ID #22106

Name: Margarida
Age: 13
Country: Portugal

I’m Margarida! (But you can call me Maggie)

I am 13 (14 in December :D)
I’m new to all of this but I would love to have penpal!

I’m looking for someone who is hopefully living in others countries beside Portugal. I’m really interested in what defines people, how a life means something else somewhere else and how people act in their daily basis in their country.
I play the guitar and I am learning how to play the cello and I am very excited! I enjoy language learning (but I can currently only speak English, Portuguese and a bit of German). I appear shy if you don’t know me but once you do, I’m not shy at all.

If you’ve come this far, that you’d like to know some of my many interests?
- Music (a bit of everything)
- I love candy! Chocolate, ice cream, gummy bears, every single type of candy!
- Games
- Star Wars (obviously)
-Watching series

WARNING: If you start a conversation with something like this (HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS DOG) you’ll have me hooked.

If I didn’t scare you away by now and you are still reading this write me! I would love to know you!

Preferences: I’m looking for someone who needs somebody to talk to or someone who would like to make a new friendship .
I’d prefer someone who is close to my age (12-16), and as I have chosen not to disclose my gender. As long as you are comfortable talking to me, I’m happy too.
I think snail-mail would be lovely eventually, but for now I’d rather speak online. (tumblr, email….)


I pranked Dan with the chilli gummy bears from my video! 🌶🐻


💙❤️💚XXL Gummy Bear Jello Shots💙❤️💚