if you DON’T remember The Jungle Book (1967) as the delightful romantic musical comedy starring old-flames Bagheera (a controlling marxist-leninist panther) and Baloo (a lackadaisical anarchist bear) who, in their knee-slapping attempts to ditch some gumpy brat so they can go their separate ways for good, actually end up finding each other deep in the jungle and reigniting the spark they once had, you need to watch it again.

leonard Malton says “it will turn the whole family gay.” while roger’s ebert hailed “i can’t find my house, i have to diarrhea shit. help me.”
four stars way up your ass just the way you like.

plus it’s the movie that killed walt disney. what more could you ask for?
jungle book

The signs as Gavin Free insults

Aries - Mungy Smegpot
Taurus - Absolute Sausage
Gemini - Muggy Little Git
Cancer - Douchey Prick
Leo - Bloody Idiot
Virgo - Pissy Little Knob
Libra - Buggy Anus
Scorpio - Toppy Little Spap
Sagittarius - Wallar Mugget
Capricorn - Jammy Bitch
Aquarius - Gumpy Little Geck
Pisces - Biffy Minge

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Hey Mr. Gumpy Raphael. How's it going?

Raphael - …I can tear you in half with one hand.

Simon - Aw come on Raph don’t be like that. They’re just curious about what’s new with you… Don’t worry he won’t hurt you, he’s just a little mad because we had to leave early and couldn’t cuddle in the morning- evening like we always do.