gumnut babies

When I was young, I was convinced I was a faerie, or nymph.

Nothing felt safer than climbing into the arms of a tree, its leaves rustling to make room. I’d rest my head against the bark and feel the sap pulsating though like my mother’s heartbeat.

Even today, my mood is mirrored by the trees. If they rage and storm, I’m dark and passionate; if I giggle and flirt, they titter and bristle. When they are still, I am at peace.

I’m still convinced I’m a faerie.

I blame you, May Gibbs.

Taurus the ~Creator~

Taurus ~The Most Beautiful One~ 
the gumnut baby wrapped in the warmth of an acorn hat, Taurus is the seed that facilitates the blooming of colours, flowers, symphonies, and senses 

the Earth nurtures her and yet she is Mother Earth and Child in one exquisite ensemble, the wild child of the daisies who follows the laws of nature - sleeping when she does and waking in season’s time, and the Mother who contains the essence of soul in her creative forces 

she plays music with everything, just as her god Vulcan thread harps for the angels, she is always making invisible offerings to the Gods through her creativity and artistry, it’s like a ceremony