gummy lips

I started this animation a little over a year ago….featuring gummy bears! Hence why he has no pupils. it was meant to be for the 11 second club competition but again, just did not have time to participate again. This isn’t the only 11 second club incomplete I have too. I’m really trying to finish both anyway because I’m long overdue for some new animations. My reel’s feeling a bit stale.

This and another segment were the only two parts I had fully animated so far but this was by far my favorite little snip it. I wanna work on making my acting better but it’s getting there I guess. 

exo as aesthetics

yes i did another one

thanks to @milkandkyungsoo for helping me out!

minseok: cherries, round glasses, piping hot soup, collared shirts, hazelnut creamer, chokers, caramel apples, city lights, frozen over lakes, polka dots, cool rings, foggy windows, pressed flowers

joonmyun: porcelain, the sound of swishing fabric, leather-bound books, picture frames, baby-blue, hardwood floors, forests, pullover sweaters, legal pads, the smell of candles, newspaper, cursive font, ripples in water

yixing: dimples, string-up lights, lukewarm coffee, pastel yellow, big umbrellas, fishtail braids, fruit tea, aviator sunglasses, meadows, the sound of a grand piano, friendship bracelets, cuffed sleeves, lilies

baekhyun: spinning chairs, pink lemonade, glow sticks, smudged eyeliner, drive-in movie theaters, ripped jeans, linty couches, gummy worms, lip gloss, swing sets, the smell of summer, crickets chirping, midnight picnics under the stars

jongdae: cheekbones, popsicles, the smell of the ocean, old hoodies, rooftops, messy bedhead, crayons, brass instruments, striped straws, sandals, memes, sharpie, cat ear headbands

chanyeol: flowerpots, sun behind clouds, blanket forts, italian soda, sharing earbuds, popcorn, curly hair, rock candy, late night tv, fuzzy slippers, fireplaces, carousels, bright eyes

kyungsoo: street lamps, buttoned up shirts, puffed breath when it’s cold, nervous smiles, gunpowder, smell of paper, checkered picnic blankets, fountain pens, too long sweater sleeves, cobbled streets, rain streaked windows, gooey marshmallows, velvet

jongin: dewy grass, late night milkshakes, the smell of ink, clingy cardigans, smoke, pinky promises, worn leather, grafitti, sparklers, faded highlights, spiderwebs, melted chocolate, bicycle chains

sehun: taffy, black and white photography, holes in socks, loud laughter, bubble tea, blowing wishflowers, ironed slacks and black loafers, dip-dyed hair, white roses, flannel shirts, candy hearts, bright blazers, peppermint candy 

bts | exo | more bands coming soon! send me your thoughts and ideas ^^ 

Gummy Bears

Dan giggles as Arin presses another gummy bear against his lips. He takes the chewy treat from his friend’s fingers and Arin immediately pulls out another one. Dan puts his hand on his stomach and pats it. “Dude, if you keep feeding me these I’m going to A) Get diabetes, and B) Fucking explode,” Dan says, and Arin makes an airplane noise with the white bear in response.

“You have to finish the pineapple ones!” Arin insists as he flies the candy around in front of Dan’s face. “They’ll be sad if you don’t eat them all.”

“You’re such a child,” Dan mutters, but he still eats the next two bears that Arin offers. He has to force himself to finish the last three, and Arin claps like a loon when he does. 

“Are you happy now that you’ve murdered a family of pineapple gummy bears?” Arin asks in a serious tone.

“Bro, not cool,” Dan tells him. “I don’t want to think about bear-icide.”

Arin pokes at Dan’s tummy and Dan groans. “You will be missed, Pineapple Family!” Arin shouts at Dan’s stomach, still poking at it.

“Arin you’re going to see them again soon if you don’t stop poking at my stomach,” Dan warns, and Arin backs off. He sighs in relief. “Are we ready to start the next episode?”

Arin hits the record button and immediately shouts, “DAN JUST MURDERED AN ENTIRE FAMILY!” 

“You’ll be next if you don’t shut up, you big idiot,” Dan threatens, and Arin lets out a girlish shriek.