Polish AK variant in an underfolder configuration. These AK’s have been sold on the U.S market before through companies like Century Arms. Some owners mention that the U.S made replacement barrels were not chrome lined, kind of a deal breaker for some AK owners. Other companies like Vector Arms also offered Polish AK’s and retained the original barrels before the BATFE required all imported barrels from parts kits to be destroyed. (GRH)

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Years ago congress made it illegal for the CDC to research gun violence or fund studies on it... that's a big reason we don't have "clear evidence" that guns are the problem

CDC isn’t banned from studying gun violence; it’s just too scared to do its job

There’s a common misconception that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is forbidden from studying gun violence. That’s simply not true. A number of murky rules have left the agency unclear as to what it is and isn’t allowed to research when it comes to guns. But an outright ban? No.

So why doesn’t the CDC study gun violence? To answer that, let’s take a quick look at its history of gun research.

From 1986 to 1996, the CDC sponsored and carried out public health research on gun violence. In 1993, it funded a study by researchers at the University of Tennessee. The researchers found that “rather than confer protection, guns kept in the home are associated with an increase in the risk of homicide by a family member or intimate acquaintance.

The National Rifle Association didn’t like that. It lobbied to get rid of the CDC’s Center for National Injury Prevention, and while that didn’t happen, it was successful in another sense. In 1996, Congress added a few lines to the Omnibus Appropriations Bill. They said: “None of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.“ 

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Why the CDC still isn’t researching gun violence, despite the ban being lifted two years ago 


Arsenal SLR-107

Bulgarian AK variant available on the U.S market, it is chambered in 7.62x39mm. Note the side folding stock and lack of the classic Com-Bloc style side-optic mounting rail. Overall it’s a top quality AK option, although Arsenal caught some flak when a video of their finish bubbling after the barrel heated up was posted on Youtube. I’m not digging the color choice here, but to each their own. (GRH)

A month ago, when 49 people were slaughtered in a gay club, we were told the blame lay at our feet, because if only everyone were allowed to carry a gun, we’d be safe.

Today, after a black man was held down, shot at close range and murdered, and we’re told he would have been safe if only he hadn’t been armed.

Which is it?


Romanian semi-auto rifle chambered in 7.62x54R, it is often called the “Poorman’s Dragunov”. In essence it is merely an oversized AK/RPK action built to accommodate the full sized rifle cartridge. They have steadily rose in price over the years, even outpacing the the Yugo M76, which is a milled, 8mm Mauser chambered competitor. (GRH)


Do not believe the garbage that some media are saying. The facts are this.

1) Yes, there was a BLM protest/rally going on.
2) The snipers shot from an elevated position AFTER the PEACEFUL BLM protest/rally.
3) The snipers were not part of the BLM rally.
4) The snipers had their own sick agenda of murder.


FN FS2000

Civilian model of the F2000, this polymer bullpup rifle has been discontinued according to FN. Uses only metal (steel or aluminum) AR-15 magazines. Polymer mags won’t work because of the anti-dust gasket seal in the mag well. Note in the 3rd photo the top rail. This model is the later version called the Tactical. It lacks the cut outs on the top of the receiver, making it unable to use the factory integrated optic shell housing seen in earlier models. (GRH)

I love so many things about this ‪#‎NoBillNoBreak‬ sit-in, but the thing I love the most is John Lewis’ facial expression. He has Resting Protest Face. He doesn’t give a shit about your guns, or your parliamentary procedures, or your C-SPAN cameras. He’s heard you want to put him on Periscope but he’s not sure he gives a shit about that either. He’s like “Did you see Selma? You remember the John Lewis character? That was me. John ‘I asked for and received an apology from the Klan’ Lewis.” He is the human personification of the expression “You tried it.” He most definitely doesn’t give a shit about Paul Ryan. When asked for comment about how Paul Ryan compared to political foes he’s encountered in the past, Lewis thought for a second and replied “He doesn’t have the range.” John “Freedom Rider” Lewis has an honorary doctorate in sitting. Don’t come for him unless he sends for you.

R. Eric Thomas - I love so many things about this #NoBillNoBreak…

My favorite: “He is the human personification of the expression ‘You tried it.’”


Beretta ARX100

Civilian model of the ARX160, this Italian made rifle is composed largely of polymer. Most of the weight is concentrated towards the muzzle, making it somewhat front heavy but not as bad as some other rifles. Completely ambidextrous, it operates with a gas piston system. One particular flaw it has is its inability to use Gen 3 Magpul mags. (GRH)

People like Kylie Jenner have nooo problem plumping up their lips, twerking while blasting rap music, & showing off their raggedy ass cornrows.. but they decide to keep quiet about unjustified murders of innocent black people.

TF are you guys gong to do when they kill everyone and there’s no one left to copy?

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