“So Many Me” is a puzzle platformer game we are currently developing at the moment. The game features many puzzles which you have to solve by your “shadow image” and “clone image”. It is targeted to be submitted to IGF this year!


For the appearance of my version of angle I’d love to make him a bit different then classical style (which is my weakness and need time to study/research) I’ve decided to go crazy about this but remain in the safe area that the guideline/topic had define.

I want to reimagine the idea of angel that they are a divine bio-mech But still have a part of human organ too.

Most of all I want his overall form to be different then human.


It’s like, …. Month ago. My friend Mika want me to draw him an illustration. About his character, StickyPaw the bear having trouble sleeping, haunted by nightmare. This is the process I’ve been through in order to get the image done. And for the finished piece it’s in the next post!