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Please continue the flightless au!

Here’s a little bit more, should be getting into actual fighting scenes eventually. To everyone asking if I’ll continue this. Yes, totally feel free to drop ideas or questions for it in my inbox


“Preferred method of combat.” Tony states dropping a large duffle bag onto the table. “Records say electricity for you two.” He tosses Thor a charged hammer, Natasha gets the bracelets. “Guns for the two of you, scope should be improved on those.” He explains passing the guns to Bucky and Clint.

“Thanks doll.” Bucky smirks at him. Tony tries not to blush, wings twitching with the urge to preen.

“And your preferred method of combat, ultimate Frisbee.” Tony says, tossing the vibranium shield to him. Steve catches it with ease.

“It’s not a frisbee.” He grumbles, sound nearly lost with Bucky laughing loudly next to him.

“Course not.” Tony waves him off, pulling on metal gloves. “It’s a shield. And these, are my proprietary repulsor technology. Ten Rings will never know what hit them.” Steve watches in awe as the metal folds out clamping around Tony’s biceps and chest as more come out of his boots until the man is encased is metal.

“What the fuck is that?” Clint asks, thankfully distracting Tony from Steve and Bucky’s gaping.

“You like it? I’m calling it Ironman.” He says. “It’s not prosthetic wings, but it can fly.”

“That thing can fly?” Rogers asks, his voice rings with something Tony interprets as a mix of disbelief and disgust.

“Sure, I built it after all.” Tony smirks as his metal feet lift off the ground.

“Well aren’t you just full of surprises.” Barnes smirks at him, and he hides a flush, unable to stop his wings from arching at the praise.

“Damn right Soldier.” Tony replies. “Now, I know Fury wants me running technical support, but I’m going to be working with Thor as your muscle.” Tony states, leaving no room for question.

“That goes directly against orders, as Captain I can’t-” Steve protests, Bucky grabs his shoulder.

“I don’t care what you allow Rogers. These are my enemies, this is my fight. I will be going in with or without your permission.” Tony says wings flaring out to their full span. Bucky takes in the set of his jaw.

“Stand down Stevie, hot stuff will be in this battle whether you like it or not, so keep what control you do have and keep him on coms.” Bucky says, winking at Tony.

“Fine. You better listen though.” Steve grumbles crossing his arms over his chest. Tony manages not to laugh, Rhodey and Pepper would both tell Steve that Tony hasn’t listened to anyone a day in his life, no matter how pretty the might be.

“Of course Steve.” Tony says, agreeably. “Just keep me involved.” Bucky shoots him a knowing look, but doesn’t say anything. Tony really hopes he doesn’t get in trouble with Steve over this.

“Can we get into battle planning now?” Steve asks. Bucky releases his shoulder, settling into his seat.

“Of course.” Tony says, trying to ignore the way his heart skips when Steve shoots a soft smile Bucky’s way. “Lead on oh Captain.”

Remington-Rider pocket revolver

Designed by one Rider individual, of the Remington-Rider parlor pistol fame, manufactured by Remington and later converted to fire metallic cartridges.
.32RF six-round cylinder, double action, gold and nickel finish, ivory grips.

I feel like these tiny gold-plated guns should just be kept around as a payment method, just like Norse traders with silver bracelets.

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A lot of wonder woman fans hate her having a sword all the time. What do you think?

This is a pet peeve of mine, too.

I don’t have a problem with Diana fighting with a sword, particularly when she’s up against powerful gods and monsters. But I do have a big problem with the sword supplanting her lasso as her primary weapon – the one she reaches for first in stories, and the one she’s most commonly depicted wielding in issue covers, promotional artwork and merchandise.

Because each weapon makes a very particular statement. A sword is a weapon designed to draw blood, to neutralise an enemy through stabbing, slashing and dismemberment. When Wonder Woman draws a sword, she’s implicitly choosing to engage in battle using lethal force, with the expectation that she will have to severely hurt or kill her enemy in order to win.

The lasso, by contrast, is intended to subdue and restrain, while causing minimal physical harm. It can be dangerous, particularly in the hands of a trained warrior like Wonder Woman, but it is not solely a weapon, nor is it designed for lethal combat. And while it can be terrifying in its power to compel people to speak honestly or confront unpleasant truths, it can also be healing, freeing people from illusion and deception.

By choosing to fight with her lasso over any of the myriad weapons of war she’s proficient in, Wonder Woman is signalling her preference to resolve the conflict without unnecessary harm or death – even if a bloodless resolution ultimately turns out to be impossible.

And this is something that goes all the way back to her original conception: When William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman in 1941, central to the character’s premise was the idea of a superhero who solved problems not merely through brute force, but through love and compassion. She was a hero interested not only in defeating bad guys but changing hearts and minds, promoting rehabilitation and finding peaceful resolutions. And when she did leap into the fray, she countered her enemy’s guns with bullet-deflecting bracelets and a lasso capable of peacefully subduing attackers.

Now, obviously Wonder Woman has undergone numerous changes in the intervening decades, but certain things have remained relatively constant. She has continued to be champion for peace; and though she’s fought using a range of different weapons and tactics, her equipment of choice remains her bullet-deflecting bracelets and her Lasso of Truth.

Because while Wonder Woman is capable of killing (with her bare hands, even), and is prepared to do so if it’s necessary to preserve human life – she doesn’t set out to kill. And that’s an important distinction.

“We have a saying, my people. ‘Don’t kill if you can wound, don’t wound if you can subdue, don’t subdue if you can pacify, and don’t raise your hand at all until you’ve first extended it.’” Wonder Woman vol. 3 #25 (2008)

Dresden files Halloween

I got my t rex cowboy suit. I got my duster, staff, necklace, bracelet and gun. I’m ready to be Harry in Dead Beat. I also restarted the Dresden Files audio books and right now I’m on Dead Beat.

Our Halloween party is tomorrow night and I am right now in the part of the audio book where Snake boy dies. Do I continue with the book and finish it today, finish it tomorrow or wait for Halloween?

Oh the delema!

7 Reasons why Wonder Woman is awesome

  1. Wonder Woman has been described as “a heroine fighting for justice, love, peace, and sexual equality.” This already is enough reason to love her.
  2. Wonder Woman fights guns with bullet-proof bracelets, not with more guns.
  3. Wonder Woman has a Lasso of Truth.  There are so many untruthful people out there, but the truth will always prevail and sometimes a little help with that is necessary.
  4. Although she is a warrior, Wonder Woman is kind. Although sometimes she has been badly portrayed, most of the times, a big part of her character is that she loves everyone.
  5. She’ll be the first to call for peace and the first to throw a punch.
  6. Wonder Woman obviously created as a female icon. She was meant to inspire woman and tell them that females can stand up strong against men during that time period.
  7. if her bracelets are bound together by a man, she loses her powers. In countless stories, she is chained and bound by male villains, only to break free and triumph. The ropes and chains are symbols of patriarchy and the drama is her ability to break the shackles of male domination they symbolize.

Wonder woman may be a fictional character, but she truly has morals to live by (standing up for what’s right, spreading love and being kind, speaking the truth, equality, strength ect).

She’s a fictional character that i can identify with, and with me many other women.


▪Models:Eren, Armin & Tōru by me
▪Hair:(gift) / @pipisims4 (WIP) / @mmmmeherrr (WIP)
▪Top:@black-le / @sims4-marigold / @toksik
▪Bottom:@ooobsooo / @sims4-marigold / @haneco410
▪Shoes:@sims4-marigold / @toksik / @simsinblaque
▪Water Gun:@bangkoksims
▪Necklace & Bracelet:@toksik
▪Hat:@mmmmeherrr (WIP)
▪Rose Tree:@karzalee

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Here’s a list of our favorite hawt things to warm your bones on this chilly, chilly day.

  • Fresh brewed Denny’s Coffee
  • Soup
  • Hot Tea
  • Hot Chocolate (pronounced shakolatt)
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Skillets
  • Skilletz
  • Fire
  • The Sun
  • Lightbulbs that have been left on
  • That burger you couldn’t wait to bite into
  • An iron
  • Stove tops
  • Carrying a dog in your purse like Paris Hilton
  • Hansel 
  • Blow Torches
  • Embers
  • That scene where they play volleyball in Top Gun
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Slap Bracelets
  • Magma
  • Statement Sunglasses
  • Crop Tops
  • Not Dubstep, but the idea behind Dubstep
  • Beards
  • Heated blankets
  • Uggs/similar footwear
  • The Sahara Desert
  • Any Desert
  • Fryer Grease
  • Hawt Tubs
  • Dogs
  • Plaid pants
  • Breath
  • Pressure cookers
  • Crockpots
  • Charizard
  • Bowling shoes that everyone secretly thinks about wearing home.
  • Pockets 
  • Cauldrons
  • Little caves where trolls live but it’s a cold night and they’re making their troll-dinners so they have their stoves on full blast and maybe a lil’ troll space heater going too and some cute troll blankets on their laps eating their dinners watching Temptation Island but basically the cave would just be really hot for a variety of reasons idk maybe open a window though maybe it’s getting TOO hot in this troll cave, we don’t want the trolls to get too hot and lose their temper or anything.