gun crime in america

Yo America do you want to get your act together and get gun control already. 
Here in England, we got gun control after the Dunblane Massacre in 1996. After that, no school or mass shootings that have created huge news stories around the world. 
You don’t need a gun to defend yourself, as we’re doing pretty fine here without guns. Maybe it’s the people of Americas fault for having such brutal mentalities and the first resort is shooting someone. 


I’m sobbing and shaking in my bed right now. I can’t go downstairs because my family is homophobic and pro-guns. I’m not out to them. I’m so scared. Being bisexual, my chances of being raped are already extremely high, and now my chances of being murdered is even higher. We just let the world know that we excused the death of 49 people. Our biggest shooting was a hate crime. A crime against my people. How many more deaths will we excuse? I am so scared to live here. I shouldn’t feat going to school or the movies because of the possibility of being shot. No one should have to face that every time they go out. But we do and will continue too. Because in America that crime was excused and I’m enraged. If anyone can, please message me. I’m so distraught. P.S. Since it isn’t fucking clear, pro-gun racists, stay the FUCK off my page and off my posts. I don’t give a fuck about you so kindly leave. P.S.S. Since THIS isn’t clear either, I say all this because of what the Senate did today. Since that doesn’t seem to be clear to some people…

If you are not in a gang, committing a criminal act or committing suicide your chances of being the victim of a firearm related crime are:
0.000008564102564%. We do NOT have a ‘gun problem’ in America.
C. Steven Tucker