gumshoes for hire

Wright: Wow Miles you really out did yourself booking this place. Maggey practically shouted my ear off of how much she loved it. Kinda makes me wish we used it for our wedding.
Edgeworth: Not even this venue could save our disaster of a wedding. 
Wright: I really wish you quit saying that, our wedding was….memorable. 
Edgeworth: Oh yes finding the cater poisoned at the reception is quite ‘memorable’ .
Wright: Well…Gumshoe did hire Tres Bein to cater so you could say it was blessing that everyone thought the food was poisoned. 


So my last picture was kinda driving me insane I loved the color scheme but I wasn’t feeling what I did with Miles and Phoenix so I got this idea their at Gumshoe and Maggey’s wonderful wedding at a Botanical Garden reminiscing about their wedding they dance. I kinda of love the idea that Phoenix and Edgeworth’s wedding was a hot mess with a murder that had to be investigated, Pearls objecting during the ceremony , Old bag wedding crashing, huge drunken debate about ladders that ended in Edgeworth (who was only trying the break up the argument)  getting a black eye. Franziska just being Franziska, Lotta Hart taking the worse wedding photos ever and such more.