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Agent Orange is a an old war weapon used to slowly destroy unsuspecting countries with aftereffects that lasted years and years after it was stopped. Calling Trump that is very appropriate.

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"Episode 4: Classic Retards of Cinema (Guest: Jacob A. Miller) "
  • "Episode 4: Classic Retards of Cinema (Guest: Jacob A. Miller) "
  • John Podesta's Pizza Party
  • John Podesta's Pizza Party

John Podesta’s Pizza Party - “Classic Retards of Cinema”

This week the boys are talking to filmmaker Jacob A. Miller about Hollywood liberalism, Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech, Donald Trump’s potential pee fetish, Bryan Singer’s alleged pedophilic sex parties, and then they debate the best performances of actors playing mentally challenged characters.

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I'm not even that into minecraft.. I enjoy it but my brother is the one that's hardcore into it, so I follow your blog just so I can show him funny posts and post some of them on his facebook, cuz I love him like that. But after your ask message responses tonight I am cracking up and respect you more than ever. The swag/plugs/snakebites reference is probably the best especially cuz my brother has plugs and snakebites and I make fun of his "swag" and I can't wait to show him this.

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