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L.A. County Sheriff’s Department switches from silver to gold belt buckles at a cost of $300,000
By Maya Lau

Sheriff’s officials are spending $300,000 on items they say would make deputies look more professional in their jobs and could help make them safer.

But the taxpayer dollars won’t go toward tools such as higher-quality ballistic vests, backup guns or body cameras, all of which are optional items that deputies have to pay for on their own.

Instead, Sheriff Jim McDonnell is spending the money on a minor cosmetic makeover of deputies’ uniforms: changing the color of their belt buckles and other metal pieces of gear from silver to gold. 

The agency is facing a chronic staff shortage and a recurring budget deficit.

Ryan’s Face When He Unsheathed The Sword On This Week’s AHWU Like I’ve Never Seen Anyone Embody The “Kid On Christmas Morning” Look More Perfectly

The Sheer Joy In His Voice When He Announced “These Are Deadpool Swords!!” Is Something I Never Thought I Would Experience

Also Him Casually Like “It’s Been A Long Time Since I’ve Worked With Nunchucks” “You Worked With Nunchucks?” “Briefly” As If It Should Surprise Anyone At This Point That Ryan Has Used Every Weapon Under The Sun

And Then Him Struggling To Get The Sword Out From The Holster On His Back For Ages

Ryan Killed Me Like 7 Times In This One Video What A Start To The Week

If Attack on Titan was in the style of “The Office”

Eren: *gets to work two hours before everyone else*

“HAHA those cowards. If they were real soldiers then they would be here early like me!” 

*falls asleep*

*wakes up as everyone is going home and realizes he slept through the entire work day* 


*explains to Mikasa and Armin that it was the fault of the titans” 

Mikasa: *glares angrily at Eren flirting with Levi*

“There’s no one here that I hate. However, if a certain individual in the survey corps were to suddenly catch fire and I was the only one who had a bucket of water…I’d drink the water.” 

*smiles evilly at Levi* 

Armin: *chaos erupting behind him*

“In my opinion, do I think I am smarter than everyone else?”

 *turns around to see everyone being dumb and building on fire*

“I would say it’s more of a fact.”

Jean: *staring at Marco* 

“Who do I think is the hottest in the trainee corps?”

 *shot of Marco doing something so unbelievably adorable and Jean blushing* 

“Yeah…I’d have to say me.” 

Marco: *smiling into the camera looking all cute*

“I know I said I’d wait till marriage but Jean told me that God can’t see in the dark.”


Reiner: *looking at Connie doing something stupid*

“Connie is the Survey Corps idiot. No one really knows how he is still alive.”

Bert: *looks anxiously into the camera*

“So umm….do you guys like….always record us…..even when we are having private conversations?” 

*shot of Bert and Reiner and Annie talking about being Titans* 

“Because ummm…..if you do…..that’s not cool bro.” 

Annie: *rolling her eyes*

“Look I’m here for two reasons and two reasons only. One, to get me a piece of that blonde booty over there 

*shot of Armin holding back Eren from punching Jean* 

and two, to murder everyone in their sleep.”

Sasha: *looking blankly into the camera and smiling*

“Every once in a while they make me murder a giant naked person. At first I was opposed to it but then I started noticing that every time I kill one they feed me. So here I am.”

Connie: *wearing a pink toupee* 

“Reiner said pink really brings out my eyes” 

*Reiner laughing his ass off in the back* 

“I think he’s right cause everyone in the trainee corps won’t stop staring at me.”

*everyone in the back rolling on the floor crying of laughter* 

Erwin: *on the topic of Levi*

“I’m not really sure what Levi does around here. He kind of just showed up and started killing Titans. I remember that day very clearly because my eyebrows were the fleekiest they have ever been. Did I say that right? Fleekiest? Fleeky? Fleek? I’m not sure, I heard a child say it once so I thought I’d sprinkle it into my vocabulary to make me sound hipper.” 

Levi: *sleeping in a chair* *talking in his sleep*

“Yeah……oh yeah….you’re so dirty. You’re a dirty little cabinet aren’t you?” 

*wakes up and sees camera* 

“Do you really have to record me while I sleep? Don’t you guys ever have to take a shit?” 

Hanji: *takes off her glasses* 

“Oh these things? They’re fake. I wear them to make myself look smarter. They actually impair my vision quite severely. But you have to pick and choose your battles, am I right?” 

*points finger guns at camera and winks* 

Moblit: *Hanji causes a science experiment to explode causing Moblit to lose his eyebrows*

“Honestly, at this point, I’m not even mad at her. I’m just mad at myself.”

Squad Levi: *Gunther, Eld, and Oluo wrapping each other in scotch tape* *Petra shaking her head in disapproval*

Petra- “I used to partake in their shenanigans until one day I realized I wasn’t 6 years old.” 

(I wish I could draw these but I cannot draw) *cries* 

Lance: *storms up to keith, face covered in glitter*
Lance: Keith, what the hell
Keith: *laughs*
Keith: I put glitter in all your moisturizers and lotions. I’m calling it Midnight Sky by Kogane
Keith: *finger guns towards the camera*
Keith: Twinkle, twinkle, big star
Lance: Keith! That was an amazing idea and I will buy it from you, but what the hell

I am 99.9% sure that Iris West is still alive. I think that was either Julian or HR using HR’s face changer tech. I am leaning towards HR. He seemed to be saying goodbye this episode. I hate that Joe and Barry had to see “her” die, but it had to look real for them and the audience. There were so many clues that let me know that was not Iris.

1. She did not say I love you to Barry when she was about to die.

2. They brought back that face changer tech from episode 6 out of the blue.

3. They had Barry use the face changer tech to show that it could change body composition (Barry becoming Lyla).

4. HR is silly, not dumb. He would not that really told SaviBarry where Iris was unless it was apart of a larger plan.

5. When Barry was trying to hit SaviBarry with the Speedforce gun the camera panned away from Iris.

6. I don’t think Barry, Wally or Cisco would have let Iris walk around with the murder coat on if they didn’t have a back up plan.

7. Where was Julian?

I have several more reasons why I don’t think Iris is dead, but I’m at work about to start my shift. In closing, I think Iris is really on earth 19 with Cynthia/Gypsy.

  • Taako: [storms up to Carey, face covered in glitter]
  • Taako: Carey, what the hell?!
  • Carey: *laughs*
  • Carey: I put glitter in all your moisturizers and lotions. I’m calling it Midnight Sky by Fangbattle.
  • Carey: *finger guns towards the camera*
  • Carey: Twinkle, twinkle, big star.
  • Taako: Carey! That was an amazing idea and I will buy it from you, but what the hell?!

TV SHOWS + AESTHETICS: Person Of Interest

If you can hear this, you’re alone. The only thing left of us is the sound of my voice. I don’t know if any of us made it. Did we win? Did we lose? I don’t know. I’m not even sure I know what victory would mean anymore. But either way, it’s over. So let me tell you who we were. Let me tell you who you are… And how we fought back.

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Who thought it would be a good idea to teach our boi to do that gun trick for his Danger choreography in his concert? As if Taemin wasn't obsessed with guns enough already. I wouldn't be surprised if next time he shows up with a bazooka tbh

  • Character A: How's C's security?
  • Character B: The usual, fingerprint scanners, retinal and voice recognition, and weight analysis on the floor.
  • Character A: For the safe?
  • Character B: For the elevator. To take us to the floor of the safe. On the floor there are lasers, automated guns, 24/7 cameras-
  • Character A: We're dead aren't we?
  • Character B: No doubt.
  • Character A: You in?
  • Character B: Obviously.

I did a movie poster-ish thing!

At first I thought that Darkiplier and Wilford would be great partners in crime - and I still stand by this idea. But if we think about it, Googleplier would fit there as well!

It makes sense. Wilford as their leader because of his unique abilities (being able to kill people on live TV without getting captured, killing Santa Clause, somehow come out of death and being not killed while facing Teddy) and sometimes with pretty good ideas. Darkiplier as the one who manipulates people to do what they want and then Google who does the same thing but with electronics instead of people. And besides, he can help Dark with calming down Wilford while having way too crazy ideas.

And I extremely liked the part when Wilford pointed his gun at camera.


Slight Language Warning/Trigger Warning

“Hello Internet! Today I’ll be playing cards against humanity again with a special guest…” Dan trailed off as you sprung up from his feet doing jazz hands and finger guns to the camera. You quickly sat next to Dan on his bed.

“Hey everyone!” You smiled into the camera.

“That’s right it’s (Y/N) or (Youtube Name) as some of you might know her,” Dan announced placing an arm around your shoulder and pulling you into his side.

“Or you might know me as his girlfriend, he’s obviously forgetting he had one,” You pouted as you played with your hands.

“I’m sorry but according to the fandom I’m gay,” He responded pressing a kiss to your forehead causing you to laugh quietly. He quickly pulled out the cards and presented them to the camera.

“So we’ll be playing with the first addition and a custom deck by one of my fans,” Dan replied, hesitating slightly as he said the words.

“You can only assume this will be horrible,” You laughed as you pulled out a black card.

“It’s a shame kids these days are getting involved with blank,” You giggled slightly as you and Dan pulled out 5 white cards each.

“Oh god this person’s deck is horrible,” Dan told you, shocked.

“Horrible bad or horrible offensive,” You asked, raising an eyebrow to him.

“Both,” He gulped as you both played your cards. He handed you his card as you read them out.

“It’s a shame kids these days are getting involved with Santa’s Dark Side,” You chuckled slightly, you had read out your card first.

“It’s a shame kids these days are getting involved with Pedophiles!” You yelled slightly out of shock causing Dan to laugh hysterically.

“I can’t believe you’d do that Daniel!” You told him, red taking over your cheeks.

“Sorry, I just love to see you flustered,” He grinned before kissing you softly. You smiled lightly into it before you broke apart and looked at the camera.

“We’ll have to edit that out,” You smiled.

“I think we should just scrap this whole video and get Phil to join our game,” Dan grinned as he turned his camera off before grabbing your hand, the cards and dragging you out of his room.