I need to dig out the dvd with Al Snow vs. Koji Kitao. Not for the match, oh lord no, but for the promo where Al Snow describes watching Godzilla movies to train for his match against Koji Kitao.

Honestly, with how sluggish and stupid Koji Kitao was, Al Snow probably could’ve saved a few bucks and watched Gamera instead.

What a fucking stupid promotion.

ps: the match this promo is for was against a random gumpy-looking sumo dude named Ishinriki, who apparently fell asleep when they tried to explain the concept of ‘shoot-style’ to him. I actually found myself feeling sorry for Al Snow, who was trying his damndest to get something, anything going while Ishinriki sat around in a locked-in armbar for ten minutes, screaming his head off the entire time.