gun controle

Really Now!?

Okay. Story time again. I got to a psychiatrist once every three months for a prescription. I’m sitting here fucking around on my phone and in the background is a local notoriously right-leaning news station. They are doing a “truth-o-meter” and examining recent claims from wherever the fuck. The claim they started disputing was that “experts claim that more than 40% of gun owners get their guns through no-questions-asked transactions.” This was apparently, according to them, true in 1994 and isn’t now. However, the way they chose to refute this was by saying that NOW ONLY 22% get their guns through no-questions-asked transactions…like…THAT’S STILL TOO MUCH!!!!! YOU DON’T SEE THE PROBLEM WITH THAT?!?!

so we’re talking about the second amendment in social studies and if there should be more gun controls laws enacted and this one fucking kid in my class makes me want to rip my hair out, he’s so uneducated. he thinks the AR-15, a military based assault rifle that’s LITERALLY BEEN THE WEAPON OF CHOICE for mass shootings like sandy hook and the aurora movie theatre shooting, thinks that this gun shouldn’t be banned and people should be able to own and carry it. he thinks there should be less gun restrictions because “people have a right to own guns”. that’s literally his only argument. while that’s true the second amendment is the most poorly written thing i’ve ever seen. it’s so messy and unclear, it makes no sense whatsoever. i just hate the people in my class they’re so problematic and uneducated

tbh I don’t know why people are so afraid of gun control? like all that people want is a little more regulations so that people who aren’t mentally ill or criminals can get them as easily as they currently can. like you can keep your right to bear arms all you want but if you just got out of a psychiatric ward or prison, you should probably not have so many loopholes to still have access to guns.


Colt Anaconda

Chambered in .44 Magnum, this example has been heavily engraved by Beathard Engraving. Apparently their client wanted snake scales added to his revolver, which is fitting considering it is one of Colt’s “snake” guns. Engraving can be tricky because it can add or detract from the value of a gun. In this case the fact it is a collector status firearm with work done by a reputable engraver, value will increase over time. (GRH)

To my fellow LGBT+ Americans

I know that many of you don’t feel physically safe in the wake of this election. Some of you are fearing government actions taken against the LGBT community; others are fearing that individuals supporting Trump will feel freer to perpetrate violence against LGBT people.

I’d like to offer you a solution. In most states, if you are old enough, you can conceal carry a handgun on your person. The laws and requirements vary state-by-state, but suffice to say, most American citizens have legal access to firearms with a license.

The Republican Party is not interested in restricting gun ownership rights. It would be wise to take advantage of the fact that we have another four years during which we may exercise this right.

The benefit is twofold:

1. Owning a gun gives you a chance to protect yourself from the government should it become oppressive and tyrannical and

2. Owning a gun provides to you the ability to defend yourself from anyone who tries to do you harm. As many of you are concerned that hate-motivated crimes will increasingly target LGBT people in light of the new political atmosphere, it is very logical to give yourself a way to protect your life.

If you would prefer to walk around feeling vulnerable, that is your prerogative too. But it is my hope that, if nothing else, the fear-mongering liberal media that has convinced so many of you that Trump and the Republican Party consists of violent, racist, homophobic savages has also managed to bring you full circle into understanding why our Second Amendment is so fundamentally important.

Stay safe out there, and happy CC’ing.


Hudson H9

One of the most talked about new products for SHOT Show 2017 is the Hudson Mfg H9; a cross between a 1911 and a Glock. Using a striker fire system, the block-like appearance is due to their unique recoil system that reduces muzzle flip and recoil. It appears to have little to no polymer parts, something it doesn’t share with the Glock but pulls from the 1911. It has a slight cyberpunk, almost Ghost in the Shell silhouette. (GRH)


Granted, I was rather indifferent during my Catholic school education. But I’m pretty sure Jesus Christ was not a gun-toting, pro-capitalist, pro-Trump mad man who supported armed police killing black people for no reason and hating immigrants and listening to Alex Jones 24/7.

Silly me. I thought he was all about peace, niceness, pacifism and helping the poor. Jesus detested rich people. 

OK, so Jesus with an AK47 killing everyone John Wick-style would have probably made The Bible more interesting and exciting, admittedly. But that’s besides the point.  


Remington 870 MCS

The Modular Combat Shotgun is a variant of the 870 that is designed for different combat roles. Primarily a close quarters breaching gun, it comes with a variety of barrel lengths and stock options, as well as the ability to mount to an M4 with the proper adapter. One of the most sought after parts on the MCS is it’s unique forend, which has an integrated handstop. The MCS is not readily available to the general civilian market, instead the main customer demographic are LEO and military buyers. (GRH)