gummy dinosaurs


Mabel Pines:  MABEL JUICE

(coffee, Amp energy drink, seltzer water, grenadine, maple syrup, Kool-aid, ice, edible glitter, gumballs, gummy dinosaurs)

Aww, c’mon, you don’t really wanna know what’s in a Mabel Juice, do you? The experience is best if it contains a bit of mystery.  Plus it’s different every time!  You aren’t gonna make me structure your experience, are you, Dipper?

…okay, fine, this one’s two cups of coffee, two cups of seltzer water, a tablespoon of grenadine, a tablespoon of maple syrup, six ounces of the cherry kind of Amp energy drink, ten ounces of the cherry Kool-Aid Mom bought a week ago, three gumballs, and a teaspoon of edible glitter.  Oh, and some gummy dinosaurs, cause Dad kept saying I was gonna choke on the plastic ones.

🦎 Dinosaur Things for Littles Under $20  🦎

As requested by @magicsparklebear​, a list of dinosaur things for under $20. I hope you enjoy, I put a lot of hard work into this one to find good stuff at good prices <3

Clothing & Accessories

I’m a graphic designer, so if you want me to make a design for you, let me know! I can offer a variety of other things (t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, pillows, mugs, jewelry, dresses, nightgowns, tank tops, footed PJ’s, iPhone cases, lunch boxes, tote bags, and more.) Just send me a message and we’ll see what I can do for you :)

Dinosaur Socks $9.95

Mommy’s Little Dino Shirt $13.99

Little Dino Shirt $14.99

Stuffies, Pillows, & Blankies

Stuffies by the same brand will be grouped together, so if you like the style of one, you can see other dinos like that :)

The Good Dinosaur Fleece Blankie $12.95

Microwaveable Lavendar-Scented Dinosaur Plush $19.50

Simple Blue Brachiosaurus $7.35 Pink Stegosaurus $10.05 Orange T-rex $9.99

Orange  Dreamy Eyes Triceratops Plush $10.04 Blue Stegosaurus $10.99 Blue Triceratops $10.75 Brown T-Rex $10.79 Green T-Rex $10.19

Huge 31.5″ Dinosaur Plush $17.99

5 Cute Mini Dino Plushies $16.95

Cute Pink Triceratops $8.43

Beanie Baby Tooter the Dinosaur $7.99 Swoop the Pterodactyl $9.88

Set of 4 Dino Plushies $9.95

Bean Filled Green Pterodactyl Plush $8.98 Blue Triceratops $10.99

Arlo from The Good Dinosaur $19.99

Big Pterodactyl Plush $10.09

12 Plush Dinos $19.99

Toys & Games

12 Dinosaur Squirting Bath Toys $10.97 5 Squirt Toys $9.99

12 Dinosaur Rubber Ducks $7.15

12 Bottles of Dinosaur Bubbles $8.99

12 Water-Growing Dinosaurs $5.25

72 Mini Plastic Dinosaurs $7.48 100 Pack $12.99

12 Dinosaur Skeleton Figurines $11.49

Inflatable Brachiosaurus $12.01 Pteranodon $10.90 Spinosaurus $11.79  Parasaurolophus $5.69 Triceratops $8.69 Velociraptor $13.56

12 Glow-in-the-Dark Plastic Dinosaurs $11.99

12 Jumbo Plastic Dinosaurs $12.98

5 Rubber Dinosaur Toys $5.69

6 Chewable Squeaky Toys $7.99

Dinosaur Bubble Shooter 9.99

Inflatable Sprinkler Water Sprayer $12.49

Walking, Roaring, Light-Up Dinosaur Toy $11.99

Dinosaur Toy Box & Play Mat with Dinosaur Toys $19.50

10 12x12 Foam Floor Mat Puzzle $14.95

Bucket of 40 Dinosaurs $13.99

Dinosaur Baloon Art Kit with Pump $8.93

Dinosaur Beads with Holes $3.99

4 Dinosaur Vehicles $14.95

Big 22″ T-Rex Action Figure $14.99

20 Dinosaur Magnets $11.99

Dinosaur Matching Game $9.99

Dinosaur Kick Ball $10.00

100 Piece Dinosaur Puzzle $11.98 24 Piece Puzzle $11.49

Dinosaur Play Mat with 2 Dinosaur Toys $11.71

24 Dinosaur Eggs with Mini Plastic Dinosaurs Inside $5.82

Dinosaur Painting Sponges $5.50

4 12-Piece Wood Kid Puzzles with Storage Box $11.99

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaur $12.79

Dinosaur Inflatable Bop Bag $13.50

24 Jurassic World Dino Temporary Tattoos $3.15

72 Dinosaur Tattoos $4.12

Bottles, Sippy Cups, Water Bottles, Pacifiers, Pacifier Clips & Holders, Rattles, & Teethers

There wasn’t much in this category, I’m sorry! D:

Teethe-a-saurus $9.50

Dinosaur Stuffy Pacifier Buddy $13.95

Dinosaur Pacifier Clip $6.00

Plush Dinosaur Rattle Ring $7.91

Kiddy Books

I Love You, Snugglesaurus! $7.99

Dinosaur Kisses $4.91

Peek-A-Boo Dinosaur $3.47

I Love My Dinosaur $4.88

Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: All About Dinosaurs (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library) $5.46

The Dinosaur Who Lived in My Backyard $5.91

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs $7.97

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends? $6.08

Thomas and the Dinosaur $3.95

Dinosaur Train: Triceratops for Lunch $3.14

I’m a T. Rex! $4.99

Arts & Crafts

6 Dinosaur Cookie Cutters (For Playdough) $8.04

The Good Dinosaur Spiral Notebook & Pen $9.96

8 Dinosaur Figure Erasers $9.60

24 Dinosaur Pencils & 24 Dinosaur Erasers Set $10.99

48 Mini Dinosaur Stencils $5.31

Dinosaur Mold (For Baking or Playdough) $4.99

Dinosaur Stencils $8.99

Dinosaur Stencil Activity Book $10.17

185 Dinosaurs Sticker Pad $4.99

Dinosaur Craft Activity Book $8.30

40 Chunky Dinosaur-Shaped Crayons $15.99

Blue Dinosaur Pencil Case $9.99

The Good Dinosaur Pencil Case $6.49

Roll of 200 Dinosaur Stickers $7.68

Paint Your Own Dino $12.96

Dinosaur Coloring & Activity Book $3.35

4 Holographic Dinosaur Scratch Art Boards $4.99

Dinosaur Stampers $5.50

4 Jurassic World Sticker Sheets $1.49

12 Moveable Dinosaur Erasers $8.54

12 Cute Dinosaur Erasers $6.95

How to Draw 101 Dinosaurs $4.99

110 Glittery Dinosaur Stickers $6.49

Dinosaur ABC Coloring Book $3.99

Home Decor

Dinosaur Plastic Table Cover $4.88

Peel & Stick Wall Decals $11.99

Dinosaur Curtains $19.99

Dinosaur Shower Curtain $17.99

20 Dinosaur Magnets $11.99

3D Dinosaur Night Light Lamp $17.79

Dinosaur Curtains $16.99

Dinosaur Curtain Ties $10.00

Dinosaur Wall Hooks $17.99

Food & Drink Related

12 Frosted Dino-Mite Lollipops $5.90

6 Dinosaur Cookie Cutters $8.04

Dinosaur Soup Ladel $9.98

Dinosaur Pasta Scooper $12.99

Dinosaur Salt & Pepper Shakers Set $13.64

Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter $2.59

Kiddy Dinosaur Mugs $11.12

12 Packages of Dinosaur Gummies $17.50

Dinosaur Plate, Bowl, Cup, Fork, & Spoon $16.50

Dinosaur Divided Sections Plate $6.95

The Good Dinosaur Bowl Plate & Cup $7.10 Fork & Spoon $3.99

Dinosaur Lunch Box $10.39

Dinosaur Water Bottle $9.98

Other Dinosaur Stuff

Dinosaur Umbrella $13.90

The Good Dinosaur Bandaids $8.48

Dino Dan 4 Pack DVD’s $9.79

Dinosaur Toothbrush $2.99

Personalized Dinosaur-Themed Toothbrush Holder $10.95

Dinosaur Watering Can $7.99

All prices above are valid as of 09/10/2017 23:16. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

do you ever think about how wild it is that creatures from prehistory, so old that no human ever came close to seeing one alive, have become cultural icons in our society today. you can go out and buy dinosaur anything. toys. costumes. mugs. those little oatmeal packets. my dad just sent me a packet of gummy dinosaurs. they’re everywhere

150 million years ago a stegosaurus wandered around blithely, unaware that the existence of its species would one day be immortalized in gelatin

silverfairylights  asked:

Okay but for hcs have you considered something fluffy and domestic? Like idk grocery shopping or like a date night staying home or something?


•reminding ethan 10 times to get the list before you leave

•"trust me babe, i got it"

•ethan forgets it anyway

•"you didnt remind me!!“

•ethan continually trying to sneak snacks into the cart

•"ethan we are not getting dinosaur gummy bears”
“The t-rex tastes really good though”

•shopping cart races down the aisle

•getting distracted by cute babies at the store

•ethan trying to pronounce foreign foods and failing

•so many food puns

•lots of jokes about this being the married life

•buying a new ice cream flavor every week

•"lets try banana chocolate chip this week"
“I was thinking more of an apple pie flavor”
“Good call”

•shoving dick shaped foods in each others faces

•cutesy dorky grocery dates :((

I love it :((


Tallahassee AU: Family Beach Trip

“Remember how you told me everything in Florida was near a beach?” Emma said, dryly. She pushed her sunglasses down slightly, staring pointedly at the heavy traffic ahead.

“Hey, that map was misleading,” Neal said, defensively, smiling a little anyway. Couple hours isn’t that bad.”

“MOMMY,” Lily screeched, loudly, from the backseat. “Mooooommy, Henry took my gummies!”

“Did not! The dinosaurs were mine, you had the bears.”

The baby whined, flailing her arms impatiently. Emma raised her eyebrows at Neal.

“Not that bad,” she echoed, wryly, already leaning into the back seat to mediate the burgeoning candy war. Neal laughed, sheepishly. 

“It’ll be worth it once we get there, hm?”

Emma shook her head, smiling despite herself as she handed Wendy her baby blanket. 

“Yeah. It’ll be worth it. 

squishymothman  asked:

The "the good dinosaur" question made me think of the movie "you are umasou" opinions on the designs of those dinosaurs? I personally find them very endearing and unique, if not anatomically correct.

Unlike The Good Dinosaur, which put its gummy dinosaurs in photo realistic settings and gave them so much texture, the goofy art style feels more well utilized and more interesting.

Ankylosaurs get the short end of the stick in most dinosaur movies, even in movies starring herbivores they usually just show up as big dumb minor characters or in the background. Its nice seeing one thats in focus and so goddamn adorable

I dont wanna be hard on this movie on anatomy, but if I gotta complain the Maiasaura always looked really awkward to me.

Seventeen at the Mart

Coups: “Kids only get the things we really need and put it in the trolley” *secretly puts in a pack on gummies when no one is looking* kiddyass coups

Jeonghan: *Puts in a flat iron*

Joshua: “Coups said to get stuff that you really need”

Jeonghan: “I nEED IT.”

Wonwoo: “No hyung, stuff like toilet paper, rice, shampo-“

Jeonghan: “I. NEED. IT.”

Joshua: “Okay then…”

Jeonghan: “Oh yeah I need more shampoo too, thanks for reminding me”

Wonwoo: “Didn’t we just buy 3 bottles on Monday though?”

Jeonghan: “Don’t question me and my hair”

Wonwoo: “im sorry”


Wonwoo: *runs to book section of the mart*

Jeonghan: “I know you’re hiding in the books section wonwoo”

Wonwoo: *makes a left turn to the cleaning supplies section* “jeonghan hyung will never find me here” bc jeonghan doesn’t clean for nothing

Hoshi: “Jagiya do you want me to get this for you?” *clings onto woozi’s arm*

Woozi: “ew get off me, im not your husband” *attempts to whack hoshi with a box of frozen pizzas*

Hoshi: “but im your wifeu”

Woozi: “no you’re not my wife soonyoung”

Hoshi: “then would I be your husband if I’m not your wife?”

Woozi: “……no?…..”

Hoshi: “Wife it is then” *clings onto woozi’s arm again”

Woozi: “… .” *wonders about the purpose of his existence*

Dk: “more toothpaste for my personal collection, one can never have too many tubes of toothpaste”

Mingyu: turns into the snack aisle *eyes sparkle at the sight of food* “ohhhhhhhhh…. I’ll take this and this, this and that, this and this and this and this…”

Mingyu: “Vernon can you hold these for me”

Vernon: “I am not your grocery basket hyung, I am watching somethin- ow!”

Mingyu: *Continues to stack things on vernon’s arm* “Oh oh oh and this and this, this looks good I’ll take this one… okay maybe I’ll take twenty”

Jun & The8: *in their own world somewhere in the Chinese food section…?*

Seungkwan: “Hansol Vernon Chwe can you walk faster?! There is free ramyun samples! Hurry!”

Vernon: “Can you or can you not tell that I’m still holding all of Mingyu’s snacks?!”

Seungkwan: “hURrY Up Vernon!”

Vernon: *trips over nothing and drops everything onto the floor*

Mingyu: “MY SNACKSSSSS!!!” *tries to hold it all in his arms and cries*

Vernon: “its still edible you know that right?”

Mingyu: “I didn’t even get to say goodbye… they didn’t even get to live to see me open the box…”

Seungkwan: “Oh great thanks a lot Verrr Non, the samples ran out”

Mingyu: “R.I.P Snacks, it was nice knowing you, I’ll avenge your death don’t you worry. You’ve died honourably, farewell my friend, I’ll get the one who killed you”

Vernon: “Sorry what did you say……?!”

Mingyu: *does a bow on the floor to pay his respects and leaves to get more snacks*

Vernon: “I’m fine thanks for being so concerned guys, I tripped and fell on the ground but IM FINE”

Dino: *takes everything that is dinosaur shaped off the shelves* “Yummy yummy yum yum, Dinosaur biscuits, dinosaur bottled juice, dinosaur gummies, dinosaur popsicles~”

Jeonghan: “Chan I think that’s enough dinosaur stuff”

Dino: *suddenly stops walking and drops everything on the floor*

Jeonghan: “Why, what’s wrong my baby?”

Dino: “D-Di-Di-Dinos-”

Jeonghan: “Yes what is it my baby?”

Dino: “Dinosaur NUGGETSSSSS!” *hugs freezer* me

Jeonghan: “That’s not a need my baby” *pry dino off of the freezer*

Dino: “Dino wants justice” #webarebears ref

Coups: “Okay who put in the flat iron…” 

Jeonghan: *walks away slowly*

Coups: *looks at trolley and sighs* “you all obviously don’t know what a need is”

Cashier: “That’ll be $329.55 please”

Coups: “What the heck?!?! did you guys buy the entire mart or something?!”

Dk: “I have a strange feeling we’re forgetting something…”

Coups: “What? Are we missing someone again? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11-“

Dk: “Oh yeah right I forgot to put in my toothpaste tubes in the trolley” *gives the basket full of toothpaste to the cashier*

Cashier: “That’ll be $427.99”

Coups: “Dokyeommmmmmm!!!” ANGRYRAGEONSEOKMIN

Seventeen: *heads back to the dorm*

Jun: “他们去那里了” (Where did they go?)

The8: “我就知道他们会望掉我们” (I knew that they’ll forget about us) *curses in random Chinese that I don’t understand*

So…. i got carried away with the mingyu and jeonghan parts im sorry. 

some cr ahem: @kimewgyu 😍 💕 if you wanna read more of this series click here: Seventeen at the Mall | Seventeen at the Carnival | Seventeen at the Restaurant | Seventeen at the Library Masterlist

Fic: Spring Fever

Because allergies suck and I want a Blaine. ~800 words of sniffles, revelations, and innuendo, PG up until the end when their hormones flare up to PG-13.

An explosive sneeze from the bedroom almost scared Blaine into dropping the full, hot coffee mug he was holding.

“Well, good morning to you, too,” he teased gently as he walked over to the bed, where Kurt was currently curled up on his side and sniffling incessantly.

Kurt reached a hand out from his blanket cocoon and snatched up a tissue, blowing his nose before speaking. “Blaaiiiine. I feel like warm death.” He rolled to face Blaine and pout pitifully up at him, reaching his free arm out for the cup of tea Blaine had made for him.

“I seem to recall someone saying he’d be fiiiiine if he didn’t take a shower last night when we got back from the park, because he totally wasn’t allergic to pollen,” Blaine said, sitting down on his side of the bed and stroking Kurt’s hair briefly as he drank. “Would you like to reconsider that statement?”

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