member to stay in at full hilt and fill your pussy full of his seed.

Yoongi held you through your post-orgasmic bliss, cooing and praising you for how well you’ve done. When you had calmed down he cut the restraints with his bowie knife and removed your collar, allowing you to relax properly.

Before his member softened too much, he pulled out and plugged you up gently. “We don’t want this going to waste, do we Kitten?,” was his answer to your raised eyebrow. You both smiled.

As he laid beside you, petting your hair, Yoongi had a revision to make. Scratch what he said earlier, Yoongi’s favourite mark would be his child growing inside his Kitten.


Well done for making it to the end. I warned you that this wasn’t for the faint of heart. I hope that you liked it

Bambi x