gun controle

LOL I hope they have a massive shootout during church service.

Jesus in Heaven: Why are all y’all here at the same time? Why do you look like swiss cheese?
Pastor: Well. We shot each other.
Jesus: Why’d you do that?
Pastor: We were protecting ourselves!
Jesus: From what?
Pastor: DANGERS!
Jesus: Were you in danger?
Pastor: Well Sharon thought she heard a Mexican rapist –
Sharon: – and I shot at it because it’s my Second Amendment right to shoot at things that scare me –
Pastor: But it was just Joe Nathan –
Jesus: Jonathan?
Joe: Joe Nathan Scruggs, sir, pleased to meet you, I’m a big fan.
Pastor: It was just Joe Nathan coming in late as usual with his bloodhound.
Jesus: And Sharon shot you so you shot her back?
Sharon: No I missed him and got his dog.
Joe: And nobody shoots my dog without consequences because it’s my Second Amendment right to protect my property.
Jesus: So you shot Sharon?
Tabatha: No he shot me, I was trying to push her out of the way.
Jesus: So you shot back at Joe?
Rusty: No I did. Tabatha is my wife and it’s my Second Amendment right to protect my family.
Pastor: Before you know it, Jesus, we were all shootin and well, here we are!
Jesus: Well we don’t have shootouts in Heaven. Did you at least leave your guns down there?
Pastor: No we brought em with us!  It’s our Second Amendment right to protect Heaven!

Here’s a small fun fact: gun control wouldn’t take away your guns for good, instead it puts in place special regulations to owning a gun. You’d get tested and taught how to properly use a gun and if you do everything right then you get a licence, then the government will check up on your mental stability and how you contain your weapon to make sure you won’t hurt or kill anyone. All gun control does is make sure you won’t harm yourself or others. And it works! Just look at the amount of mass shooting or deaths by guns in countries with gun control and then look at the same statistics in countries without one. The difference is rather terrifying.

So really, unless you plan on murdering somebody or you’re handling your gun irresponsibly, like pointing it at other people, putting it in places where anybody could walk up and take it or giving it to children, then you really shouldn’t be so paranoid about gun control.

Want less shooting or accidental deaths? Then put restrictions on who can own a gun and teach people gun safety, which is exactly what gun control does. ~🐱

America is like that cousin who keeps coming to the family party drunk and stoned and swaggering around like an angry frat boy. And who breaks all the good china dishes just because they feel like being an asshole.

Get your shit together, America. The family’s getting real tired of you.

other countries: literally have gun control laws that work to the point where they haven’t experienced a mass shooting in years

America: hmmmmmmmmm,,,,, nah, won’t work, not possible,…