I pranked Dan with the chilli gummy bears from my video! 🌶🐻

Little Artist 💚🖍⭐️
  • Me: does a drawing
  • CG: *peeks over to look at it*
  • CG: OH WOW !! That is the best thing I have ever seen! I'm so proud of you my little artist, this is going on the fridge!! What a clever little one *squishes cheeks* well done baby!! *showers in kisses*
  • Me: *gasp* i... i got the praise
  • Me: *collapses into biggest goofiest grin & uncontrollable giggles*
  • Me: it's just a little drawing *hold self proudly*
  • Me: *skips around happily for rest of the day, tells my teddies all about it & can't stop smiling*
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Misha talks about Jared giving West sugar at JaxCon 2017

😂😂😂 I don’t think uncle Jared has really learnt his lesson… This was at DCcon last year: (x)

Now, Jared’s side of the story:

anonymous asked:

Dan ate two gummy bears too

LISTEN!!!!!!!!! THI S IS THE SHIT THAT MOST FUCKD ME UP ABOUT THE GUMMY BEAR VID!!! ! ! it mightve totally been a coincidence but you don’t even know how much my heart yearns for the idea that phil truly does have an established rule of eating gummy bears two at a time so they’re not lonely and it’s not just some horrifically cute shit he said for the sake of the video and obviously dan knows this rule too, so before phil even reminds him to take two he was already grabbing two and  like,,, he probs gave phil so much shit for that habit when he first found out about it, and i can just hear his high-pitched whining like ‘philllllllllll you are such a fucking flopppppppp’ but then internally being like, ugh you adorable shit i will obviously have to adapt this habit as well bc you are adorable and to be frank, you’re right, the bears cannot be lonely even as they’re being devoured, we cannot risk this, and that’s some shit children do and GOD!!! WHY ARE THEY UNBEARABLE ALL THE DAMN TIME IM TIRED~~~!!!


Smart sweets gummy bears 🍬

These vegan gummy bears taste like a sweet fruit bowl! Each color represents a different flavor including lemon, raspberry, peach, and green apple.

The texture is very chewy, a lot more chewy than normal gummy candies. That makes them a good study snack because they last a long time in your mouth.

Overall I love these! They taste good and provide an enjoyable eating experience.